Congrats, Trump voters. You’ve been vindicated

For those conservatives who voted for Donald Trump because of the Supreme Court, congratulations: You’ve been vindicated.

SHILLS BTFO AGAIN;utm_term=.bcbb8a40f2d7&noredirect=on&utm_term=.71219aab3e2c


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Fuck off trumpnigger

reminder, the two oldest current members are both (((fucking jews))) - ginsburg (85) and breyer (turns 80 this year). good chance they get schlonged by Trump, too.

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Suck it Zig Forums


Hi /leftypork/

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(((Ginsburg))) looks like a dead kike walking. Is her steady supply of gentile children's blood cut?

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Only these new improved conservatives are fashy based neoconservatives /ourguys/

Just sit back, trust in the process and enjoy drinking in the leftist muslim tears oh and before I forget… remember to sign up to Charlottesville 2.0 - Ezra's revenge

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Oh, (((you)))!

((( )))
fuck off

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Here comes the grave

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Thanks, I was trying to work out what the merry fuck a DACApede was from you and your redditor pals' last few days of spamming it here

So a DACApede is someone who doesn't do just what Ezra Levant tells them to do

this is how i know you're either a retard or a shill. i've said nothing about c'ville. :)


Yeah I mean to reply to the other spastic redditor

>Trump was able to preserve the status quo
Why does the leftist status quo pretend they're not the status quo? It's among the most blatant and obvious lies they tell. Even an idiot can look at education, entertainment, majority of the press, what 9th circuit judges are doing, etc. and see this for themselves.

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Retards like to pretend to be rebels, they do it to rope in retards for votes and numbers.

You know why.

They're the foundation of Jewish power, so they're the spiritual inheritors of Jewish hypocrisy.

Also this.

I can see the benefit and motive, but repeating unconvincing lies is still baffling. Like the Russia lie. They're STILL going with that. It's so dumb it's like watching someone desperately bashing their head against a wall like it's all they know how to do and you just want to tell them to stop.

Mad because your bull will get deported, huh?

Repetition is the key to conditioning. It doesn't matter how blatant a lie it is as long as people hear it often enough to assimilate into their way of thinking or world view.

Faggot with faggots saved on his drive

Remember that truth literally doesn’t matter. People are that stupid. Most of them are BARELY sapient. 70 years of brainwashing makes them completely unaware of fact.

Eat shit, duplicate.

And many MANY people believe in it

Who could possibly be upset about this?
Our fellow Drumpf supporters who hate Drumpf now and want to open the borders to spite Drumpf?

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Reminder we picked those things, not Trump. Hes also probably going to pick a kike. We elected Trump and we no longer support him, its not shills, youre just braindead. This was never ambiguous, we won the election and therefore we picked right wing justices. Trumps the one talking about bombing Iran for greater israel, not us.

This. Every hypnotist understands this.

Some of us don't like him for the simple fact he never followed through on his promises which makes him a liar. Why would I want open borders for my own country over trump being a liar? Do you not listen to yourself? It must be all the anime you Jack off to you degenerate freak.

your nose is hooked

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Ex-leftist here. I can elaborate. The first component here would be a combination of ignorance and unwillingness to look a little further. When you consume leftist rags, you're always served this painting of an obscure overwhelming conservative force that is keeping everything static. You are never shown this actual enemy, in fact, all you ever get are (((conservative))) boogiemen like Newt Gingrich and Fox News. You are simply told that they're conservative, even if their actions say otherwise, but don't you dare mention that their actions say otherwise, or else you're a conspiracy theorist. You're only told who the 'villains' are and your struggle against them is made suspiciously easy through limitless amounts of supplies and support from large companies that all seem to be helping you. But don't you dare comment on how things are a little too easy to be what you're told, you are totally standing up to the powers that be and threatening the status quo and not acting as it's enforcer. To say otherwise would be a conspiracy theory, and you wouldn't want to be like those wingnuts from infowars, would you now? The dynamic with which the sheep are herded into towing the leftist line is predicated on combining two core components and the moment one of each is missing with one person, that person ceases to be a liberal before long:

A: Lack of knowledge or a grasp of the wider economic and political landscape. To summarize that, a few core examples. Someone doesn't know that corporate news orgs are Jewish wouldn't expect corporate news orgs to pursue explicitly Jewish interests if they could. Someone who doesn't know how corrupt the news industry is, doesn't know how much these news orgs can pursue explicitly Jewish interests. Someone who knows nothing about Jewish culture, religion, history, the protocols, the 88 precepts, and so on and so on, even when knowing that news orgs are Jewish, will not expect there to be any kind of conflict between White and Jewish interests. Combine all these pieces of knowledge missing into one case and you have a person at your hands, that wouldn't understand why a marxist 'revolutionary' instigating people into attacking and defaming a white alternative news site would have any ulterior motives to it whatsoever.
B: An emotional chokehold through shaming tactics that successfully implants a deep fear of any information alternative sources could show you. This is achieved in part through mockery of overtly crazy stories, over-highlighting hand-picked exceptions of crazy people with vaguely conservative politics, and simply made up straw conservatives. I mean conservatives and those nahtzee conspiracy theories, amirite? Didn't Alex Jones talk about reptilians that one time, obviously any people implying that rich kikes run human trafficking rings are just as crazy as alex jones talking about reptilians and greys. In part, it is achieved by creating ivory towers that project status, and then disparaging competitors and dissenters from those ivory towers. By ivory towers, of course I mean making a news channel that runs through satellite or cable, with a shiny studio with young news anchors with lots of make-up and clean, expensive suits and with some vaguely spherical computer generated animation in the background to make the program seem 'global', to make the audience feel like they're a person that gets around in the world if they watch your news program. And then, through these ivory towers, you declare other ivory towers to be approved, and suddenly, you have the established authorities that GLR talked about, where to an ignorant normie, it seems like something has genuine merit to it, when in actuality, it's just a small club of nepotists recommending each other to their audiences. And to then demand or create a monopoly on perceived status. You are only an educated person that isn't deserving of John leibovitz mocking you, if the lines you parrot are from us and this set of other news stations, all of which happen to be our buddies. So what if the CNN lied to you this one time you caught them? Whatever they say must be true, because the BBC says it as well, and there's no way there is some unifying corporate structure that leads to memos being passed down to different news organizations, right?


When keeping a person's politics left-wing, it is important that both these components are maintained at all times. If knowledge that runs counter to leftist narratives circumstantially forces itself onto them (i.e. seeing undeniable evidence like footage of an incident going a way that is different from what you're told or stats from (((trusted sources))) that run counter to what those other (((trusted sources))) say, then the person will soon find themselves in a dilemma where they either suffer a complete mental breakdown and simply forbid themselves from finishing certain thoughts, or they will become less susceptible to left-wing shaming tactics out of spite and thus eventually pursue more and more incongruent information. Vice versa, if the shaming chokehold ceases to work for some reason, like oversaturation (doesn't always work). Alternatively, if a person in question becomes too confident in their own memory, they wind up sooner or later remembering either past narratives and noticing that they completely shift, or they wind up believing in their own personal experiences over what some college professor or news anchor tells them about their surroundings, their own personal experiences turn out to be too contradictory to leftist dogma and they end up seeking out more information regardless of the 'status' of the source.

Get gassed, shill.

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And replaced by other jews, but of course those will be the mythical "good" jews since they were appointed by the G-d Emporer.

Why is it even allowed? Walking dementia corpses making laws? After 60 people should be stripped from their property and most rights. FACT.

If anytging, the left preserves the status quo because they want illegals to continue having shitty countries that they could escape from.

Fuck off bitch

everyone, remember this, when you see the "everyone is a tranny" trolls. that's their purpose. call them out.

example, the wall street journal aka war street urinal opinions column was dead set against "nation-building" during the clinton years, but once shrub won election, they supported his wars.



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Trump didn't even consider adding the kike Merrick Garland. Every Jew currently on the court is a far-left libshit activist judge who thinks they have a duty to cause the 1960s to continue forever. Trump wants reliably conservative judges who will protect the Constitution instead of deciding that fag marriage has to be recognize nationwide or that the 2nd only gives soldiers in the military the right to own guns. Jews can't be trusted to do those things so Trump won't be appointing any kikes. Stay mad Shlomo.



We've got to try forming an ethnostate peacefully before the demographics shift to the point that court decisions are just ignored. President Trump isn't fixing anything, he's buying us time.

Stay buttblasted, kike.

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>reminder, the two oldest current members are both (((fucking jews))) - ginsburg (85) and breyer (turns 80 this year). good chance they get schlonged by Trump, too.
My whole outlook on life is predicated on this juicy little nugget of info.
if dubs ginsberger soon

The only good thing the cucks weren't willing to do is allow the ultimate betrayal of whites once Scalia died. That would have put 4 jews in the supreme court. About the only thing they've done positive in their entire existence, and that's not saying much.


It's funny how the left always uses women when it comes to politics. Between wife beaters and the right to baby-killing, they always USE WOMEN when they want to grab power or push bullshit legislature.

There are 4 jews on the court Ginsberg, Breyer, Kagan, and Sotomayor Garland would have been the fifth, making the court jewish majority.

Well said.

I doubt Trump is going to put a White nationalist in, at best a White rustbelt paleocon that hates faggy Mexican pinkos.

Why aren't we doing the same? Women can say more radical things and hate niggers more than White men do. We could go far with a girl Hitler as a figurehead of a party.

Mike Lee isn't jewish , he'll make a fine Supreme

Because they use them as victims to push laws that people won't argue against for fear of being called the exact thing they are projecting. This is nothing new. There is no good spin you can put on it. There are no women who want to stand up and make a scene about these things because they benefit from them and those that do tend to be fucking jews trying to paint the right as the monsters. Same shit, different angle.
Until all women tell the left to fuck off and stop using them, it won't change and the left will continue to use them.

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You know I'd be more inclined to praise Trump whenever he actually does something good if the r/t_d faggots weren't so god damn obnoxious, every fucking time the threads are the same low information, low IQ "SHILLS BTFO XDDDD" nonsense, it's so unbelievably annoying.



Yes, that's actually better than 2 conservatives replaced by 2 liberals, which is what would have happened if Trump weren't elected, Hymie.

He may be cucked by Israel (everyone in washington must be, and I'm sure the jews have him on a leash via Ivanka/Kushner and Cohen's unconstitutional office raid, look what happened when he mentioned pulling out of syria), but other than that Trump is fucking awesome.

Pretty sure there are lots of leftists/commies/antifa/redditor queers who brigade this board acting like obnoxious maga retards to turn people away. Actually I know it, I've been arguing with a "trump supporter" here then suddenly they finally admit "haha lololol troled u u stupid racist nazi fuck u we will win we own dis board xD".

How will you have white children like that?

he's mormon which is just as bad if not worse.
also was a "never trumper" so will not get the nod.

bump because I don't care about american politics anymore but I worry about the coming elections

Quality post, I think you accurately diagnose it. And this is why the best red pills are encountering real life examples of the dogma falling short, especially when it places you on the wrong side of the lie. And the best way to redpill people is not to fight them on global assertions (like all conservatives are evil) but act like your an identical mind, but you find one curious flaw in their logic. The goal is only to start the ball rolling of critical thinking and challenging assumptions, because so much is faith and emotion and it erodes away like a church.

I think this is part of why “everything is political” for the left. Even though it alienates some, you start hermetically sealing minds away from potential seeds of doubt, and if there is doubt a blogger shows up to say “-and Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing.” The only real comparison to the right are the super religious sects.

Thanks for the viewpoint.

Remember that Hillary was also considering appointing Obama to the SCOTUS.

Imagine a lifetime of that communist Muslim nigger.


Trump needs to replace him with a Scalia on steroids.

It's going to be Napolitano…yay!

somebody with a pulse? Trump's going to need to apoint a third person at this rate! Napolitano will give Dinoberg a heart attack.


speak for yourself numbnuts

God bless that spaghettinigger but ideally I'd like Trump to pick someone young who can troll the court for many years to come.

I want someone who actually gives a shit about our beautiful Constitution.

this tbh

So Judge Janine Pirro then lol

Yet, we are breaking the conditioning.

In other words this mental barrier survives most specifically because of controlled education from kindergarten to graduation of college. After 20 odd years of being told one thing, assuming the person stays busy throughout life, it will take at least a decade just to undo all this mental damage and at least as long again to build up more reliable information, or truth.
By the time people turn 40, if they haven't yet begun this process of healing, they stay rabidly tied to this leftist belief system because it ceases to be distinguishable from what they identify as the self. Anything that attacks the self is the enemy and must be speaking lies and attacking, if it in any way hurts the self.

Hypnotism only works on incredibly weak and feeble minds.

Every day since his winning the election and 6 more years of it.


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Ron Paul would be the best choice if he were 30 years younger but I guess Rand would be alright


nice digits
i would be more lenient and raise that age to 65
then they become wards of their families patriarch

Will the travel ban include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and Jordan? The main countries guilty of exporting jihadists all over the world? Or will it only cover nations that are unfriendly to Israel like Iran, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria?

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Why do jews pretend not to be in control?


Trump Voters Won, But Here's How Bernie Can Still Win The 2016 Election (And It's Beautiful).

Do you find this actually works? I think alot about persuasive techniques that will actually effect ideological change in the person you are talking because it has become very clear that no amount of evidence that proves blue is blue will ever change someones mind if they are emotionally invested in the topic.

At some point being able to utterly crush liberals in a debate or conversation loses its charm because it never affects any change in the recipient and grows frustrating. I have somewhat attempted the method you suggest before but more along the lines of subtle sarcasm and misdirection. Do you totally immerse yourself in the persona that supports the targets views like your playing a dedicated acting role? It seems like quite the effort but I concede that not many other techniques seem to work for me when subverting others ideologies.

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1 down 4 to go

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Bumping because I absolutely love seeing quality posts on Zig Forums
Believe it or not, every post here affects our morale. Keep up the great work user

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The arrogance of this old bag of shit kike is really disgusting. Does she really think she's fit for duty anymore? Of course not, she just votes the kike party line and doesn't have to bother to think at all anymore. Just always side against freedom, whites, and the Consitution.

pretending to be a leftist or at least neutral and then very subtly subverting leftist ideas might be workable. It will however not be fast.

Capped for posterity. Good post user. Agree wholeheartedly.

t. user raised by two boomer shitlibs who are exactly what you just described

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