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So no matter how you feel about the (((alt-right))) label, i think most anons agree that using the merchant's own tricks against him continues to work every time. There's this little punk band called Bad Religion, which is interesting if you think about it. Anyway, they, or rather (((they))) shat a little anti-1488 edgy "punk" song out through this mouthpiece, music video and all. I keep reading that this was meant to put us down, but I really really have a hard time not seeing how this won't recruit a million more Gen-Zyklon to the path.

Also, lulz thread, we got the jews to chase their tails until they started using swastikas and kristallnacht in their propaganda.

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Great, a whole new crop of millennial Leftists to join the Jewish alt-"right."

Personally, I think it's a honey pot to see how many people think like us are out there. Youtube knows your IP and account info, so it was made as an intelligence gathering operation and all yall fell for it.

The least you can do is post the hooktube link, so that noobs will click on that instead of the honey pot.

No one gives a shit about them.

Dude you're a paranoid motherfucker. Relax a little. Everyone gathers data on everything, you can't avoid it with the buzzword of the day hosting site. I'm sorry I'm a lazy lurking oldfag and didn't use hooknosetube

Your not wrong, but people are extreemely disapointing. Still, better safe then doggered

Fuck you, you bagel motherfucker. If you think for a hot second that these commies who work for youtube/google aren't trying their damnest to do everything in their power to shut us down, you're the paranoid lunatic.

Punk rock needs revieving. Bad Religion's new song still sounds like literally every other Bad Religion song- it definitely don't mention no Juice.

If you're so terrified of your political affiliation being known to anyone that you won't even watch a youtube video, you will never be of any use to your people.

You want to avoid a digital footprint? Throw all your shit away and go innawoods. That Primitive Technology channel would help you prepare, but don't watch it. Google might figure out your plan.

Fucking exactly. We're not the ones acting innocent yet hiding the fact that we're rapists and pedophiles. at least we better fucking not be. We're on the right side of the law and history, and you're a blackpilled whiny shit if you refuse to take up your responsibility to shift the overton window. You're not the fucking unabomber, alphabet soup isn't going to come to your door at 2am for having the wrong search history. Worst comes to worst? A disgruntled commie who's got access to a database shows up. That's what your castle and your sidearm are for. This is America, stop being a pussy and stand up for what you believe in.



Head on back to cuckchan

Arm thyself, and shitpost henceforth

Fuck off alt-kike cancer

How are our 2A rights "alt-kike", Samson? I never would endorse violence;
But in a self-defense situation, where I'm unable to "fuck you gentle" hypothetically speaking….

Do you want to know the truth, or just suffer in ignorant bliss?

Download the audio and edit as you wish, don't alt-kike it and you will be able to use that audio to repill people (especially edgy GenZyklon)

No dumbass, "dark enlightment" is not Zig Forums, that is some Siegefag shit

another dead righty

NSA has your IP for every site you visit, including hooktube. Doesn't matter if the site collects data or not, the NSA collects the data in between you and the website server.

Shouldn't you be on yet-another whiny "what happened to Zig Forums thread", you fucking Jacobite.

You’re alt-kike for not outright rejecting the entire movment as phony and jewish, and for not acknowledging that anything that harms the alt-kike ultimately helps us

These deluded kids aren’t going back to bluepill land once their movement collapses, they’re only going to get more extreme. Accelerate the collapse of the alt-kike to further this, why are you trying to deradicalize us, Agent Mordechai?

Stop talking before (((we))) grow balls and make you, goy…. You better stop saying these insensitive things…

Why even live.

Special Agent Solomon, I never mentioned or endorsed any political movement, but you keep throwing out "alt-kike". I'm merely rebutting your points -which, honestly, are nothing but vitriolic slanders toward me personally- which are seeming more and more Jewcy as this conversation goes on.
Just curious, y work at a fuckin bank, there? Sol?

Goyim should live to passively boy more shit and keep fucking boying.
I should know, my name is Chaim Goldshitz

It can only get worse

Wew lad, Bad Religion got even shittier than I thought possible. Somebody remind these Gen-X burnout retards that punk died decades ago.

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So blackpills come with a video now, Hesh? Cool blackpills, Sol. I'm totally demoralized, Mory

Punk yet lives on Zig Forums!…… unless some JIDF faggot puts in enough time shilling, which would cawst so much moneeeeeeeey if they were unsuccessful- gawd forbid… We know how miserly (((they))) can be, let's see how much more they can spend before their system collapses!

This song is too good to pass!
I actually unironically want this to be our GenZ anthem
(But we need to edit the lyrics so that it sounds more redpilled)

Those guys are fags for making an MV in the first place.

Oh man, my Time machine must've worked, I'm back in the year 1999.

They're fags for not naming le Jew

Why would they, if they are not infoWars stupid? Then they are just another shitlib.


I prefer this ….

Just when I thought Saccharine Trust's entire catalog combined couldn't be topped… You post the least original meme of 2015, fawkin punk rawk brah, rawrr

Can't you fucking people even type a proper sentence? I'd have to be tripping on acid to understand what the fuck you just said…

since when has this statement ever been true?

Those guys are leftists, they are not cuckservatives, by extension they don't nee to cater to us.

Good question, you faggot retard fag gay shit. Tha fuck we got to agree about? All besides the like 14 things that don't get said too often

Demonic shit. We need something more pop-rock.

You talking about lined up on walls commies here, fag? Or just some sad sack construction worker Demtards with a nearly bankrupt pension, fag?

This is a far right image board, now stop fighting before we throw you in the >>>/oven/ for good

Third Position

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take it to reddit

Tha fuck makes you think I'm (((oven-worthy))), you fucking fuck? How do those two posts you cited get me closer to the oven, Chaim?

What did I say that was leftist, asshole? Answer me that

What's actually the difference between right and alt-right?

No, dumbass we have ID here. Talking to yourself to start shit gets you nowhere, newfag.

Finally, some fucking common sense

Fuck you, Sol

Fuck you too, so called oldfag

Right is based on observance of natural law. (((alt-right))) is a term used to group everything right of cuckservative as the "alternative," which implies cuckservatism is the "true" right.

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They really don't send their best.

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The graphic was helpful, tied it all together man, good on ya!

Fuck you, Shlomo

I can see you.

Technically speaking while it first may appear that Kampfy and his isreali kikes have gone, they're still here and 90% of all comments are about keeping on the ZOG train, any threads that try to suggest alternatives to sucking jew dicks are quietly gassed, rather than immediate anchored and all non-jewish anons immediately banned.

It's still the same aut-kike promoting ZOGfest while Kampfy was openly mod

If you want something closer to home

You close enough to circumcize me, rabbi?



The lead singer of this band is called (((Bret Gurewitz)))
The lead guitarist was in a band called The Circle Jerks, where he wrote vid related with Keith "Morris" Goldstein.

Technically speaking, you’re fucking delusional.

Ignore him, he is a lolcow named hasbarafag. He posts the same things day after day after day.

In the late 50s William F. Buckley turned white America's nationalism into "conservatism", which is just the worship of liberal capitalism.

The Alt-Right is a return to explicit nationalism for white people, which has been forced out of our political discourse for two generations.

Anonymous shills and their dupes will tell you it's homosexual CIA bolshevisim or equivalent drivel because the movement has been very effective and they want to keep you away from it.

Here's your WebM you lazy piece of shit.

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Dude, I have been told by alt righters that we need to amalgamate with the non whites to save America. How is that White Nationalism?
Alt righters also hate National Socialism and other forms of White Nationalism, and promote Duginism and "Fashy Libertarianism"
TLDR- Fuck off back to TRS

A contradiction in terms.

You may have talked to some idiot somewhere with bad ideas, but you certainly never heard this on any alt-right podcast, or read this in the writings of any alt-right figure.

Funny how all these musicians who stopped being relevant in the 90s are now in a race to shit all over the white middle class who made them successful in the first place.

Then why does the alt- right all suck literal mongrel Nick Fuentes' dick? Why are they trying to appeal to nonwhites for votes? Why do so many alt right thought leaders have nonwhite wives?

Because any time a movement is assigned a name, a group identity, your enemies will begin trying to co-opt and poison that identity. The only way to overcome this is to be intolerable to them, and to grasp it back firmly at every step.

also fucking ljl at this gay boomer shit, they sound like TMBG and leftists are as usual completely incapable of formulating effective memes due to their fundamental inability to model how people outside their group think

Why are you full of shit on all counts? Why are you so persistent about it? Why is your mother Jewish?

Wait wait wait, this was made to turn people away from Jackboots and RWDS? I dont think it achieved its goal…

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It's literally the only pop media I've seen in the last ten years with images of healthy, young white couples.

e1543d is a shill. 19/72 = 26% of the thread is him.

Thats because healthy white couples are bad.

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I never understood how populism is suppose to be an insult in a democracy, it's like trying to use 'marketable' as an insult in the business world. It sounds like something you'd say if you were a ruler in a small elite kabal of transnational-


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Obviously that's what they're going for, but…

You're onto it there, Satan.
The other component is a Marxist truism: they want you to identify with the ruling class that hates you.


how does right wing politics relate to goth / vampire culture?

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Oh great. Your stupid thread didn't get any traction last week so now you're joining the ranks of the forced-meme spammers.

Yet another retard we'll have to put up with for the next 30 days.

Worshippers of the dead kike on a stick, suffering from aesthetic atrophy and repressed homosexuality, won't like it.

Jewish samefag.

no u

Go suck off Mike Peinowitz and Implicit dick some more, fag.

They have been using that term as an insult since before WW2, just like "racist"

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That was honestly breddy gud. The aging boomer dad railing against teens not taking their dose of shit. I hope they do more.

Better to attract some vampire larps to vampright, than us to vampright, get out!
or return with a more specific shilling plan. look at “people of light” - sounds gay but works because people mine some salt on twitter and post the results here, getting more Zig Forums support.
Now, imo, vampires are degenerate because they take too much mental gymnastics to establish identity; and then, what’s their purpose? lead all the races to colonize galaxies? no, they are edgy opposition with mental gymnastics just like trannies and anarchists; except vampirism wasn’t normalized and SHOULDN’T BE.

tl;dr post links where all the vampires larp then speak

have some music “State of Youth” “Blood of Millions” “Achtung Panzar” “Bothniablod”

They really are so out of touch that saying a line like "We love family, we love our women, we love tradition, we love kin" is somehow the most evil thing one can say. This is actually great propaganda for the far right, too bad OP sucks enormous dicks and can't make a proper post.

Here's to you OP.

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