Hi anons, I've got a question for you

Hi anons, I've got a question for you.

What does the "G" in this logo mean? I thought it means "Gay", but apparently it has some second meaning.

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Gnosis, which also means gay because they want to "open your third eye" (your asshole) with their cock.

G is for Grand Architect of the Universe

The "G" stands for many things, but its value is the number 7, keep that in mind.

Ty user. I also read about something called "the Generative principle" or maybe "deGenerative principle" I'm not sure. It seems to be some form of atheist deism, like giving a nickname "Creator" to Big Bang or Evolution. Do you think it may be somehow connected?

it means whatever the fuck you want it to mean. masons just provide symbols, you apply meaning. part of masonry is helping awaken you to the understanding that your own mind provides meaning to the world.
in some older representations, it doesn't even look like a G, it could be a sundial not even a letter.

Well, i'm asking what the author of this logo thought when putting this letter here or what people who used this logo thought it means. If it wasn't a letter, then what was it and then why did it become a letter and namely a letter "G"?

Fuck off kikel

The G stands for goyim, as Masons are the top cattle for kikes.

At least, Gnosis, God, Grand Architect, Gay - some other meanings no doubt. These masonic fags love hiding as many meanings as they can think up behind a symbol to emphasis their enlightenment and the journey towards Gnosis that they seek to undertake.

says who? what if they ROT13 then what is the value of G?

The absolute state of nu/pol/

Our 56% is DACApedes who believe in Q-LARP which is a Jewish Talmudist conspiracy. Ok, so now when we are done with the keywords, can we continue to have a fruitful discussion?

I think that's an answer that would satisfy the most Goyim, but I'm not satisfied. You don't put random letter in company logos and then let people derive meanings.

Although a lot of lodges have turned away from God

The fags invaded Masonry, not the other way around.

Your third eye is your pituitary gland.

God, Geometry, Gnosis, and a few others depending on your rank. Ultimately it means Gnosis from my understanding. Freemasons are kike puppets btw, kike interest front group.


watch from like 10:05 on

Well, that's without a doubt. The day they started to embrace the Kaballah was the day they became absolutely kiked.

A lot of them are, but not all of them. It depends on which lodges and what the local environment is like. Jews have their own thing. Most of the Jews I have met involved with Masonry were either Shriners or Jesters. Otherwise they have their own thing that is far more bizarre. They like to play tag, and it involves sodomy. Pretty fucking gross.

Honestly, outside of Eastern Star ladies and and the Rainbow Girls, I stay away from other Masons. You can never tell which way they swing and if they know who you are they will often try to take advantage of you. Especially if you’re an honest person or actually in charge of something.

A lot of the really attractive Lesbians are usually Eastern Star or were Rainbow Girls. Everything you see before you is carefully crafted when Masons are around. They stick out, if you know what to look for.

Kabbalah actually comes from Druidism and gnostic teachings. Had nothing to do with Judaism.

Additionally when dealing with Masons they are constantly trying to pry information and knowledge from you see what you know. They will try to use that against you if you don’t bow to their will. If you’re a part of another organization other than Masonry they will start a battle of the wills against you. As they say, only the strong survive.

If you’re a Mason, and don’t fall into the codified edicts and use the same languages they do, they will also target you to force you to comply. When you’re a Mason and a part of of something else entirely they tend to try and leverage that external branch if they can.

They call it love, but really what it is, is Masons whom are over stepping their authority and boundaries. If you’re a Druid and Mason, look out they will target you. If you’re a Christian Druid, they will do the same. If you’re a Christian Druid Mason. Have patience, they will test you until they trust you.

A thread died for this

this is what any freemason I've met has told me, but according to documentaries like marching to zion, freemasonry is all about jewish kabbalah. so it's probably some form of satanic imagery.

I thought it stood for gag. Gagging on cocks


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reminder that hitler put these sabbatean frankist fucks in camps

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The G only means gay. There is no second meaning.