Freeman on the land//Sovereigns//Common law

I've just read the wiki about sovereigns

And I was wondering why I hear "are you a sovereign?" question in Police check-points

These people and knowledges seem to stress the [system] a lot…

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why isn't Ideas so disruptive for political correctness, not the N°1 thread on such board?

Stop speeding and use your turn signal. FFS it's not that hard.

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lol these guys want to shutdown the IRS and you talk about driving…

Does it go THAT much over our head?

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it's simple, the reason police ask if you're a sovereign citizen is because they've developed a whole procedure for their autism. Basically they have to rely on reverse psychology and argumentation to coax you into giving them enough information so they can run a background on you, and barring that they'll just have to resort to old fashioned subduement. If you've never been hit with a taser before let me tell you, it sucks. It really, really, really sucks. So rather than use it on the sovereign, they just explain to them what will happen if they don't provide identification and that's usually enough. They only use it if they continue to cause a problem since the last thing they want to have happen is for them to make a run for it and have to get into a chase, potentially causing tons of damage and costing people their lives.

The reason sovereigns are such a pain in the ass for cops is because the police are trained to deal with violent noncompliance, belligerence and fist fighting for example. They're not trained to deal with smug disobedience, since the concept of someone simply refusing to provide even the most basic of identification for them is so appallingly stupid they can't parse it out. From their perspective, you can either give them info and they ticket you for driving without plates or whatever you're failing to comply with, or they deal with escalation which results in pursuit or a window getting smashed or the k-9 being deployed which incurs jail time and a big ass fine. For them it seems totally illogical to not comply, that's why they get so pissed off. And regardless of how they handle the situation, even if they follow the books exactly, they always end up being the bad guy because at the end of the day they just used violent force on someone who was being a smug prick at them.

This is the fundamental divide, the sovereign citizen views the police officer as being less than human and feels no issue in giving them as much of a pain in the ass as possible. The police officer on the other hand views them as an extremely obnoxious person. I guarantee you if the police treated sovereign citizens the same way sovereigns treat them, they wouldn't exist. Because believe me, there is nothing quite as frustrating as someone being both condescending while talking utter nonsense at the same time. If the police simply treated the sovereign citizen like they would a 15 year old wanted for truancy, they'd stop doing it. That's why the cops are having such a hard time with them.

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Lurk two years, newfag, there was a thread a few months ago if you'd been around long enough, you stinking newfag.
Yes it's real, yes it works, no you don't hear of success stories in the news, no you won't figure it out reading a few articles, it takes years of dedication, practically no one else will understand you, it is isolating, but the most empowering and freeing thing to be a lawfag. It's also great for biz if that's your thing. And no I won't spoon feed you other than below.
Learn common, commercial, contract/tort, get good at legalese (start by getting a copy of blacks law dictionary), learn about administrative remedy/estoppel etc .

Start here
It's all true 100% correct from what I have seen and experienced.
And yes you can beat all of the 'authority corporations' that most people are scared of. The only thing that is certain is death ;)

p.s. a sovereign citizen is an oxymoron and a cianigger psyop.
Sovereign is the actual term if you wish to use it.
Anything you see on the news about this shit will 99% of the time be someone who doesn't know what they are doing, to discourage you newfags.
Do not ever do anything until you are 100% certain of success and you understand every single part of the process. You do not go to court/file/notice/whatever unless you have already won. And you will know when you are ready and have been tested.
Until that point you are vulnerable to fuck up and be owned, then end up on the news like a prize faggot.

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Because most don't have the dedication, time or balls to do it. It's a multi year self study, not just a quick youtube video or some shit. It's the 'end boss' of your life outside of family basically, you basically must become a private attorney.

The sovereign citizen stuff is BS, but it does piss off the kike judges by holding the whole system up. Anything that throws a wrench in ZOG is fine by me.

This thread goes to deep into tha justice system, mannnnnnnn! Idk if I can look at any other thread now; Am I being detained? Because OP is a time-wasting kike that I hope I don't have to defend myself against… In a self-defense situation, of course.

thx for reply
already got black's law dictionary (5th ed.) the previous ones seems to be more eloquent…
My confusion and why I started this thread (Lurking most of the time) is:
How isn't this understanding of law/ relation between gov and governed not a dedicated and cherished thread for pol acks

On 4chan 9 out 10 thread is bot flooding divergence and distraction from obviously serious and intellectual dialogue…

We haven't had this fucking slide in a few weeks. Kill yourself.

Sup, kike?

lol It seems the werewolf game is on… and the thread… is dead

Thx to the few who intelligently replied

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p.s. (((they))) don't like these threads ;)
It's the most powerful weapon one can wield against the kikes short of all-out war.
There are a few other lawfag anons who are good here, not many though. Some of us try to spread the redpills but most don't bother with it here.

yeah yeah… I know…

In this day and age, machines are fulfilling such dislikes…
I mostly lurk on 4chan, is Zig Forums also infected? How bad? A.I. learn so fast…

Also ain't seen 5th edition before, I'll have to check it out. Earlier ones sure are old school, eloquent is a good way to put it.
Kings' English/legalese is a very good one. It's really the language you have to learn to do law but you can learn it as you go, problem is the hard/plain sight words you'll miss. It'll save your ass but you have to train yourself to think/talk in that way.

Good luck :)

Police says: "Do you understand?"
What sheep hear is: "Am I clear?"
What you should get is: "Do you stand under m statement?"

Bingo. The oldest trick in the book but it's just one of many they use.

A lot of bots in this thread. Information really pisses (((them))) off. Yes, I’ve also tumbled down the rabbit hole after I started digging into the law. In Germany we have a similar situation as in the US and more people are waking up to this false reality by the day. The German media calls the woke people “Reichsbürger”. This translates to “Citizens of the Nazi German Reich”. This is of course exactly the opposite of the truth. The so-called “Reichsbürger” comprehend that our modern day citizenship IS the Nazi citizenship which Hitler enacted. We rather claim our “old” citizenship- which is within one of the smaller countries of the German empire for example “Königreich Preußen” or Sachsen. Of course we don’t just do this for the fun of it - it has real-life legal implications.

And needless to say: since most germans officially have the nazi citizenship, it is of course necessary that “Germany” is still occupied and governed by the US. And this fact has been admitted repeatedly by our own highest courts. They don’t even lie about it - it’s just that the media won’t show it hence the people stay in the dark.