Anniversary of the triumphant Cuban Revolution

This date marks 60 years since the victory of the cuban revolutionaries against the reactionary Batista government. Let's hope Cuba can once again return socialism to their country so their sacrifice at overthrowing imperialism and capitalism from their nation wasn't in vain.
also mandatory cuba flag itt

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Na bra. I's wear my flag wherever I feel like it.

To hell Cuba

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And to think I prefer Hoxha over Mao.
he's still retarded though my nig

There's little hope for socialism in cuba, it started as a nationalist project, then overtaken by tankies and assorted soviet stooges and now has a national bourgeois class and talks about lingering liberal reforms in the air.

To be fair Hoxha is the only thing of note Albania ever had except being a bomb dumping ground for Serbia after the fall of Yugoslavia

One can hope. It's been little less than a year since Miguel took charge, we'll have to see what he does from now on.

Reminder that Albania never even caught up to Cuba in terms of development
Reminder that Hoxha called Cuban troops stopping CIA militias in Angola Ethiopia etc trying to overthrow the gov "Social-Imperialism"

Led by socialists yes
the people that led the revolution were "tankies" by your logic
A Nation must follow its own path to Communism built of its Material Conditions
From what ive seen outright capitalist an liberal reforms continue to be rejected

of course, cuba enjoying being Soviet little bitch, still remaining a shitty sugar monocolture. 700k bunkers versus 700k prostitutes.

No surprises

What a chauvinist tbh

Also reminder that one of the main groups which was fighting against Socialist Ethiopia was dominated by Hoxhaists, including the man who would become the Prime Minister until 2012. They became liberals as soon as they took power.

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How is that quote wrong?

Also, people false-flag as everything, it doesn't affect the rightness of the ideology, see all the jucheist trannies and pedos.


Viva Cuba libre y muerte para todos los animales norte Americanos.


You've named two groups of people who in their entirety suck less than you, let's see how many more you add to my bingo card.

ok retard

Yup, that is correct.

This alone tells something about butthurts antihoxhaists

Nations raging decades long wars of Liberation to establish nominally "states" and then asking for economic assistance and military aid from another socialist state like the USSR and Cuba is not Imperialism

"Social-Imperialism" is a falsehood invented by Mao to help justify his Anti-Soviet policy which he himself breached by allying with the US Goverment in the 1960s-70s as "Defensive allies" against the USSR / Vietnam etc