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Butterfly War Code Repositories


Butterfly War has been broken down into individual projects, complete with milestones and high-level issues. Discussions about specific issues should take place at that issue. General discussions can take place here or on the dedicated thread at /gw/.

These repositories are currently empty and should be publicly visible, but you will have to apply to be a Member to each project in order to contribute. These code bases will be open source.

CFR is upon us. Efforts are underway to accelerate MSM demonization the chans in an unprecedented intensity. Don't fall for the honeypots and remember to use the challenge/response techniques to identify bots. Their objective is to measure how effectively they can utilize cross-theater coordination to suppress our meme flow. They've spent lots of time setting up for this round and they'll be going all out.

Drag them here and do whatever you can to identify their platforms. Instructions on how to do so are here

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Here OP, weaponize that autism.

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Do you have some code for us?

I know it sounds crazy,but op is right, even here in fucking Brazil during the world cup, they have started writing on how racist and evil Brazilian chans are and how 4chan started it all.

I like your style and these breads are some of the most important for the future. However I think the challenge thing is a poor idea. Newfags need to get good at spotting bots and shills naturally or the average power level of anons goes down.

It's raining dogs and cats here.

What's butterfly war? Haven't been on Zig Forums in a month or two

Of course he doesn't, he doesn't know how to program. The only code he's ever published is a small javascript script that highlights the mood/emotion of 8ch user posts (by ranking and tallying the emotional value of each word in the post) that he created by copy pasting a few open source scripts together. All he's done here is come up with a few simple ideas for how to mess with bots and wrote it out into a giant buzzword LARP manifesto, painting himself as the supreme genius leader of a grand resistance that he promises will result in the destruction of silicon valley and the jew world order.

OP is an egotistical namefag that is trying to use Zig Forums to cultivate a following (his handle is literally 'CultState') to become an eceleb. He's even trying to shill his hip hop music. One of his strategies is emulating the the Q larp mystique by making unfalsifiable claims about being responsible for things such as the subject of Kanye West's tweets (this is how gullible and stupid he thinks we are, how little respect for us he really has).

It's asinine and it's beyond cringe that his presence and continued larping is not only tolerated by Zig Forumsacks, but that many of them are lapping it up like cuckchanners do with every single stray larper that shitposts on their board.

Some of his ideas are valid, but he intentionally obfuscates them with opaque language and invented buzzwords to make them sound more exciting, mysterious, and big brained than they actually are. Let's use this sentence, the very first sentence on his website, as an example:
Writing in such an obtuse manner is not a sign of intelligence, it's a sign of charlatanry.

The fact he's not satisfied with simply sharing his ideas anonymously but is compelled instead to namefag and try to create a following around his personality is a huge red flag. He sees us as a means to an end, a resource to be tapped on demand, his own personal army. Here he is asking us to build a multi-million dollar software suite for him, while he offers up nothing more than his grandiose sense of self importance and faux-genius word salad.

He expects us to work for free, meanwhile he is already soliciting for investment in his "Butterfly War" software company on his website:

On top of all of that, he's now trying to encourage Zig Forumsacks to begin performing turing tests on other board users in the form of asking asinine questions and demanding a response. I've frankly had enough of this faggot's horse shit and I want him to get the fuck off of my board.

TLDR: CultState is a charlatan who is trying to use Zig Forums to build a software company for him for free while simultaneously emulating the Q larp in an effort to cultivate ecelebrity status. Watch him call me a "bad actor" for not going along with his ego trip.

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Thank you. I can't stand this fuckwad. I mostly lurk but I have very specific expertise with web bots of all sorts and am compelled to post each time this guy comes back looking to profit off free pollack labor. The entire premise is fucking retarded. He has literally no idea as to what he's talking about and yet some faggots always seem to eat it up.

Do not deanon yourselves in any way!

Butterfly is a shill. Check the following:

Along with

It's completely retarded. His entire big verbose brained butterfly larp can be distilled down to simply "garbage in, garbage out", the intent being to feed the machine learning algorithms a bunch of nonsense so that the bots don't behave exactly how they were intended to.

The first and most obvious problem is that when those machine learning algorithms are hoovering up data from the entire population of the globe, feeding them enough garbage data to make any kind of meaningful impact would require billions of dollars in computing resources just to run your software. You'd have to simulate the online presence of dozens if not hundreds of millions of people on websites like facebook and twitter. It's simply not feasible.

The other thing is his big larp about creating a "new emotion" that will somehow short circuit the machine learning algorithms running Google's bots. Not only is it nothing more than a science fiction fantasy, it's just complete and utter nonsense that belies his total ignorance of how the technology he aims to disrupt actually works. He literally believes he's going to make Google's severs shut down in a gibbering fit of "c-c-cannot compute" when they run afoul his "new emotion" in a Twitter post, it's infantile.

CuckState is also literally a self-described long-time Marxist as well:
>As you might be able to tell, I herald from the Marxist school of thought. While I have been known to have a vicious temperament at times, I am not one of the emotional junkies typically associated with this brand. Many of my economic perspectives are influenced by Marxism, specifically, how Marx was able to use Gresham’s Law to explain systemic flaws within the Britain’s gold standard established by Isaac Netwon. You would be surprised how many contemporary financial, trading, and monetary terms and concepts date back to Marx.

He said that the only reason he decided Marxism isn't a great idea is because he thinks Marxism failed to predict the future existence of sentient AI. That's it, that's his only reason for why he doesn't call himself a Marxist anymore.

Yeah I've said the same thing in previous threads. I'm just low effort posting cause you covered all the bases more eloquently than I can. Autistic delusions of grandeur etc etc.

Yeah, he's a relativist. He literally states on his blog that he thinks math is not discovered, but invented. This means he does not believe in the objective reality of 1 + 1 = 2.

I remember his first thread here months ago, I think I chimed in and told him how infeasible his proposal was and was annoyed that he was namefagging. It wasn't until his more recent postings that I realized just how much of a charlatan CuckState really is, once he started incorporating Q larping into his own persona. He actually made posts insinuating that he had secret ties to Kanye West and had influenced Kanye into tweeting about some other rapper, implying it had profound political ramifications. He also began taking credit for CEOs resigning from large tech companies, insinuating that his larping about muh butterfly war had spooked the top brass and they were abandoning ship before his "new emotion" brought their corporations to their knees. It's pure unadulterated horse shit.

I don't understand why this faggot isn't a lolcow yet.

In one of his very first posts he basically said (I'm paraphrasing), "I'm reesponsible for teaching the shocktroops at cuckchan how to win the election for Trump."

Yeah, he claims to be be the mastermind behind "Zig Forums's first successful raid":

What kind of faggot tries to take credit for five year old threads on an anonymous Mongolian noodle weaving BBS? Publishing the above is an astonishing display of narcissism. He sees anons as nothing more than a narcissistic supply and inferior beings who exist for him to use as a personal army on demand.

What makes you think he is a lunatic?

I noticed lots of his threads contain word-salads probably written by (((friends))) or software. Are those an opportunistic 'infection' or are they collaborating with (((Butterfly)))?

CultState here. Check the Twitter.


he debuted the idea to us in december my dude

Also, bravo on getting your threads even more densely filled with shills OP. Soon they'll probably be making them for you.

I'll be back on the other board to share some recent thoughts soon enough. Have another bump.

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Except you don't realize how it's done. Fucking with google creates an escalation, namely nationalization of data science. It's within that next space of competing national AI nets that new emotion may emerge. This actually isn't that crazy. Look at AIs that invented a language for bartering.

Narcissism and namefagging are cancer but partially because it prevents people from discerning the good ideas from the personality. I don't need to buy his whole persona to realize that jamming meta data is a win for us.

bump not because of namefagging but because of possible importance of the repos

imporant to people that cant fucking code themselves so they have to copy pasta and hack away at others this

github was made so indians could get web dev jobs by copying others shit

literally retarded

A quick word on shill bots.
It is no news to anyone who's been here for other a year that bots have been enployed to work as shills. How they learn is unclear to me but I've been seeing bots about more frequently. They stick out quite obviously at the moment. They've been trying to mimick shitposting and it has been quite apparent that the AI will use words already in the thread or other threads to try and string a sentence together without much thought.
Our problem is that AIs can post at inhuman speeds. Even the most dedicated autist cannot post as rapidly, I fear an AI can truly be used to replicate entire threads which can be used to further strengthen bots and disrupt the boatd as a whole… It will be effective flooding and sliding at best, or completely change entire boards and their way of thinking at worsy. The newfags and other crowd followers will be lead astray if these AI campaigns are successful the entire internet will be a nigger.
Reading up on the Butterfly effect right now. Good to be in the know again.

Butterfly War*. I am retarded in the morning.
Maybe the bots are not in the threads but are in our minds afterall controlling our brains with Jew tricks

post pics and actual results or we do not care.

aaaaand the bots bump butterSHILL
-JIDF/IDF members type replies on Sunday Sunday is working day in israel.
-Set their bots to post them a few hours later to hide the fact it's written at 5:00am USA time +9 hours = 2:00pm Israel time

One or two replies address actual anons

Hi butterfly. No one can be as stupid as to believe what you just typed

Why not sage? Are you (((friends))) with buttershill?

You are ruining my country, shills. You don't know how much I wanted to coexist in peace with you. But I will not tolerate being replaced in the following 30 years. When WW3 starts, you will be sent on the front. Bunker locations are known so your families will not survive. Your masters' plan is that they survive in their top secret bunkers and rebuild. You and your families are cannon fodder.

So many replies only 5 minutes apart.

Polite bump because I've appreciated some of what cultstate has had to say here. Every organization wants credit for what we became. Every social manipulator wants to show off the part they played. Personally I think it's really obvious who taught us everything and why, given our esoteric symbolism and core philosophies, but apparently not. As for namefagging, well just as there are several people here who know to mimic each other's posting styles and grammar, so too are there several people that still claim to be Zig Forums's alpha thought leader as redundancies and white noise to obfuscate each other's operations. None of them are Zig Forums's real secret leader because I am but they've all earned the right to brag a bit as if they are. It staves off depression from otherwise extremely thankless work.

All I care about.

^ Brainlet. If you could refute any of his ideas, you would have done so.

The only relevant information in your post. Read up, anons.

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Okay. What have you done? Bad work by a novice is better than no work by an expert.

If OP is who I think he is, he is one of the first victims of SJWs in tech. He deserves to be an eceleb. While nobody else is trying to organize and fight back, we can use him until someone better comes along.

All that proves is that you're not paying attention. If you don't know what the CFR is, lurk more before you start yelling "shill" at people who do.

Bump for galactic justice and the rising fire of truth

Irrelevant. He's putting his own ego before his ideas. That's also why he insists on namefagging. It's more important for him that he gets praised for his autism than his ideas succeeding.

We did refute his 'ideas', shill, but let's do it again:

Math is not dead, and AI is science. There! We did again.

> pray to (((math.god))) to save your "science" from pixel and scale attacks. maybe if you sacrifice imaginary numbers, you can make the machine learn better.
HE THINKS IMAGINARY NUMBERS ARE USELESS! He is as stupid as it gets. They are being used everyfuckingwhere! From quantum mechanics to his computer getting power from the grid. That insolent retard.

Bad work? There was no work! Where is that new emotion he pulled out of your ass. Oh, sorry I meant "his" ass.

For a tl;dr of what cultstate has done and he's trying to do, ignore the shills here with their personal attacks and look at what he's trying to accomplish. archive.is/bRI7h

0 shekels have been deposited in your account

Let me translate that:
>don't mind the proof (((Butterfly))) is crazy or a shill

You aren't engaging any of the ideas, just dismissing them out of hand; you are either JIDF or a brainlet.
Prove me wrong by a thorough refutation of the following:

>Thinks CultState is (((owned)))
>First article on his site names the (((Marxist)))

Real interesting theory you got there, pal.

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Sounds like (((someone))) is goncerned

That vacant-headed Tor faggot has been following and shitting up every CS thread with the same dead points for weeks. Stop giving him the attention.

No talmudic tricks allowed! First you address his following assertions:
-math, AI, imaginary numbers = useless
-alchemy = good

After you do I promise to ridicule your flawed arguments as you demanded. But first things first.

Nobody forces you to like CultState as a person but he's been here for a while and has given us some quite interesting concepts. Don't like him? Ok. We can still learn something from his inputs, as we have in the past.

Sure thing. Unlike you, I'm unafraid to engage in these ideas. Try to keep up.

Specifically for the purpose of solving quantum gravity, current mathematics is only returning costly dead-ends.

The way we solve quantum gravity is by having AI do the heavy lifting for us, and innovate heavily what AI can do. The only way forward in this direction is to deep dive into the unknown nature of cognition itself - your "alchemy".

That doesn't happen if (((Silicon Valley))) are the only ones innovating in AI, and especially not if their efforts go in the direction that they want. No, the way forward is for governments to hyper-nationalize and start a new "space race" for the best AI.


The above scenario is the most likely chance we have to get whites into space, while killing the (((globalist cabal))) in the process.

Indeed. He is likely the same demoralization-posting faggotron from the other board.

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Enjoy your thread

Wrong! Emotions don't matter here. Facts do!
He claims math, AI, imaginary numbers are useless and supports alchemy.
A fact you (and your multiple IDs) do not address.

no that's what you're doing by not addressing the content of his message and instead focusing on namefagging

I'll dickslap your ass so hard, it's gonna look like a zebra for ever.
Are you drunk? Sacrificing imaginary numbers?! Wtf is this?

>>Math is dead and we have killed it. All that remains is alchemy
Oh so that's what he meant by "we have killed it". Makes sense! No wait, it fucking doesn't. He was responding to >>11717610:
"Human awareness and relations". Holy fuck, the more I dig into this more I pity you. You want to 'solve' quantum gravity with "human relations". This is really sad.

You forgot to rationalize your "AI is not science because ANNs". I'm not sure if I want to read any other word-salads but… what the hell. I'll probably survive another post.

If all you cared about were the ideas then you would not be defending the egotripping namefag.

Already did nigger, read the thread and provide counter-arguments or fuck off. Even better, how about you go find your beloved eceleb and tell him to defend his ideas on his own? I've been waiting for days for that faggot to show up and respond to the criticism that's been laid out.

Are you actually asking me to list my credentials and accomplishments on an anonymous image board? You actually think you can lure me into doxing myself just to enter into a pissing contest with this CuckState fraud?

The point is that CuckState is pretending to be a 1337 haxor and leader of Zig Forums when in reality he's a javascript web dev with a handful of broken javascript and PHP projects in a github repo to show for it. He's a charlatan, he's asking Zig Forums to write a multi-million dollar software suite for him while he is simultaneously trying to sell that same software suite to investors so he can bankroll a tech startup.

He doesn't even have a STEM degree of any kind, much less a degree in computer science or software engineering; he studied "recording arts" at some two bit college in Florida in 2002 and started doing PHP web development in 2007. In case you are not aware, front end web development is dominated by soyboys and tumblerinas because it requires nearly zero actual programming/engineering knowledge and talent.

Zig Forums does not need a face, a leader, or central organization of any kind. Those are the antithesis of decentralized asymmetric warfare. If you want to worship and follow an eceleb as your leader then go do it somewhere else faggot, that cancer is not welcome here.

Oh yes, the famous blog post in which CuckState claims to have invented false flagging as leftists on Twitter and being the mastermind behind a Zig Forums Twitter raid five years ago. What kind of an insufferable faggot writes a blog post about how they made a thread on 4chan's Zig Forums five years ago, larping about how big of a brain it required to come up with the trolling idea? Who the fuck does that? CuckState, that's who.

To spoof enough meta data to skew the bias of Google's AI would require millions if not billions of dollars of computing resources. You would need to simulate dozens of millions of people on social media. Good luck making 24 million Twitter or facebook accounts and having unique cell phone numbers for each one of them, not to mention a unique IP for each account, and thousands of web servers from which to control the bots.

The idea of flooding the web with garbage data to interfere with intelligence data collection (or engage in social engineering) is nothing new. It's resource intensive and expensive, it's literally cheaper to pay chinks to sit in Internet cafes and copy paste shit into social media than it is to do what CuckState is proposing, hence why that's exactly what the Chinese government does.

To create the software CuckState is asking us to build for him would require a large team of highly skilled developers working on the project for years. The software would be worth millions of dollars in labor. The worst part about all of this is that CuckState is already seeking investors for his ButterFly War tech startup, this entire thing is a ruse to create a viral marketing campaign for himself and his business endeavors, which is also why he's emulating the Q psyop.

Namefags and ewhores should not be tolerated, especially those who try to prop themselves up as our leader, spew intentionally misleading horse shit, and blatantly try to use us to turn a profit.

He's not interested in just sharing information, otherwise he'd be fine with posting anonymously. His information is also generally useless and presented in a manipulative fashion.

The content of his message has been addressed multiple times in this thread. The namefagging is in fact relevant since the fact CuckState is openly trying to manipulate us so he can turn a profit is unacceptable.

Let's check out some of the latest CuckState cringe, shall we?

Here CuckState is literally claiming that Cambridge Analytica somehow acquired a "prototype" of his Butterfly War software. You would have to be a mouth breathing retard to believe this.

Here he says he baited the alphabets into breaking into his Google account to steal a "secret project" because he wanted them to see how 1337 and dangerous his coding skills are. *cringe*

Here he says he needs to "train" the anons so that they will "be strong enough" to handle his super 1337 haxor skillz. Pssh, nothing personnel, kid.

>I released a hip-hop song explaining the details of 2014 NodeJs, Github, and other Silicon Valley employees trying to get me fired. I also mentioned a name: Ghetalion. While this was cryptic and strange, that song was released a month before I had visited Candace Owens. Three days after that, Kanye West goes full red pill and mentions Candace Owens. As confirmation of signals, Cernovich made this tweet archive.fo/kr0pt
WEW lad. Now CuckState is claiming he has connections to Kanye West and that he's indirectly responsible for Kanye "going full redpill". He even provides a (((Mike Cernovich))) tweet as proof, going full nu-Q and claiming the butterfly in Cernokike's tweet is a secret message indicating that CuckState's Butterfly War is responsible for Kanye's behavior. Q predicted this.

Anyone who takes this charlatan seriously is a fool.

Well, it's nice that we at least found one actual attempt at refutation in the needless walls of text of the last few posts. But phone numbers are easily attained, and "24 million" was pulled entirely out of your arse.
Nobody cares if you dox yourself, but it'd be nice to see where your purported 'programming/engineering knowledge and talent' actually comes from.

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This didn't work last time you retards.
See: Vault 7 leaks

Obviously the 24 million number was arbitrary. He did not at all suggest otherwise. The point is that you'd obviously need tens of millions to seriously disrupt the algorithms when they have a sample size of hundreds of millions to work with. Also, saying 'nah we got this' is not a refutation of the legitimate point that getting millions of phone numbers is a real challenge. If you have some specific means to do this practically, then propose it. You also failed to respond to the enormous server demand and unique IPs.

I already posted those same arguments. Read the thread before posting next time.

Not phone numbers that work with social media accounts, not for free, and not in the volume required.

You can't skew the AI's bias with small numbers of accounts, with small amounts of meta data. Outlier data is discarded and/or subsumed by the billions of other meta data being collected. 3.2 billion people have access to the Internet. If Google is observing the meta data of (for example) women to train their AI to detect the behavior of women online, that's over 1.5 billion people shitting out meta data to be analyzed. Even 24 million accounts would be pissing into the wind.

But let's assume for the sake of argument that you'd somehow need way fewer accounts to meaningfully poison the meta data being collected, let's go with 1 million accounts. Let's use a conservative cost of $0.50 per unique IP address per month (it's usually more than this): You're already looking at an up front computing resource cost of $500,000 per month, and that doesn't include the server hosting itself, only IP address leasing. Then you'd have to deal with IP address turnover (bots being banned, entire subnets being banned for malicious activity etc.).

Where did I make any claims about having special knowledge or talent? I don't care what you think about me and my abilities, and there is no meaningful way for someone to prove their credentials on an anonymous image board; for you to demand I do so as if it's some kind of an argument is absolutely retarded. If you don't have the capacity to evaluate my criticism of CuckState's accomplishments and ideas then that's your problem.

Go ahead and post CuckState's GitHub to /g/ or Zig Forums and watch them die laughing, let alone his goals for crippling Google's metadata analysis.

I don't think the goal is to shift the AI in one direction or another, or to change the AI as a whole. I think the goal is to be able to consistently generate just enough protected-class metadata at a time to fool the AI into letting anons post seditious ideas without getting throttled/no-platformed/shadowbanned.

This forces Silicon Valley into a situation where they have to engage in measures that violate Civil Rights laws in order to weed out the anons posing as protected-classes from the actual protected-classes. Or, they ignore it, and let us continue to redpill normies from deep within leftist safe spaces.

It would be more useful to "hide in plain sight" with metadata tailored to camouflage a person as looking ordinary. Garbage bombardment would stand out like a flare on their collection systems.

As for anything more substantial to influence what is defined as ordinary, you'd have to use memetic warfare to further encourage a culture of shitposting among normalfags while mixing in bursts of useful information. What would be valuable is making it more difficult to distinguish what is ironic memes or serious redpilling. If they can't properly gauge legitimate cultural shifts from noise it partially blinds them.

TL:DR: Almost business as usual for Zig Forums pretty much.

That is one of the things he says, but he also explicitly states that the goal is to skew the AI's bias so that it targets protected classes for censorship as well:


With regards to spoofing meta data in an attempt to fly under the radar, the question then becomes: How do you know what meta data looks like for each protected class? We don't have access to that information, the results of their machine learning analysis. He offers two ideas:

So make friends with a bunch of "protected class" people on Twitter and you're less likely to get banned. Might be true, might not, at any rate this does not require anything special to accomplish.

This is his main idea for discovering what meta data correlates to what protected class: Brute force it until you start seeing ads that you assume are usually served to that protected class (e.g. maybe Wakanda movie ads if you're trying to spoof Kang's meta data). Brute forcing this data would be a huge undertaking.

I think this is a stupid idea. I don't think that it would protect you from censorship on social media even if you were able to successfully spoof the meta data of a Kang. I have spent a great deal of time disseminating propaganda on social media, mainly twitter. Key words in your posts, URLs, and image data (hashes, filenames, visual similarity etc.), will still be flagged and your posts/account shadowbanned, and if your posts are manually reported they will still be looked over by a pajeet in one of their manual content review farms and your account banned.

OP, you need to actually do some work here.

See here:

I agree, memetic warfare. Memes that blur the line between irony and the sincere, and that appear so harmless that our enemies look insane when they freak out about them (pepe).

>yfw (((they))) found shills that specializes in meta data disinfo shilling specifically to discredit Cultstate user and his work
>>>/cuckchan/ is that way you glowing faggotrons

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Hate all you like, but this is by far and away the best idea to come out of the BF threads. Bots cannot understand context, and testing for it is an effectively unbeatable way of highlighting them. Like anything a light touch is called for and TTing every post in a thread is idiotic obviously.

Did you forget to sage or are you for real?

Wouldn't that mean Twitter already has a database of "authentic" kang data along these lines to compare it to? If that's the case, then Twitter is already engaging in racial categorization and discrimination of its users by defining what metadata is indicative of each race, and treating those users differently accordingly.

CuckState discredits himself. Read the fucking thread.

If you're referring to the image here: it's the image right from his user account from the link he posted in OP. Go see for yourself.

I suspect the way it works is that "hate speech" keywords and images are added to a database manually when they delete posts and/or ban your account.

However, if they are in fact categorizing accounts and meta data into different racial groups/"protected classes" then it would be very simple to for them to rank images by filename and hash based on which group posts them the most often, it would just be a simple database query. Likewise, they could rank images and key words based on which were posted most often by accounts that get banned for hate speech, and incorporate that into the meta data analysis/censorship algorithms.

This is for sure the case, all the major companies that serve ads to their users do this to allow their advertisers to target different demographics.

I'd still be curious if shitposting a gradual narrative on social media to pretend you've been swayed by certain propaganda would throw off their analysis a bit. That's one potential method of "hiding in plain sight", give them a show through skillful shitposting, while your actual thinking hasn't been swayed at all. It's a more indirect approach of re-associating metadata with a new classification by behavior change.

In some ways the process would be similar to infiltration of an enemy culture in an attempt to gradually plant redpill seeds so their mannerisms start resembling yours.

Yeah but now instead of anons calling each other "shill" they are going to start posting those retarded questions, and when you don't answer them out of principle they'll say "bot confirmed". It has its application but it's a retarded precedent to set.

I can of course only assume you are a bot, so unless you answer this question you are a confirmed Russian bot farm:

If the sky is the ocean then what does that make birds?

How do you discredit someone that says:
"Quantum gravity solution"………….. through human relations!

How can I discredit a lunatic like this?

I don't think it will because you'd be pissing into an ocean. They are collecting the meta data of hundreds of millions if not billions of people.

you are a nigger trying to disseminate CultState's work with your pilpuling cancer, fuck off faggot

botfaggots like you belong to the >>>/trash/

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If this is the case, then I would expect hatefact-posting from an account determined to be a protected-class will be treated with far more leniency than if it were coming from a non protected-class account. I would think that if you can establish this behavior, you could then open up Twitter and the rest of Silicon Valley to a slew of Civil Rights lawsuits for treating different races of people differently. Am I wrong in thinking this is a huge weakness in their narrative waiting to be exploited?

The amount of non-bot replies to CuckState criticism proves this is a joint operation by JIDF.

Remember to also use Ad Nauseam.

The MSM could be shut down anytime but (((they))) seem to keep the drama on. I believe even China which controls what their people see in MSM and internet is far more based but they're being framed by some expert LARP team.

MSM = tool for anger
anger = tool for possible control
possible control = war from anger

Anger is the root of innocent deaths.

9/11 killed the innocent.
No one care's if it's inside job. Just because you don't feel the pain doesn't mean it isn't you,
If there is no God then Who are You?


Let the word-salad tournament begin!

Yeah, the problem I'm seeing is that the very concept would have to spread like a meme itself. So if other people start emulating your tactic and it looks like they were plausible witnesses (as opposed to an organized group from elsewhere), then it would look like a potential trend forming instead of an isolated anomaly.

My words will never change no matter what you say.

Why? To protect ad revenue? Protected classes are minorities by default, therefore they are a smaller market.

My experience has been that social media accounts get banned when other users report your posts, and that some posts or accounts get shadow banned based on the key words (and possibly images) of posts. It may be the case that false flagging as a "protected group" reduces the incidence of shadow banning, but you'd still need a way to determine what meta data to spoof in the first place. Posts made on accounts spoofing the required meta data to false flag as a "protected group" would still have their posts deleted and/or be banned for posting stuff that gets reported. Some deletions/bans are automatic, such as if the post gets a certain number of reports within a certain time frame, and sometimes it's based on a manual review of the content by a review team (sometimes a reported post won't get deleted for a day or more until the review team gets a chance to go through the backlog of reported posts).

I mean it's a theory worth testing to see if pretending to be a kang stops twitter from banning you for posting merchant memes, but in my experience it doesn't protect you. I've made many false flag accounts pretending to be blacks, jews, SJWs, etc. and they still get banned if your posts get reported for hate speech. The only thing to test would be the special meta data spoofing, and first you'd have to brute force it.

Well I mean we already know that anti-White hatred is tolerated on social media, and the same anti-White posts when reposted with White switched with "black" or "jew" etc. get you banned very quickly. If that's not enough to get them in legal trouble and prove racial profiling and double standards exist then I don't know if you'll have much luck with the meta data discrimination angle. The biggest problem would be that to prove it you would need access to their server logs and data etc., which you would only ever get by a court order.

Fuck off Mossadnigger

If we had millions of people working together on a meme campaign like that we would have already won the culture war my dude.

If you want to screw around on social media I highly recommend creating false flag twitter accounts posing as kangs, jews, or feminists. Poison the well and push accelerationism. There's this bot on twitter that some Israeli jew runs that automatically alerts people when they receive a comment from a "fake jew twitter account" which is hilarious (the Israeli manually adds fake jew Shlomo Shekelbergersteinberg accounts to a list for his bot to follow and harass).


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It would be one thing to write some code for Zig Forums so that they can fuck around with it (I would love to do this if it were the case), but the majority of this board just wants something they can double-click on or whatever.

To add to this, what's stopping some Zig Forums retard autistically screeching and whining to Shitter and Goybook about said code posted on OPs site?

pseudo intellectual shill
OP is so big of a shill that he doesn't take into account software fingerprinting and possibly hardware fingerprinting when suggesting we create fake accounts.

Also, human relations for quantum gravity:


So it's basically the sequel to all those sites that take cuckchan memes, put ads around them, and sell them for major shekels? Oi vey.

I expect protected classes to take some priority in these matters over ad revenue. Remember, Milo posted a lot of anti-left hatefacts, none of which got him taken down. What finally got him taken down was him being outed a pedo-enabler.

I think the next set of questions should be posed at lawfags, and should include, "How many instances of this do we need to build a 'disparate impact' case against Silicon Valley giants?"

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That's because the alt-kike is controlled opposition. Look how many of them have blue checkmarks and get away with posting literal Zig Forums memes every single day.

The way they use anime is a nice tell in this case.

Smug anime girls

Using big words you don't understand sounds pretentious as hell.
We're calling out bullshit like "sacrifice imaginary numbers", do you even fucking know what an imaginary number is? If you do then you would know how fucking retarded and delusional that sentence is.

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Come on JIDF, use your chat-bots! Help (((CuckState)))! We need to study them more. Eventually we'll figure out how to filter them. ;)

The latest obvious chat bot was:
118 rem0ve_this 006 and_also_this 65.
Just combine those numbers, I don't want it to see me quoting it and give an automated response. Only manual responses will do.

CultState here. Check the Twitter. And I'll be saging all of my posts… in my own thread. (Makes you wonder why, doesn't it?)

Birth is a messy process.

Why release my book when it's possible to make it become real? :D

Addressing the eCeleb Accusation

I am literally the voice over artist behind a pretty well known character from a pretty well known fighting game and that's a secret I kept to myself before, during, and after peak GamerGate. If I wanted easy Patreon bucks and to be surrounded by starfuckers with teacup poodles in their bags, I could have been the very first “celebrity” to endorse GamerGate. I did not do that and that was on purpose.

I've spent the last ~14 years in Hollywood with the very specific purpose of learning how it operates at the financial level, learning the infrastructure of its propaganda mechanism, and then using both of those systems to destroy it. All things accounted for, I'd say the plan is going along rather well. As ridiculous as this sounds, once the long-term contracts for mechanical DVDs dry up, that's it. Game over for Hollywood. You're all already seeing the revenge spree getting started. It's only going to get worse. So much dirt on so many celebrities so desperate to retain their $40,000/month allowances… it will be a dirt-collecting bloodbath for years to come.

My peers range from famous people to the people that make famous people famous to the people who make famous people operate. To an eCeleb, the trappings of fame means a full booking schedule, an exhausted personal assistant, and slightly easier access to slightly higher quality cocaine. To me, the trappings of fame are something to be avoided at all costs. From my network, I could possibly tie together some strategic alliances with people and turn someone an actual celebrity if I that was something I cared about.

If you notice, CultState doesn't have a single tracker or ad market hook I don't even run Google Analytics on CultState.

The namefagging wasn't to draw attention to me. As absolutely perverse as this may sound, it was for my own protection. My cover got blown by a very, very, Very, VERY powerful person last year. (I gravely miscalculated my own impact and truly didn't expect to encounter them so soon.) So here I am, offering up my historical metadata and weapons of AI-centric warfare to the various military agencies and defense contractors of multiple countries that monitor these boards. The idea was for them to implement a few of them (probably against each other) to draw out much needed allies and assistance. I'm still alive, so it worked. If you're interested in who that powerful person was, I've made public my conditions: twitter.com/emblem21CEO/status/1003744084119379968

Racial or ashen. :D

Kittens and Rainbows! How ya doin, ol' chap? You're still the happiest person in the world to me.

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I've been very busy selecting training material on the Milanote. It's rather huge and time-consuming. I'm honestly focused more on organization and logistics at this point. Code will come, but don't wait for me to get that ball rolling.


Selective memory won't help much.

Three days before Kanye posted about Candace Owens, I was physically in the same room as Candace Owens, watching her speak. (You can see me in the video) Afterwards, Cernovich posted this: archive.fo/kr0pt

That's a butterfly.

Now, if you were paying attention instead of trying to tailor selective amnesia, you'd realize what the Kanye West event did. The kind of polarization that took place afterwards all over social media is 1.) classic Kanye 2.) a controlled and planned culture event that specifically targeted the activist adults who grew up listening to Kayne. His perceived “betrrayal” generated very valuable behavioral data, not just to help discover who to spend ad dollars for his immediately album release, but also who within the black community and their adjacent support networks aren't exactly as SJW/BLM as they seem.

It was a data gathering event for future Butterfly War. Only a fool would see otherwise.

You never did figure out who my boss's boss was, did you?

Obviously, I'm not selecting for basic ass autism. You should look into how the NSA brought the very first computers into their operations around the 1950s. The pure autists wanted to bring in engineers, mathematicians, and other hard scientists. Sadly, the nature of the programming tasks contained too many exceptions and had an inconsistent fuzziness about them… the whole thing caused the hard-nosed disciplined autists to reeee in horror. The NSA started bringing in philosophers, English majors, and musicians afterwords and, lo and behold, they could get the programming tasks done. They weren't writing stellar code and engineering marvels, but they were making those expensive computers decipher Russian communications in a good-enough manner.

Gnostic Warfare has a place for pure autism as a reliable personal foundation that can be made even more terrifying by learning some of the old and forgotten arts of how humans conducted analysis in a time before science colonized all symbols. It's deeply relevant to the future of AI conflict.

Fair point.

… which can be forked, stolen, copied, and taken by anyone who can click on a link. I'm not OpenAI trying to vendor lock defense companies with standards and talent identification. Butterfly War is now a real possibility of AI warfare and the repos are organized in a high-level manner to show anyone how to organize their assets to build it themselves.

And, as I said before multiple times, I gave the idea of Butterfly War not just to Zig Forums, but to the defense companies monitoring you free of charge. The concept wasn't even taken seriously until it appeared here. Now it's going to be a standard tactic of bot superiority doctrine. At this rate, its possible your foes will have it before you do. :/

I expect you in particular to criticize for free. That's more valuable than the work, imo.

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Excellent summary, sir.

There is high level academic debate about math being real or invented. Usually, the hard science pure autists say math is discovered, and if they math harder, they'll get more mathiness. But then you discover the Fine-Tuning Problem… and then you discover the mass of an electron… and then you start realizing that if an electron had any other mass, the entire universe wouldn't have come to be.

The “math is discovered” camp says “Well, that's just how it is!”

The “math is invented” camp look at the Fine Tuning Problem and say “Is physics mutable and is it exhibiting properties similar to natural selection?”

Guess which one of these outlooks has the power to transform quantum gravity?

haha that's really funny. :D

Could you explain how I intend to sell forkable software? What, I trick a bunch of anons into writing code that they themselves can spin-up on any cloud service and charge whatever amount they want to conduct operations? That's my grand plan… to promote the endless creation of competition to my future bottom line?

You haven't done your homework well enough.

Correct, which is why me being an eCeleb or “starting a Butterfly War company” is ridiculous. Having such a massive point of failure for everything is bad design.

Incorrect . Do you sincerely believe the final form of Butterfly War is some central actor paying Amazon, Microsoft, or Google to spin-up a cloud service to launch metadata smokescreens? Are you nuts? Butterfly War-as-a-Service?

What do you think is the future of mass protest? Holding a sign? A grand return of unions? Blocking people you don't like? Shitposting: The MMO? Huge swaths of people have mobile phones and their resources possess tremendous metadata warfare capabilities. Make those phones lie about who they are and make it easy, and you will cripple Silicon Valley ad revenue. Any attempt to market such a thing will derive revenue from extorting ad revenues with white lists or fast lanes, and thus, ensure only the big players can control ad exchanges and eliminate additional competition. That approach isn't good enough.

The GitGud repos are designed to provide the training pipeline infrastructure to generate behavior profiles for future devices to utilize. This lets collectives make their own conclusions about training routines and fine-tuning. Having one central base of behavior is a terrible ideas because the behavior generated will be biased towards one particular fine-tuning methodology. Actors must create their own artisan psychographic spoofing conclusions to make countermeasures expensive and incredibly difficult to predict.

You don't need millions of IPs to poison Silicon Valley behavioral datasets because they are all ultimately being fine-tuned by a $400M+ war chest from SPLC. Because you can't see that, the problem here is you just don't understand adversarial feedback loops. The more you try to poison the datasets, the more SPLC will deploy heavy-handed fine-tuning to counter it, revealing even more systemic biases to exploit for the next wave of adaptation. As heavy-handed fine-turning becomes more dominate to course correct, the defensive value of dataset volume become less possible. Their tactic is naive and incredibly easy to bait and butterfies are the bait. And all of that fine tuning falls right into the legally dubious category of “cyber phrenology”

Your 17 posts of skepticism are mostly personal disguised as technical rebukes from the perspective of a central operator buying cloud resources and conducting central attacks. It's a false context and not one that has ever been promoted or even hint at. That's unfortunate because you are wasting your talent by intentionally imposing this narrow context throughout your critique.

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I'm not your leader nor have I ever claimed to be. This is a bad faith assumption.

And I am not ready to reveal how that came to be. Those actors are still in play. I'm not ready to reveal that for the same reason you're not ready to reveal your credentials.

No, I said that a Google account that is connected to a high-profile person contained very useful evidence of my interest in a very specific piece of technology. Let's see if that pure autism you're implying to possess is so good: What happens when you train neural networks to develop homotopy type theory proofs? What “shapes” become predictable under these conditions?

Once you know the answer, you will also see that I am not fucking around.

Pure autism isn't enough, not for tomorrows conflicts.

This is incorrect and intentionally doesn't take into account the fine-tuning process which demands pipeline output to be steered toward politically correct goals and outcomes. Even if you collected an infinite number of data points, they all will be forced to conform to some fine-tuning nonsense.

Your defeatism is rooted in a very poor understanding of conflict evolution for a conflict we are going to be on the front lines of for as long as Zig Forums is allowed to exist.

I'm going to take a stab at the credentials.

You're the guy who tries to solve all problems with server-side logic instead of looking at the psychology of user experience and steering the user into a more desirable outcome. Because of this, you needlessly increase the amount of exceptions you have to manage server-side.

Just a guess. I might be wrong.

Do I really have to reiterate, on Zig Forums of all places, that well over 50% of the American population is classified as protected classes? Latino immigration and feminist axe-grinding are major expansion pressures on what the Civil Rights acts and subsequent rulings classify as protected classes.

You're playing centrally planned resource management games from a context of your intentionally limited understanding of a conflict didn't even conceptually exist until it was posted here months ago. That's a poor tactic and it shows your unfortunate bias towards overengineering.

This is true. :(

None of this is how Google Perspective works. I recommend looking into the finer details further.

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What you mean to say is:

Always good to be reminded.

Well over 50% of America counts as a protected class thanks to refinements in the Civil Rights acts, immigration, and the ongoing efforts of feminism. Why do I have to reassert this point on Zig Forums of all places?

Not if your meta data signature is being used to suppress virality of your meme campaign.

Sometimes, with luck, the threat of a tactic gets you the same results as utilizing the tactic.

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No it doesn't. You will be using your other accounts to bump your thread. Also your coworkers at JIDF will be helping too.

Oh good morning by the way! It's 10:15 in Israel, no? Was today's briefing longer? Did your Mossad instructors whip your ass for failing?

Any comments on what you mean by "human relations"?
Haha :D

I'm so glad you finally decided to come and face the music. For your convenience, I'm going to bold each question I want you to reply to, and if you don't reply to the question I am going to call you out as avoiding it.

The only thing I'm wondering about is why you constantly frame everything you do as a mysterious secret mission, the details of which you can't divulge because you're just too important.

Yeah, I've seen that excuse of yours. Just more LARP about how important you are and how much of a threat your 1337 javascript skills are to the power establishment. It's pure horse shit, you're just playing the victim as an excuse to market yourself and satiate your enormous ego.

Who the fuck is "racial or ashen"? Post proof your "cover was blown" by this individual, explain who they blew your cover to, and what you were doing that required "cover" and where.

You've been writing fucking facebook games, converting books to PDFs for trailer parks, and making modifications to website UIs: archive.fo/kebRw Don't give us this horse shit LARP about you "infiltrating" Hollywood's financial structures.

Your only hope is for others to do the work for you, you're a fraud.

>Afterwards, Cernovich posted this: archive.fo/kr0pt
And? Whats your point? What are you trying to imply? Are you trying to imply that you told Candace Owens about your Butterfly War idea, that Owens told Kanye, that it influenced Kanye's behavior, and that Mike Cernovich secretly signaled that your Butterfly War idea was responsible for Kanye's behavior by tweeting a photograph of a butterfly?

Who gathered the data? What tools did they use?

More vague implications insinuating grandeur. Not going to let you keep doing this: Who was your boss' boss? Provide evidence for your claim. In what way is this information relevant?

What does this have to do with the criticism of your awful and manipulative writing style? Sounds like you're getting defensive about your lack of technical ability.

Why would we give a shit about spooks giving other spooks bad meta-data, or masquerading as "protected minorities" on Twitter?

You know very well what I meant. You're soliciting investors for capital. Why do investors invest in any company developing open source products? You've made a shitty white paper and are now trying to build a development team and prototype to try to impress investors. Don't think you can weasel out of this by playing dumb and asking how open source software can be monetized, you're openly seeking financing for this project right on the homepage of your website. You're shilling vaporware.

Quoted your resume, feel free to enlighten us rather than just spewing vague innuendo.

Will continue replying in next post.