84 percent of Americans support turning undocumented immigrants over to authorities

84 percent of Americans support turning undocumented immigrants over to authorities
Prominent Democratic pollster Mark Penn said on Thursday that a vast majority of Americans don’t really support so-called sanctuary cities that shield immigrants in the country illegally from deportation.
Penn, who served as chief strategist for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, revealed that 84 percent of Americans favor turning undocumented immigrants over to federal agents.
“I asked them, ‘Do you think notifying ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] would in fact increase crime because it would inhibit people from reporting crimes or does it decrease crimes because it takes criminals off the street,’ and they overwhelming said ‘decrease,’ ” Penn told Hill.TV “Rising.”
Penn said the response was strikingly “out of sync” with what the public might think about sanctuary cities. The broad term refers to cities that don’t fully cooperate with federal authorities when it comes to turning over people in the country illegally to immigration enforcement.

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Can we signal boost the shit out of this on twitter? Something like #therealamericanpeople.
Twitter is too quiet right now, we need to fuel their outrage machine so they keep slipping.


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The FBI found this in some accountants house linked to the drug cartels, what should we do anons????

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Shit, are those legal? Don't I need a class 3 license to get one?

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You need a class 3, but the semi-auto one is perfectly legal and $600 less.

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To get one, yes. You could also make one if you had access to a machine shop. No license required to make one for yourself.

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This is terrible news. It should say
84 percent of Americans shoot wetbacks on sight

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I'm part of the 16% that think otherwise. Undocumented immigrants should be shot on sight.

Can we have a word filter that changes 'undocumented' to 'illegal'.

Wtf now I want to move to America.

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At this point it doesn't really matter, people understand them to be the same thing. They associate them both with "they need to go back." That's what really matters.

Why kill them when you can deport them to Israel?

It's like you don't wanna prepare

Only in the USA. Due to the left wing grip of the media.
Right now in most countries we call illegal immigrants illegal immigrants.
If we get robbed we dont call the burgular an undocumented new owner of our possessions.

Like I said, it doesn't really matter. The vast majority want them deported, whatever they're called. Even if Germans call them "illegal," I bet less would say "yes, I want them all deported." What they're called is irrelevant. What matters is whether or not the majority of people want them gone.

are good people, let's let them stay

Here, have a poster to put up around your neighborhood.

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When I started calling rape 'undocumented marriage consumation' on twitter and people lost their shit.



A full-auto upper is perfectly legal to own in all 50 states. Many AR-15's have a full-auto bolt-carrier in them and this is no different. You can also own, but not install, a full-auto trigger, selecter, etc. These parts are common in M16A1 parts kits being sold. The part you cannot have is a full-auto sear, or a receiver that has the third hole drilled in it to accept a full-auto sear. If you own the sear or have a hole in your receiver, it's an automatic 10 year prison sentence.

Oddly, the AR-15 is the only gun where owning the full-auto sear is a felony. You can own every single part needed to convert, say, an HK91 into a full-auto G3, so long as you do not install them in the rifle or modify the rifle so it can accept those parts (it won't take them unless you permanently alter the weapon). Do note that while it is legal to own both the weapon and all the parts to make it full-auto, the feds can and will use legal fuckery to nail you for "constructive intent" or "conspiracy", saying you wouldn't own all the parts to make it full-auto unless you intended to break the law and make it full-auto. A good lawyer can argue his way into keeping you out of jail, but there's a lot of people in jail for "constructive intent", so… whether you risk it or not is your call.

Also, there's no such thing as a class 3 license. You need a Title II license to sell or manufacture machine guns for a living. To own one, you simply need a $200 tax stamp, just like purchasing a suppressor or sawed-off shotgun. There's no actual license to purchase an NFA weapon.

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Most FA parts sellers are ATF stings that do check your background. They will knock if you aren't a holder of a Title II or the appropriate NFA item.

Is that what Mexicans actually look like? They look dangerous to me!

Our gun laws are completely fucked, abolish the ATF.

I think they lost the technology for how to make clothing.

IOW 16 percent of Americans need to be tried for treason and deported. Not necessarily in that order.

Here's why our laws are fucked.

A referendum could be held.

The only authorities they should be turned over to is the Coroner.

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Mestizos, Goyim, you owe them, you need them. Nobody's tryin' to Jew you…. ;D

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Eh, violence and such are messy. Better to use soft methods, like putting up a real nice wall 8^)

Law and Science Serving the Community

Invaders get Gooded

Building a wall before removing the shit stained leeches is setting up an amnesty scenario trapping them inside.FUCK THAT,already too many here changing demographics slaughter and deport THEN build a nice BIG COMFY WALL nigger.

They have to be dealt with like rats in a corn silo.Extermination,Exlusion and denial of re entry.


Is there any way we could get illegals to turn THEMSELVES in?

Imagine if millions of flyers and images started going out saying that illegals should contact X agency and give them their information for support but that agency is actually ICE… OR maybe create an organisation where illegals input their information with promises of support and that database is shared with ICE

Why wouldn’t you turn these sand niggers in?

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They're moar lazy than stupid. Besides, the incentive is on our side. Setup honey trap. Spics buy vehicles with valid tags so they don't have to register which gets them caught, so advertise a fake vehicle sale with valid tags and get their home/work address, then forward to ICE. You could probably bag plenty just by driving the Home Depot parking lot with a sign that reads FOR SALE VALID TAGS. Get pics and info, schedule a sale sight near ICE office, etc