I'm surprised it's this easy to find them. Just look! You'd think such destructive and evil places like this would be hidden from the map.

Try typing in any news group and you'll get all their locations. Find your nearest fake news group and think up something creative!

Also mods stop deleting my thread or at least link me to any other thread already existent about this subject first before you delete.

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I did not bomb them, I did NYAT!

Oh hi, FBI

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They're probably loaded with a lot of security detail. The smart thing to do would be to report the security measures that they have so that you could circumvent them.

They likely have IDs or button activated doors.

Test confirmed.
You are a faggot.

Hey kids, want to blow some Journalists?

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We do need more details like how many layers of doors we'd have to go through so we know how many charges to take with us to blow through them, what kind of glass (one could use those devices you see on trains to shatter the glass window potentially), possibilities to barricading doors to force them all to have only one way to exit so you can herd them into a corridor to kill them, etc.

Fuck you FBI, go bomb them yourselves.

Might not work since it's not practical. There's several ways you can be thwarted while you're in those buildings without knowing what occurs there. If you cause trouble around that area, then it causes them to go into lockdown mode until things are clear.


Shoo-shoo FBI Jew. (((You))) glow-in-the-dark, (((you))) think you've got snark, meme this enough and the seam will extricate. Is Rosenstein your pope? Irregardless you'll both know the end of a rope.

>tonight on ZNN: during our collection period we found distrubing material in which (((white nationalists))) planned to shoot up (((news outlets)))

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee get off my fucking board! You fucking agent provacateur. This is a board of peace.


You can't hurt CNN in this way. The purpose of CNN is not to make money, the purpose of CNN is to serve propoganda. Terrorist attacks will increase their fame and credibility.

The only way to defeat CNN is make fun of people who watch it, which you're doing quite well already.

Sneak into the Building as a coffe machine repair man. Put heavy laxatives into the machine.

Laugh at the shitstorm!

Hi CNN intern. Most of us know you have the same security standard as federal buildings.

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Some kind of fed or shill for sure. Do they actually think they will catch people are this site or are they just datamine our opinions?

We must not stop until the only news agencies left are based Fox, Breibart and Rebel media

Will make you proud tbh.

I'd attack Fox too they have never been even remotely pro-white.

Fuck off CNN.

Brietbart is the most zog news in existence. It’s origins are litterally from Isreal. They spew a right baritone but will never name the Jew.

Take your false flag trap elsewhere CNN, Zig Forums is a board of peace and we're on to your gayme.

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1) Killing enemy propagandists is not 'terrorism' nor is defending the homeland.
2) The big flaw in this logic is that fame does nothing for propagandists who are dead. If they are gone they are gone.
3) Fuck this thread. It is fishing for specific threats. That is definitely fed territory.

That was my intended joke, it's all jewish media, designed to keep goys fighting over jewish lies rather than tackling the lying jews who make them

Well if you put it like that. Let’s state ways to inflict massive damage with low effort. Soft targets are best because of no security. Even a news office gets a Zogbot response rather quickly as we can see. Just look up people in postions of power. Then run up to them as they’re entering thier house and blast a cap in thier head with a silencer. All people that get caught because there is motive. If you don’t know the person it’s nearly impossible to connect the dots. Also tell no one if your plots and work alone. In doing what I stated you can kill as many Zogbots as you want without repercussions. See feds, this how real shit gets done. Not your low quality bait.

True that. Just kill the zogbots directly. What I kinda want to do but I have an RPG to play out and see how it goes. I know zogbots hate and want to imprison the RPG I want to do. So maybe I can work this in my favor.

I don't think you understand how math works

I don't think you quite understand how tiresome your whole promotion of jewish left/right politics is

Omg while you're at it how about look up a recipe for cakes.