My Experience In Army Basic Training

Hey Zig Forums, I haven't been posting in awhile because I decided to try my hand at joining the ZOG military machine, where I received paid military training that can now be used to help survive the coming collapse of the West. I was medically discharged near the end of basic training (which was an incredibly tedious process that took over a month), and you can already guess how happy my stupid-ass was to get out. It was never my intention for it to happen that way, but I guess everything happens for a reason.

For anyone who doesn't have a real idea of what is currently going on in the military, this is my first-hand experience of the few months I spent at a basic training base in the Army. Believe me, this was enough time to witness everything I needed to see to lose hope in the meme that America's armed forces are largely conservative (or white, or male). This is something some of you need to hear, because I have repeatedly seen the lie that America's military will fracture in our favor in the event of societal collapse in the US.

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Let's start with the most obvious and startling thing I witnessed: the demographics. I am not joking when I say that more than half of the people in my battery were non-white. Of that number, around half of them were women. Like a high school cafeteria, racial cliques immediately formed and races tended to stick to themselves. Blacks with blacks, hispanics with hispanics, and whites with whites. The blacks were insufferable when they were together, making a mockery of what I expected basic training to be like. This behavior was not curbed by the drill sergeants because they were mostly black and clearly favored the black trainees when it came to how we were all treated. The blacks were loud, obnoxious, rude, and showed a clear intolerance for white people. I actually overheard a mixed-race mulatto girl say that she "couldn't stand white people." The hispanics were more tolerable, but again I overheard the Puerto Ricans talking about how much they disliked "racist white people" and were glad the military was more diverse.

Of the few whites that there were, only a handful were really in shape. Most were young, flabby, unintelligent, and clearly susceptible to the ZOG propaganda that was about to be drilled into their heads. I'd have to guess that less than half were politically "conservative", and that's a high estimate. I talked to a few of the white girls and one proudly admitted to being a leftist, and said most of the girls in her barracks shared her views. It should also be noted that there was much more chaos and in-fighting in the female barracks than any of the male's barracks. Many of the females were absolute bitches with constant negative attitudes, especially the non-whites. The few close friends I made were the white men who shared my beliefs and were woke to what was going on around us. There were only a few, but they helped keep me sane.

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Obviously, I couldn't go around polling my battery to find out their political alliances, but it seemed very obvious that the vast majority were typical bug people. When we went around the room introducing ourselves as a platoon, 90% of the room said they only joined for the financial benefits (eg. paying for college). Very few answered that they wanted to serve their country. Before we began sitting in the classroom every fucking day for hours on end, having it drilled into our heads that it was illegal for soldiers to openly talk shit about Trump, there were plenty of trainees proudly shit talking Trump in the barracks (mostly hispanics). There were even trainees who openly supported Hillary (again, mostly hispanics).

Let's talk about those classroom sessions. I had it drilled into my head not to say ANY slurs of ANY kind, at least 3 to 4 times throughout training. There were two separate classes on the importance of diversity, and multiple SHARP classes telling me not to rape women. It felt like a university gender studies classroom more than a military briefing most of the time. The drill sergeants re-iterated over and over how much they appreciate the gays and minorities who were serving their country. Equal Opportunity had insured that half our drill sergeants were women, and only ONE drill sergeant was a white male (out of 12 drill sergeants in total, 3 per platoon). There were Equal Opportunity and SHARP (sexual assault prevention) posters EVERYWHERE. It was like living in a nightmare, where I had to do over 100 pushups a day while getting yelled at by black women because the shitty velcro couldn't keep my name tag in it's proper place. Yeah, our current Army uniforms have fucking velcro, like a child's shoe.

When I look back on it all, I am beyond relieved that I got out. I am very thankful for the actual military training I received, but it was not worth being part of the ZOG military machine. Many of you are going to tell me "No shit, Sherlock." Perhaps I should have listened to you in the first place, but I just had to confirm for myself that our Army, and military, is absolutely ZOGGED to the core. The important thing I want you to take away from this is that if there is an American racial/civil war, do not rely on the false meme that our military is largely composed of conservative white men who will come to the aid of the whites/far-right. It will likely be the opposite. Trump's pandering to American minorities shows that nothing is going to be done to reverse this, and it will only get worse as America's overall demographics continue to rapidly shift away from a white majority. Again, DO NOT rely on the military to splinter in our favor if the shit hits the fan. Be prepared for the opposite to occur and plan accordingly.

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Good, now find a white militia group and train with them. But remember the alphabet soup traitors are always baiting, so keep a cool head.

You know what you'll face now, hearken to it.

So what kind of stuff did you learn that actually stuck with you familiola? I mean I'm sure in the sea of monkey shit a few diamonds and or nuggets of information you learned could probably help us all out.

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So you were infantry,right? My buddies have told me horror stories about the army.

All checks out, why I'm not in the military. The military being against us isn't as bad as you think when they're all brain dead fucking shitskins anyway, sounds perfectly poetic too if having a shitskin army helps destroy ZOG.

so what im hearing is that basic training was too difficult for you and you blame the jews.

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Even when the Zogforces were 90% white they still happily betrayed white America. Look at what happened with the forced school integration.

/r/the_donald cucks are willfully ignorant about the state of this country, if the Military got the order to go start kicking down the doors of White families, killing the white men, and raping the white women, they would do it with joy.

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Most of the useful training can't really be shared by words. Combat training is one of those things where you have to do it and be properly instructed on it to get better. It's like people who read survival books expecting to know how to survive the collapse without actually going outside and practicing.

I know how to properly low-crawl, fire an M4 in various positions with iron sights and CCO (red dot). I've thrown grenades, fired an M240, fire a grenade launcher, etc. I was shoah'd with riot gas in an enclosed space which was the worst experience of my life. I was trained in first aid for two days straight. Doing obstacle courses was the best part of it all, because it got me over my fear of heights.

A big part of the training is getting yelled at constantly and being woken up by an air horn or a metal trash can being thrown around every day at 4am after sleeping for 5 hours. It puts you in combat mode, mentally speaking. It teaches you to deal with constant stress. I can't imagine properly replicating this outside of basic training.

One thing you can learn without military training is land navigation skills. Learn to read a topographical map and it's features. Go outside and practice for yourself with a map in the woods if you go camping sometime. Definitely get a rifle of some sort and practice shooting as well, if you haven't already.

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Not that I am arguing against your portrait of the modern ZOG infantry. But could it be you only keyed in on a small sample of the military?

Having played devils advocate for a quick minute I think you need to understand, the military is a diverse hellscape because it is a deck stacked to serve authoritarian Jewish power. The infantry don't win wars - they police them, and run supply lines. The majority of combat you would see is shooting impoverished towel heads firing 1980s AKs at you over their heads for a parcel of worthless flatland in a conflict that the average American probably can't even explain. So no shit it is the ZOG nightmare you experienced - if you want a detachment of conservative white men in the military who enlisted for the right reasons - well that's Spec Ops.

No one on Zig Forums is stupid enough to fall for this century old shaming tactic, the military is not respectable, it's just an alternative to prison for niggers and spics and a way for low IQ whites to make themselves feel good while they help shit on their ancestors graves.

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Huh, so the US military really is just daycare for worthless adults.
It disgusts me that I ever even considered joining.

It doesn't take an Aryan Ubermensch to pilot a drone or shoot a gun. Stop pretending everything bad for us is secretly a good thing. The military being our enemy (which they are) is not a positive, it's just a reality.

It was really easy after the first 3 days, actually. I went in decently in shape so the physical training didn't kick my ass nearly as much as I thought it would. I definitely had a tough time adjusting to the constant yelling, but even that became normal in time. I won't go into the details of my medical discharge, but it was something beyond my control. I don't blame anyone.

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You're just spouting memes. The Rangers and Seals are full of Israel loving Christian dipshits. The Military is trash, from the bottom to the top.

i mean i got kicked out too but it was because i was offensive in a public affairs position lel
i ran the base newspaper during the election

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Imagine this shitshow of an army having to fight the russians or chinese.

America is gonna crash and burn. Trump isn't fixing this disgusting swamp either.

Medical discharges aren't always about being a fatass, if you wanna get out of the Army you can literally just irritate your skin, get a bunch of acne, and they'll discharge you.

Oh shit! I was wondering what had happened to you! Another user told me you'd died from autoerotic asphyxiation!

whether its shit or not , where else do you expect to be able to recieve proper combat training? telling people not to join the military just because its become a liberal hellhole is only ensuring that these are the only people who will have any fucking clue what theyre doing during the coming collapse. If you cant deal with a black bitch screaming in oyur face and treating you like a child I cant wait to see what happens when she starts shooting at you.

Fucking POG.

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in bootcamp yea. unless you want to be diagnosed crazy then you have to have some serious medical shit.

also fun tip. all the antibiotics they give females for "acne" is actually for yeast infection because it spreads like wildfire there.

Anyone who thought that to begin with is retarded. Every post-apocalyptic story I've ever read or watched features at least one unit that goes rogue and becomes a party of reavers. The military will splinter in its own favor.

Why do you think our military spending levels are so high? Only technology can save us at this point, because our soldiers are mostly trash. Like I said in my previous post, training was easy. Drill sergeants aren't allowed to be tough on us like they used to be. If you were being a shithead, they used to take you out back and beat the shit out of you. Now all they can do is write a counseling, and the only thing that can do is keep you from getting honors at graduation if you receive too many.

Don't let anyone tell you that Army basic training is difficult, because it's not. Once you get used to the main things causing you stress, it becomes like any other day of just getting shit done. In my battery, only a handful didn't make it through, but I think all of them were given the opportunity to go to what is essentially Fat Camp to keep training until they were deemed soldiers. Basically anyone can become a soldier nowadays, and that's pretty concerning if you care about America's survival. There were even some people with obvious mental illness who made it through, who I would have been terrified to go down range with.

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Lol, keep on living in a fantasy land where by propping the system up it will somehow magically change its prime directive of white genocide instead of just continuing down the path it's always been going on.

The only way out of this hellscape is if white men stop being complicit in their own extinction. You serve zog, you are zog.

Tell us stories.

the machine will exist whether you exploit it or not. Pretending that the best option is to ignore something ia ridiculously irresponsible. Its no wonder the military wont fracture in our favor when people like you are here telling us to stay out of it.

The machine only exists because white men maintain it and support it. The second everyone goes Vargmode and stops paying taxes, the system collapses.

When the system collapses and martial law is a bunch of mexicans and niggers running around with assault rifles maybe youll realize the value of infiltration.

Now this is the kind of thread we need to be discussing on 8/pol/.

Thats the point. They won't have a problem using guns/drones to blast anyone away on home turf.

Yes, white men are what prop up zog. They pay the taxes, they build the infrastructure, they keep everything running smoothly.

because it's to see if you can mentally handle not having things you want while staying committed to what your end goal is. surprisingly most of the people who fail the end physical tests are beanpoles and not fatasses because it pretty much comes down to endurance

and if they are so subhuman why couldn't you do it?

i was trained in the full adobe suite so i made a lot of memeshit on our internal servers and had access to an entire print shop. i also hand picked the stories to put in the newspaper and purposely avoided anything that wasn't what i thought to be truely neutral.

trump won the election and i made a bunch of large lamented posters with an eye effect like pic related facebook tier i know but a new device and first one i saw and front paged all his initial victories. (tbh drumpf is shit-tier now but was cool as a meme)

my division officer didnt like my antics because she had a bussi and cried when hillary lost so i was constantly harped on. even though i ran and edited EVERYTHING i was constantly put in a subordinate position to someone the same rank as me because of my immaturity.

i started photoshopping clouds into dicks on pictures in the paper and making unsanctioned media products for any division that asked in return for other favors. i purposely "accidentally" published obvious russian military propaganda articles. i became public enemy number one and she recommended my separation when i smelt like alcohol at morning muster from the prior night's drinking.

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dude, i wish some nigress would start shooting at me
it would be a relief from this awful peace
this world where retards like you get to breathe
we could finally set things right again

What world are you living in?

The longer people keep trying to save it, the longer this nightmare drags on. No reason why a group of guys couldn't get together and pay some former vet to give you all the training you need. I would be weary of these "militia groups" as most seem like honey traps.

This thread will end up going basically nowhere because the board is infested with literal military shills and Republican mouth breathers still sucking the military's dick. Let me say it plainly – every last member of the US military needs to be executed along with their families. Mind that fucking edge.

Whoops. Let that one slip by, Chaim.

Thank you for answering. I may have a few other questions however.
See I knew people who went through Job Core and the people who go through Job Core always tell me about the literal constant infighting that people do, again mostly blacks and hispanics, so from what you've told us all, seeing as it appears the Army operates on the same level as high school level in the form of intelligence, do you think under the careful guidance of retired soldier, that the civilian population could likely overtake them? Given the pedigree of what You have encountered it sounds like they are nothing but jack-heeled thugs that would love to do nothing more than enslave the population.
I mean it's a common fear we all have that if the army really wanted to,they would have the manpower but I don't think Trump would ever instill martial and or marshall law except in only the most primitive parts of America.

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Well then taxes are a completely different issue, arent they? This is a system you cannot escape as long as its in power. Your perceived level of participation does not matter, its always set to 100 anyway. even the sales tax you pay when you buy food goes towards supporting it. having said that, being in the military at least helps alleviate your impotence somewhat. Its honestly one of the only correct career choices.

just saying what i saw nigger. also the military will fail you for not being a certain waist/chest/neck size for your weight so that your last posts pics never happen.

They are not willfully ignorant at all. They are frustrated beyond belief that they can't get niggers and spics to recognize and understand how much they hate White people and how terrific supply side economics is for murdering White people.

basic training is supposed to be dehumanizing. thats what makes you strong. Effective psychological warfare makes you want to kill yourself and enduring it DOES tangibly benefit you in the long run. how fucking petty are you you cant endure someones meaningless powertrip for a few months

This is why I don't have a strong opinion on whether or not people should join. The military training is extremely valuable. There really isn't another way to do it. Unless you pay that veteran to live in your house and make your life hell for 2 months straight, you aren't getting trained for the stresses of combat. I also agree that militias can be extremely sketchy, but there aren't many other options. I have heard some really good things about them so I wouldn't throw that idea completely out of the window.

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lmao at cucks who actually believe this, it turns you into an easily susceptible drone through sleep deprivation and psychological conditioning.

Good thread, I'll be watching OP lemme catch up. I looked into it in 2009 and was going to be a medical officer in the reserves, glad I didn't do it. My recruiter wasn't the brightest guy and I decided against it all.

lmao this on a nazsoc board

Yes suffering makes it easier to endure suffering. are you fucking retarded?

Just learn how to shoot and learn how to hunt in addition to working out and reading as many useful books as you can.

What a surprise. The Third Reich wasn't creating drones, it didn't dehumanize its people, it did the exact opposite.

See how many literal brown skinned niggers post here?

It's both and being an "easily suceptible drone" (contextually) is how you get effective group combat. Outside these scenarios soldiers are less drone-like than civilians.

Read some books on psychology and conditioning. Basic training does not improve people in any way. If the military was all about making its people stronger, then why are veteran suicides at an all time high? The US Military is a soul crushing machine that destroys your individuality and ability to think creatively. By enlisting you are volunteering to become a slave to zog, you are volunteering to get mindfucked by kikes. The tactics they teach you in PSYOPs to be used on foreign forces are used on you the second you join up.


Honestly I have no idea how it would go. There is so much context required to make an accurate prediction, and all of the factors going into a theoretical future change every day.

But for the sake of entertaining the idea, I'd say that if the US government attempted to instill martial law and it was obvious that it had anti-white, or anti-right-wing undertones to its actions and people like us rose up to defend ourselves, I'd say that there is a real chance that we could beat them back, especially after seeing the numbers that came out to support Trump.

The biggest factor here is what kind of split we see in the military, like how many choose to defend the government vs. how many choose to defend the people, because with that comes the possibility that civilians can arm themselves against the government with military equipment, which is the only realistic way they could ever win against a military as advanced and expensive as ours.

Read Civil War 2 by Thomas Chittum. It's an incredible read about how another civil war in America would theoretically play out. Chittum is extremely intelligent and was ahead of his time in predicting many of the social changes in the US.

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Hardcore delusion. I know soldiers and I know marines, they're mega-brainlets.

They aren't teaching you to stay strong, they're teaching you to eat shit and ask for more. Becoming comfortable with living like an insect isn't valuable to ones psyche. Military men are the ultimate bugs.

Just put yourself under stress 24/7 for 3 months if you want the XTREEEEEEEEEEME BASIC TRAINING EXPERIENCE.
Honestly I tell people to workout all day, sleep 5 hours a night working on 2, and to be miserable as often as possible but who the fuck does it? No one. Why? Cuckoldry. 50 years ago some fucks would get curious and start asking questions then actually do it, but now, people are just weak through and through. Decay of the nation.
Sleep on the ground without clothes or bedding, drink nothing but hot sauce, vinegar, milk and coffee (you can mix shit into water like the hotsauce and vinegar), no sitting, and workout 8 hours a day and you get the same experience. Study some traditional stuff like grammar, logic and rhetoric (trivium) and political philosophy, and practice some crafts related to survival in the wild, war, and trade crafts… and you have even better than basic training.
There's books on that talks about military training. Check it. Military training is about developing a strong constitution and even intelligence.

If you really think the most effective way to deal with things is to hide from them then nobodies stopping you, but it achieves nothing when you just decide that because something isnt absolutely ideal then it jas nothing to offer you. what are the alternatives? Its not like anyone here would actually become indoctrinated in any conflicting ideologies.

Thank you for the dubs of truth friend. I hope things work out for you in the coming future.

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wow a lot of you guys are going to be fucked soon!

Well user if you had made it through basic you'd have seen something interesting. There are in effect two "militaries" at the moment. One is the supposed logistical and support force which is full of shitskins and women. And the other is the combat force which is more white now(95%+) than it was in Vietnam when they tried to mix niggers in everywhere. But these days they can't get them to pass the map tests, and this has been the case since the mid nineties. The total lack of ability on the part of the "support" personnel has lead to such a hilarious degree of inefficient that the combat forces have created their own logistical systems in parallel. In effect the support and administrative functions have been completely duplicated and the women/shitskins are in a glorified welfare program. This also extents to the majority of personnel responsible for training being muds.

I'm not aware of what the demographics of airforce personnel who run drones are but there are essentially no combat pilots who aren't white men, simply because they cannot meet qualifications that even Obongo couldn't lower.

The hardest hit in the officer core is the navy due to an initiative that has put women in command despite a complete lack of qualification and due to the nature of the navy command structure there isn't a division between support and combat personnel outside of the merchant marine and the marines themselves.

Same old bullshit damage control spiel that always pops up.

user you're thinking small.

I call it VVX it’s about 5/6 as toxic as VX since it contains VC and other V-series contaminants but it has a much higher vaporization pressure so it is more easily aerosoled and it is extremely persistent which makes it good for area denial.
VX is O-Ethyl S-(2-diisopropylaminoethyl) methylphosphonothioate
VVX is O-Ethyl S-(2-dimethylaminoethyl) methylphosphonothioate.

into a very dry 2000 ml round bottom flask, the following ingredients are added, quickly, one after the other with swirling to mix them a few boiling chips, 800 ml anhydrous ethyl ether, 284 grams of methyl ethoxyphosphoryl chloride, 212 grams of dimethylaminoethanethiol, and 212 grams of triethylamine. it is very important that the glassware be very dry, and that the ingredients espescially the methyl ethoxyphosphoryl chloride be protected from moisture, because the presence of water really lowers the yield in this this reaction.

when the ingredients have been added and mixed, a good efficient condenser topped with a drying tube is attached to the flask and a flow of very cold water is put trought the condenser .
the contents of the flask are heated to boiling with a hot water bath and the reflux is maintened for one hour.

the byproduct of this reaction, hydrogen chloride, is absorbed by the tiethylamine as it is produced, forming triethylamine hydrochloride cristal cristal
at the end of the eating period, the mixture is cooled and the cristal of triethylamine hydrochloride are filtred out in a Buchner funnel.

the filtered reaction mixture is then returned to 2000 ml round bottom flask, a few boiling chips added, the glassware set up for simple distillation and the ether removed by distilling it of under a gentle aspirator is perfect for this job since it will flush the ether fumes down the drain.

when most of the ether is gone, the mixture is poured into a 1000 ml round bottom flask with a few boiling chips. the remnants in the 2000 ml flask can be rinsed out with ether an poured into the 1000 ml flask. once again this flask is set up for a simple distillation and full aspirator is applied to it. the last of the triethylamine and ether (bp 88 C°) will be gone shortly.

now a vacuum from a good quality vacuum pump is applied to the distillation. A vacuum of less 1 mmHg is to be preferred here to keep the distillation temperatures reasonable and to avoid burning product. BE CAREFUL THE PUMP MUST NOT BE STOPPED DURING THE DISTILLATION. IF THE PUMP STOPS, RUN OUT AND NEVER COME BACK !!!
after a small forerun is collected in a 250 ml flask, a 500 ml flask is attached and the main bulk of the product is collected at a boiling point of 80 C° at a vacuum of 0.6 mmHg.

the yield is 260 to 275 ml of product. a fair amount of tar remains in the distilling flask.

This material is completely legal in the USA though moving the product on a state highway may be illegal depending on the quantity and your licensing.

These instructions are intended for educational purposes in only, in no way would I suggest any other use for this material ;)


I have heard that previously, in 1776, about how 3% of colonists with muskets could never beat such a well funded most advanced worlds largest army
but even taking into account technology, Night Vision can be circumvented with LEDs or even campfires or torches, microwaves without the door register on radar as AA installments, drones can't fly with full spectrum frequency jamming from spark gap transmitters, MRAPs and Tanks are easily defeated with terrain and simple pitfall traps, helicopters can be taken down with ancient roman technology

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If there's one good thing about this, it's that the US military will probably be way too incompetent to put down an uprising when it happens. As you described, OP, most of these subhumans are only in it for the money and have no pride or higher ideals they strive for; they certainly don't intend to participate in anything remotely approaching a real conflict. If shit hits the fan, I expect most of them to break ranks and abandon the military.


dude is that Ted Nugent on the right?

This is a limited hangout.

Yes, it's easy for me to believe your tale about the demographics, sociology, and racial attitudes because I endured them through basic training as well (less so in AIT and my duty stations), but your ultimate conclusion about the military being unreliable in terms of backing Trump faction(s) is false.

First, you probably went to Jackson (I suppose Sill and Leonardwood are also possibilities, but it's doubtful based on your description of the Drills). In which case, you weren't given any exposure to the combat arms mentality, where it's predominately white, and a good portion of the non-whites tend to acknowledge the social deficiencies of their particular demographic.

Secondly, the ones who join up for college benefits are high turnover. They're one and done OR they get chaptered out almost immediately and keep a short-timer persona. Furthermore, the large majority of them are probably Reserve or National Guard.

Third, while Basic Training counts as the indoctrination process, what people learn and culture among their peers (other privates) tends to be tossed by the wayside as soon as the ten weeks is up. So do not expect any of the pro/anti - /Trump/Hillary jargon to take hold during the initial TRADOC stint (the only exceptions that come to mind here are Transportation and Laundry units which concentrate large blocs of blacks and Hispanics).

Basic Training is a Red Herring; it's your duty station that exhibits the most influence over the soldiers. And while I'm not saying that the situation in TRADOC is ideal–because it most certainly is not–people tend to hold their breath through the process and get to the more stable atmosphere after graduation.

I suppose I was too definite in that assumption. It's not the only realistic way, but it certainly is the best case scenario. If we don't get a hold of some of their equipment during a leftist military takeover, you better hope that your neighbors are on your side and as proficient at using homemade radar jammers and ancient roman crossbows as you want them to be. Otherwise it's an uphill battle. 1776 was a very different time compared to now. The only thing that is the same between then and now is our country's name.

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You're totally missing the point OP was making about how many niggers and negresses and incompetent women are in the military and shitting it up.
You're looking at it through rose tinted glasses from the time you were in and what you liked about it.
It's a shit show. Go to the gun range, go camping. Avoid the groid. It's a shitty job you can't easily quit.

Once a Zogbot always a Zogbot, you don't belong on pol/

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It is the data as the publicly available service records record it. Notice I made no attribution of political stances to the white men in the combat forces as there is no record or survey available.

Perhaps you should

A) look for fracture points to exploit rather than being a whiny faggot


B) use the horrendous waste in the military to advocate a change which would be advantageous to us, such as enforcing the same standards the combat forces require on the entire military which would eliminate most muds and women as well as other policies which directly target them.

Or you could take it that the ones more likely to be amiable to a white nationalist faction in a hypothetical civil war would be the ones with all the weapons, expertise in their use, and competence and they could assuming they were sutably motivated turn their weapons immediately upon the muds and women and kill them.

Also the ones getting blown up are such a small proportion of those forces that it isn't a significant impact.

No I'm sticking with the nerve gas thanks. You know that it took over 1,000 RPG rounds to knock down 2 loitering blackhawks(yeah pure bantu niggers have shit aim I know), I don't fancy my chances.

How many of these people will see active duty? How many of the women ended up pregnant? It's not as simple as how many turn up but how many come out the other end functional.

Сколько хуев отсосал?

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I agree. My experience in basic training is not a perfect representation of the actual military; I just felt like my anecdote was worth sharing. Regardless of who makes it through, seeing the non-whites and women far outnumbering white males in basic was crazy to witness, and 99% graduated so they most certainly made it through. As for the women getting pregnant, I don't doubt that at least a dozen of the thots from my battery are already pregnant with some random soldier's kid.

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How difficult is it to get in a combat unit in the US?
t. europoor

Meet physical requirements and not be a retard. Though there isn't much combat to speak of right now so the roles are limited. 8 years ago, they'd be begging you.

depends on what you consider kombat. the navy and air force bomb the shit out of people from a safe distance all the time. marines and army would see kombat in a war but pretty much just train 24/7

For a white man? Not hard at all.

For a woman the physical requirements for lifting and carrying are effectively impossible, remember that women professional and Olympic athletes are regularly humiliated by high school boys teams. You'd need to be Bertha from the 1984 East German track team with your blood replaced by anabolics. Women are just that weak.

For niggers obviously the talented tenth can pass for basic infantry, for them it is the map tests that really cull their numbers.

thanks for the eye witness report user.

i have long been of the contrarian opinion that the US Military is a paper tiger and would fold if it ever had to fight a real war.

diversity has weakened the Pentagon so much that they no longer even know what they're fighting for. i am reminded of the old meme about the "spic/nigger cycle", which states the true purpose of the military industrial complex is to feed meats and fats to illiterate obese diabetic niggers. you could also add destabalizing so much of the world and running covert proxy armies and coups and helping ISIS so that America becomes the only safe and free country, which entices millions of refugees to invade our non-existent borders. and then there's the fact that the MIC largely fights to protect trade routes and resources owned by ZOG and WallSt, so you're really a sad sack if you believe the military defends the Constitution. the only Constitution they defend is Goldman Sach's corporate charter and the Federal Reserve's piggy bank for Israel.

the only factor keeping the Pentagon treading water is technological supremacy, but that edge can't be counted on to last forever.

the US military hasn't won a war since WW2. the bureaucrats and Spooks now run the wars, and because of their incompetance and treating the military like the hammer for ever nail, the Pentagon is stretched thin and it's all going to fly apart given the right catalyst.

i have never believed a core of true Patriots in the military would ever help rescue white America from the coming genocide. they'll just scatter and point the finger elsewhere on the Day of the Rope.

so no help is coming. we're going to be on our own for self-defense, and everyone needs to step up and get ready.

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They sign up for the free college and then get diversity hired into positions or drop out due to pregnancy soon after basic training. It's pretty well known among the squadies I've spoke to.

Military isn't worth it this day and age -former mil fag
Only do it for a job not for service

Assuming OP isn't LARPing, good work finding things out for yourself.
I know a few redpilled people in the armed forces, but they are a small minority and they know it. According to them, the Army is like your typical American university, except that sometimes you are allowed to have a gun. Not really a bastion for National Socialism.

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…How can such a military even function?
Although tbh, I wished they didn't abolish mandatory service over here. Some countries are still free of zog

There needs to be something that can function as the glue, that reminds all white men that they stand for something greater, a strong sense of duty and responsibility that avoids them scattering and pointing the finger elsewhere, as you put it. It's no wonder we here have found National Socialism to be a great candidate.

TBH we need to infiltrate the military. Sure, you'll be sent off to fight wars for Israel, but the experience and possibility of a military coup in our favor on DOTR is worth a few dead sandniggers. The chances of dying in the armed forces, even if you're in spec ops is unbelievably low.


Not entirely sure I agree with this. As someone who has been in the military, I can honestly say that what OP describes is accurate for Army basic training at most non-combat arms levels. The downside of joining the military with the express interest of being "in position" to assist in any upcoming internal struggle is that you will already have to submit yourself to intense scrutiny to be in any position where you could reasonably expected to do any good. You're not helpful as a line grunt or part of an administrative support unit. You're not likely to be helpful in an intelligence capacity. Your peers may or may not have quite a bit of disdain for your thoughts and beliefs. The penalties for being caught are very strict. OP got out on a medical discharge. He, in few words, "got extremely lucky".

The Army is the absolute trash of the military. They accept nearly anyone. The exceptions to this rule may be the more "special" units like special forces, rangers, and perhaps some line infantry or combat arms groups.

The downside to this is the amount of wear and tear you put on your body. There is a serious risk of being permanently injured – and not due to any combat-related thing. You can break bones, permanently disfigure yourself, and make yourself permanently disabled quite easily. These groups have little regard, at least starting off, with your individual well-being or personal enrichment. You are an investment. They intend to take the full balance of that investment plus dividends.

If you want to learn something technical, join the Navy or Air Force. If you want to actually make a difference in the day-to-day lives of others and yourself, join the active duty Coast Guard. The Coast Guard will actually spend quite a deal of money to get you trained in multiple specialties versus usually just getting assigned to just one in the Navy or Air Force. You will also gain first hand knowledge of the realities of illegal immigration, human trafficking, and drug smuggling operations because you'll be the actual dude stopping these things from happening.

The Marines is arguably worse of a choice than the Army – not because of their pozzed state but because they literally don't give two shits about your well-being. They could care fuck less if you are permanently hurt or placed in unintentional harm's way. Their officers are hand selected to not give a shit about their subordinates. It's like the equivalent of joining the Roman Legion without the benefit of taking slaves or gold.

In conclusion, and please do take my word and anyone else's with a grain of salt, if you're going to pursue the military as a means to learn combat arms and related topics of interest – take up the Coast Guard or go to the Army with specificity towards specialized infantry forces.

Otherwise, if you just want to enrich your own prospects for a better career, your best bet is either the Navy or Air Force.

Any recommended titles? Asking for a friend.

Define this. You could literally learn everything in basic by taking courses and practicing (the most important thing). Most normal military training is garbage and is designed to break you down and force total obedience, which is the exact opposite of what you want as a guerrilla fighter. And if you think what you learned was combat training, go take some multiday rifle courses from decent shooting schools.

The only reason why you should join .mil is to get access to their MANPADs and AT weapons.

I understand what you are saying, but Afgans have been resisting zogbot bullshit for 20+ years. All you really need are martyrs and currency to bribe people and buy equipment.

When I went through Basic I lucked out. out of my 4 drill sargeants, 3 where white, 2 white men, and 1 white woman, 1 a Hispanic women who got WHITED real hard.

1. This isnt even remotely true.

2. Logistics and support are what makes an industrialized military you retard.

He's a shill. There are Zog recruiters who post on here.

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There's a reason the US military does the whole constant repetition of what not to do thing.
The quality of manpower available to the USA has always been extremely diverse in capability ranging from inbred urban retards to well educated country folk and every other combination you can picture.
Problem is as the commies found out its a lot harder to build people up than it is to drag them all down to the same level.
So the USA takes the drag down approach. It makes more sense for them to plan and organise around the lowest common standard than it does to try and get everyone to improve to a higher one.

Now they have multiple systems in place to divert the capable and competent away into specialist programs or roles where their competency and ability can be better preserved or even developed.
But well you may have noticed how a lot of the equipment especially tools and such have instructions on how to use them embossed either on them or on a metal plate that is screwed onto them?
Might have seen it less in the army but if you ever went near say a fuel pump on camp you'll have maybe seen it. Its much more common in the USAF and US Navy.
That's how little the US military expects of its troops. They expect them to be so stupid they need to have the instructions right there in front of them or they'll fuck it up, and despite those instructions being right there they will still fuck it up.

The US military is essentially the short bus of the military world. Relying on fancy toys, massive infrastructure and sheer numbers to get shit done.

Basic though is essentially initial conditioning.
You're taught to respond to the mental triggers that will be used to control you throughout the rest of your time in the military and even life.
At this point OP you're tainted, as an user you may have some tolerance to the conditioning but it's difficult to say how much. Going forward you must constantly doubt your own judgement and thoughts.
Was it worth it?

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No dumbass. It puts you in a receptive cucked state that's easier to brainwash. That's why they do it, and it's well known.


Congratulations on selling your soul to ZOG, grunt.

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Thanks for helping monitor the ZOG, user. Don't forget you still need actual combat training, which if you wish to be a warrior, is your first MOS school.

I guess you grew up in a nicer household than I did. I went to Marine land, and I only ever got in trouble for getting caught laughing in boot camp. On my first OP4 I dropped a whole squad of my peers. War is fun.

That's moronic. They would already have killed us all if we didn't constantly have eyes and ears everywhere. Have you never heard of the USSR? If it happens here, it's the fault of those who tried to be "not involved." You are involved. You can't get away from ZOG.

Yeah, because that will totally happen.

You are welcome to try. Obviously you can't pick your battles well.


I thought it was a decent challenge at the time. If you are not the sort who will pussy out just because you are uncomfortable, then you can probably do it.

You are correct, especially about the regulars. Any of the vets that are here would skin them alive. SOCOM is tougher, but they are not nearly so large. The (((diversity))) could be made to do literally anything to anyone. They are useless as warriors.