David Rothschild Eye Color Shifting Video

David Rothschild Eye Color Shifting Video

I just came across a live interview with (((David Rothschild))) for a (((Foundation))) where his eye colors shift after he looks uncomfortable for a second and swallows.

Was David Icke for real after all?

This is some creepy stuff. His neck veins are super loaded as well.

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At minute 1:36

Slow motion

Neck veins

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It looks so weird like it's edited in but why the uncomfortable pause?

Either they wanted to play a joke on Icke fans haunting Rothschilds on social media or this is real.

Can video editing fags chime in? Can some medfags chime in on the neck veins? Even bodybuilders don't have these.

Maybe. Could be a digital glitch
It's funny though cause these (( (elite))) fuckers seem to be the only ones this happens to
I say gas them all , just to be sure

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Assuming it's not a video error or some editing, my guess is cybernetics, as the transition does not follow organic shifts, which are gradual.

That would make some sense
Some sort of wired in FLIR system right in its eyes.
Don't fuck with your eyes kids

That's some sort of inner eyelid that is moving down , something like a gator would have.
Cybernetics or (( (them)) ) - either way mass fire is the only thing to stop it

>no source link no you retarded faggot, an embed is not a link. Not everyone barebacks fingerpainting message forums like you.
I wish you had to lurk for 2 years minimum before making a thread. This place has turned into reddit-lite.

Zig Forums is not /x/ you retarded faggot.

If you gave half a shit to attempt making the thread properly I would have probably made a webm for you, but fuck it if I can be bothered when you obviously don't give a fuck to even try making a proper thread.

That's the spirit.

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muh'fuckin reptilians, gnomesaying'

Also you faggots are totally missing the bit that happens after with his pupils in both eyes that is even weirder than the subject of your post.
Ah fuck it, here's a webm. This place is already fucked.

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So why does the guy of the left's hand teleport up to his face as soon as they eye thing happens? Seems indicative of a video error/edit to me.
but what do I know I'm just a lizard

It looks like image compression artifacts when zoomed in ~400% and slowed to 10% speed.

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It's only tangentially related to the topic of the thread but I'm surprised there are not more posts about David Rothschild (the younger one featured ITT) on here lately. The three old patriarchs are on death's doorstep and the women are influential but not on the same level… but of the younger members of the family, David is the clear leader. Look at him and remember his face Zig Forums, this guy is the head of the serpent.

That's a glitch in the video compression algo. You have keyframes, which are the full picture, then a bunch of intermediate frames that are just "what has changed, and how" (in reference to the last, and maybe next, keyframe). They are flesh colored because that was what was in that zone the previous keyframe. They turn back green on the next keyframe. Maybe his blinking a few times fast resulted in not enough of a bit buffer to convey the change to green, or maybe that particular bit of info was lost in transmission.

Yeah, looks like just video shit, okay.

The footage really, really looks edited if you ask me. Keep that shit in kosher ct communities, where it comes from and where it belongs, because all it is, is a far-fetched theory made in some boomer's desperate attempt to explain the (((elite)))'s hostility towards the general population while avoiding the obvious answer (Judaism) at all costs.

This shit is too stupid. Are shills trying to make us a lizard people conspiracy board now?

Yup, like a genuine psy-op.

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back to tartarus draconians!

All practising jews are demonly possessed
what do you think kabballah is ? black magic

Fake and also gay

Fuck off back to Icke's shithole with this bullshit.

It's not lizards
It's not repitilians

They're trying to shift our attention away from all our hard work in supporting the new improved republican party, we must not let them distract us from our goal of drinking leftist muslim tears and leaving the poor jews alone, unharmed.



I didnt watch this whole video because it seems like it blows dick. But the first minute is relevant and worth a watch. Yes, Jews are bad. This is still intriguing.

This reptilian stuff will eventually lead to disinfo, larping, sperging. This path to revealing the (((noses))) is a potential diversion and lead to nowhere worthwhile.

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Rothschilds are Moloch.

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Yes, Jews are bad, but watch the first minute of this video. It's still intriguing, more so than OP's. OP's video does look like a video glitch where the flesh tone from the previous frame makes the eyes seem to change but this video I can't wave away as easily.

Fuck it, cut their head of throw the bodies in a big pile in Israel and nuke the entire mess. Leave Israel glass as a eternal monument to what happens to parasitic liars.

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David is more of a climate change policy pusher which serves the Rothschilds in multiple ways (good for their family name image, serves their investments into renewable energy etc.) and allows him to live a hipster trustfund jesus playboy lifestyle without having to spend millions on flashy parties like Nat that brought him to disgrace along with his dumb idea to invest millions into a third world shithole resource company where the money got "misappropriated".

if he's anything like the younger Amshel chances are he'll be suicided just like him:


It's a shitty fucking connection and shit webcam you retards. Video chat software sends packets UDP meaning there's no guarantee / checking to make sure the video arrives contiguously or in the right order. When he blinks, it is too much motion for the shit webcam to handle and it has to re-focus which makes his eye's appear to change color. You can also see the video stutter because it looks like he has 3 eye lids.

Here is a video showing the difference between TCP and UDP video streaming. Netflix and Youtube are examples of services that use TCP buffering so the video appears smooth.


Kind of looks like a glitch tho.

I thought this demented hobby hard died off the years ago.

The neck veins are more than likely from high blood pressure, they don't seem too out of place.

That's the Nictitating Membrane, interesting because most animals have them but primates dont. They serve different animals differently, I wonder what he was protecting his eyes from?

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I think it's a sharebloo tactic to try and slide all the threads reminding us what a great job Trump has done

This user is correct too. Some video software only sends the pixels that change in an image to cut down on bandwidth usage. This can cause the video to look stitched together. Although there is no buffering in most video chat software the packets are sent udp.

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Did (((You))) just made OC to discredit this? Why all the effort?
Really fucking suspicious.

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I wouldn't worry about that, goy. You're feeling sleepy now, aren't you? Go to bed.

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Thread's full of shills, but the most interesting thing is the board being spammed just right after this thread and the pedoflix one popped out.

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Not to distract, but doesn't anyone else notice that chunk of snot in his left nostril @54s?
Whould it palate common?

i would get longrange, heat, night and radio vision.
Heat vision needs different lens because normal glass blocks IR

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If you look closely you can how the "S" on the moniter behind the guy's head distorts as soon as his eyes go funky. Just another video error. Can't speak on the other stuff in the video.

Heres a few screencaps from old UK question time episodes that this thread has reminded me of. you can see eye colour changes.

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some top gear mason/occult symbology.

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The thing I notice as a student of body language is that his rapid blinking is a tell for dishonesty. He does it right after he talks about how the pilot is "achieving such amazing things with a solar cell".

He doesn't really think this is amazing at all. He's just shilling for more green tech bullshit.

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Holy shit, I almost feel bad for him, this is the only kike I've had a…Chill sent down my spine in regards to their death. I'd never heard of him till now, but wow. I never thought I'd remotely feel bad for a jew, but he resisted his family's want for world enslavement and ended up suicided. Fuck me, the Rothschild's are the epitome of evil, that's for sure.

>Fuck off back to Icke's shithole with this bullshit.It's not lizardsIt's not repitilians IT'S THE FUCKING KIKES
The whole reptilians/lizard/shapeshifters BS was created to make people who exposed (((them))) look like nutjobs and push the whole narrative:

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Once you stop trying to look at/compare jews as/to humans, it doesn't look so out of place. Take it back to /x/

the bodies of jews as we perceive them are but vessels for demons
this is why they act so unhuman, theyre not human
just pretending to be human in order to parasitise us

Some dumbfuck (likely you, OP) edited the video to make it look like he's a lizard so that retarded /x/fags would fall for it.

I honestly think it's edited in on purpose to mess with people trying to claim the Rothschilds are lizards who transform. David Rothschild seems to have a personal lifelong gripe with these people he probably did it

unless it's just a 8ch poltard who did it

I wouldnt try to speculate much without having the ability to test. My thoughts on this subject are that we are trying to make sense of an observation.

And I say dont worry about the why , just realize that we all see the "what" , what happened. I had a co worker that did this shit in front of me before. I dont know if its an intimidation thing or if its just an inner emotional thing where they show their "true colors" but it happens.

Is is reptile , cybernetics, born that way, became that after they were born. I really dont have the evidence to say either way and I dont give a fuck really. Its happening, Ive seen this shit.

Im not sure what David Icke says in detail. I dont know what his ideas are on the "whys" of this happening. But I do agree with him on what we see is some puesdo humans. I dont fucking trust them and I dont like them.

BTW the person I witnessed do this in person was a software engineer in san farncisco. Not sure if people have similar experiences near there.

These kikes are probably possessed by demons at this point. All of that ritual murder will eventually open the door for malevolant demons to communicate with them.

From sucking lots of cock.

Shoot the jew in the face, problem solved.

Look into I and P frames. Lizard fags btfo.