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"Progressive" leftists & Marxists:

NatSocs & Paleocons:

If these so called "anti-Zionist" leftists are truly sticking to their beliefs, then what's keeping them from supporting right wing people who have different political and social positions than them who don't even want a war with the Middle East for Israeli interests? Shouldn't they create an alliance of some sort? Are they really that concerned about people who even so slightly criticise illegal aliens, homosexuals, feminists, and their nigger and shitskin pets "otherkin"? (((Cultural Marxism))) and (((multiculturalism))) sure screwed them up big time, if the left was ever sane to begin with.

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Even the idea of a right and left implies controlled opposition. These people are playing for a pre-constructed team, so its worthless to expect them to use rational thought. I agree though, more and more ive been thinking that the far left actually aligns with our supposedly 'far right' rhetoric in many cases more so than the political right does.

This. Leftists don't give a shit about human life or nature. They will only care when it suits their narrative, then next comes the bullshit (muh White privilege, muh rayciss White cops, muh oppreshins by Whitey).

Well you're right on that part, but the question here is why would the Jews want both kosher factions be against each other?

Because they aren't. False oppositions. They put up the appearance of fighting against one another, so that there is no one trying to set up opposition that isn't controlled by them.

I don't know about that. Anti-Israel sentiments in (((uni))) have been a thing for quite some time now. Also BDS exists. But the thing is they're all anti-White leftards.

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What is Israel besides the state in Palestine? World Jewry. Leftists are so opposed to them that I can't think of a communist revolution in Europe in which Jews didn't have the leading role.

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They are called useful idiots, newfriend. They keep assuming "Zionism=Nazism" which means they base their opinions on emotion that actual facts. They keep comparing Pissrael to the South Africa apartheid. You know, when South Africa was actually prosperous and wasn't just another nigger-infested hellhole. Leftists hated that timeline of South Africa because le ebil Whitey were being "oppressive" to the niggers.


Helping a Palestinian kid start a Palestine club this next semester at my school. We had our first meeting in may and 20 kids showed up while 30 yids "from the community" showed up. Some dumbass female rabbi gave a 15 minute spiel about all the other great established groups we could join with different methods of activism we could join. Literally a minute of googling could tell you they were all groups ran by yidlets there to sap the precious time and effort of those actually interested in helping out Palestine. My main function is further redpilling my buddy specifically on hows kikes will work to subvert his cause.

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Aren't you concerned that the (((university))) you're in is full of anti-White faggots that don't give a damn about your life or your family's? Assuming you are White.

A reality I have lived with for some time now. I'm just accelerating the already chugging diversity train on a runaway track towards the kike administration with an irreconcilable issue

Well good luck, user. You're doing God's work even though you're being held down by heathens.

Fuck off moshe.

Listen to these guys.

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Because the (((left))) is just the other side of the Jewish coin, or shekel, if you will. Their opposition to Israel (barring some notable exceptions) is mainly a form of display.



I break it down like this:

Upper levels (Politicians, C.E.O.s, etc)
Lower levels

Upper levels (Politicians, MSM, etc)
Lower levels


What about the paleoconservatives? Are they better than your typical neocohen or cuckservative?

That will never happen. Just as you've said, the far left expects everyone who is anti-war and anti-Israel to be a dildo muncher who puts over 9000+ nigger dicks in their gaping bumholes. Ever wondered how they are so vocal about the wars in the Middle East but will never talk about the atrocities the (((Soviet Union))) has done to the Russian people because of (((them)))? In fact, they are all highly apologetic of said atrocities as to be expected.


Great Paleoconservative website -
Some sample screen shots are included for those who care to peruse whilst not gathering cookies on their computers from said website.

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Huh, this does seem interesting. Seems to be a far cry to what "conservatives" are nowadays. Though in the eyes of the far left they see anyone who isn't on their side as Literally Hitler.

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That is what I'm predicting will happen in a decade or two at least when the boomers die off and millennials come to take hold of dnc and at least some younger jew wise conservatives take hold of RNC. They will have wildly different ideas of what America should be ofcourse, but will agree to meet on the common goals of defunding Israel and stopping the vetos. And probably sitting back and watching Iran destroy Israel.

Sounds about right.

Apparently, everything is okay under communism, unless you want to establish a white community, that is not kosher, goyim.

Homosexuality is the last bastion of implicit white identity.

We should find common ground, we aren't prudes, or moral busybodies

Of course they should. It's such a basic grasp of political actions that I can't even believe you asked that question.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

For instance- Globalist Jews want to erase Israel's national sovereignty and Jewish religion (aside from their babylonian mysticism/sabbatean frankist tulmudism) along with everyone else. They don't give a rats ass about jewish racial purity. The only racial purity they even consider is that of their own bloodline. Everyone else can go fuck themselves. There is a huge fracture in the Jewish community. The liberal Jews hate the conservative Jews and they hate Israel and they are working hard to stomp both of them out.

This being the case, the obvious move is the one Trump is doing- ally with the Nationalist kikes against the Jew threat that both nations face. This is such an obvious move that those globo kikes spend quite a bit of coin on the chans on fake anti-semites discrediting any sort of alliance at all with any faction of Jews.

In politics, you have to be willing to consider an alliance with your worst enemy and if you aren't able to, you're just a nufag pleb that shouldn't have a seat at the table in any adult political discussion.

Could you imagine the effect if Trump allied with all the nations driving nationalism but refused to do so with Israel in particular?

communists, and the left in general (since the bolsheviks took over), have generally spent more time attacking those who agree with them on particular issues than actually solving any problems. Their "logic" is that these individuals are, essentially, "coopting" their membership by appealing to these individuals but not towing the full-on (((communist))) left "party line." you see this sort of retarded behavior on Zig Forums, too, but its not clear whether these are shills or simply retards

The overton window has shifted, and the tradcucks need to accept that there's nothing wrong with casual sex, homosexuality, drug use, etc.

Prudish morality needs to be done away with, quite frankly. The right understands this, the left does not.

Jesus Christ, this post is "da good jews!" come to life. Though I think Israel should exist just so we could deport all jews from the west there, one day, we shouldn't do that by allying with any fucking jews. Fuck the Rothschild and Soros equally. They are all subversive runts who play both sides to get what they want and both want white culture dead or enslaved to fight for them. If there really is a schism between certain kikes then they deserve each other.

Fuck off shill, The reality is we need to make alliances,and we need to compromise. The fact that you're being such a purity spiraling tard, leads me to believe that you're a marxist.

Gas yourself jew

the only compromise is all jews be killed. why would you deport jews all back to israel where they can scheme together and plot to subvert again? why would you want a whole nation of kikes rubbing their money-grubbing hands together while snickering at the goyim?

Right wing jews (Neocons) are less worse than left wing jews ("Progressive" leftists & Marxists).
But that's like saying that HIV is less worse than AIDS.

Neck yourself, TRSodomite.


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leftists wage war by drone.
it's still war.

OP's talking the leftist types that are more left leaning than your typical Obongo-tier liberal. The ones that sympathize with the Palestinians because somehow they think kikes are "White" therefore the Israel-Palestine conflict is just like the Holohoax, assuming it actually happened. In the end, they are all golems of the Marxist Jew, just like how neocons and cuckservatives are golems of the Zionist Jew.


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So just because even paleocons don't accept their degeneracy they still somehow see them as le ebil gnatzees even though they're anti-war just like them? This does make a lot of sense. Great post and dubs user.

paleocons are natsoc-lite. they are clued up on the JQ, hate neocons, hate leftists, are aware of the problems of capitalism, pro-western civ. Though they differ on solutions. Solutions tend to be more localised, hence why they also hate globalists, big business, big gov, and big anything.

Well that's good to know. Also I love how leftards and commies keep thinking neocons as Literally Hitler without kmowing both of them support (((globalism))) and open borders. The only difference is that neocons are pro-Israel and anti-war while leftards and commies are mostly anti-Israel and anti-war (unless if it's for their cause). Why are always like this?

*Why are they always like this?

Marxists are not anti-war!

They are when it comes to wars in the Middle East and the Israel-Palestine conflict, it fits their narrative after all since Israeli kikes don't have brown skin (therefore considered "White Nazis") but Arabs do. But yeah, they have no problem waging a war against "oppressive Whites".

*pro-Israel and pro-war


(Oh Mein Gott)

How about you fuck off, you foreskin gobbler.

Why not try to redpill the left? BDS is useful enough for us to use against (((them)))? Or maybe we should go with the idea that after the left has outgrown its usefulness we might as well exterminate them during the DOTR?

Just checkin' these delicious dubs ITT. Don't mind me folks. Stupid goyim. :^)

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Because 'leftist' these days simply means anti-white. There is no other underlying motivation to their actions. Anything a leftist does can be explained by the question, "does this hurt white people?' If the answer is yes, a modern leftist supports it unconditionally.

no shit, (((their))) agents in the media work tirelessly day and night to make sure the anti-colonialist left never allies with the anti-jewish right, it's literally the perfect storm they can never accept, and if things ever get so bad economically in this country that such an alliance is actually forged, you will see unprecedented levels of nefarious activity from Mossad. ==ALL ANTI-WHITE, ANTI-LEFTIST D&C BULLSHITTERS ARE TO BE SHUNNED. DON'T GO TO FAGGY ASS RALLIES TO FIGHT YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, DON'T CONTRIBUTE TO THE FALSE DICHOTOMY OF LEFT vs. RIGHT. REMEMBER THE 14 WORDS AND CARRY ON== These are our folk, they just woke up to a different part of the puzzle first. Work to forge alliances with the anti-israel left. Draw parallels between the cultural genocide being perpetrated upon Palestinians with the slaughter of northern pagans in the Roman empire. Make them see we both hate the unbridled, soulless machinations of Judaic-influenced global (((civilization))) as much as they, because it kills off the native people of the earth who dindunuffin, just like white pagans mercilessly slaughtered two millennia ago. Obviously race-haters, marxists, genderbender lefty soyboys still unreformed after dotr get curb stomped
Also, checked.

(also checked)
"Left" anything politically was always bad to begin with. Remember when normalfags used to say "only 3rd wave feminism was bad" but then started to slowly realize it was always the same, anyways? Now, the called "Skeptic Community" is barely even relevant nowadays.

Okay, you lost me there. Actually, your whole autistic post screams of "We should ally with people who hate us like we do with muh based niggers!!! They're huwite after all!!!". Allying yourself with a race traitor is worse than allying yourself with the literal blackest groid in Apefrica. They're not kikes but they are almost, if not just as subversive.

The best outcome here in my opinion is that the left can keep their slacktivism until Zig Forums gets the upper hand on mainstream politics as a whole, and then genocide all of those Marxist freaks of nature. Sure, maybe we can redpill some of them but still. I'm not counting on it as much as you are.

Still bumpin'.


you cant oppose globalism by supporting the people who support globalism

all this hate comes from kikes pitting goyim against eachother. its their only method of defense. a damn smokescreen

That's completely understandable enough. But if the left see truly opportunistic, why won't they ever support anti-war/interventionism people like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan?

That's exactly why you get to see Zionism vs. Bolshevism among the goyim nowadays. Bolshevism is popular among anti-White (((university))) students who base their opinions on emotion than actual facts while Zionism is popular among "conservatives" who put Israel's interests over everything else including the people's interests. Both of them support open borders and other forms of degeneracy, despite hating each other with a burning passion.

Well, maybe you're not white, so I can see how you maybe wrote your post in earnest.
I'm not saying you should ally with those too far gone, as you seem to imply with your pathetic and transparent strawman response. I'm saying jews have lots of different enemies and any man of the right who cares about destroying (((them))) will seek to use this against (((them))). Obviously good judgement will need to be used so that we don't ally with some leftist faction that will turn on us the second the jews are gone. Now go fuck yourself, faggot.

And to any newfags lurking: this is what shills look like.

What it comes down to is Humanists (natsoc, nationalists etc) vs Universalists (communists, muslims, civnats etc).

The ADL, you know that organization that works directly with communists to shut down nationalists?

They are Israeli nationalists.

The jew believes in nationalism for me but not for thee, or more appropriately ethno-nationalism for me but civic nationalism for thee.

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remember white people don't exist and borders are social constructs.

but jews exist and Israel's borders must be protected.

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i dont know about leftists specifically, but i think it comes down to a life style that eats up the vast majority of their free time just taking care of themselves and a media machine that constantly feeds fear to people. everyone in america constantly feels like theyre being threatened no matter who they are. they do such a damn good job at that.


The idea of "leftism" was pushed and more or less defined (at least in its modern form) by Marx in order to service as a "branching" point for his own ideology (although the origins are technically in the French revolution, referring to anti or pro monarchy). In its very own definition, the left-vs-right dichotomy (where "right" is intentionally ambiguous) legitimizes the "left" as the alternative (and the only alternative). You cannot discuss "right wing" politics without there inherently being some notion that the alternative- the left- is also there.

In order to truly combat the cancer of the modern economic and governmental landscape, you must rid yourself of even using such constricting language (including the usual usage of the word "politics", which truly should only be used as an insult). Fascism is not "right wing". Marxism is not "left wing". Monarchies are not "right wing". Democracy is not "left wing". They are concepts, and should be independent of any consideration for side or opposition.

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Well said, based Gondola user.

Also still bumpin' yet again.

What a shit thread.

Go back to halfchan or plebbit, you fucking nigger

Yeah that's about right. If the left ever actually had any true motives and goals they would have sided with other political groups who are also anti-war and anti-Federal Reserve but no, just because these said groups disagree with their social views (i.e. feminism, homosexuality, open borders, race mixing, mass immigration, multiculturalism) the left literally thinks they are their greatest enemy.



This. The greens ordered the Luftwaffe to bomb Serbia.

I am aware of leftist types out there who aren't fund of the (((media))), either. The problem here though is that they are all just "pseudomarxists". They're against (((MSM))) because they think it's a case of capitalism, but none of them know capitalism is inheritly Jewish. In fact they protect Jews with their own lives just like the neocons, however these types of leftists are not fund of Israel and Zionism unlike the neocons. They it's "too racist and bigoted" for their tastes. Somehow they believe liberal types are not truly leftist therefore they're also Literally Hitlerâ„¢. We could weaponize them.

oh man

Very nice of you helping that kid. Hopefully he will live to see a liberated Palestine without kike oppression.