Nog calls cops Nazis - nog gets charged with hate crime


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and Boom goes the Dynamite

Cops are such total pussies, they're afraid of literally EVERYTHING

What this is being marketed to you as: that nigger got what was coming to him! How do you like them apples, nigger?

What it actually is: social reinforcement of National Socialism being the pinnacle of ZOG enemies.

Hasn't the (((ACLU))) pushed the hate-speech != free-speech line before?

Set the nigger free, no such fucking thing as hate crime, fuck off.

Anytime anyone gets called a cracker or honky or even called a white male in a negative tone its your duty to report it as a hate crime. hate speech has consequences

All hate crime shit is kikel perversion. I hope the nigger dies in jail but only faggots get butthurt by words.

Its not a good precedent for free speech but its funny to see the golem, in this case a law, come to take a swing at the jews favorite subject.

He was arrested for stealing from white shop owners, kike. This is just more charges piled on.


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We know, user. No reason to post.

Pure speech? Like calling fucking jews dirty rotten no good kikes when they get their noses into everything?

Hurt my feelings I hurt your future prospects.

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Yet, if he got called a nigger, they'd lose their jobs and be charged with hate speech.

I'm being captain obvious here, but I'm surprised by how often its needed these days, even here.

This looks like a case where the guy was a serious criminal but they couldn't prove it was him in a court of law. They saw a chance to fuck him over as a punishment for his crime and they took it.

You won't ever have your free speech in a country full of niggers.

I agree with the ACLU on this one as much as I hate niggers


(jew) would.

Oh no that sucks did the hate crime laws protect a white person by accident oh nooo

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I'm not convinced this isn't coming from (((the top))) as a quick chess move to solidify

This will be the immediate psychological effect on many this information reaches.

I mean, i guess it's better than nothing, but don't tell me there aren't any kikes that have thought of and would use this angle.

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The slippery slope already made it so, so they might as well suffer too. Niggers commit so many actual "hate crimes" against whites, and never get charged with it, short of actual torture, so I hope to see more of this. We need equality when it comes to hate crimes. Niggers need their just desserts.

Where's the bad? Nazi is the left's newest big buzzword in the US. If we can start charging them with hate crimes for calling us names, that'd be fucking hilarious. Give me a fucking legal precedent so we can!

Pretty much. Our constitutional rights only exist so long as we remain a voting majority. We're the only ones that vote to uphold them.

But that's retarded and wrong.
Also Nazi was originally a slur to the NSDAP, they just ended up owning it the way we call each other "niggerfaggot" or whatever.

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The whole concept of "hate crime" is marxist bullshit.
Something is either a crime. Or it is not a crime.
The whole idea of "they were being mean when they did it, so more prison time!!!" is disgusting.
It is a form of terrorism and "thought crime."
It is straight out of 1984.
Positively Orwellian.
(Regardless of how it is used)

That said, IF such vile laws are going to exist.
Then apply them to nogs and spics.
After all, they are FAR more hateful than White people.
Of course, the marxists who create such laws do so in order to hurt and terrorize White people and would prefer to give their brown pets a "free pass."
So, don't let them.
But the goal must be to do away with such "wrongthink" bullshit laws.

Hate speech is free speech.
Or there is no free speech.

Trips of dark truth reinforce your point.

and Check'ed

That said, the more the "lefties" call everyone and everything "racist" and "nazi" the less those words even mean.
Pretty soon people will be like "So what?"
Many already are.

White America ==IS== America.

Jesus Christ I'd like to see these three in ManBearWorld magazine. They're hotties

Oh that's right, I forgot all the hack journalists were lurking tonight becasue some 56% shot some of them up and they're looking for screenshots they can use to blame it on us.
Say "Hi" to our sodomite lugenpresse friends lads.

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Sadly, this still plays into the kikes' hands. These hate crime laws are how they silenced criticism of the Zionist occupied governments over in Europe. So don't be fooled by the ACL-Jew kavetching, the kikes at the top are still rubbing their hands. Also, the cops love being a victim class like the niggers and spics. Just look at all of those faggy "Blue Lives Matter" bumperstickers. It's like the irony of it all just goes right over their hands, the low IQ pigs they are.

will I be killed by the morning???

I agree it would be more 'fair' but it's just more bullshit and games that aren't really aligned with reality.

This is what I'm saying; stay on your toes guys.

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holy shit, i haven't heard that one in like 10yrs, but i suppose its relevant bc basketball-american

You kikes really hate it when we use your own toys against you huh?

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What an insult to Nazis!

This is amazing. Simply amazing.


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That's bait son.

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Citation for that quote? Video/audio link of it being said, perhaps?

Why don't you tell us what is is for, Mary Catherine Roper?

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Dubs say yes.

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No doubt its coming to america at some point but if enough cuckservative judges get into the SC their plan will fail at the federal. Then only certain states can pass it.

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This. That kike shill is clearly new.

A communist being honest for once!

I don't know what's going on with Pennsyvania, I really don't. Half the time they're based like here and the other half times they're cucks.

It's simple. The answer is Philadelphia. The southeastern chunk of PA should simply be cut off of the state. It already shares it's transit network with jew-york-city and with jersey. Pittsburgh isn't great either, in fact the center of the city is garbage, but the areas all around it are redeemable.

Found the problem.

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If we could make it so calling anyone a Nazi gets the accuser sent to jail for hate crimes that would probably be of net benefit.

That perfectly describes hate crime laws.

stop pressing my trigger button ,you are hurting me , this is assult im going to tell the mods and youll be banned from my internet safe space

This can not possibly be accurate. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are infested with niggers and were infested at the time of your outdated charts.

its shit and is jew-central pittsburgh is pennsylvanias san francisco

Hahaha my favourite story of the day. Good to set the precedent. Fucking niggers and other monkeys imagine they can be mouthy with no consequences.

Cops truly are pussies and that is dangerous when Leftists control them, as they do now.
White people and cops are both pussies.

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>nah bro, it will never happen
I'm getting i told you so levels that shouldn't even be possible

is that a fleshlight in your pocket officer or am I under arrest?

this is funny but also total cringe

top kek

>that (((african american))) called me the "N-word" officer arrest him!

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Indeed they are. Recently an officer of the court went to see a meth head about reports of a stolen truck. The meth head opened fire with a shotgun but missed every shot. Swat from two nearby towns as well as county, state, and federal officers responded. The cowards basically huddled around the perimeter of the trailer park, afraid to go get him. This went on for the whole day. When they finally worked up the sack to go after him, he'd already left and proceeded to lead them on a two week chase around the county before heading off on a cross country crime spree. The incompetence of law enforcement is both amusing and sad.

that foot looks fucking disgusting

Please fuck off and post something productive.

If that nigger pronounced Gestapo correctly, we should red pill him on why his daddy isn't around and who profited from it, then set him loose on a synogogue.

1 it's not a porn picture
2 it's not anime

There's a problem with this?

Problem is that if they just went in and fucked him up the guy you're replying to would start bitching about "muh militarized police". You can't win. Don't play.