Psyop: The Queering of the Nig and the SandNig

Let's push the meme of "Queer Islam" and "Proud Queer black men." It will serve to deepen fracture lines in the west. Picture "The world's first LGBTQ Mosque" or "The Deconstruction of Black Machismo" in any one of a myriad of ways.

This has actually already started in a variety of places. Let's accelerate it and boost the signal. Put pressure on Hollywood to include more swishy negros and transMuslims in its big feature films, etc. "Why is gayness always white in the media? Where is our voice as proud TransSaudis and TransWomyn blacks? Why not more black-on-black man-love in comix?" You get the pic.

I'm sure you absolute madmen can come up with many fruitful ideas. Infiltrate liberal groups online as a POC, push this shit. Write to studios and content producders. Etc etc.

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Sorry, that should be "fracture lines on the left." Brainfart.

They come to the west because they get thrown off buildings at home. Nice try, Chiam.

See above post.

well there's jaden smith for starters

dont make something silly make something simple but speaks to the inner traditions of islam

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AMPAHC … thats a decent acronym … gays love long acronyms

It already is

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Where's the Trans-Judaism? Its been here? Was Judaism (especially Talmudic) always trans and degenerate AF? Do we have enough ovens at this point?

The problem is with the sandnigs. They repress faggotry wherever it can be found

And they're sick of being murdered and displaced through (((wars)))

Purple means no homo and royalty. What is wrong with homosexuals? Quit ruining our stuff.

Glad I am not Muslim

That pic always confused me. Almost every Arab in the Middle East despises faggots, trannies, and feminists. Are they just closet homos or something?

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Bro…. Are you gay for posting that just now? Cuz I felt mad gay reading it…. Like, you're gay, brah. Faggotry is a disease, damn you, Chan family!

I am only gay for hot lesbians.

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Shit not shot, stupid fags in Cupertino


National Islamic Man-Goat Love Association

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this is brilliant and stand behind it

here, here

gay nigger rap music, i thought about releasing some (with my voice tuned to be black).

talking about how man on man love isn't understood and nigguhs fuck each other in prison (all true).

Since when is this a Muslim board?

I love not being in prison

The anus is a filthy chasm, in Gawd's eyes. We must expose the stinky, stretched-out depths of said orifice. We mustn't stop til every man and woman's (we'll leave the kids out this time, truce?) butthole is thoroughly inspected for signs of filthiness

Since the Jews showed up….

There is actual gay nigger rap you could be spreading instead. I saw a music video of a nigger twink twerking in a webm thread a long time ago.

They showed up because I started posting again. They would try anything to bring me down. Not going to work, the President gave me immunity schlomo.

I vaguely saw one video. But I want mine to be denouncing the rap game and talking about how much niggers love to fuck other niggers. I want to turn the hard pretend, wanna-be masculine culture of niggers stealing white women, flexing and committing crimes, to have a fucking passion for anal fucking each other so they all get pozzed and die.

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Agreed, this idea has been pushed here and there, but not to the same extent that has been pushed on white communities.
Emasculating the enemy has always been an effective strategy. Can't fight if you're a weak faggot pussy too afraid to defend yourself, let alone your women, children and nation. This shit needs to shift into maximum overdrive.

I watched 10 seconds tbh….
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I did that when I was kid Kevin.

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Except the word cuck refers to the person doing it. As in if you weren’t gay I would impregnate your woman. I would not have to touch her.

I told you earlier. I rule out here.

wtf i love merchants of deception now!

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Top Fruits

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Agreed, OP. I've been thinking about this for a long time but I'm not much for being able to really articulate a well done meme and I'm certainly not good at making pics/drawings. I've thought that since the west is being killed off because the men have been trained to clip their balls off, we might as well spread that everywhere; and if anyone on the left doesn't like that they'll have to deal with the ingrained homophobia and bigotry I guess :^).

This is very good.

Zionism is more evil than homosexuality any day, in my opinion

Zionism is Kalergi. Kalergi is the source of gender fluidity.

But the Jew has weaponized the niggers and ragheads for white genpcide: Every form of media now revolves around the image of strong, muscular black alpha-leaders and their hot blond whores, and as for the flooding of Europe with shitskins, the Jewish nature of that plan should be familiar to all on Zig Forums.

TV, movies, academia, novels, movies, comics, ads. vidya now: Why is the white always the simpering faggot and the black the virile manly leader and white-woman fucker? This is targeted demoralization of the white race, and it should (and can) be resisted by turning the tables and emphisizing shitskin faggotry.


Imagine using these gambits in a chatroom/news comment section/social media group, etc. Any number of sockpuppets can be used to fill in the script, but ideally we rope real people in to the conversation.

Feminist: "Black hyper-masculinity is just as toxic as white masculinity. #NoMoreMuscleFlexing."

Black woman: "Why are black men always shown with white women now? Why can't a sistah get a black man? Whites runnin' the media pushin' this sheeeiit is just media-enabled slavery, tryin' to keep sistahs on the plantation."

Black faggot: "Why not more black-on-black homosexuality in the media? Why not more body-positive thin and wispy black men flicking their wrists? Why not more transBlacks?"

Angry black man: "Fuck you, faggot! Black men be strong an' don't put up with that punk-ass gay shit nigga."

Black M2F tranny: "We are the most marginalized of all. Black women fear us, white media ignores us!"

Stir the Sheeeeiiiiiit-storm!