Netflix may be in trouble for a film from Argentina that depicts 2 girls, 8 and 9 in a sex act. The scene in question has been floating around social media, but it shows 2 girls watching a horse race, before both of them mounting pillows, and bouncing suggestively, complete with heavy breathing and extreme closeup on the girls face.

Link to an archived PJ Media article covering the subject:

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13 is the new 18.
9 is the new 16.

South American media is incredibly pozzed and so shit no one native watches so they take billions in tax money.
Natives just pirate or watch Netflix shit, and I mean foreign shit.

Bump for kill all pedo scum

"Argentina is degenerate and their Pope is the Antichrist because Nacional socialists fled there!".
Boomers are so fucking dumb.

Unfortunately, this was the only thing I could find that was talking about it.

I hope I didn't meant to say this isn't a problem, but the majority of south Americans don't get Netflix or watch degenerate media, the vast Catholic majority does not like faggots or pedophiles or sjw.
This is like a small window into their sick, cultural Marxism funded minds.
After the military coups, and the democratization process 20 yrs later, they've all infiltrated the higher education and cultural and median positions.
(Basically the degenerates acted like Jews to subvert Catholic societies.)


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I don't know, but from what I've seen from South Americans, they've got loads of trannies, loads of twinks, loads of whores/hookers etc. They have an obsession with sex the likes of which I've never seen anywhere else. Everything in their society is sexualized, and sex is on everything they make. Loads of fake tits and asses everywhere. They're disgusting animals down there.

Those seeking to divest you from your natural rights seek to profit off you.
What is a natural right?
If your action violates no one, no wrong is committed. That action is your right.
The fetus has been observed masturbating.
Many are vehemently told this behavior is unacceptable at a young age. Thus they associate this simple act of natural pleasure with malice and ill intent. A schism.

What many display today in 'western civilization' is simply the preferred trauma by their controllers.
Male genital mutilation is quite commonplace and considered normal.

Gold is love. God is life. God is sexual ecstasy.

Violate none.

Nice cultural-marxist talking point. Well it didn't "violate" me, so fuck the long-term consequences to my society. Live and let live!
Statistics don't prove that the more sexual partners you have, the less successful your relationships tend to be, and as a result, the worse your societal health tends to be. Nope. Let's all just be sexual beasts and fuck everyone and everything, so long as we don't "violate" anyone, what's the harm?! Fuck off back to Zig Forums, faggot. Take your commune sex cult shit with you.

Government is historically the greatest violator of human rights.
Your imposition reflects your own need to work out your own self hatred.

I do as I wish and forsake violating others.

So let's see, here's things you support:
Jerking off to children.
Having meaningless casual sex with random people.
Doing drugs.
Taking it up the ass.
Cross-dressing and being a "tranny"
What other grand, oh-so moral positions do you have?

A fetus masturbating is entirely different than fetishization pre pubescent sex acts. I'd personally rope you kike.


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Blow your brains out, degenerate. You will never be accepted here or anywhere else. Keep this shit up and you’ll swing with the jews. Think we won’t find you? Keep dreaming.

This is incorrect. It's only one girl and it's not a sex act to the degree everyone thinks it is.

Two girls are watching a cowboy movie. Oldest sees man riding horse, so she grabs a pillow, mounts it like a horse, and proceeds to pretend to ride it. In the process, she unexpectedly orgasms due to the friction between the pillow and her cunny.

As for the other girl, she also rides a pillow like her older sister, but she doesn't O and instead just watches her sister in curiosity.

So it's sexual in nature, but it's not a sex act. More like accidental masturbation that doesn't even focus on the genital region at all.

Also, this is all stupid. There have been lots of movies that put young children in sexually provocative positions. In the 1984 movie Splash, John candy's child charactet would throw coins on the ground beneath womens dresses and look under them as he crawled on the ground to pick them up. In 1994's Milk Money, a prostitute shows he tits to a group of very young boys, though they only show from behind so you can't see the tits.

Anyway, people need to chill the fuck out over this shit.

Just watched it my self and it's a bit strange and unnecessary but it's really not as bad as people are making it out to be. Still, it shouldn't have been done because it could be considered soft core porn.

My own life course and preferences are actually diametrically opposed to what you seek to thrust upon me.

I sense your positive intention to preserve your own well being, prosperity and that of your fellow people. Hold that dear and remain ever loyal to it, no matter how difficult it may seem.

The greatest lies are those we tell ourselves.
However, we live in a world where those are often given to us by those we first trusted the most.

Violate none.

Well you support others doing the following:
Jerking off to children.
Having meaningless casual sex with random people.
Doing drugs.
Taking it up the ass.
Cross-dressing and being a "tranny"
How moral of you! How progressive!

Blow your brains out.

Based dubs triggering mutts.

Drop the pseudo-intellectualism, faggot. Regardless of how you think you're coming across, it's a pretty reliable indicator to the rest of us that a) you're woefully low on self-esteem; and b) not nearly as smart as you think you are.

dead tv and movie execs can't create degenerate tv

Fucking degenerate where do you think you are

Working overtime, rabbi?

Oh boy here we go again. I still remember the last shit-flinging thread of this flavor.

Not really. This girl discovers masturbation at an early age and becomes hooked on it, thus setting the stage for the rest of the movie that takes place during her adult years.

On the free speech discussion platform?

i am always chill when it comes to sexualizing children
No wait, i get angry instead
a child masturbating or pretending to should never be filmed

So, where is the clip? I need it for… reasons. :^)

Technically you can be banned now, and reported to local authorities. I hope you are.

Thanks for playing; you have no idea what this website is. Go away and never come back.

You'll never catch me alive, copper! :^D


Aren't their cries beautiful? Music to my ears. They lash out violently as you calmly stand your ground.

Unalienable rights are a universal truth and they hate it. There must be hate! There must be a common enemy! Otherwise we'd all have to get along with people we don't necessarily agree with. They spout discipline and honor yet they have none.

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For all pedos wanting to beat off to a little girl having an orgasm, here's the clip. Just watch the first few minutes.

Dude, dubs guy, quit responding to him, he did this on another thread, saying how sex is natural, and that it's free speech blah blah blah. He won't stop making excuses to be a degenerate, so don't respond, just report, and don't derail.

Where's my boi Chris Hansen at?

He's at the end of the sentence with all the other prepositions.

I could barely watch a few mins, that shit was awful, tho, I didn't see any pedobait, granted I didn't search very hard. The only gross thing I saw (more so than the rest) was a bitch fucking a nigger.

The scene in question is literally within the first three minutes, lazy faggot.

Here we go

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Just is just knocking the ice by them. Just like these "pedoes are not criminal" articles they publish here and there. Slowly and surely they'll push their pedo agenda through media just like they did with race mixing and homo sex.

A "scandal" works for (((their))) agenda.

Sounds pretty good for live action, I'll check it out thanks op

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I can't wait until we're able to skin faggots like you alive.

Your day is fucking coming. Enjoy what little time you have left.

Boy you people are shit at your jobs.

I can't read either.

Well, it could be implied or spoken, maybe there could have been a scene in a hospital or something explaining what had happened. Something like kids having a rub on their snatch is a pretty delicate thing to write/film even if you mean no ill intent.

at least they still have white people on TV.

"My daughter masturbated and oragasmed until she fainted"

I don't think that would be very good story telling. I like the way they ended up doing it tbh

Chill fellow MAGApedes, it isn't CP, the 9 year old girl was only pretending to orgasm.

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freudian slip. schlomo?

man you people love your fabricated outrages don't you?

what she's saying is that she had her first orgasm humping a pillow, she fainted from it, and then her mom filled her up with pills for epilepsy that had the side effect of erasing her memory without even getting a second medical opinion. That, to me, is worse child abuse than having sex at 9. never fully trust the pharmaceutical industry.

the intro to the movie is a classic retarded parent story i mean, if you couldn't tell, the mom came into the room with a living snake around her neck, nobody who owns snakes as pets is mentally sane. The rest is typical wamyn hypergamy, she wanted the dick from age 9 and grows up to get the dick. looks like a shit argie 50shades tier-movie tbh.


What the actual fuck m9?

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You have the morals of an accountant and your concept of freedom is comparable to an obese nigger at an all you can eat buffet.

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Honestly, I'm watching this movie now on Netflix, to see what's it all about. I'm 32 minutes in, and have an hour and one minute left. And I only have one thing to say, "This is viral marketing, and Zig Forums is falling for the bait."

The scene everyone is talking about is at the beginning of the film. There is no nudity, and it's over very very quick. The rest of the film is filled with adult sex stuff. It's literally "My Vagina the movie," I'm not saying it's not degenerate, but I saw no cp in this film.

However, films like "Pretty Baby" with Brooke Shields as a child was CP, and everyone just brushed it of as "just some typical film directed by a French Guy" in 1978. I remember watching it on tv as a kid in the 90's on some 'art channel,' and knew it was not any different than soft core magazines I stole as an older kid or young teen back then, or hardcore since it had a child in it.

People still don't talk about that movie, and how weird that was. As if it was normal. …. But honestly, this movie and the opening scene pales in comparison to a film like that. It's just some, "my earliest realization of sex" flash back, ….. but clearly written by a guy, probably a Jew, and not from a real woman.

I'm going to give this film a thumbs down on Netflix once I am done watching it. Something I rarely do. But did also yesterday, after watching The Last Jedi this week for the first time, on Netflix. Not because it doesn't or does have cp, it doesn't, …. but because it's poorly written trash that wasted my time.

I research this stuff, pizzagate stuff, and I honestly went into this film expecting to see something controversial, but instead I am having my time wasted by viral marketing that the OP and others are falling for in here.

There is some weird shit about the mother in this film having a dead husband, and thinking that he's being reincarnated as a snake, that seems like some Satanic Pizzagate shit, ….. but even those scenes just seem like poorly written scenes by a bunch of degenerates that don't know how to write, and not really part of some conspiracy.

If the directors were trying to push cp onto us, frankly, from decades of watching movies, both foreign and domestic, from various different time periods, they could of done a better job.

Zig Forums, don't fall for viral marketing.

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like i said, its an argentinian 50shadesofgay. or the equivalent of.

Zig Forums has been on a diet of kampfy retardation for 2+ years, they need detox treatment to stop getting outraged over stupid shit and focus on the real stuff.

I might be taking this back everything I said. ….. There is a scene now, 34 minutes in the film, where they are like 16 or something, clearly in their midteens, …. and sucking off Niggers.

Fuck me, …. Zig Forums was right again.

I'm taking back what I just said, …. the film starts to flash back to teen sex again.

yeah, the fat landwhales watching this get niagara-wet when thinking of being 16 and pretty again, instead of 35, feminist, and having a dozen cats.

You see nothing wrong with a child actor being told to pretend to have an orgasm? You need to kill your self.

no, not really. Its just an act after all. And she doesn't look nowhere near 9, she looks like 13+.

might as well get enraged at japan for having an entire industry dedicated to softcore CP you puritan moron.

If you watch the scene, you will see that it looks nothing like she's having an orgasm or even in the early throes of ecstasy. Her face is expressionless. They even dubbed in the moans using an adult voice.

In reality, they just said, "Ride this pillow like a horse for 15 seconds and then pretend to faint." They filled in the rest. The girl most likely didn't even know what behavior she was actually emulating.

So there is no truth because of absolute truth?
You are an idiot who contadicts himself.

I don't see anything okay with child actors doing anything. Because they don't know what they do, if there pantomiming sex or something mundane. But there is no nudity, and I've seen way worse. I'm not condoning it at all, …. but what I saw was "meh," this is nothing, but fake outrage. I jerked off all the time when I was 9. I wouldn't write it into a film, but if nothing was actually show, I would just say it's bad writing and bad direction, not a crime at all. I don't know what planet you are living on, but to have outrage at this, and not a whole list of other things, like "Pretty Baby" or Shirley Temple, ….. then yes, you have fake outrage or falling for clear viral marketing. I am sorry you are that dense. But this film is actually bad in the end, and has scenes that are worst, and more clear later on, so I feel like I'm knickpicking. But, no, the first scene is nothing.

It's actually the scene that is 34 minutes in the film that is more damning. The actresses are clearly dressed and in makeup to make them look like 15 to 17 year olds, and that is clearly a scene were sex acts are being done, not just mutual masturbation, and more brainwashing, because they are being on the cusp of adulthood, …. but clearly not.

It is something that fat landwhales with little ability to be able to discern what is right from wrong, would be brainwashed into pushing the Overton window to the degenerate left when seeing.

I was going to say that this film is all just the victim of viral marketing, ….. but the brainwashing and worst sex scenes are actually later in the film, and Zig Forums was right about this film, ….. just with the wrong scene.

i aint clicking that shit nigger

It's legal because it's on YouTube, so go ahead.

Who is the blonde actress watching her friend supposedly orgasm at the beginning? She is not listed in the credits.

yeah well, argentina (latino countries in general) have a more liberal view on sex. look at brazil children's TV for a prime example.
sure if you fuck an 8 year old the parents are gonna lynch you, but nobody bats an eye for a 13 year old using makeup and dressing a little slutty.

its only legal if you dont commit wrong-think
only good drones get impunity

I wasn't aware shit occurred in a vacuum.

Dude space is a vacuum.

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Dude lmao

kill yourself you vile faggot. She's clearly on the clock.

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It's mostly costal cities and town, I've never been, but that's what I gather. I remember being a child and having a shore house in New Jersey. I don't want to go all /r9k/ on pull with childhood memories. But I can easily imagine how people living in places like costal South American places, would be more sexually permissive.

But, ….. also being on Zig Forums, and being my age, and a male, and in the positions society has thrown me into, I also have become aware that I am one of Plato's "Guardians" mentioned in his Republic by default whether I want to be, or don't want to be. And that I now clearly live in a world were there are groups of serial pedophiles working in unison in the elites, that want brainwash society to make children more assessable to them.

I know this, because I sort of actually killed one of them, or got him to kill himself. The person I talk about was a serial pedophile, and did "travel to Brazil." He loved it there. He was also in denial at times, but I caught him fucking multiple kids, of multiple ages before he killed himself 10 years ago.

I don't really believe incels are a thing, but there are a lot of people on Zig Forums that have opinions that the media wants who they call "incels" to have, and Zig Forums falls victim to a lot of bait a lot of time. Sex does start pretty early for some people, in totally normal ways. And sex is normal and healthy.

But on the other side of things, we are dealing with enemies that literally believe in some cartoonish version of Satanism mixed with child rape and exploitation, who prey on the very thin red lines that humans have with their normal sexuality, and history, and twist it, and manipulate it to there satisfaction.

I don't know what to do, because I myself have been victims of these people. But there are also purist on Zig Forums who totally naive about how bad it is, and will say things like "you need to be Catholic and religious Christian," when a priest actually raped my uncle.

And on the other hand we have Jews, actual Satanists, and Pedophiles that are actually trying to use MK Ultra techniques to create a society were they can exploit the "uninitiated."

When looking at media like this, there has always been "art" expressing different times in human sexuality and it's development, …… but there is also stuff that clearly crosses the line, and is an attempt by a group to exploit kids.

This film is just in the middle where it's hard to say which. It's just poorly written trash, ….. which there is a lot of, ….. or if it's more than that.

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They're extremely easy to care for and fuck you sneks are cute

There is literally nothing wrong with casual sex
Sex is good and women with multiple sexual partners can still be a good mother.

Incels need to brain themselves.

you kill yourself you puritan cuck.

hopefully it'll be renormalized soon enough, so that it won't be just elites.
WRONG. only normaltards think this because they were never forced to live under the circumstances that create an incel.
how did you achieve this? public doxx? develop pls

i wonder (((whosssss))) behind this possssst

What the fuck? Anyone know since when have kikes taken over South America, Central America and Mexico anyhow? Whenever I look at shows produced from there that have your typical "STRONK FEMINIST SINGLE MOTHER WOMYN WHO DON'T NEED NO MAN" there's always a Sephardic Kike behind it. Recently there's been a trend in Univision Soap Operas/TV Novels where they glorify female cartel "leaders" as well, worst of all is that they're now offering English subs for English only speakers as well.

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I did not say that.
I did not say that either.

Incels, pretty much don't exist. I have seen the ugliest and most socially repulsive men get sex, merely because of circumstances, and then complain about forgetting that happened.

I tried to warn Zig Forums about what I knew before Pizzagate happened, but Zig Forums didn't know at the time, since it was only 2015, and pizzagate was not public. I have no wish to go back into this, until something find out new leads myself. But here is the link.

Here is his obituary. I probably shouldn't talk about the circumstances about his death legally, because he was in contact with others that I still have my eyes on.

Snakes are gay as pets, I'll save with that other guy
I babysat a snake for like 6 months for this "alternative" hot chick while she moved from her mom's to her dad's to her own place
Everyone else I've ever met who KEEPS giant reptiles, small lizards, crawdads, spiders and other gay exoskeleton and similar delicate, unsocial, (by mammal standards) pets has been fucking loopy as a box of Cheerios

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Checking in to see if DOTR started and gutting pedos in the streets is now a lawful activity.
The law must be complied with.

Deviancy will be purged on DOTR too heathen.

Doing God's work user.

Then kill yourself, theres nothing wrong with sexual gratification and expressing yourself sexually.

Monogamy is a farce.

And that's why no foreign movie artists want to work with the US of Assholes. Your prudish behavior malfunctions let to a massive decrease in artistic output. Your greed kills creativity and every form of thought provoking cinema falls to your censorship demands.


Telling me to kill myself for making an argument I didn't make, that you wanted me to make, so you could tell me to kill myself.

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(((Soros))) and Barry are involved in this garbage, right? Because this is a step further than the tranny superheroes.

uppermost keque

lets be honest here, if the DOTR happens, you're probably the one whos going to be on the rope.

if i was a foreign artist i wouldn't want to work with a bunch of soul-sucking kikes. I'd rather find funding for my movie somewhere else.

Nigga you need to read history, stop using they internet to talk to ppl and use it for information
That's why the EU is getting rid of links

Mexico was destroyed by freemasons in the latter 1800s. They waged a civil and mercenary war on the people for being Catholic (as the were first conqured by and became Catholics)
Here are some nice books about it, this one is written by a Prescott

by William H. Prescott

(This is 4 audio books)

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A burning fire should cure you of your diseased, degenerate thoughts.

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I'm a Biochemist so

Don't really need to for my line of work, however I do read it when certain (((social trends))) start to freak me out or really irk me.

This is a fiction. The only thing that matters is force.

What the fuck m8, I live in Buenos Aires and I just found out about this, on fucking Zig Forums instead of argie sites.
By the way, our entertainment and journalistic media is chock-fucking-full of kikes too. For example one of the top soap-opera producers' stage name is Adrián (((Suar))), his real last name is Kirzner Schwartz. For some reason the fucker loves to make movies and soap-operas about literal cucks.

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Incel prudes have no arguments

how do you do fellow white

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I have one: What's the point of marriage, partner loyalty and all that trust-based stuff if you're gonna completely devaluate these concepts by fucking whoever tingles your dingles?

Because someone sleeps with someone doesn't mean they value you less, others existed before you, you're not special, don't be insecure

i have a better one: What's the point of marriage, partner loyalty and all that trust-based stuff if women have a free-card to completely devaluate these concepts by fucking whoever tingles their pussies?

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