>Zig Forumstards still believe universities are causing student's to "lack diversity of thought"

It's ridiculous to say that because most people in higher education are liberals, they then "lack diversity of thought". Just because there are no people who thinks like you, doesn't mean they don't have difference of thought. It just means that your brand of thought, don't have a place there anymore. Just like many, many other thoughts such as: the Earth is flat, whales are fish, diseases are spread by miasma, etc. You wouldn't say that the lack of people who think those thoughts would represent the lack of diversity (I hope).

People in higher education update their thoughts faster than the average population. It's no surprise they would be among the first ones to leave conservatism behind, AND progress to other newer and more diverse thoughts.

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They should reach the conclusion that life is pointless and fellate a gun.

In fact a pseudo intellectual faggot such as yourself should start this trend.

Soeaking of diversity, there are diverse ways to kill yourself. Explore your options. Immediately.



Enroll in an university, contest the mathematical impossibility of the holohoax, post results, then suck-start a shotgun.
Then post results.

T. Guy who dropped out of higher education, alias OP

Fuck off, I'm a fascist, and there is no debate here. Once we take over, if you're anti-White and anti- racist you'll be slaughtered like cattle.

Truth is relative, I'm sure you'd agree. What matters is who's in power (Trump), who has the guns (Republicans) and who has the popular support of the vast majority of productive people (Trump).

Your vocal minority screetches a lot but every day you stay in your precious enclave of enlightenment, the more your brain is poisoned by estrogen-laced water and starbucks, while the barbarity of the third world comes ever closer to knocking down your university's doors for gibs, destroying racist libraries and women to rape, just like in South Africa today. And they will not distinguish you from the rest of us hillbilly hicks on our porches with country music playing in the background surrounded by our own GMO-free cornfields.

Theres loads of people at universities who think like pol. I suspect they are the majority. Because a lot of asians get in to university and they are pretty racist.
They just arent allowed to say what they believe in public.

Zig Forums is literally just neo-boomerism send reply

Is this supposed to be an argument or something? How does anything you just wrote prove that there isn't a lack of diversity of thought in universities? Are you retarded or trolling?

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Why not both?

I actually just copypasted a youtube comment in a poor attempt to bait.

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You don't "update your thoughts", you kids frequently take stimulants like Adderall/Ritalin to cheese tests that you study for last minute. Those stimulants give you increased concentration on the environment that you're surrounded in. In that case, it's leftist falsehood.

I've graduated with a double major in STEM and I'm still conservative.

I hate when they do this

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You mean a library? Why do you need someone else to teach you established concepts?

Serious question here. If I'm paying someone to be in my presence while I study it's payment for them to keep quiet or fuck off, I can't even imagine what it must be like to rely on an instructor to pick and choose what I put I to my head.


Consider this:

Academia does indeed change its position faster than the general population, and all this means is that they are incredibly susceptible to fads. The average academic is rather smart in a sense, but is also incredibly cowardly. When the newest fad comes along, academia will flock to it with just as much enthusiasm as they did every other stupid fad, and will do so without any debate or the weighing of evidence, but with emotionally driven fanaticism.

I have a hard time believing that anyone who looks up to academia, is someone who has ever spent any time in a university. I started to realize what the game was in my undergrad, I only began to realize how bad it was during my masters. The top 1% or so of academia does the actual thinking, and everyone else just regurgitates it and produces derivative garbage. The opinions of 'academia' are really the opinions of a small handful of people, and their army of cowardly bugmen toadies, and this goes for nearly every field.

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