Low IQ = Subhuman

The thing that is destroying the modern world is not black, brown, or nose people. It's Stupid People. I'm confident that if we made "90+ IQ" a requirement to vote, the problems plaguing us would naturally sort themselves out in 10-20 years.

If "minorities" are too stupid to understand the things they're voting on, then why are they voting?

When are we going to start discriminating based on IQ instead of fuzzy racial markers?

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It's obvious to anyone who's paying attention, but "Too dumb to understand laws" is easier to swallow than Niggers are a plague, and the left has no natural outs to this argument

Are we getting a low effort raid from Reddit lately?

It's obvious to anyone with few years of Zig Forums , /new/ and Zig Forums. Those who are capable of independent thought and accepted race realism

Thread is still dangerously low effort

Not really. Plenty of people above average with college education are being led to slaughter like cattle.

But wasn't the average IQ of jews one of the highest? That's a problem to us then.

The ability to regurgitate facts from a book (i.e college educated) doesn't mean one is truly smart.

Whats the average IQ of israel again?


And the people who are truly smart are taking advantage of that.
The issue is not people being manipulable, it's who is in power and their intentions.

The real average that all inbred groups display, or the one that (((academic studies))) say it is?

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You forgot that this is smart people who let dumb people spread. Retards are powerless by themselves. Problem is smart people who pander to retards.

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Not this shit again. Don't fuck your sister or your cousin, but you have to keep it within the race or it is your kids who are fucked.

the worlds biggest problem is psychopathy, everything else is secondary

jews are psychopaths

So black, brown and native nose people?

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The thing that is destroying the modern world is not black, brown or stupid people. It's kikes*.
Now get your disgusting long-nosed downright fucking evil ass out of here you lying sleazy piece of human excrement.

We could spin this from a leftist POV. Leftists always say right-wingers and racists are dumber, so we should raise IQ requirements to vote or immigrate into the country to accept a majority-leftist populace.

In theory, I agree with you.
However, in practice, kikes, leftists, and yes–I know it's hard to believe–but even some niggers and spics have 90-ish IQ. They're outliers, certainly, but being geniuses among the retard-people only makes them slightly less retarded. As for leftists and kikes, we don't want them voting anyway.

And this right here is where I stop agreeing with you.
Racial markers aren't 'fuzzy,' you hook-nosed kike. Skin color is the most visible outward marker of race, yes–the most easy to distinguish at a hundred yards, day or night, and identify obvious outsiders and potential dangers. Other markers, such as skull shape, nose shape, eye shape, hair type, and so on are also just as easily recognizable and indicative of race.
And those are just visible markers. Markers you can't see without some surgery are brain complexity. Niggers are stupid because their brains are simpler in comparison to every other race.
IQ is a direct result of brain complexity and density. Thus, intelligence is a direct result of race.

Average IQ of Israel is lower than Ashkenazi Jewish IQ because Israel isn't fully Ashkenazi. Ashkenazi Jews obviously have high IQs or they wouldn't be able to control anybody, they're just totally evil.

People who are indoctrinated by colleges are generally smart enough to be able to justify all the strange beliefs they're taught, but not smart enough to think for themselves. There's a reason there aren't many niggers except a few tokens who spout that shit, their views are rather straightforward and tribal.

really makes you think


That you, Brian? How's life in UK, old buddy?

Yes, exactly.

No, it wouldn't.
The problem with our implemented system of Democracy is in the mindset of the voters. Folks can take on more than one perspective. We need to put folks in a common-sense conservative perspective when they vote. How? By giving the right to vote only to married households, one vote per household.

In a way, this is similar to Starships Troopers, where only citizens who've served in the military can vote, but instead of having to go to war, voting citizens would have to get married and have children. This would work only as long as marriage is only allowed between one man and one woman. It supports the generation of healthy human families not at the personal level, but at the societal level.

The average IQ of Israel is ~95, the 1/3 of people who are not Ashkenazi are ~85-90 IQ which means the 2/3 who are can't be more than 100.

shit shill thread


Nice slide thread.

try harder next time

if you're only talking about jews that are currently enrolled in university then yes, on average their iq is higher than 100. just dont sample any of the other jews

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Explain college professors. Most of them are high-IQ but as radically liberal as they come.

Explain high-IQ Jews (which yes is mostly a meme but many Jews in the US are pretty intelligent).


Of course the Jews actually in control are a minority of a minority, the rest exist to provide tribal infrastructure
Come on, niggers are dumb but this kind of shit makes us look laughable. Gorillas only score nigger-esque IQ levels when measured by the standards of a 3 year old. Furthermore a lot of the studies regarding sign language are exaggerated, they don't communicate as much as believed (hardly ever expressing things spontaneously for instance, only answering questions) and speak without syntax.

Isreal is around 70ish% askenazi. Isreals IQ is around 94
The United States is around 60% Non Hispanic European W>>11786962
hite, Americas IQ is around 100.
Kinda makes you think…


Fucked up my post but still got trips.

Just watch this video. You'll understand everything

Fair, I probably forgot the statistics. So I'll probably go towards my second statement - the smartest Jews who actually control shit are in the US. Israel is filled with Jewish trash, descendants of Eastern European Jews who lived only slightly better than Gypsies.

Same reason Africa's population is exploding. We're keeping them alive.

talking of stupid

Please tell me what the difference is between (h) and (u) on the image links?
Why does Zig Forums appear to store a file 4 times?
(1link with generated filename (and what opens if you open picture in new tab),
2.link with original filename,
3.(h) and
Is there a difference ? If yes, what?

*with paid indoctrination


the problem is that IQ is not the only baseline. For example, manners, impulse control, respect for authority, etc.
A White person with an IQ of 90, will most likely have the other traits be higher. The 95 IQ black man, conversely, has lower scores in the other traits.

They're are black people with average white stuff(IQ, Manners, etc) They just aren't that common.

Low IQ people are fine, we still need people to dig ditches and bus tables. The problem is non-whites. Congratulations on getting it 100% backwards, jew.

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Are you fucking kidding me? 90 is way too low

not only this, but we have leftsts and tumblrs who when going out to vote, only vote for the people who are democrat and have the silliest names.
there should be requirements for being able to vote. not only should one be able to pass an IQ test, but should also own land, a buisness or served in the Military.

Maybe only land owning white males. Hmm I could’ve sworn that’s how it was meant to be

Mental Illness is a function of a male sided genetic mutation in an attempt to further intelligence.
Only intelligent "races" can suffer mental illnesses. Mental illnesses - despite my first line - are not to be confused with genetic diseases chosen ones

All of the above is well known, well studied, and well understood.
All of the above is considered hate-speech though, as are most truths.

Voter turn outs are woeful. The higher your IQ the more likely you are to vote simply because you are more engaged in the world and its goings on. So a threshold of 90 IQ would still leave enough stupid people to vote for the subversions of some or other malevolent (((smart))) person. And given the amount of irrational supposedly high IQ professionals and academics out there, IQ may not be telling the full story as said. Sure there's a sweet spot for lack of any productivity and violent deliquency, (see Black people) but having an above average IQ doesn't guarantee an individual will make a rational policy
choice over an irrational one based on feelings and beliefs that have been rehearsed over decades.

The truth is: Democracy is shit and its always been shit. But it the end it kills itself so no worries.

Like the one posting right now. Put your computer away and stop participating in the system that seeks to rule you like a slave. Oh wait, you'd rather bitch about a non issue like a little pansy teenage girl.

You are describing two things that create problems in society, but trying to negate one by describing the other.

Subhumans, described as the members of a population who cannot maintain the society they live in, are not racial groups but specifically the low IQ dredges of each population. The term is fluid depending on how sophisticated the society is, how dumb or smart the people are, and on levels of skill and personality interactions. Modern welfare breeds subhumans, which causes massive problems.

However, trying to create a society with multiple races in it is a problem regardless of IQ. The Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans loathe one another and live very different kinds of lives. Were you to create a society between them that removed their homelands, you would see relatively high IQ populations with decaying social capital despite potentially not having massive subhuman issues.

The ideal society is one that is overwhelmingly populated by one race or compatible races (those who evolved nearby one another usually) that deals with the production of subhumans in a compassionate yet strict manner.

The best argument for the masses are those that are simple and emotionally attached. Relating a race to a family is far better than trying to say you just want smart people, because your line of argumentation doesn't address the root issue. I don't care if the man who is trying to sleep in my house and displace my children is smart, kind, or despised - he needs to go because he is not my family and this is not his house.

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kek why are Albania and Croatia yellow

Why not make it at least 100+

Fucks sake OP

The problem is other races, not the intelligence itself. Look at Southeast Asia and their supposed higher average. Look at the societies they've created where it's considered normal to eat cats and dogs, and torture animals to death to "make them taste better" and consider the fact that none of these "high IQ" nations have actually invented anything of value, but exist solely on inventions they got from Europeans which they, at best, switched a couple of parts on. Consider the fact that when a European sees a dog they see an animal that can be trained to procure food for the future, while an Asian simply sees food.

Intelligence is important, but it's not the sole determining factor. At some point we have to come to terms with the fact that the only societies that function are homogeneous ones with strong independent production capabilities.

Another problem is that people with higher intelligence also generally drift away from their instinctive in-group preference easier, as they recognize it as an instinct and often make a conscious effort to rely less on instinctive preferences and reactions, and try to "be logical" about it. Bottom line is we need to recapture the institutions, primarily the school system, as these are the places where this instinctive preference are most prone to being trained away over the course of a decade or so. Kids need to be allowed to grow up normally to the default mindset that there's nothing wrong with preferring your own group.

Southeast Asian jungle gooks are not high IQ. Japs and certain groups of Chinks are. But you're right that it's not all about IQ, those groups are still different and incompatible with whites.
You're giving them too much credit. These people believe that there's no such things as "human instinct" while following instincts themselves, just redirected elsewhere. College educated folks that are not in some higher STEM fields are trapped in leftist bullshit simply because they're smart enough to be able to understand and justify the sophistry (which would just baffle a low IQ individual), but not smart enough to think for themselves.
However there's also a small subset of of population who are very smart but are against in-group preferences because they're as individualistic as they can get. They're typically businessmen and the like, they're aware that they're smarter than most people and see solidarity with a larger group like a nation or a race to be a weakness as it's every man for himself, and will rarely ascribe their superiority (both legitimate and perceived) as a matter of genes, superior breeding or whatever.

We tried this for years before the libertardian movement died its slow death.

The moment they make anything like that a requirement to vote, they game the system so that only kikes have 90+ IQ.

sage tbh

IQ is a measurement of critical thinking ability and problem-solving, not raw knowledge. Your IQ doesn't increase from going to school and memorizing a bunch of history facts and equations. Your IQ is a constant throughout life, dependent on your brain's structure and your genetics, and affects how easily you absorb knowledge and combine it with other knowledge to useful ends.

So yes, now that that's out of the way, low-IQ brainlets are subhuman. If you put them on an island with all the tools and materials to start a 1st world civilization, and a thorough instruction book, they'd still fuck it up. We see it in Africa all the time. Bleeding hearts go there and try to improve tribal niggers' lives by giving them basic medical supplies, starter seeds for crops, starter livestock for breeding/farming, and water filtration devices. A translator tries to educate the niggers on how to use it all. What do they do with it? Wipe their ass with the gauze bandages, eat the starter seeds and livestock in the first week, and poke holes in the water filtration so the water comes out faster without being filtered.


Meaningless thread. Is this 4chan or a kikestudy thread?
IQ does not make you wise, it does not protect you from hubris and it doesn't by default make you smart or clever. It is merely your potential.

actually what is destroying the world is jews, who are said to have a generally high iq
gay smokescreen thread

High IQ in a brain that is washed and fulfilled with shit isn't of use but rather dangerous. See leftists….

Franchise of voting and political office belong to those who have invested themselves as a sacrifice to their folk.

Fixing the IQ problem requires fixing the racial problem, which requires fixing the Jew problem.

Polite safe because OP is a daiper wearing poofster and his ideas suck even for a 12 year old.

It is up to the citizens of the country to decide whether they will tolerate any subhumans among them. NS is a racial ideology but Fascism isn't. This is an NS board for the preservation of the white race and war against ZOG. Race is more than skin color which is why it is impossible to breed away shitty genes. You are just diluting better genes. A turd being mixed into cake dough comes to mind.

Ummm.. average IQ in Southeast Asia is between 80 and 90, the browner the lower. If you dont know the difference between Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia you are a retard and will be chopped into dog feed by a roving band of wild samurai.

I think you have to be on the mental level of a nigger to believe this Koko nonsense.

What are you some kind of imbecile Liberal?

stupid white people can still usually have a smart baby
black people usually make a stupid baby
race matters

When the U.S. was founded the only people who could vote were land owners. This wasn't restricted to race as the niggers and kikes claim. It was restricted to land ownership. One family, one vote. This needs to happen again. Lettting women vote let the kikes start rolling us downhill with one human one vote.

Not land owners, that's how the jews got powerful in the first place. Land ownership enables the lazy, the faggots, the infertile feebs and genetic dead-ends, the muh dick chads, atheist edgelords, the greedy, the corrupt, etc. The only people who should have a say are the ones who form civilization in the first place; married white men with children and a productive trade.

That's the thing. You weren't allowed to own land if you were a foreigner. US born only. That the founders allowed the kikes into their nation was a mistake that we must correct. A nation by white men, for white men is still on the table. Still, there shouldn't be anyone without a vested interest in the success of the nation getting to vote. That's the primary reason why they made it landowners only could vote.

3 step process:
Remove the kike,
make a white nation (there are many ways and methods),
stop this from ever happening again (landowners, people with something to lose, only voting).

Sry for off topic.
I found these two pics inside some old witcher comics. I figured Zig Forums could use them. I put text in one. gl hf.

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Nah. Whites have more high IQ/Genius level people than the entire jewish race.

Yes we are more than aware that the stupid easily manipulated humans among us are what keeps us in the jewish mind prison, yet Zig Forums is still being press-ganged into being a Conservative recruitment centre

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Not exactly because the humiliated China has proven that IQ is not the only criteria of superiority but IQ allows you to be superior.

You're right but you're wrong and a faggot.
You're right that intelligence matters and having IQ voting requirements would solve many problems
You're wrong because racial loyalty is stronger than IQ bracket loyalty. Smart niggers will still favor niggers and smart kikes will still favor kikes.
For this reason it's absolutely impossible to implement an IQ voting requirement. The only way forward is racial unity.

Meritocracy would be perfectly fine, if we had a true meritocracy. Gee, I sure do wonder (((who))) gives insider preferences to in-group tribal "us" members and charges usury to "them" outsiders? Real fucking head scratcher, that one.

This map is fake. Nice try, schlomo.

If voting were allowed in my ideal society here would be the requirements:

- White
- Male
- Citizen
- Married
- No felonies
- Age 25 minimum
- One vote if you have children. One extra vote per child who is under the age of 18. (As your children grow up you get fewer votes, as they become capable of voting themselves, but you will always be able to have one vote minimum if you have had children. If all your children have died you still get one vote)

That means you’re all sub-humans.

I like this.

The only danger is that any government assistance in the form of welfare would encourage the lower classes to bread more than the higher classes, leading to democratic collapse (when the people vote themselves stuff, what we are experiencing now.)

You could have referendums in a dictatorship on certain issues, but I can't really think which ones. Maybe votes of confidence on certain leaders.

You solved your dilemma already.

I would legit rather live around the unintellegent chavs then the smart Indians and Pakistani. The concept of nation states meaning nothing and national identity or culturw having no bearing on a person or a persona is asinine.
MUH high iq individualistic state is a stupid idea.

If we had a functioning democracy, sure, OP. But everyone in our federal government has been bought out by very smart and wealthy people/corporations, with no moral scruples.
If this IQ requirement were implemented tomorrow… Nothing much would change.

Frankly I think the requirement to gain the vote rights need to be iq 105 +, excellent engineer and have 10 brutal military experiences years. If the requirements actually meme into reality then the majority voter population will be stoic engineer male veterans.

Okay, let's form death squads. I'll take four 90-IQ teenagers from Somalia, raised on realism and khat. You take twenty 130-IQ narcissists from Vassar, raised on television and weed. Let's see who wins.

Low IQ jews who aren't afraid to kill are running things, not teh ppl.


Interestingly enough, that's exactly what happened when the Russians tried to get jews undertaking agriculture and becoming self sufficient instead of relying on brewing alcohol and usury.

Really puts the "jewish intelligence" myth in a new light.

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You can't boil down the problems of the world into a single issue. That sort of narrowly focused mentality is the sort of thing that serves radical groups well, but doesn't actually remedy anything.

The main reason for conflict is different interests. Humans regardless of intelligence desire only to stay alive. The culture they are brought in provides them additional desires - You are not born desiring money, or knowledge, but develop these based on a combination of natural instincts and the surrounding culture. So you consider the American negro. He wishes to continue to be alive. He wishes, like all living things, to minimize the effort required to stay alive. He wishes to vote because he is told it helps him get these things. Left-wing politicians tell the negro if he votes for them, they will provide him with social welfare programs, affirmative action, and other advantages. They tell him that he has earned these, because his ancestors suffered. Because these programs exist, the negro does not take a wife - She is a surly thing, that is better off letting the state aid her than him. Her children are raised without his presence, and with no strong male presence. When they reach their teenage years, they meet their first strong male - Older negros who, like them, are without fathers. They form a surrogate family. To the negro, this is the gang. The gang is an informal thing, yet it has rites of passage, and paths to false adulthood. The negro child turns of age, but he does not become an adult, because no adult showed him. He is a faux adult. Of his peers, a select few transcend this status. They become athletes, the profession designated as appropriate to them by society, and become wealthy. Some become social advocates. Yet all are part of the same tribe. Those who do not stand with the tribe are ostracized.

It is easy to blame the negro, but he is a product of environment. Perhaps modern anthropologists are right, and the negro is as intelligent as us. More likely, he is not. But it does not matter - The negro will never advance. The mind is a muscle, that you must use. The negro has no need to use it, for his masters - the left-wing politicians - only need a single thing from him, and that is his vote. So they fight, allegedly for his rights. But they do not care about the negro. They care about their own political power. In the same manner, the negro does not care for these politicians, and tears them apart the moment they step out of line. If they are not of the tribe, it does not matter how much they help - They are simply a tool. It is a behavior so primitive that even the dullest of apes comprehend it.

There is no good or evil in this behavior. It is the law of nature. So regarding your comment:
This means nothing. There will be exceptions from every tribe, and they will advance their tribe. They do this because it is their natural impulse, their internal drive. Over time, they will push for altering laws, making exceptions, and otherwise ensuring the representation of their tribe. They will try, as best they can, to over-represent their tribe.

The idea behind racial nationalism is that for this exact reason, different tribes are fundamentally incapable of coexisting under the same state. Because their interests conflict, they must be kept apart, so much as it is possible. The opposing view is cultural marxism, which posts that class is the dividing factor, and the necessity of the workers of the world to band into a united tribe and reach utopia by violence. In practice, the majority of people are tribalist - You must be indoctrinated, through university and the like, to cultural marxism. Even many liberal leaders, like Maxine Waters, are tribalists. The issue is that tribalism is not a united force - Each tribe is in opposition. Further, they are kept in opposition by the political elite, while also kept together. This is an illogical situation, in that it seems to benefit no tribe.

If you've been following along, however, this leads to a simple question:
Who benefits from the conflict? It is not the culutral marxists, since their aim is separate.
Thus, it must a tribe. A very specific one, which benefits from this conflict.
Which one could it possibly be?

OP, just proved that he is a subhuman with this post. Subhuman=Thinking laws and voting is the same as society, culture and volk. Subhuman=believing voting for more BS government will in anyway correct societies ills. I could go on but the OP and this post=SUBHUMAN

IQ does not determine anything except how well you take an IQ test, IQ is a myth

Now go back to 4kids/reddit

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Well we voted our way into this mess. If a bunch of dipshit boomers weren't fully hypnotized by bread and circuses and bothered to lift a finger against the immigration act of 1965 we wouldn't be so fucked.

You're lucky to have a decent IQ or white/asian family. However the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.
Family is a false god. Race is a false god. They are milestones of a wonderful organization. They are vital wells that spring forth life but not the SOURCE of life. The bedrock of human spirit dwells in loyalty, love, faith, wisdom, and compassion. These virtues ARE the truthful source where one can birth a family of great worth. Not everyone awake in our current displacement amidst state sponsored invasion can make peace with elderly parents stuck in the MSM hivemind. Courting a woman within your race is a lofty goal but only worthy if she has virtue, if you find her AND win her heart before evil does. We may or may not win our families over to our values as they forsake the order that feeds them. So if we're banished and our lands are plundered know that a virtuous outsider could in time be the father of virtuous nations. A proud race can emerge out of the seed of the virtuous user. So to really see your geneaology thrive in purity, order, industry and virtue must come the understanding that YOU, not some currently observable politic, number, color, flag, or nation is the change.
All proud and vibrant genes today come from virtuous struggle, not just the tactics.

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Countries themselves should contain only a single race or people already. Once a country has homogeneous composition, then this should be put into practice. Also keep in mind: Jews are many things, but stupid is not one of them. It takes some serious brains to do the shit they do and get away with it for this long. They would have to be dealt with separately, deported, or eliminated altogether.

Low-tier bait. Thos 'fuzzy racial markers' are also determining factors in average IQ nigger. Now go back to reddit.

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LOL, yfw open markets mean the best or most in demand products win.

Yfw open genetic markets mean the best or most in demand genes win.

Yfw genes are a result of environment and don't give a fuck about what religion you practice.

Yfw Jew's were genetically the same as Palestinian's (who were of shared environment) until they migrated to middle Europe and had their inferior Kebab genes bred out over multiple generations.

Say friend… isn't it strange how all the Nobel prize winners are either from middle europe or are Ashekenazi Jewish? Oh wait!….hmmmmmmmmm…

It's almost like if it was the Jewish gene's coming into play when advancing science, all the other Jewish sects would have their own batch of Scientists. Weird. Problematic even.

this sounds correct, but there is such a thing as racial homogenity. if you get too many different races in one country, you are about to become sweden.

humanity was never meant to (((racemix))) like that, it's the satanist jews way to give the finger to god - and it will fail miserably.

people will restore order when their leaders fail, europe will get a nice fat racewar because of that. it is innevitable.

so, nice try, but NOT REALISTIC.

try realpolitik next time, it's the only thing that gets shit done.

Fuck you. Have a sage.

You don't know what that means you kike.