How does race realism explain the flynn effect?

How does race realism explain the flynn effect?

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Other urls found in this thread:, J. Philippe & Arthur R. Jensen. "The rise and fall of the Flynn Effect as a reason to expect a narrowing of the Black-White IQ gap." Intelligence 38 (2010).pdf

How does the flynn effect explain the persistence of the IQ gap? Just because environmental factors can change IQ doesn't mean genetic factors don't exist.

read the bell curve. the iq gap still persists regardless of the flynn effect.

The Flynn Effect has mainly come from reducing iodine deficiency. But everyone getting the proper amount of iodine doesn't erase the gap in racial scores. It just means all people who reduce it are closer to their highest potential. Unfortunately "highest potential" for shitskins in still lower than the hu'white potential.

The growth is too fast to be an actual change in intelligence unless you believe that your great grandparents had an IQ of 80 something and their grandparents were practically mentally deficient by todays standards. If you don't then it means IQ doesn't measure the G factor of intelligence but rather a specific capacity for abstract thought. If you were asked to name the similaritys between a dog and a rabbit you might say that they both have fur or that they are both mamalls which would be the correct responce on an IQ test while someone living a more agrarian life might say that the dog chases the rabbit.

Well its closing pretty rapidily. Plus this sort of IQ gap has existed before with South italians and other races that now have an average or above average IQ.

Why is the age 17 IQ of half black half white 17 year olds half way between the full white and full black scores? Its from the Minnesota adoption study and corrected for the flynn effect.

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Guess what happens when you import a bunch of low IQ shitskins OP?

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That study was so uncontrolled that even the people doing the study warned against using the results.

Why would that change anything? African americans have higher IQ's than Africans so if anything moving people in would make the average black IQ rise due to them getting educated and such. Do blacks being around make white stupider?

Another thing, if blackness = stupidness then it shouldn't matter which parent is black for a mixed race child, IQ should be the same either way. But this isn't true as mixed race children with black fathers and white mother have a 9 point higher average IQ than those that have it the other way around.


Because it doesn't say genetics are the only factor that determine IQ. It's like saying, "Hey, if height is genetic how do you explain why malnourished kids grow up short?"

This is basic

see previous post

Flynn effect is meant to invalidate IQ as measure of G-factor intelligence.

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It's not all about IQ, it's about wanting to preserve our race.

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phenotype = genotype + environment

Both genes and culture / environment are important.
Also, race realism and wanting to preserve your volk supersedes differences in IQ, aggressive, or other differences. The main point is preservation and improvement of your people.
The most important thing in this world is your own volk

As for Eyferth study

Most chan posters are young men who were raised by single mothers and are shunned by society. Why should any of them give a single fuck about preserving white society when society actively rejects them, and they'll be dead soon anyway?

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Flynn effect and article is about the world. IQ shouldn't change just by moving people around.

The growth is virtually immediate for those who go from a deficiency to getting the proper amount of iodine.
They control for that kind of thing and have been for decades.

Which article user? IQ testing is usually done on a localized level, therefore if the demographics change, the results change.

Simple really. They don't want this hell brought out on them for future generations and they don't want the people that make almost all of the significant contributions to humanity going away for good with their culture which is coincidently their own. The society we are living in isn't a white society, it's a Jewish one. Learn the difference as it effects you every day faggot. You're clearly not from here as you don't understand this simple fact that all of us have internalized since the start. Please leave, go back to reddit, and read some Hitler. It would do you some good with you and your retarded friends.

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African Americans have white ad-mixture. That and proper iodine intake during development are why they are different than continental Africans.

Then this is not a veversal of the Flynn effect at all just the shifting of people around.

Ignore the part then, I was basically saying that just moving people from one place to another shouldn't make the IQ of the whole world decrease on average.

It doesn't, Zig Forums, and you know that. It's ~80% genetic, ~20% environmental (nutrition/parenting). If you take children who would otherwise be malnourished and abused throughout their formative years due to R breeding patterns and place them in a K society with abundant food that criminalizes most child abuse, obviously you're going to see an increase in IQ.

I recommend suicide.

You are misunderstanding my point. I was just saying that moving people doesn't change IQ, and thus moving blacks into a western country shouldn't make the world average IQ lower but rather higher contrary to the article.

Why should it be the same either way? Is there no such thing as selection bias?

Depends on where they are moving to. But what is more important to global averages than migration is who is having the most babies. As the continental African population explodes the average world IQ is taking a nose dive.

Higher for blacks, as they're now taking resources and fertile white women for their own, lower for whites, who will receive less resources to raise their own children, and now have to compete with non-whites for fertile white women.

It shouldn't be happening in modernized countrys like america where iodine hasn't really been a problem for a while then but it is.
That was just an example of how IQ tests could be biased, towards certain types of thinking.

This wasn't a point against race realism, I was just pointing out that the lowering of IQ's from moving in lower IQ people in one country does not mean a global reversal of the Flynn effect.

Nigger, if you were here since 06 I would highly doubt you would use the term "channer". Oh and for the record I'm not the first guy you were talking to. I'm just criticizing your point which I would assume most long time posters would naturally understand at this point.

Well if IQ is genetic and whites have average 100 IQ and blacks 85 IQ then it shouldn't matter which side of the family you got the african gene from your IQ should be on average 92.5 but this isn't the case as mixed race people with white mother have an average IQ nine points higher than the other way around.

Watch this:, J. Philippe & Arthur R. Jensen. "The rise and fall of the Flynn Effect as a reason to expect a narrowing of the Black-White IQ gap." Intelligence 38 (2010).pdf

Try to focus on the subject: for example take 1000 niggers with avg IQ of 60 and put them in Germany. Suddenly Germany's avg IQ dropped by a small margin.
On Africa, however, in a very short gap of time, the "void" of resources of the 1000 niggers removed will be filled immediatly by 1000 newborns in no-time. The population in Africa is as high as it can be given the resources available (protip: whites send "help" to Africa, maintaining an artificially elevated population equilibrium )


At best you're going to get a short-term neutral exchange with devastating long-term societal changes (increased violence, low homogeneity = low trust, less high IQ individuals breeding) which will lower IQ.

Nobody here said IQ is restricted to somatic chromosomes.
The "intelligence" of a person is a complex trait, with many alleles influencing it.
The X and Y chromosomes may affect it.
(in fact, some studies says avg IQ differs between men and women)

May be, wasn't my argument.

Oh you're right I suppose. I suppose I misread that. Chan people is still a retarded way of saying imageboard users though so my point still stands.

Take your meds.

Most studys show that women have lower IQ's so if this was the case it would be the other way around. Also women don't pass on their chromosome patterns…

And this is regardless of what caused the lower IQ in the (((introduced))) population.
Also; the higher IQ in African Americans than normal Africans could probably be correlated to the amount of European admixture they have. But there is no such study at the moment, as it's too (((politically incorrect))).

Just don't use this study, m8. I am on the learning path too, and while we can clearly see the differences, the narrative can only be changed if you can make the left look unscientific and stupid.
The N for this study was too small, just check out a few Gariepy streams and actually read the Sources/Studies that he cites, and you will be argumentatively gassing lefties in no time.
And all that aside, the inevitability of genetic tech and genetic IQ tests will blow lefties the fuck out.

This is a little like saying; look that bicycle that just accelerated is gaining speed like twice as fast as that truck, therefore they will end up at the same speed, that bike will go 100mph, just you watch!
Just because there is a momentary trend does not mean it will persist.
This can be seen in the American IQ averages; you can't tell me American Blacks are malnourished in comparison to whites; and before you put the next bullshit on the table: education has nearly no correlation with IQ, the other way around is true however, and this is also why they had to make entry to colleges harder for Whites and Asians, they are trying to legislate away a difference that won't vanish. Just the same with wealth; you have barely and correlation of wealth and origin of the child, when you look at two generations distance; this is a very real evidence of social mobility.
However, you have an 0.8 correlation (high!) for wealth and IQ.
Put one and one together for fucks sake.

Also, on South Italians and such, you fail to mention the "IQ" that they had before the gap was closed.
Man, I really need to do more learning and then, in contrast to fags like you, use actual citations to blow these kinds of non-scientific arguments out of the water.

Humans have 22 pairs of equally functional chromosomes and a 23th pair of "sex chromosomes". The X and Y chromosome, which determines sex (in particular, a male human is defined by having an Y chromosome, but even more specifically by having a functional SRY gene… some genes can be THAT important for superior and complex traits)
The intelligence of a person is a very complex trait, for which many genes are responsible (let's say, directly and indirectly 200 genes affect it, possibly more!).
Testosterone levels for example may play a part in intelligence.

The main point anyway is that
phenotype = genotype + environment

Don't ignore one of the factors. If you have the best genes but are on heavy drugs, your iq will be low. Same if you are an irredeemable nigger with the best education ; even with the best education some people are beyond civilization.
The genetic part is very important in this trait, do not underestimate it.

That's right. However, i never even remotely said i understand human cognition and the roles each gene plays. It is a very hard task to untangle what each gene do or sum to overall intelligence.
Also, there are no ((( incentives ))) to determine this with exactitude because of the political agenda.
There is an effect called "nurse effect" of the cells of the mother which may influence epigenetic behaviour of early cells.
There are many possibilities to explain the phenomena.


Didn't say that the gap was going to close, just said that it was becoming smaller and that previous gaps have closed in a similar way from cultures being modernized.

The point was that racial differences in IQ still apply despite the Flynn Effect. If you move a bunch of Africans to Germany to lower the average IQ score of the country (they will still have lower IQ in the end than the whites despite the same resources) while black Africans are receiving tons of foreign food aid and therefore their IQ scores are rising it doesn't mean that black and white will reach parity.

Children of African immigrants do worse than whites and their parents in the US, tending toward the norm of native blacks.

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My point was not that they don't but rather than that the Flynn effect makes the idea of IQ measuring G less plausible unless you think that your great great grandparents were retards.

There are a number of different types of IQ tests. The Flynn effect is seen in the type of tests which are lesser g loaded.


Watch the video I provided and read the links.

Completely ignoring the fact that the average American nigger has around 25% European admixture. Eat shit idiot.

Why would our great great grandparents be retards do to the flynn effect again? I'm not too familiar with it in the first place, and the way OP presented it feels like a commie talking about something in a lopsided manner.

Why would "race realism" explain it? How does "gravity realism" explain it? When fewer people are given low level brain damage from lead, malnutrition, etc the average IQ becomes closer to the genetic potential IQ of the population. Duh?

No, I believe my great grandparents had an IQ close to 100, but one of my great grannies brothers was kicked in the head by a mule and was retarded as a result. This kind of shit was incredibly common. Average IQ does not mean everyone has that IQ you retard.

The Flynn Effect is a load of horeshit, pure and simple. A good example of this is Euclid, the Greek mathematician who lived over 2,000 years ago. His mathematical proofs, and geometry books, are still used to this day. The man certainly had a gigantic IQ,as did Newton, Scorates, even Caesar himself.

As points out, IQ can sometimes be seen as a potential. If a white person is born retarded, he lost the potential to be a doctor, mathematician, welder, etc. If he suddenly becomes normal, this isn't a Flynn Effect; it's him realizing his potential. You have to remember that as History continue, white people grew more and more powerful, which meant more food and more public schooling for the poor. If the Flynn Effect was true, niggers and other mudcreatures wouldn't still be living in mudhuts.

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Nothing you said makes the flynn effect horseshit, it just means you don't know what it is. It is the observed increase in average IQ over the 20th century. Ancient Greece has nothing to do with it. All it says is average IQs were lower in the 40s than in the 1990s. Gee, I wonder if mass malnutrition from the great depression had anything to do with that. And again, nogs in mudhutts has nothing to do with it either. Why would "developed nations IQs rose between the 40s and the 90s" mean Africans would become human?

The left have beliefs that all races are created identical in all ways except skin color. All the while claiming to believe in science and evolution.
Ironic as always, Marxists are a contradiction to them selves.


That IQ stuff?
That needs an overhaul in thinking anyway.

IQ only matters if it's below 100 because that really impedes general fitness.
Over 100 only one thing matters, skills in agriculture and animal husbandry as well as environmental care, because being able to eat, drink and breathe is the currency with which "other disciplines" are fueled and bought with.

So let's say you have like a maths IQ of 200, doesn't do you much if you breathe toxic air, drink toxic water and are starving.

Coincicentally, "whites" excel in all those super important fields, and, as a bonus, they are actually really really really really good at everything else, too.
In fact, whites are usually the best in understanding and implementing and pioneering tech and science that others can use it too.

And the funny thing is.
This is the ultimate argument, it has the least holes and the most weight.

Stop with the marxist bullshit. A nog could just as well say "IQ only matters if it's below 70 because that really impedes general fitness". You immediately contradict your own idiocy by pointing out that whites are the best at things which require a high IQ, and that above 100 IQ whites implement technology to improve the lives of below 100 IQ whites.

The Flynn Effect is in specific domain intelligences while the IQ gap between groups tends to be in g, thus not overlapping on one another. As James Flynn said: "The results appear to me correct: the magnitude of white/black IQ differences on Wechsler subtests at any given time is correlated with the g loadings of the subtests; the magnitude of IQ gains over time on subtests is not usually so correlated; the causes of the two phenomena are not the same. I have acknowledged this many times." (Flynn, 2008, p. 79; 2012, p.136).
But whatever, for the sake of argument, let's say they overlap: you can still have a giant effect on IQ and g by the Flynn Effect with group differences still being heritable, , because, hey, heritability is talking about the variance between groups due to genetic variances. Thus, what you should look at is the variance between groups on the Flynn Effect and not the Flynn Effect itself. Also, when factoring for environment, the Flynn Effect would be defacto factored for this it's environment.

Read these papers:
The rise and fall of the Flynn Effect as a reason to expect a narrowing of the Black–White IQ gap

Secular gains in IQ not related to the g factor and inbreeding depression — unlike Black-White differences: A reply to Flynn

Le sage.

A nog could say that, but the nog would be wrong.

After all, they're currently dying of starvation in niggerland.

When I say that what I said is the ultimate argument, then I mean it, and I am right about it, too.

A) you need to provide a source

B) you have to be a fucking retard to have kids with a negress when as a white man you’re at the top of the reproduction hierarchy.
Women are terrible at saying no and give in to (((society’s))) pressures. A woman would rather throw her entire lineage in the trash to avoid being called a racist and trust me niggers play that angle .00025 seconds after being rejected. The only cure is to remove niggers from white society.

100 is just average. The average by white standards that is, needed to maintain a civilized society at our level. High IQ people are crucial for top level tasks.
Even if a high IQ is not a 100% guarantee of success individually (it doesn't measure work ethic or creativity, for instance), it's the best way to measure a society's success (unless it's squandered by shit systems such as communism).

Do you even know what selection bias is? Because you didn't respond to this Blount at all. Lookup first. For example, black father's may need to be much smarter than the average black male to be able to acquire a white wife, because white women require higher standards and income. One example of selection bias.



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