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I am getting deeper every day into Norse religion and am looking into the magic. However, I can't seem to find some of the answers I am looking for. Does anyone know or can anyone recommend where I can find the meanings of the 18 songs/runes/spells that Odin talks about in the Havamal? I can find the first 16, but why aren't there 17? Odin states that He won't disclose the meaning of the 18th one to anyone but His wife or sister, but as far as I can tell, there are only 16 total runes in the Younger Futhark system.

I have found this website to be phenomenal in the quest for rune magic if anyone is interested:

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This thread probably won't get deleted thanks to the change in moderation

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This isn't the place for this, plain and simple. With that said, the fundamentals of Odinism are still alive, but the specifics are cloudy at best due to the Christianization of our people and their older religions. Every Odinist and real pagan has to deal with the fact that parts are lost to history and incorrect information is all too common.
As someone who practices a lot.of the values found by our forefathers, that is all you can do in reality. I honestly don't believe in magic, but even if I did you aren't going to find the answer because of the reasons I stated below. Good luck in your endeavors though. I have never really looked too much there, but maybe you can look at information contained in Asatru religious areas and possibly find more.
But let me reiterate, Zig Forums isn't the place for this and never will be.

then youre full of shit, how can you know that there is incorrect information, or how much of it is incorrect or lost if you havent read any of it?
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I am not too sure about it but I think Odin is kind of a greedy bastard, too.
The mead of poetry, for example, it was only accidental that mankind got a taste of it since he stole it from a giant after fucking his daughter and letting her deal with the fallout (although he did name himself "evildoer" while shagging her bölverkr, bale worker)
He turned himself into an eagle and fled and while being chased some of the mead spilled out of his mouth, this gave mankind the gift of poetry, too, and some came out of the other end, which gave mankind the ability to shitpost (no, really, theres a nordic word for that that relates to this event).

But yeah it's very likely that the spells are left to the practitioners, after all, the Eddahs are more or less prose indeed, they don't contain many scriptural instructions since the people living in the lands were doing their things and therefore didn't need writing down.

Someone who knows better can probably help you more, though.

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But I don't blame people to think otherwise, evn actual Europeans since it's so ubiquitous that it's almost not visible anymore.
But strictly speaking, if you're Christian and doing something not in the scripture then that's not truly Christian.
And there's so many things people do every day that is more heathen than anything else that you would be left with pretty much nothing if it all went away.
Trees on graveyards.
Graveyards with memorials.
People named after dead relatives and people of significance.
To quickly gloss over this aspect alone, not to mention the literal gazillion of customs and beliefs that the makebelief, copypasta faith from the desert missed to "missionarize" (makebelieve) and appropriate and paint over.

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Hi Schlomo!

Hi Schlomo!

Futhark a Handbook of Rune-Magic is what you're looking for. Try the Esoteric Hitlerism thread if you don't find what you're looking for or if this one gets deleted, you can sneak some runes into your signature like Uncle Adolf did.

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You hit a wall because Norse magic is an extremely limited system that was only partially reconstructed in the past decades. Look at other European forms to get the full picture

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Check /asatru/

Hello Reddit

ALL NORSE MYTHOLOGY = VEDDIC MYTHOLOGY (through the Scythian migrations)…….

It's time to start getting Nordic women into pro-heritage yoga and tantra so they can stop being "wicca" cunts, aka Christian (((esoteric))) larping feminists.

This goes double for men and Zen and martial arts which orginated from the same root Indo-Iranian-Scythian-Aryan culture. This is how you do it. Synchronoize the Aryan practices with the volk culture. No more christian-era written Eddas and folk tales that read like Hanz Christian Anderson and larping about with no aim.
Ruin magic is for little kids. Maybe it works for memes and that's good but it's not enough.

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There was no change. Esoteric larping threads are allowed but not philosophy or history threads. Same old kiked Zig Forums

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They're in the link I provided. This guy has done some very thorough research on the issue. Also, read the Havamal. It's the rune poem that Odin lays out how He got the runes and what they are used for. The younger futhark are what the Vikings used. The Elder Futhark are older and there are a lot more. I'm pretty sure the Havamal is using the younger futhark.

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Read The Complete Armanen. It's basically a compilation of rune research the NS/proto-NS did.

Neophyte here. You're both wrong. Christianity is important as an allegory for the concept of universal oneness. The norse gods do have a healthy amount of sway in the astral but they are creations of the human mind rather than the universe. Christianity gets bogged down in dogma but the truth, that humanity is One with God, is still appearant. If you think of the bible as a bunch of strict rules and practices then you'll never understand the significance of it. You get locked into dogma instead of truth. In that case, what makes you any better than a cult? Any one of us has the capability of reaching sainthood through realization of the truth.

that is why we should worship a dead jewish rabbi as a god, right?

It will be useful to consider greater tradition here in order to know what to look for, we can consider Egyptian and Greek;

The 17th day then as a barrier, associate with the tomb to be overcome, and a hyperbolic equation involving this…*/C.html

Even in the Gospel accounts the 16th day of the New year corresponds to the Day of the Last Supper, the 17th day is the impassable death and tomb, the barrier, and the 18th the day of resurrection, it was the same in Egypt per the cult of Osiris.

You ask then why you cannot pass beyond 16 in order to arrive at 18 and that is an age old consideration.

I haven't looked for specific evidence for this in Nordic tradition hence i can't provide any here but it seems it would be a good idea to do so.

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I can also give you the ideogram for this which will correlate to the line of enquiry you linked to, it's the early Dynastic representation of the King as Sah which corresponds to the constellation Bootes, seen prone when rising on the Eastern horizon and then upright when setting in the West having circumnavigated the circupolar region over the course of the night.

These could provide the basis for your 17th and 18th runes being concerned with overcoming death.

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Derived from these seals showing early King representation

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It really isn't. It was a failed experiment and Europe is letting it drop into the bin where it belongs more and more now.
I wish Americans would learn from our past mistakes.

Of course according to this explanation Rune 18 should essentially be Rune 17 rotated clockwise through 90 degrees, from the prone to the upright and dynamic.

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