This is a hard pill to swallow but

I believe most of the scientific revolution came from demonic inspiration and the antichrist.
Now bear with me
Why did I come to this conclusion ?
Jack Parsons is the real father of space age, he was openly a devil worshipper, he developed the fuel that enabled us to penetrate the stratosphere, he basically enabled satellites single handedly
In his dreams in 1948 (same date for israel's formation) he saw somebody that he called (Balerion Dajjal??) and he tells him you are helping me
I'm not making this shit up

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It's very interesting to think about, it really feels like science has mostly stood still since exhausting the German advancements during National Socialist times (think Project Paperclip), with only iterative designs and slight evolutions over time.

Most other products we use today still date back to 18th and 19th century chemistry and are often worse (to 'save costs') using synthetic, fake alternatives.

Meanwhile somewhere, countless secret inventions have been bought, patented, stored away, destroyed alongside their inventors or otherwise missing.

There is literally nothing wrong with worshipping the devil

What about all these guys?


Most of the ((influential scientists)) were into black magic, You read about Francis Bacon and his biography (Magic and the creation of modern science)
Arthur C. Clarke is another enabler of satellites
had an interview in BBC in 1961 he predicts the internet, the cellphones and texting
he said in his one of his laws of technology : no technology reaches a level of complexity except it is indistinguishable from magic

The only pill YOU should be taking is your anti-psychotics. Or cyanide.

Technology is indistinguishable from magic if you treat it like a black box and never investigate it to see what makes it tick.

Altar Bell (Rung nine times to invoke the spirit Satan.)
Coven (Chanting Invocation in ancient language to conjure Satan from the infernal abyss)
"Bagabi laca bachabe Lamac lamec bachalyas
Lamac cahi achababe Cabahagy sabalyos
Karrelyos Baryolos
Lagoz atha cabyolas
Samahac et famyolas
High Priest (Enters to center of the altar and chants, while crossing himself in a counterclockwise direction with his
Left hand)
"In nominee de nostre "In the name of our
Satanas: Lucifere Satan; the glorious
Excelsis!" Lucifer!"

High Priest (chants)
"Introibo ad alatare "I will go up to the
Satanas." Altar of Satan."

Coven (chants)
"Ad Satanas, qui "To Satan, the giver of
Laetificat gloria youth and glory."


Coven (chants ancient conjuration to yield their souls to the devil)
"Palas aron ozinomas Geheamel cla orlay
Baske bano tudan donas Berec he pantaras tay."

High Priest "In the name of Satan, ruler of Earth, the King of the world, the Chief of the Serfs
, I command the forces of darkness to bestow their infernal power upon us. Save us, Lord Satan, from the
Treacherous and the violent. Oh Satan, Spirit of the Earth, God of Liberty, open wide the gates of Hell
And come forth from the abyss by these names:"

High Priest and Coven "Satan! Beelzebub! Leviathon! Asmodeus! Abaddon!"

High Priest (chants)

"Gloria Satanas, et "Glory be to Satan

Belial et Spiritui and Belial, and

Maloso." to the evil spirits"

Coven (responds)

"Sicut erat in "As it was in the be-

Principio, et nune, ginning, is now, and

Et simper, et in ever shall be, world

Saecula saeculorum. without end. Amen"


High Priest (chants)

"Satanas vobiscum." "Satan be with you."

Coven (responds)

"Et cum spiritu tuo." "And with thy spirit."

High Priest (Calling the coven to prayer)

"Let us prey . . . Urged by our Lord Satan's bidding, and schooled by his infernal ordinance, we
Make bold to say:"
High Priest and Coven (Recitation of the Lord's Prayer, backwards)

Do you seriously believe projects like CERN are totally natural with no hidden motives ?

Please kill yourself

"Amen . . . Evil from us deliver but . . . Temptation into not us lead and . . . Us against trespass who
Those forgive we as . . . Trespasses our us forgive and . . . Bread daily our day this us give
. . . Heaven in is it as earth on . . . Done be will thy . . . Come kingdom thy . . . Name thy be
Hallowed . . . Heaven in art who . . . Father our."
High Priest (Removes his headdress and approaches the coven, congregated a few feet in front of the
"Children of my office. From high matters I spare the time to preside over this gathering
By the favor of our Lord Satan, I have the power to grant your wishes, should it please me to do so
Waste no moment in unnecessary babbling or you will incur my anger. Now, lift up your heads, and
Tell me your desires."
(After a loud knock at the side door of the Altar Chamber)

"Who seeks entry here?"

Assistant Priestess "One who repents her past heresies and craves to be accepted into the grace
Of our Master, Satan . . . designated by the Creator. Lord of this World from beginning without
High Priest "Enter, penitent, that you may abase yourself before the only true God."
(The side door opens, revealing a scared young girl, who has been persuaded to join the coven
She enters, hesitantly, wearing a long white muslin garment, tied at the waist with a cord. Her
Ankles are bound in shackles)

"Penitent, the opportunity is offered you to redeem your past . . . Do you desire to take it?"

Probationer "Yes."

High Priest "Are you prepared to serve our Lord Satan with your whole mind, body, and soul
Permitting nothing to deter you from the furtherance of his work?
Probationer "Yes."
High Priest "As proof that you have purged your mind of all false teaching, you will now break
This crucifix and throw the pieces from you."
(Sound of crucifix breaking)
High Priest "Stand up, and raise your left hand! Repeat after me, sentence by sentence, the words
I am about to say:
High Priest and Probationer "I deny Jesus Christ the deceiver . . . and I abjure the Christian
Faith, holding in contempt all of its works. By the symbol of the Creator, I swear henceforth to
Be . . . a faithful servant of his most puissant Arch-Angel, the Prince Lucifer . . . whom the
Creator designated as His Regent and Lord of this World. As a being now possessed of a human body
In this world. I swear to give my full allegiance to its lawful Master: to worship Him, our Lord
Satan and no other; to despise all manmade religions, and to bring contempt to them whenever
Possible; to undermine the faith of others in such false religions whenever possible; and
Bring them to the true faith when desirable. I swear to give my mind, body, and soul unreservedly
. . . to the furtherance of the designs of our Lord Satan. If I betray my oath, I do now decree
To have my throat cut, my tongue and heart torn out . . . and to be buried in the sand of the
Ocean that the waves of it may carry me away into an eternity of oblivion."
High Priest "If you ever break this oath, we shall pronounce sentence upon you in the name of our
Lord Satan . . . that you shall fall into dangerous disease and leprosy, and that, in the sign of
His vengeance, you shall perish by a terrifying and horrible death, and that a fire shall consume
And devour you on every side and utterly crush you . . . and that by the power of Satan, a flame shall
Go forth from His Mouth which shall burn you up and reduce you to nothing in Hell … "
High Priest (Removes a bag from the altar; this bag contains the shavings of a clock)
"Now take these shavings in your hand and face the Goat of Mendes . . . repeat after me:
High Priest and Probationer "I deny God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, and I adhere to thee, and
Believe in thee."

High Priest (Leads the girl to the right side of the altar to a black throne, upon which is
Seated Satan in the materialization of a huge black goat with a human body, but with the hooves
And head of a goat. The goat has three horns, the middle one being a lighted torch)
"Kiss the Goat!!"
(As the girl kisses the posterior of the goat from behind the throne, the ceremony of
Fidelity to Satan known as the Pax, the High Priest intones . . . )
"As the shavings of the clock do never return to the clock from which they are taken, so may
Your soul never return to Heaven."
( . . . leading the girl back to the altar)
"Now . . . remove your garment and lie down at full length upon the altar."
(As the girl drops her garment and lies naked on the altar, the High Priest stretches out
Her arms and places a lighted black candle in each outstretched hand. She is now a human altar
In the shape of a crucifix; her ankles still being bound by the shackles. Some members of the
Assemblage, looking ahead to the ceremony where she must submit to the sexual desires of the
Coven, are beginning to express their emotions.)
"Brothers and sisters of the Left-Hand Path . . . the penitent has proved a worthy
Neophyte in our high order. It is now my happy duty to free her from the bonds of ignorance and
(The High Priest removes the shackles from the ankles of the young probationer/neophyte and
Proceeds with the rite symbolic of copulation with the devil. If the Lord Satan or one of his
Demons is present at this portion of the Mass, the High Priest will step aside and lead
Conjurations of lust while the ceremony is actually performed. After this rite, the
Neophyte, still serving as the altar, has the Chalice containing the host and a skull
Filled with blood placed upon her prone body. The host is generally stolen from a Catholic
Church, dyed black, and cut into a triangular shape. The blood is generally from a previously
Sacrificed animal of bird; although for a major high Sabbath, the most effective sacrifice
Is an unbaptised baby)
High Priest (chants)
"Satanas gratias." "Thanks be to Satan"
"Satanas vobiscum." "Satan be with you."
Coven (responds)
"Et cum spiritu tuo" "And with thy spirit."
High priest and Coven (Walks to left of human altar to begin the Offeratory. He holds up the
Paten containing the consecrated host)
"Lucifer, Save us! Master, Save us!
Astaroth, Save us! Master, Save us!
Shaiton, Save us! Master, Save us!
Zabulon, Save us! Master, Save us!
Maloch, Save us! Master, Save us!"
(High Priest walks to the right of human altar, and holds up the skull or other Chalice containing
The blood)
"Satan, Have mercy! Master, Have mercy!
Baal, Have mercy! Master, Have mercy!
Azazel, Have mercy! Master, Have mercy!
Dagon, Have mercy! Master, Have mercy!
Mammon, Have mercy! Master, Have mercy!"
High Priest (Taking Communion, consecrates the Paten and the Chalice with the blessing of Death)
"Blessed be the bread and wine of death . . . blessed a thousand times more than the flesh and
Blood of life, for you have not been harvested by human hands nor did any human creature mill
And grind you. It was our Lord Satan who took you to the mill of the grave, so that you should
Thus become the bread and blood of revelation and revulsion. I spit upon you! And I cast you
Down! In the memory of Satan, because you preach punishment and shame to those who would
Emancipate themselves and repudiate the slavery of the church!"
(He casts the consecrated host and blood on the floor in front of the altar and spits on them
At this sign, the entire congregation rushes up amidst screams of hate and tramples upon the
Mixture. They also scramble and fight for remnants to be used in casting private spells)
(High Priest - tearing off his vestments and trampling them on the ground . . . )
"These ornaments, badges of authority, serve only to conceal the nakedness which is alone
Acceptable to our Lord Satan!"
(Entire coven rips off their cloaks and any other garments amidst bestial shrieks and growls
This is silenced by the High Priest who rings a gong, causing the reaction of a thunder clap. The
High Priest holds his left hand aloft helping the unsteady, and seemingly drugged, young neophyte
Off the altar to stand naked before the now naked coven)
"Neophyte, you have served me well! Stand up and join these assembled here so that they may
Look upon you, and do with you as they desire …"

(The neophyte is pushed into the midst of the assemblage, who stare at her and gesture and
Whisper among themselves. Later, at the end of the Mass, she will be submitted to the carnal
Desires of any member or members of the coven who request her. She will also assist in mass
High Priest (Announcing the dismissal from the formal Mass, proclaiming the Benediction for
Increased virility, and calling for the homage to Satan through feasting, dancing, and a general
Orgy till dawn)
"I, Joel, Prince of the Bats and High Priest of the Lord Satan, by this act do dismiss
You from this service . . . Prepare to receive through me the Benediction of Our Lord Satan, that
You may honour the Creator by the rite symbolical of his work …"
(As the altar bell is again rung nine times, the High Priest wanders among the assemblage
Touching the genitals of each member of the coven with a special Satanic blessing to insure the
Success of the orgy to follow)
"Eva, Ave Satanas! Vade Lilith, vade retro Pan! Deus maledictus est!! Gloria tibi! Domine
Lucifere, per omnia saecula saeculorum. Amen!!"
"Do What Thou Wilt, Shall Be the Whole of the Law!"
"Rege Satanas! Hail Satan!
Ave Satanas! Hail Satan!
Hail Satan!! Hail Satan!"

Thanks for confirming your room temperature IQ

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Thanks greatest ally ! I know you're doing all this with our best interests at heart not to open demonic portals or anything


This thread is now marked by the Antichrist. Better look out for black vans in the coming weeks, unbeliever.

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I suggest you either get your ass back to do homework and stop larping or terminate yourself

Doesn't exist though.

I bet the elites are just roleplaying and having fun right

Once you amass enough money to buy the life of a fellow man, and still see that your achievement didn't introduce more sense into anything, you have no way but to turn into some weird stuff, join ranks of similarly hollow people.

Nihil novi sub sole, dare I say. People has been like that since always.

Dumb cult shit that's existed for thousands of years that has no provable tangible effect. The organization of a group of people and the power that gives them, however, is evidenced.

The only larping here is done by you, pretending not to be a mentally ill low IQ failure.

You should stop projecting your problems into others.


Depends on how you define "fun", but form a certain perspective, pretty much yeah: they are trying to introduce some meaning to their otherwise empty lives. That's pretty much granted with rich people - either they have some powerful drive in life, enough to keep them constantly doing some shit, or they join some game-like activities.

demons exist
black magic exist
child sacrifice to please said demons is what pizzagate and other child sacrificing scandals are about
they trade heresy against god for demonic power

you are incredibly dumb

Great arguments fag.

Just as America should have picked its own cotton instead of buying the slaves from the jews.

Europe should have rather died than adopt Christianity.

It went well for a couple hundred years before degenerating into a huge shit show but there were some cathedrals so it's ok and totally true.

Someone finally realize what the Amish have known for years and years. Modern tech is a hindrance to man. Our productivity has destroyed the comfort of the human experience by cramping people and forcing them to live artificial lives within an artificial environment. Population explosions, mass starvation, the dumbing down of people, the creation of a hive mind and other problems. If you really care about the future don't kill your fellow country men, attack the things that make them act the way they do, the cell towers, the data centers, the power grid. Hit them where it hurts

Sure. And smoking your feces makes you more intelligent. Try it out. I, anonymous person from the Netz guarantee it.

Modern tech is the only way for man to surpass limitations put on him by nature, and become "more".


yea i'm sure social media is making you smarter

A space age? You believe we're currently in a space age? Only masons and charlatans "go to space". You're in -their- space age.

You seem to be sure about great many deal of things. We call such people "Jehovah's Witnesses", because they ceased to think. Instead, they KNOW.

technology or not, people that were ready to let themselves go for entertainment were worthless to begin with

More? In what way have we become more than what we were? By increasing our numbers? Developing the tech to share meaningless info over a computer?

In ways we even couldn't imagine thousands of years ago.

I have a device that gathers light and produces energy, it doesn't even have a battery, it stores it in capacitors, then uses that energy to solve mathematical equations that would've taken me ages before this era.
It's called a calculator, it's just one example.

Science is on our side cuck. Liberals are new creationists. (Magical created equality)

Are you high?

Since its just a bunch of magnets that chuck particles around at speeds much slower than what the solar wind does, but in a controlled environment where the collisions can be more closely monitored no I don't think there are any alternative motives. Other than aggrandizing the thing to get grants for spurious research, but that is plane old lying for the sake of a career nothing magical.

Who knows what the percentage is, but you're right. In the garden of Eden, the first interaction Satan had with humanity was to give them knowledge. In the book of Enoch, it says that the sons of God fell to earth and taught men sorcery, war, root cuttings, astrology, etc. When Parsons said some demonic entity led him, it's historically consistent if you believe those stories are essentially true, and since we aren't a bunch of faggot camel fucking muslim retards, but rather civilized Christians, we believe Christian scripture to be true. It's also consistent with the behavior of the freemasons and their "great work" or the Jews Tikkun Olam.

Satan has been training mankind to destroy ourselves since his first interaction with us. However, it also says in the gospels that the Holy Spirit will lead us to all truth, that we shall know the truth and the truth will set us free.

>I'm am the great beast that is to come. I am a mighty destroyer and I. . .Hold on, the phone. I have to take this. . .Hello? Wait, hold on! You're going to what? You're going to take my money, steal my boat, and take my wife? I am the great and mighty. . . What? You already did, you say? No, not fuck me, fuck you! No fuck you, I want my boat back!! If you don't bring me back my boat, wife, and money I'll. . .Hello? Hello?
Fucking asshole!!!

and blackmail files from which they choose our elected representatives. "Hey look, we got this guy fucking the larynx on a severed toddlers head. He's Senate material!"

"science hasn't progressed since the nazis, dumb guy proclaims over the internet"

Not understanding how technology can be used as a means to inhibit knowledge as well as propagating it.

stuff like this is probably why Hitler wrote that many people are too stupid to function without religion.

In his twenties and early thirties, von Braun worked in Nazi Germany's rocket development program. He helped design and develop the V-2 rocket at Peenemünde during World War II. Following the war, he was secretly moved to the United States, along with about 1,600 other German scientists, engineers, and technicians, as part of Operation Paperclip. He worked for the United States Army on an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) program and he developed the rockets that launched the United States' first space satellite Explorer 1. His group was assimilated into NASA, where he served as director of the newly formed Marshall Space Flight Center and as the chief architect of the Saturn V super heavy-lift launch vehicle that propelled the Apollo spacecraft to the Moon.[5][6]

Helen went away for a period in June 1941, during which Parsons, encouraged to do so by the sexually permissive attitude of the O.T.O., began a sexual relationship with her 17-year-old sister, Sara.

In 1945 Parsons separated from Helen after having an affair with her sister Sara; when Sara left him for L. Ron Hubbard, he conducted the Babalon Working, a series of rituals designed to invoke the Thelemic goddess Babalon to Earth. He and Hubbard continued the procedure with Marjorie Cameron, whom Parsons married in 1946. After Hubbard and Sara defrauded him of his life savings, Parsons resigned from the O.T.O. and went through various jobs while acting as a consultant for the Israeli rocket program.

Parsons testified to a closed federal court that the moral philosophy of Thelema was both anti-fascist and anti-communist, emphasizing his belief in individualism. This along with references from his scientific colleagues resulted in his security clearance being reinstated by the Industrial Employment Review Board, which ruled that there was insufficient evidence that he had ever had communist sympathies. This allowed Parsons to obtain a contract in designing and constructing a chemical plant for the Hughes Aircraft Company in Culver City.[135] Von Kármán put Parsons in touch with Herbert T. Rosenfeld, President of the Southern Californian chapter of the American Technion Society—a Zionist group dedicated to supporting the newly created State of Israel. Rosenfeld offered Parsons a job with the Israeli rocket program and hired him to produce technical reports for them.[136] In November 1950, as the Red Scare intensified, Parsons decided to migrate to Israel to pursue Rosenfeld's offer, but a Hughes secretary whom Parsons had asked to type up a portfolio of technical documents reported him to the FBI. She accused Parsons of espionage and attempted theft of classified company documents on the basis of some of the reports that he had sought to submit to the Technion Society.[137]

Parsons was immediately fired from Hughes; the FBI investigated the complaint and were suspicious that Parsons was spying for the Israeli government.

The Review Board still considered Parsons a liability because of his historical Marxist affiliations and investigations by the FBI, and in January 1952 they permanently reinstated their ban on his working for classified projects, effectively prohibiting him from working in rocketry.[139]

Parsons and Cameron decided to travel to Mexico for a few months, both for a vacation and for Parsons to take up a job opportunity establishing an explosives factory for the Mexican government. They hoped that this would facilitate a move to Israel, where they could start a family, and where Parsons could bypass the U.S. government to recommence his rocketry career. He was particularly disturbed by the presence of the FBI, convinced that they were spying on him.[147]

On June 17, 1952, a day before their planned departure, Parsons received a rush order of explosives for a film set and began to work on it in his home laboratory.[148] An explosion destroyed the lower part of the building, during which Parsons sustained mortal wounds. His right forearm was amputated, his legs and left arm were broken and a hole was torn in the right side of his face.[149] Despite these critical injuries, Parsons was found conscious by the upstairs lodgers. He tried to communicate with the arriving ambulance workers, who rushed him to the Huntington Memorial Hospital, where he was declared dead approximately thirty-seven minutes after the explosion.[149]

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Although there were arguments among the commune members, Parsons remained dedicated to Thelema. He gave almost all of his salary to the O.T.O. while actively seeking out new members—including Forman—and financially supported Crowley in London through Germer.[87] Parsons' enthusiasm for the Lodge quickly began to impact on his professional life. He frequently appeared at Aerojet hungover and sleep-deprived from late nights of Lodge activities, and invited many of his colleagues to them, drawing the ire of staff who previously tolerated Parsons' occultism as harmless eccentricity; known to von Kármán as a "delightful screwball", he was frequently observed reciting Crowley's poem "Hymn to Pan" in an ecstatic manner compared to the preaching of Billy Graham during rocket tests—and on request at parties to their great amusement. They disapproved of his hesitancy to separate his vocations; Parsons became more rigorously engaged in Aerojet's day-to-day business in an effort to resolve this weariness, but the Agape Lodge soon came under investigation by both the Pasadena Police Department and the FBI. Both had received allegations of a "black magic cult" involved in sexual orgies; one complainant was a 16-year-old boy who said that he was raped by lodge members, while neighbors reported a ritual involving a naked pregnant woman jumping through fire. After Parsons explained that the Lodge was simply "an organization dedicated to religious and philosophical speculation", neither agency found evidence of illegal activity and came to the conclusion that the Lodge constituted no threat to national security.[88] Having been a long-term heavy user of alcohol and marijuana, Parsons now habitually used cocaine, amphetamines, peyote, mescaline, and opiates as well.[89][53] He continued to have sexual relations with multiple women, including McMurtry's fiancee Claire. When Parsons paid for her to have an abortion, McMurtry was angered and their friendship broke down.[90]

Crowley and Germer wanted to see Smith removed as head of the Agape Lodge, believing that he had become a bad influence on its members. Parsons and Helen wrote to them to defend their mentor but Germer ordered him to stand down; Parsons was appointed as temporary head of the Lodge.[91] Some veteran Lodge members disliked Parsons' influence, concerned that it encouraged excessive sexual polyandry that was religiously detrimental, but his charismatic orations at Lodge meetings assured his popularity among the majority of followers. Parsons soon created the Thelemite journal Oriflamme, in which he published his own poetry, but Crowley was unimpressed—particularly due to Parsons' descriptions of drug use—and the project was soon shelved.[92] Helen gave birth to Smith's son in April; the child was named Kwen Lanval Parsons.[93]

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Probably. The Greeks used to believe in Muses, and considering that Satan's big plan is to 'become God' by emulating what He can do, it stands to reason that the devil would pursue technology as he is obviously not a force of Creation like God and Humanity are. The first city was created by Cain, and in Revelation we hear about men wishing for death but not finding (aka immortality). Infinite knowledge, eternal life; are these not the gifts of the Divine? … So it should stand to reason that the devil seeks to create immortal machine bodies (which we will hate after we have been entombed within them and seek to die, but not be able), it stands to reason that we will one day be able to plug our brains into the internet (or something of that) and have infinite knowledge. Already 'trans-humanists' are working on these things and desire them.

Whether you think I'm crazy or not, I would recommend not trying to attain immortality. Even without what we are told in the Bible men have considered the ability to live forever a curse. I wouldn't wish it upon any of you.

And with that calculator how is anything different? We still just breed eat shit and consume entertainment. We're doing what we did in caves only with more complication. Later well do it on other planets etc and what then? How are we more?

While in Mexico, Cameron began performing blood rituals in the hope of communicating with Parsons' spirit; during these, she cut her own wrists. As part of these rituals, she claimed to have received a new magical identity, Hilarion.[34] When she learned that an unidentified flying object had been seen over Washington D.C.'s Capitol Building she considered it a response to Parsons' death.[34] After two months, she returned to California and attempted suicide.[35] Increasingly interested in occultism, she read through her husband's papers. Embracing his Thelemic beliefs, she came to understand his purpose in carrying out the Babalon Working and also came to believe that the spirit of Babalon had been incarnated into herself.[36] She came to believe that Parsons had been murdered by the police or anti-zionists, and continued her attempts at astral projection to commune with his spirit.[37]

Her mental stability was deteriorating, and she became convinced that a nuclear test on Eniwetok Atoll would result in the destruction of the California coast.[38] There is inconclusive evidence that she was institutionalized in a psychiatric ward during this period, before having a brief affair with African-American jazz player Leroy Booth, a relationship that would have been illegal at the time.[39] At some point in this period, she stayed with the Thelemite Wilfred Talbot Smith and his wife,[40] although he thought that she had "bats in the belfry" and ignored what he described as her "Mad Mental Meanderings".[41]

In December 1952 Cameron moved to a derelict ranch in Beaumont.[42] With the aid of Druks and Paul Mathison, she gathered a loose clique of magical practitioners around herself which she called "The Children". Intentionally comprising members from various races, she oversaw a range of sex magic rituals with the intent of creating a breed of mixed-race "moonchildren" who would be devoted to Horus.[43] She became pregnant as a result of these rites, and termed her forthcoming child "the Wormwood Star", although the pregnancy ended in miscarriage.[44] Over time, many of Cameron's associates within The Children distanced themselves from her, in particular because of her increasingly apocalyptic pronouncements; she claimed that Mexico was about to conquer the U.S., that a race war was about to break out in the Old World, and that a comet would hit the Earth, and that a flying saucer would rescue her and her followers and take them to Mars.[45] During her magical rituals she used a range of drugs, including marijuana, peyote, and magic mushrooms, and in June 1953 she visited Los Angeles to attend a Gerald Heard lecture on the mind-expanding uses of hallucinogens.[46] Perhaps because of her drug use, Cameron was suffering from auditory hallucinations, frequent bouts of depression, and dramatic mood swings.[47] During this period, she corresponded with the Thelemite Jane Wolfe,[48] although other Thelemites and Crowley associates such as Karl Germer and Gerald Yorke deemed her insane.[49]

Good points. The elite want to merge with machines. It's their way of attaining salvation without God, so you know it would really suck. If humanity ever merged with machines, each human consciousness would be encapsulated and contained with a modular network with the task of eternally generating data that some higher programmed consciousness would evaluate and form into thoughts.

that's hilarious

Brainlets not welcome

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I'd consider most of us living past infant an achievement