DHS has 14 words.

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Liberals are freaking out.

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top wew this is best timeline

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Ok that's pretty fucking good.

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Nobody can use words anymore except non whites.

When you want to abolish ICE but ICE abolishes you.

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I am officially not sick of winning yet.


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I ain't sick of winning yet. This supreme justice pick is gonna be pretty satisfying though. Mmhh liberal salt.

We Must Secure The Border And Build The Wall To Make America Safe Again.

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How long has this been hiding?

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What the fuck is that thing?!?

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a jew probably

So now you're going to have hundreds of thousands of people seeing the real 14 words after they gaslit themselves to the similarity of DHS's phrasing to think they are somehow similar.

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At least one absolute madman at DHS confirmed.

inb4 someone tweets screencaps of this thread

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Why is it just being talked about/noticed now?


When you're looking for evidence to fit your bias you eventually run out of it and fall into the manufacturing category. Just like how they need to manufacture "nazis" on the street with or without our presence. Without it Milo the gay interracial banging jew somehow becomes a nazi.

Oh it's here already my good man


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As pozzed as all the three letter agencies are there has to be at least SOME that lurk here.


Where is it? Can anyone link a retard?

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Read the thread you tard

Why can’t the page be archived? It won’t allow access.

Some autistic libshit part of occupyICE probably sobered up for a minute and remembered.

Whether this is dog whistling by /ourzogbot/ or a d&c civil war escalation by ZOG, MFW.

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It's only one bad goy fucking around. I'm not convinced that any government agency isn't top to bottom ZOG'd.

However, the idiots losing their shit over it and quoting the actual 14 words are fucking themselves over big time. The 14 words are a basic message of self-preservation. When conflating self-preservation with supremacy they're waking up whites to the fact that the mere existence of whites and any attempt to continue said existence is not tolerated. Once again brainlets are doing Zig Forums's work for us with their overreactions.

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Just as Whites have our racial weaknesses the jews exploit, the jews have their own which we exploit.
What goes around comes around.


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It is said that the left can't meme, but I don't think that's true.
The left can meme, in that they can only serve to repeat ours

I'm tired of winning

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ahahaha that is pretty hilarious

Top kek they just forced them to redpill everyone

is there any point in applying for jobs at ICE or DHS if you're just a NEET who is good at doxing?


I don't know, that is basically me though

Born too late to explore the world
Born too early to explore space
Born to fight in humanities most important war

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well if you ever hear about a specific job to apply for make a thread. My bitcoin money means I don't have to work for some kikes but if I could get a job fucking over non-whites I'd do it in a second


How are you earning money without working for kikes? Things like this are important for us to know if we want to bring this system down faster.

I am literally shaking right now


What do you call someone who hates the majority of Jews? A Nazi? Nein, a Republican - 71% of American Jews are Democrats

Somewhere off in the distance the ghost of Hitler is lacing his boots up


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I prefer a Confederacy or an Ethno-Globe…I could go for that as well.

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I bet the kikes regret fucking with Nielsen now.

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He made his money selling fake internet money. Basically it's "no user, you are the kike"

I feel incredibly autistic for understanding this picture.

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Reality is downstream from memes.

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Probably true tbh

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i hope it's not a coincidence. we really need to know if we have some of them on our side because the future does seem kind of bleak regarding what's stacked against us. it's understandable why they wouldn't speak up, however. it's best to let your enemies think they are in good company until the right moment

t. IRS

>uses (((dollars))) that are printed by (((the fed))) at whim
Frankly, fuck ICO's and what BTC has become, but cryptocurrency was (and will eventually be) the final solution to the Fiat Jew. (((They))) had to kill BTC by crippling its transaction capacity. They're just buying time. Another will replace it.

Thats why I asked an user to create this meme. If the jews can try to "predict" the future why can't we? Make it seem inevitable, a future that will occur. Just like they pushed their culture through films, television, and news a more direct assault rather than the monetary funding of certain groups/people or via educating the next generation.

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It's not about hate.
It's about stopping the ongoing genocide of White people.
The jews have been front and center in pushing for "diversity," non-White immigration, "open borders," amnesty, racemixing, anti-White propaganda, and so forth (but only in White countries, of course, and not israel).
See the "Kalergi plan" for White genocide.
It is SO DAMN OBVIOUS that they are following it TO THE LETTER.

That is a story worth printing.
Of course, the kike press won't be doing THAT.
If any reporters are reading this;

Crypto is stupid.
The solution is the National Socialist system for nationalized debt-free money printing.

It most certainly is.
There is absolutely nothing anyone in DHS can do about racial demographics in America without nuclear or biological weapons. Full stop, the end.

it's not like the dollar is monopoly money. you can actually buy things with it. just because it has no real backing doesn't mean it's worthless. also the concept of btc i.e. digital currency is a jew's wet dream. it offers greater control over the populace and effectively keeps people dependent on the system. be afraid of digital currency. it's the ultimate oppression

We do not predict, we create.

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Igual brother… end /b/

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It's most like just one bad goy with a sense of humor, or possibly even a setup by the establishment themselves so they could later freak out over something they themselves did to use against us, but either way this is outstanding. The best thing we can do with the leftists is just trigger the shit out of them, which provokes them to retarded acts of self righteous violence and destruction, which just dries the general public away from them and towards us.

A good point. Call them tinfoil conspiracy tards if the kvetch about this and give them a good backburn.

i'm not asking them to solve the racial demographic program. i'm asking them to deal with the traitorous fucks flooding our country simply for political support in order to subvert our republic. simply lop off the heads at the top and it will fix itself. make no mistake these people flooding our country and traitors, but none of these pussies in government will sacrifice and do what needs to be done to save us from inevitable conflict where no one wins


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>(((They))) had to kill BTC by crippling its transaction capacity.
Just remember the saboteurs and traitors who killed BTC all have names and addresses.

No, no. You don't backpedal and try to use their shaming tactics. You use this as an opportunity to say

You don't flood the world with truth by taking a bucket and throwing the waters of the cracked dam back into the dam. You break it the fuck open.

You sound totally delusional, to be honest. The reason why they don't deal with "traitorous elements" is because they are so totally and completely outnumbered by racial aliens [and I'd bet a very large minority of DHS employees are racial aliens, ditto for the contractors they rely on] that those "traitorous elements" are the actual state. The country isn't being flooded. It already has been.

Do not ever look to the jew (your enemy user) for the look at the future. HE IS TRYING TO DEMORALIZE YOU…remember WHO WE ARE…we are the largest army in the world some 200,000,000 strong and we don't take shit from ANYONE…WE SPECIFY OUR OWN FUTURE…the next largest army in the world is the chinese at something in between 1-2 million…do you really think that they are going to be able to prevail against 200,000,000defending their own HOMELAND?

Even the entire MESS OF SNAKES in WDC is incapable of 'making us do ANYTHING we don't feel like doing'.

They have been kicking you and yours in the teeth for so long that that is the only thing you THINK you know about yourself.

But nothing could be further from the truth…and the TRUTH is we will put out booted foot so hard up ANY COMERS ASSHOLE that their testicals will pop out their eye sockets. The only way that they have been able to continue IN THIS SHIT DEGENERACY is because we are still asleep to WHO WE ARE AS A PEOPLE.


Want to 'make a change in our nation and the future'? Pass on the message of empowerment that EVEN OUR GOVERNMENT can't bear that you to know or become aware of…we are going to begin the purge and fucking destroy EVERYTHING in our path if things get worse or don't get MUCH BETTER VERY RAPIDLY. Exterminate the kikes.

Yes. BTC was intended to be like this too - but (((they))) deliberately limited it to only handle 1MB of tx data every ~10 minutes - causing gargantuan fees of up to $50 for a single tx at one point.
It is called cryptocurrency specifically because it solves the problems of "digital currency" that you have just mentioned. Decentralized, untrackable let's not let the Juden know this yet and capped inflation. You don't appear to understand how crypto works.

You have to strip (((them))) of their power first. Maybe Trump will actually do this, but I'm not betting on it. Crypto is the people's solution to the Jewish Banking Problem in the meantime.

He was assigned the specific task of doing the exact opposite.

jews also "create" the future. By using propaganda and brainwashing.

This can't be intentional, it must be some incredible coincidence.

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IDK man…as the single largest shareholder of Bitcoin in the world is the US Gov (this was stolen from Silk Road and others) I have a hard time thinking of crypto as anything other than even more fiat than our jew fucking fiat money is currently.

I tend to think that if your 'money' isn't secure from a government, it isn't secure at all (since they are the single largest criminal organization on the planet)…but die hard cryptos would probably just say I was being bitter for not 'trusting' in something that was 100% fiat (worth every penny it cost to manufacture it).

Meh…anything that appreciates in value just like the ballon economy is a turn off form me as I am now more risk averse than I was when I was a young fag and had more time than common sense. But once you have had a couple hard core reamings from the system, you tend to weigh everything in terms of tangible assets (as opposed to products of the jew imagination) and real measured wealth.


Is this real life?

It's like 2016 all over again.

Jews look like rats

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But when the numbers are 14 and 88 esoteric jew magic you've been tricked into repeating by controlled op freemasons, then suddenly it's completely legit.
This was done for the explicit reason of being used as the basis for fake news at a later date.
And to suck in the very low intelligence among us, who actually believe Trump's administration is far-right/nationalist.

The best part is that on the surface it seems totally reasonable to people who haven't been inculcated in the cult ideology. "We must secure the border" seems like exactly what you'd expect Homeland Security to say. The fact that all the libshits are resorting to cannibalism and human sacrifice over this works to our advantage. We know what they're saying, but what is your average normie to make of this? That progressive cultists are completely insane and paranoid.

Future for white children: Improving.

88 is too random of a number to choose. Usually it's out of 100 or out of 250, never out of 88.
We have infiltrated the DHS.

I love how he's implying that securing a future for white children is a "Nazi" sentiment. These stupid kikes are really putting it all on full display huh?

Feels good knowing that your government might not actually want to genocide your people through pogroms.
Feels good that your enemy knows the 14 words and takes offensive to such a non-offensive statement.
Feel weird that the government is the primary source of information about White genocide and crime statistics.
Feels surreal that project paper clip might have had a bigger influence on our government than we thought.

The self-determination of Whites is nonnegotiable; niggers & spics get out, we don't owe you a damn thing.

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I'm willing to believe OP was the same faggot who wrote that in the first place. Zig Forums has its horrid tentacles everywhere. I know a fellow Zig Forumsack with a security clearance at an alphabet, and he's not alone by a damn sight.

If only that had read: "fewer than 14," I'd be completely sold on this.

We owe them a fucking bullet.

redditnigger detected crafting the narrative that it's intentional and not just rabid liberals losing their minds

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