Kvetching intensifies - Belgian model poses nude at Western Wall


"A Belgian artist has faced a backlash in Israel after posing nude in front of one of Judaism's most sacred sites.

Marisa Papen posted the image of herself reclining naked on a rooftop overlooking the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The rabbi of the site described the incident as "grave and lamentable". Last year, Ms Papen was briefly detained after taking naked photos at an ancient Egyptian temple in Luxor.

On her website, the young model describes her way of life as "a naked form of freedom where masks are torn off and thrown in the ocean". Many of her publicly posted images are nude modelling shots taken all over the world. In a blog post on Saturday entitled "The Wall of Shame", the model said her experiences in Egypt had made her want "to push the bounderies [sic] of religion and politics even further… [by] showing my personal religion in a world where freedom is becoming a very luxurious thing".


She may be a pretentious thot (the likes of which Jews promote), but it's always funny when a golem turns against its master.

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Look at those niggers… it's a wonder she didn't get murder-raped.

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She probably would have liked it. Women were held down because their sexuality consumes them to the point in ancient days they'd fuck animals, which I guess technically also referred to niggers and half breeds.

Belgian whore. You mean Belgian whore. That is the correct terminology.

May as well post it while she still has it on her site, in case they try to SHUT IT DOWN later.

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Potato, patato. Same thing, eh.

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As far as whores go, at least Trump picked a top shelf one.

Covetousness is against Mosaic law, my Hebrew friend.

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Nudity and degeneracy is promoted by kikes until it is used against their own shit religion and holy sites.




So, she's either Jewish herself or doing the bidding of the pron-Jews. What's the issue here? That she's shitting Jew shit in a Jewish toilet?

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But yeah porn is degenerate in either case.
Nay, this does not apply here.

Appropriate depictions of the erotic female form should elevate the spirit, not degrade it. Looking at a sexualized image of a white woman should turn your thoughts toward marriage and family with such a specimen, not 12 seconds of muscle contractions and a lifetime of regret. See pic related.

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I still don't get why hebes have such a hard-on for that roman wall.

There's a simple test.
Does the picture invoke a sense of awe or does it invoke a sense of for lack of a better term muh dik?

A sense of YUH WALLET

Good time to be a naturist I suppose.

This is true, their hypocrisy never ceases to amaze and disgust me. Fuckin kikes, m8, fuckin kikes…

Cry more you beta burger faggot.

le gropingwall

Edit in a piss trail let it loose?

This is not surprising considering average burger marries whore who had thirty cocks before him.


It's the wailing wall not Western

Maybe we can get /ourgirls/ Kate and Meghan to do a new photoshoot

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Spoiler that shit you kikes. This is a politics board not a porn board

Kill yourself immediately, my compatriot of indeterminate racial heritage and diminutive stature.

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The women in these pictures have taking 100 miles of schlong.

I guaran-fucking-tee it.

Why appreciate the form when the person in it is most likely a coal burning slut?

Kill yourself, friendo.

No Joke.
We should all travel to Israel and record anonymous footage of us all cumming on, giving a facial to, the illustrious Kike facade wall in broad daylight
I don't know how hard this will be to pull off. But it will achieve a Shoah level of kvetching to have this footage broadcast all across the net saturating the subject of the western KIKE wall.

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Drumpf is still president, and hes probably getting a second term.

I literally don't understand Jewish concept of "holiness." I mean, THOTs are not high on my list of things I would consider holy or sacred, but wouldn't they be upset that all the hands of blood-soaked Goyim rulers are touching and rubbing their holy "wall" more? I know they think they own Goyim leaders, but don't they also think they own Goyim women, end women can only abort so many children, while a world leader can drop so many more bombs or allow abortions to be created.

If I had a sacred Temple, I would be more upset if some blood soaked foreigners rubbed their hands all over it, than I would be if some THOT got undressed around it a block or two away. I mean, women are naked under clothes.

What's the deal with Jews, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

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That is exactly the behavior of those savages.
You cant be white and have a white traditional family behaving this way. We control the woman so she can be our beautiful muse, mother of our kids and a Lady. Doesn't mean we cant kill degenerates and exterminate niggers.

Melons is not particularly beautiful. Her 'modeling' career (the one where she had clothes on) stumbled due to this. And she was not tall enough to do runway.

shes nice, but she ain't the best looking slav ho out there. and squatter will tell you as much

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those digits show KEK approves of your idea
is anyone brave and man enough to try?

"jews" don't follow the Laws of Moses which makes them not really "jews". which is sort of the whole point Jesus tried to make: (((they))) are liars and worship the devil

Why appreciate a man whose height starts with 5'?

Wow very well put tbh, even got dubs. You have to do it now, I'm afraid.


this is just jews using kvetching to bring attention to one of their brainless culture-viruses
sage for low energy click bait.

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I do professional photography, and from experience, the women in these shots and similar shots, have indeed sucked and fucked loadsa dudes. I just wanted to take landscape shots. But this shit pays more.


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This, don't adopt their language

It's a mark of submission, think of it more like "your entire purpose is to protect this" and less like "this is our holy site"

Her body is incredibly, too bad she's sub-human filth. It would have been a benefit to humanity if she were killed that day. Marxist whore.

I'm sure they haven't sucked and fucked as many dudes as you, but that's all irrelevant when the topic of conversation and the reason for posting my picture never had anything to do with the sex lives of random models to begin with. Do professional suicide, make a career out of it.

U mad, Avram?

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I wouldn't know, usually they'd sleep with me.
Why are you getting so upset?

I mean, jerking off to these chick is also appreciation for the female form, maybe you'll find your own someday and start a white family, but considering how defensive you're getting, you might be a manlet.


Your dubs check out.

It's manlet projection my dude, might also be an incel, considering how protective of the nudes he is.

That does not make a woman a whore. Posing nude is trashy, but even worse is posing nude for the sake of a social or political agenda, while also being a genetic dead-end, like this whore

it looks like seaweed dude. I don't mind a neatly-groomed landing strip or triangle or whatever but an actual BUSH is off-putting af. what's next, you don't want women to shave their legs? or their armpits? body hair is masculine so you are the fag imho

Would bang

She's European. European women are known to be unkempt and hairy. Pretty disgusting, but I don't have to deal with it, so I don't care.

Whose to say she didn't willingly fuck those niggers on the set?

white woman's beauty is modest (tm)

I am not surprised.
Know the meanings of things you say, lest you look as retarded as you do right now.
I'm 6'5"

They're the exceptions, learned manlets. An impossible contradiction, but providence made it work to try its best to save us from the kikes. Proves the rule tbh.

It looks nothing like seaweed, and fags are totally obsessed with hair removal. Body hair is not strictly masculine or women wouldn't have body hair. Shave your head off, brainlet.

laws dont apply to kikes, remember the torah

They're not "alpha" niggers, they're all straight-out-of-Africa malnourished niggers with no European blood to humanize their features. Unless she's into fucking animals, I doubt the thought ever entered her mind.

Yeah, manlet, insecure at that too.

At least I'm not a manlet lmao.


Roasties already green with envy.

You're definitely a genetic dead-end.

It's mad that it's short, what an adorable little projecting yid.

Sucks to be you.

Projection of projection, intense. Tell me, what is it to be brown, short and ugly? Are you having a good time, champ?

Why would you care if a couple jews (?/ourgirls/? huge /s; as a couple jews they aren't MY fucking girls)do a photoshoot and the foundation of Hadrian's wall? I find it ironic that both the pals and the kikes are climbing over themselves to suck the cock of that mongrel. Being the future head of the 'church' of england, the 45th in line descendant of Mohammed, the pedophile and the descendant (or so they say) of King David, the murderous warlord, he is like a fucking fair sprinkler of religious DNA waiting to shower the world with love cum and rainbows.


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You're boring. Filtered.

Little too real for a man that's really a little too little.

Retarded whore I wish she was raped to death by those nigger apes for her degeneracy.

What is wrong with Belgian and French people? Why do they seem to love or even want to be african niggers and arabs? This shit even effects the English to a lesser degree. Why still so obsessed with the shithole that is africa? They left those colonies more than half a century ago. I get it's mostly liberal faggots but I've heard dudes here long to retake the old colonies.

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I love Trump, but this had to be done.

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That's true culture, user. Haven't you heard, we don't have culture. True culture can only be found in the non-white third world. Also check out that massive alpha BBC! Man, must drive the ladies crazy! On a side note, look at that dead zombie-like look on her face. Disgusting.

Good shit, user.


Typical white trash liberals appropriating other peoples culture rather than embracing their own. They've shit up, materialized, and corporatized every single culture they touch. It's amazing the non-whites that they lead haven't seen this and ejected these people already.

No wonder Hitler said America was 50% negrified and 50% judaized. Little did he know the entire Western world would be that shortly after his demise.

I hope that fucking wall gets blown up. Fucking kikes.

Awesome. I have no problem with nudity and neither do other Odinists. We have a problem with niggers in a picture with a European woman, though. That is very wrong and unnatural. This is a great pic though.

Sure thing, virgin of both sex and war.

Kek. Well, I think it's because White women are hotter than their women. Don't overintellectualize it. Kikes have a fucking insane inferiority complex, user.

At least he picked something decent to touch this time. Now he just needs to lose that gay fucking hat.

grabin' that pussy

Checked. Dare you to tweet it at him.

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That's a tranny.
Very obviously so.
How naive you are.

I have a problem with niggers being alive.

Take your meds.

The female form is beautiful and she clearly has good genes and self-control, am I right lads? Since this is highly subversive I find this to be a pleasant and altogether solid bit of art.


nudity isn't porn but that shit should still be spoilered

If she did that in front of the Vatican the entire Jewish world would have praised it as beautiful inoffensive artistic expression.

Look what I found.

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Can you add Joe Biden and the gang like that one picture of sleeping woman?

Where the fuck did the pagan larper come from?



More nigger shit here as well.

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And no, I'm not one of those faggots.
Women fuck animals all the time.

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Have you seen the children she produced though? They are quality children.