Prince William comes out as /OURGUY/

America led the way with the glorious Emperor Trump showing that by just altering our goals and ambitions slightly, i.e. instead of opposing jews now we ally we fashy based neocon jews, so instead of losing an election if jews win now with this recent tactical adjustment to our aims we win any time we elect a conservative jewish government

Can Britain follow suit now that Prince William has declared his allegiance to preserving the jewish race just like our beloved Trump?

I can just taste those salty tears from leftists and muslims

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My board owner is a champion cock sucker.

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Checked dubs of truth

Only jews, leftists and muslims fear the fashy based jewish UK royals touching the wall

That was part of the shit action.

Who did it better?
My vote goes to Trump, but I'm a little biased

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I'd really like to see that fucking wall atomised and the dust dumped in the fucking Marianna trench.
All of Israel needs nuking.

We've known this for decades

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You can't be a member of the club until you kiss the ring.
Your sarcasm changes nothing in the real world.

Fuck off kike, the only good jew is a dead jew.

So why do kikes let the goyim they despise touch a wall that is considered their holiest site? I read that it used to be legal to kill non-muslims if they entered Mecca, I guess kikes don't care that much about their yawheh.

I think it's a way that our guys can signal to us privately that they are in control while the stupid jews don't realise that our leaders performing ceremonial Jewish Talmudic rituals to appease their masters, is just a 4D chess move ruse… or something

Seriously look at the way Trump shows his authority as he performs the Jewish Talmudic ritual, not even the full fash John McCain can match him

what are the royals even anymore

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Is he circumcised?

Fuck off back to where you belong, weebkike.

No, but Charles is.
Really makes you think…

Things are looking up for the Anglos who while still a short skip behind us in the great US are slowly catching up

William should drop that bitch Kate Middleton and marry the original fashy based /ourgirl/ the beautiful Katie Hopkins, they would create the very foundations of the new model army to save the West!

As a fallback plan should her and Wills not get on and unfortunately breakup, as a contingency plan she could hook up with Tommy Robinson and the new beginning of the fightback against organised jewry will commence.
Deus [Ge]valt!

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What leader or example do you have in mind, who never was forced to do this diplomatic ritual?

In other words, instead of complaining all the time, please come with some constructive, actual solutions, ideas, plans, goals.

I can think of several leaders who aren't being cucked by the Jews.

you're going to need to turn your shilling up a notch, it's not believable enough

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Well said my fellow fashy goyim
I'm sick to death of all these blackpillers, larpers and purity spiralists constantly banging on about Trump sucking on jew dicks and only serving jewish interests against our own.

Like you say, they should stop their complaining look at all the positives of this and just accept all we can do is back the least worst jew.

In the end of the day fashy based neoCon jews ambitions and ours line up and match perfectly at this point in time right now, we both want to kill all the muslims and leftists and drink their salty tears while touching the wall in a jewish Talmudic ritual to show our subservience to jewry for optics sake.

You can't ask for nor expect anything better than that.

I'm starting to wonder if anyone even understands how to play intergalactic multidimensional chess anymore!

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OP, this is edgy-14-year-old snarky bullshit.
Nobody is going to go around goosestepping and throwing Roman salutes in the modern world, regardless of whether they hate Jews, are married to a Jew, or - as is the case in high levels of the Western world - have to do business with Jews in order to get anything done. You shouldn't have made this retarded thread. You're either a shill or you've been looking at Zig Forums too long and you need to take a break.

This this fellow fashy goyim's words back again slowly
It doesn't matter if they are married to jews, get into bed with jews to get tactically get things done like increase isreal's gibs and help them reinforce their wall, all that really matters is optics and drinking leftist muslims salty tears.
Only then can we say we've truly won

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Yup, absolutely nothing to benefit us. It all benefits jews. Absolutely!

Christ, you couldn't sound any more like Zig Forums if you tried. Filtered.


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You sound like a jealous salty muslim

Kill yourself.

This, SAGE

Get out and don’t come back.

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You heard it here first folks! If you don't want your leaders to be subservient to jews you're an edgy 14 year old! Based neocon TRS black guy in Maga hat

William is just playin at this shit, it takes a real man to truly touch the wall with real authority and 4D chess maneuvers that would make Ezra Levant's head spin like a dreidel

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what's wrong with the past weeks ? more than 3/4 of the posts are barely intelligible because of the sub nigger tier grammar. seriously, can you fuckers at least re-read your fucking trash before hitting the reply button ? how the fuck are we going to have a discussion if we can't even understand your point clearly ?

Note the new board rules, as well as the meta thread in which to discuss them.


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Prince William is /ourguy/!

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