Now that cuck boy legalized weed leafs may have to give blood and salvia if suspected of driving high.

What is their end goal here?

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Expected given you have to do it with booze.

Its part and parcel user

That's a bit excessive.

Just another way for the government to build up those dnabanks. Of course nobody should be surprised at all.

Well leafs, that's what you get under big govt, and far left policies from that faggot trudeau.

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Stoned driving is safer driving.

Lawfags will have this BTFOed within a few weeks I am told. Too many medical users. Put in there to appease the pearl-clutchers at (((MADD))).

We need your DNA to develop anti-burger bio weapons for ZOG, but I am sure you Canadacucks won't resist.

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Neck yourself you degenerate trash.


but shit maybe ill stop caring when i get to smoke weed all day.

What's the end goal of any globalist state? Total government control.


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top kek

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people have absolutely no rights



No, you dont understand. With booze they breathalize you and know for certain you used it. You can deny a blood test but they will just charge you.
With pot, they give EVERYONE the blood test, on the side of the road - not at the station.

Maybe getting samples to Clone an Army;

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They can't just snatch them from hospitals?

worse than slaves and prisoners
what dignity is left for a free citizen?

Theres a few people I know who I wouldnt get in the car with them driving unless they were stoned.


A few weeks should be enough to get a large batch of DNA for nefarious purposes.


You can refuse it and they will just charge you. Then you can take it to court and hire this tranny to beat it.

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Ha. Wow. All my stoner idiot "friends" who voted for this fucking cuck because of muh evil fascist Harper probably wont' even know/care when I tell them that the govt can pull you over and take your blood anytime they like. Fuck these idiots, most people are already braindead goy filth living in a Brave New World. I want Drumpf to take us over.

When I was on vacation in America and got ID'd the first thing this bartending college girl said to me was "Canada has good weed I heard". Feels bad man.
I feel as though its already too late but its up to us to salvage our international image, we used to be known as polite and respectful now we're all drug addicts.

Why do you still associate with stoners?


Tons of people here are stoners (even in my rigorous STEM field at a top university here), but yes, I am trying to associate less and less with them.

Ya man, pretty sad to see this country, which my ancestors were pioneers in since like the early 1800's, become a multicultural shithole full of retarded stoners, indians, and dirty rice insect chinks who can't even speak fucking English. The govt obviously does not give a fuck and even encourages this shit. Just vote for smaller govt and redpill people irl (within reason of course).

im not sure if canada ever declared independence from the queen or wut, are they even a soverign nation or are they like vassal status?
Australia was just given sovereignty in like the 80s

the united states are like the eu with DC as the EU but worse because theirs US(EU) citizens slowly displacing all the state citizens :( mostly because everyone is retarded like they are in leafland but just not as servile because our heritage is from ppl whos dna gives strong feeling for Independence. thats why we getting bred out by ppl who like being supported

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They already do this in the USA


depends on the state, also driving is a privellege but traveling is a right - get the mco for your car and then travel around not drive(defined as for profit like an uber or trucker) americans have rights but are super retarded and dont read

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IF A 🍁 pig comes at ME with a NEEDLE THAT MOTHER FUCKER IS GETTING STABBED WITH IT fuck get your shit together COLD AUSTRALIA

seriously STABBED

This is an excellent idea. Watch out for road pirates with badges practicing barratry upon the high seas under color of law. Whatever else happens, remember not to consent to it and ask for the cops' superior officers.

Almost forgot.

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What these faggots never consider is that cardboard licence plates and fee schedules also mean you don't have insurance. Hope you don't hit a deer, user, or god forbid a kid, because there goes your house.

that's fucking retarded, RCMP are disgusting corrupt bastards

Canada: The only reason anyone goes there is because the drinking age is 18-19. So load up your high school buddies and go party it up in the freezing cold with crappy beer. Woooh! Besides that the only fun to be had is counting icicles on your igloo. Or eating gravy fries. Yuck.

DNA collection

Leaving the "first world" behind? Maybe

oh i agree almost all of these retards just saw some sovereign Moors. like the fbi says ppl knowing their rights is the number one terrorist threat to the US. a lot of it is just retarded propaganda misinformation but look the bundy case and the other are dismissed and they got paid for the guy being killed. its all true just got read the laws. heres a link for what money is.
youll notice the ( ) but look up what that means in a sentence and when used in law text. its basically just words in the text but not law. also frn is not defined in the money section at all


But drugs are sooper cool dood! Like, totally! I, like, smoke five times a day, and like, haha, I get so hungry I eat, like, like, five bags of doritos, haha, just the downside of smoking weed, huh bro? I'm so hip. Haha. Totally, bro. Do you like me because I smoke? I really want to fit in, that's why I talk about weed all the time! Haha. I'm a rebel!

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that guy was a retard, i think they were on a lot that is private property but he didnt have an
for the car and he was still a us citizen, you have to go to consulate and give it up or both ur parents have to be only state citizens, so like intermarrying elites, or if your parents never got a snn because their parents were hardworking by never accepting loans or government aid that attests them as US citizens then youre clear.
just gotta read the law nigga, the number one thing the jew hates is the goyim learning to read

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m-my body, my choice o-officer

Tell me, what worldwide revolution (which is what is necessary to cleanse this degenerate, corrupted earth) in history has ever been purely political? Purely nonviolent? Zero bloodshed?

You're 1. Ignorant or 2. Scared of accepting the fact that your enemies (and likely your own) blood must be spilled to achieve victory.

Driving high is legal if you're prescribed?

so being prescribed the medication automatically removes any of the dangers of driving while under it? how fucking retarded are you you dumb nigger piece of shit

no way this would survive a legal challenge

"Citing the articles of confederacy" could also go in there. They love to use them for whatever reason.



More revenue for the communist state that comes in fees and penalties to the driver.