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As Europa is rising, most whites in the US still do not associate immigration with white genocide. Most conservatives simply see it as a rise in crime rates and a tax burden. The left shills for open borders here; while many of their boomers and (((intelligentsia))) hypocritically believe Israel must be protected at all costs. Many millennial libshits condemn Israel's wall and its treatment of Palestinians, so they participate in BDS.

Splice the frayed synapses of double think, redirect attention to the horrors of Israel, and NLP the association of immigration and genocide in white Americans.

Phase 1: Post pic related or a similar hivemind sharpened weapon in predominantly conservative white areas and churches in order to program the association of immigration and genocide in them.
Phase 2: Begin posting them around liberal universities to redirect attention to Israel from our border policies.
Phase 3: Post them in Muslim neighborhoods should your city be so unfortunate as to have one.
Phase 4 Bonus Round: Using a red marker and your non-dominant hand, scribble a fucked up Hail Hortler style Swastika on one and tape it to the door of your nearest synagogue.

Salt mining will be continuous anons.

Be sure to locate and remove the microdots from your flyers after necessary crops and formatting adjustments have been made.

There is no command because as always OP is a faggot.

They already are.
You are. They need to know they are.

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This seems like a good idea to start with. Adding rayciss graffiti will make cucks report on it. I like how it ties the enemy in knots to deal with, too.



I dunno about this one. It seems a bit too obvious. "It's okay too be white" worked because even the cucked normalfags agreed with it. This may be premature.

Good work user. I'm game. Will post around town tonight

Why not just post the exact same message minus the Israel angle?
Why not just have it say “immigration means white genocide”?

You don't want to overplay your hand.

A good place to post would be the cork board at the local Mormon church house. They're white as fuck and need to be woken from their sleep

We needs some reverse immigration.

It's not too obvious, it's the mirror of My Borders My Choice. If it is and I'm just too autistic to tell, the cognitive dissonance, chimp outs, and salt will be amazing. Whites don't have any more time to waste with passive ops.

You will never convince normalfags that "immigration == genocide", because it's demonstrably wrong. It requires but a modicum of thought on the topic to realise what an inane equivalence that is.

How is the weather in Jerusalem?

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abolishing the middle class is white genocide. there are standards that need to be met unless youre white trash

For once that narrative will play to our advantage.

I forgot to put in OP(mobile for work so ip hopping) that anons with Twitter socks should start populating the #ClosedBordersForIsrael with redpills on Israeli war crimes, putting birth control in vaccines for immigrants, etc.

Euroanons, feel free to replace the AIPAC logo with whatever your nation's equivalent is. There's still a lot of sleeping cucks there even though the fire rises. I'm truly jealous and overjoyed at every news happening coming out of Italy and the V-4 since Madman Matteo's election.

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Not bad.

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Commit to the cause and be liberated for true death is in the mind. I will let go of my fear and seek eternity and glory in my deeds and a future for my kin amongst the stars. JOIN ME BROTHERS!

I like this idea, but I strongly suggest cutting out the logos. We want a shock of realization that immigration equals genocide, not smug journalists reporting about an antisemitic false flag. Like we did with IOTBW, keep it on the message and the message only. Don't give the enemy (or the target) a pat excuse to dismiss this.


It's so obvious by now


Hello (((user shekelberg))).
You'll be glad to know plenty of impatient spergs are willing to prematurely kill their movement and ruin the future of further generations by making their moves obvious to normalfags and kikes.

You're not worth an argument.

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How about just "Illegal immigration is White Genocide"? It's simple, factual and to the point. "Our genocide" is too vague. People ask "Who's?"

The point of the logos is so when this goes public, normalfags will either demand tougher immigration here, or Open Borders For Israel depending on the loyalty of the individual. It gives the poster a bipartisan dual efficacy.

Dust off your shill bingo cards lads; this bread's getting spicy already.

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The logos at the bottom are to imply that OUR refers to Israelis thus being good got approved, but after walking away all the viewer will remember is the NLP mantra of IMMIGRATION MEANS OUR GENOCIDE. Thus why it should be posted in conservative white areas first.

When whites become a voting minority in an area, white genocide consistently follows. Zimbabwe and South Africa are real examples of this, as well as any inner city in America. Per the UN:

Unchecked immigration (legal or otherwise) by brown hordes into white countries absolutely falls into (c). An argument can be made for (b) and (d) as well, since multicultural cities have far less social trust, increasing anxiety about crime, and forced transfer of wealth disproportionately away from white toward non-whites, all of this leading to fewer white births.

We can prove that this is no accident, because as everyone here knows, calls for increased immigration and diversity are only for white countries. This can only mean that white countries are being targeted intentionally.

One could even go so far as to say the intent is there, considering how open the kikes and those they control have been about laughing at white genocide. It was a "myth" until it gained popular support, then it became "inevitable". If Joe Biden is any indication, the upper echelons of DC are all infested with those that would advocate the genocide of whites.

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This is transparently another FBI counterintelligence operation to geolocate American right wing domestic extremists, ala the previous "It's Okay To Be White" campaign.

generic Zig Forumstard

Normie fucks and Boomers have a circuit breaker in their heads that blows when they think you're advocating for white people. Do the same for Jews, on the other hand, and you can meme a concept into their fool heads without resistance, as they feel proud of their tolerance.

If I was an FBInigger I probably wouldn't have used the Marine Corps 5 paragraph order format to keep paranoid faggots like you from screeching.

Third world countries. Incomparable to the modern western world.

"Unchecked" (there are rudimentary checks) immigration is not " conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;"

My point was that it's easy to dismiss because the media will zero in on the fact that those organizations didn't actually endorse the message. The story, therefore, will be "Internet Nazis Lie About Innocent ADL," rather than "Disturbing Posters Induce Cognitive Dissonance," which is what we want.





Hmm. Are you saying leave the #closedbordersforisrael though? Because without at least that, no cognitive dissonance will occur.

What makes them third world countries is the presence of low-IQ third-world populations. If you import the third world you become the third world; it's only a matter of enough of them voting it's before whites start being genocided. See Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or New Orleans, or any other liberal hellhole for examples of this in the US.

This is why non-white immigration into white countries consistently brings about "conditions of life calculated to bring about the physical destruction in whole or in part" of white populations. It's already happening, and our goal should be to maximize awareness of it.

If you disagree you're at best a civnat cuck that doesn't belong here.

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Absolutely leave that in. It has to be in the context of the Jews. What people should imagine is a lone-wolf Jew putting up these posters on his own hooknose.

Considering the sponsors, wouldn't Immigration = next holocaust be better.

This makes the most sense. If the organization labels are left on then the organizations themselves can dismiss the entire message out of hand. #closedbordersforisreal works here too, the context will absolutely trigger cognitive dissonance in lefties. You could also go with #nomigrantsforisrael as googling that phrase gives you all kinds of lacunae in the lefty narrative about Israel sending the shitskins back.

No because whites wouldn't equate it with themselves then.

It is decided.
Thoughts on putting a simple black hagal rune normalfags with think is a Star of David?


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I don't think it's necessary. IOTBW worked so well because its remarkable simplicity, not in spite of it.

Yawn. Go back to reddit.

What about #KeepSettlementsJewish?

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Add nothing to this. It's perfect.

This is the one. Nothing more, nothing less.

Borders > Settlements for stronger signal to noise ratio. "Settlements" can be a little vague, but everyone knows what a "border" is.

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Agreed. Can any shoopfags check and adjust placement and font size for the Phi ratio and make any needed adjustments pls?

Care to tell the exact font?

great, spam this on boomer areas specifically.



Nvm I just defaulted to Arial. Worked a little nod to it's anuddah shoah into the translation.

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I'm op and that user, see:
Work on your reading comprehension.

I don't have a name for it, I just used a phone photo editor for the rough draft.


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Maybe you'd fit best into that Charlottesville 2.0 event that's coming up.

It was a joke, faggot. I wasn't being serious.

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Can you guys do a different style from the "it's ok to be white" flyers?

This. It's too obvious.

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Problem with "Immigration means our genocide" is that spics, nogs, and Asians are indifferent to white extinction or they support it.

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How about
"Immigration outsources our Democracy"

The word "Genocide" is just blatant kikebait waiting to be smeared with the "nazi" label, mentioning Israel overtly is kikebait that basically makes you deplatform yourself.

Using these terms ironically or ironically means you're trying to do (((their))) job for them.

Be more subtle.

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Other people existing does not stop you existing

I know you said something, but all I'm reading is 'Chemo time'.

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Good. Encourage them to show their hand. The more explicitly they call for our extermination, the harder it gets to not see it.


Fuck, I hate conservatives.

Obliteration in Polish is ZAGŁADA you fucking faggot. Fuck off with your kike lolocoaster.

In their own lands, no, but it's hilariously demonstrable that non-whites can't exist in white countries peacefully. See

Multiculturalism is white genocide. Non-white immigration is white genocide.

Civnat cuck or kike shill, taking all bets.

What the Hell is wrong with "We Must Preserve our Race?"

It should say #securebordersforisreal

Closed has a negative connotation. Most only say closed borders when criticizing. Secure has a more positive implication. You won't get (((them))) to use the hash tag to support with closed. (((they))) will tweet that hash tag too, helping it become trending. We need the opposition to use it too.

You're an idiot. Read the thread to understand the op.

Race has too many negative connotations with normies, people would be a better substitute.

thats the beauty of this. even if it's "too obvious", it will still work because libnigs and useful idiots will draw a lot of attention to it. even if the (((media))) opens right up with a segment about how NAHZEES posted these to compare the hypocracy between protecting israel from dunecoons while not protecting us from beaners and niggers, it would still put this topic on the lips of normalfags.
Also, in the hilarious bonus round, I think normalfags are so fucking oblivious, you could literally write "HALE HORTLER" with a fucked up swuzzsticka on it and they would still take it somewhat seriously.


These guys get it. It doesn't matter who supports the poster, or who condemns it or why. The whole point is to plant the seed in everyone's subconscious and the conscious brains of whites that mass immigration = genocide. This is basic bitch Neuro-Linguistic Programing to conduct butterfly warfare irl. Zig Forums needs to start rewriting the way normalfags think on a deeper level than ever before; changing their word associations rather than just affecting surface emotions.

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Read a book.

Can we agree on secure instead of close? I think it would be a large contributer to success.

Also, we should get some sort of way to organize future ops. We need a core propagandist group, somehow functioning without the risk of being doxxed.

Normalfags associate genocide with mass murder, this is an undeniable fact. Work with or around this fact, because "White Genocide" is still openly ridiculed by those even in the center.

This right here already is the optimal way. The cadre is fleeting so buying out a few key figures doesn't work and there is no central institution that feds can coopt.

That is true, plebs are so stupid they think that it's only genocide when it's violent, it wouldn't hurt to add the real definition of genocide alongside the rest.

Wait so the plan is to

If that's the case I think you should make the closed borders for israel writing a bit smaller, so it is even harder for people to notice unless they aren't being triggered, so triggered people end up looking anti-semitic.

OPs version is the best version dont change it

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generic antifaggot

ignore shills and keep going

thats not how it works


It does sound a little more benign which I think will give it more authenticity. Both are fledgling hashtags already, which is good for the operation. Aesthetically, which is better?

Nah, I(faggot op) agree with the earlier discussion of taking the logos off because as soon as ((they))) catch wind the (((msm))) will screech false flag. They will eventually; at we roll out Lavon Affair, and King David Hotel bombing posters to show (((who))) invented the false flag.

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Secure. Saying it out loud and in my head is more harmonic than closed.

Agreed, maybe as a revival within /redstick/ rather than start another dead splinter board imo.

Right but it can't be so small that it's suspect.

Sage for double post.

This has serious potential to fuck with their drones.


I say we put it up on July 4.

Doesn't give media time to catch on, but gives a week to spread it to cuckchan.

There's a lot of shit pestering ideas but this is a good one, because it will redpill people with the right message, but you can always claim you are Jewish and that you are putting it up to protect isreal so it's unassailable. Also perfectly timed to current events.

today op was not a faggot


Why do you have to be Jewish?

You can just say a Jewish friend asked you to put them up.
Or you can "Immigration means Israeli Genocide"

Stop trying to come up with new memes and slogans. We already have the mantra and mini-mantras. These are only worse versions.

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HUFFPO IS HERE LURKING THE SHOOTER THREAD. Let this op get slid a little for opsec.
sage for opsec

The fact that's not enough for them, tells you those are hopeless cunts. Focus on young people where you can make a difference. Old cunts have heads full of fuck.

You thing is cute and a novel idea but again, heads full of fuck so the connection won't be made. It's that bad out there.

This is clever. Assume you're a brainwashed normalfag. First, you just see the big text and think "wow, how racist." Then, you see the small text, and the cognitive dissonance hits.

What about making a variation to be mixed in with the other posters of


I am not sure how you're going to link this properly though to white genocide.