Ausfalia Housing Market Is Four Times the Size of Economy

Ausfalia Housing Market Is Four Times the Size of Economy

Bubble pops when? That was 2017 already and probably worse by now.

Australia’s housing market dwarfs its economy after five years of red-hot price growth. The value of the nation’s homes has ballooned to A$7.3 trillion ($5.6 trillion) – or more than four times gross domestic product. Not even the U.S. and U.K. markets achieved such heights at their peaks a decade ago before prices spiraled lower and dragged their economies with them. “The risk is that it leaves the Australian economy extremely exposed, and a minor shock could become far more significant,” said Daniel Blake, an economist at Morgan Stanley in Sydney. (can't archive)

Interest-only loan crackdown 'could lead to US-style meltdown'

A leading economist is warning that Australia's housing market could be heading for a US-style meltdown as a crackdown on interest-only mortgages forces more homebuyers to start paying off the principal on their loans.

Not looking too good for ya Kangaroo fuckers…

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There is nothing the Australian government wouldn't do, no matter how short sighted and self-destructive, to keep the ponzi scheme afloat a little bit longer.

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Was this the plan?

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All that Chinese money.

The housing market across the Western world is insane anyway. We can't afford houses but they are then given/rented to the invaders for 'free'. It's pretty brilliant, come to think of it.

who the fuck do you think is going to be losing out when the bubble crashes retard. Hint it's not Australians buying houses and leaving them empty

Similarly… We can't have the same standard of living as post-war boom but governments have fucking billions to throw away on "refugees", "soft power", trade deficits, etc.. but there's always enough for panem et circenses, just enough to keep the discontent from broiling over.


If you know of a property owned and left empty by a chink, it needs a squat. The chinks are well known to leave their properties mysteriously unlocked and accessible without any breach of criminal law.

what gets given for free to rapefugees is low income housing in order to cull low income white males or force them to compete for higher income jobs

When losing investment for home owning chink is painful its is not the end of the world. But for aussie who lives in teh mortgaged house it may end as catastrophe. 85% of Aussies mortgages are adjustable rate mortgages, if their houses price flop and rates rise they will found themselves in the debt they can't pay and can't refinance.

So how much time is left before the emus take over?

Are there squatter’s rights in Australia. If there are … you know what to do…

Thanks for the dirty money, chinks. You can fuck off now though.

Melbourne Squatters Guide 2010: k-f3 k8zSg# 2g2aFxIl3c-Ch 2JdLEuGZ9EdwszbkfWiP F8j w62

You know all those debts rich people are constantly taking on? They earn money constantly. They can get away with leveraging for the short-term at long-term rates. So what do you think they do if they've got cash and want to get rid of the interest drain on their accounts? If they fork over the money all at once, banks charge them penalties. That's expensive. So they find some schlub who will take over the interest payments instead. Rich people debts turn into houses. A few hundred thousand here, a million and change there. It drains the money from all the people who think they might have a chance of moving up in the world and helps line the pockets of the ones who don't want status competition.

I made this up. It's pure fiction this time. If any of it was right, it was an accident, I swear.


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My first thought.

China isn't playing the same game Western investors/bankers are: they are thinking long-term about regional/global domination, as evidenced by their One Belt One Road Initiative, as well as their latest tactic of building artificial islands in order to extend their territorial claim, et al.
They are looking toward a future where they have supplanted the US as the world's main superpower, and they're not above playing dirty to achieve that end, to which, suffering an initial loss in order to tank the Australian economy so they can come in and buy everything at fire sale prices would make perfect sense.
(pic related)

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Well, you're hitting the right direction but your fiction has the money in the wrong place. The health of the economy is actually complete shit atm. I know quite a few contractors who were partially paid in literal houses by their principal contractors or clients in development projects. Since no one local actually has the cash to buy new houses or the will to rent a large new house meaning the best they can do to survive it either refinance the empty houses and hope for the best, sell the land alone (land titles are always in demand, especially with a house on it for free because that makes the land tax much cheaper in certain countries) or request that the houses they are given are in the same lot so that they can then just refuse to build a house there and just get the land in order to rope some other poor shmuck into financing a commerical lot

The west isn't seeing the economic desperation China is in their efforts to build literal ghost towns, but we're getting there.

the reason the housing market is in as big a bubble as it is is because China bought up the entire country already

With disposable income that they were trying to hide from the chinese IRS. What would you think happens when that bubble pops and lesser chinks can now buy at a lower price that has already passed the IRS checks? For reference, an apartment sized at an area of 36 meter square with a height of 6 meters separated into 2 floors with a 40 year title (that means 40 years after purchase, it defaults back to being half owned by the commie gov) in Guangzhou is currently sitting around 600,000 USD. Do you think the chink middle class would even think to buy real estate within china for investments?

Meant to say

Very checked. I'm coming to the opinion that the world simply cannot support a single nation of over 1 billion people. Especially conformist social insects like the chinks. Even if each of them just farted a bit to the left, it would slow the Earth's rotation. When enough of them pay bribes to their local commissars, who then launder the cash through any country's real estate markets, the result is that a little place like Australia or Canada gets blown the fuck away by a tsunami of hot cash that local humans can't begin to match.

And that's why we'll be killing them too. Nukewar between chinks and poos when?

Hello I am from Australia and Chi-中国正在以不同的方式毁掉我们的国家。

Clearly the only solution is to import millions of niggers who will then destroy the houses and any value the property around them may have had, solving the issue for generations to come.

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prepare for harrasment

jews already have a plan to depopulate china with weather, food and manufactured viruses once they have dealt with the white race, the jews don't want to share the world with any intelligent race

weather engineering and food shortages


keep dreaming, zhang. you're surrounded by countries that despise you. Good luck with that.

Jew can't even sort out their own shithole.

But when it crashes, I can buy a house for cheaper right?

Yes but the chinks will be in control instead of the jews. I don't think the jews planned to lose the control. Weird.

I'd take an asian over a jew anyday.
Hell i saw a dog eating horse shit on the road a few months ago, i'd take that dog over a jew anyday.

That's because jews aren't used to doing things for themselves. They're used to manipulating others to do their work for them. That's why they will rely on dumb niggers as an easily manipulated workforce.

Yes but the problem is Asians are not going to ban race mixing so this don't fix the problems overnight.

If they import loads of new people there will be a housing shortage, supply and demand will keep the prices going up and you will end up with cities of homeless. Crime will cause the home security market to boom but your cost of living will go up as government programs and extra public sector positions spiral out of control to cope with importing foreign cultures. Houses everywhere will be subdivided down to flats/apartments. In 10 years you will be paying the same for a 1 bedroom apartment as you do now for a 3 bedroom house.
Is my prediction.

I guess the Aussies are going buy a small plot and live in the tents in order to live the simple frugal life. Abandon the soul destroying modern life.

Yeah but if that happens too much they will pass laws to stop it, harass people who do, or import the foreigners directly to the places people try to escape to, forcing them back to the city where they can only afford 1/4 of what they left behind.

That's very insane. How do they plan to enforce the law on impoverished millions people when the crash happens? The asians will have to be ultra authoritarian on the Aussies if they want to enforce the laws effectively with little resistance from them.

When the mortgage crisis happened in the US, banks were so busy handling foreclosures and other shit they ignored my application to buy as there was more money from the government and refinancing foreclosures than legitimate people who were trying to buy at the time.

Trust the plan, goy.

They aren't the general merely the weapon. Understand Aussies don't run your country right now, so don't be surprised when you see a handover of power to more obvious foreigners.

Honestly it's not going to happen
There will be a lull in prices but no crash, the amount of Money Chinese Billionaires have to spend on our houses is near limitless in contrast to our small country

So a reverse gentrification?
That said the reason why house prices are so high is a 50-50 between china and boomers allowing china to do shit

They already have those, council land laws are incredibly fucky

Us jews never scam the goys

status quo bias, once the jew bankers realize the Casino has closed then they will panic and sell it all, better get armed and shoot them before they do so that they cannot liquefy and move their assets

I don't live in low income housing and tons of rapefugees pour through the place i live in the southern USA…none of them speak a word of English, they all sit around all day on their porches and talk and the government picks up the tab for rent, and then probably 'relocates' then into a White community where the people aren't expecting full blown rapists to suddenly show up. The rent is not San Francisco or New York high but it is significant. The invasion of the USA is just as bad as Europe, it is just that we are used to 'seeing' niggers, spics and shitskins and we are less aware of the flood coming into our nations to replace us.

Careful…you will spontaneously combust.

There is a lot of council areas so they will go somewhere that have little regulations on the houses.

You raise an interesting point
Did you know Hillary Clinton last month said Australia and NZ are being subverted heavily by the Chinese
What was with that

There are only a couple like that and for those you're going to have to be an U N N A

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Ok but what will they do about poor Aussies? They can't buy the houses so how are the chinks supposed to enforce the laws to keep the house economy rolling?

If guys do that, they’re not going to attract a mate. That’s a big thing for guys. And if they’re not having mates and reproducing then it becomes a bigger excuse for more people importation.

There aren't many abos because they suck at taking care of themselves and Australia is almost big as USA without the left top next the mapleland. You can literally create your micronation and be a king to the cultists in the outback.

Then import white rural bitches from outside of our red land that never seen the modern life and get poisoned by it.


Actually the Chinese have subverted Australia's gov yeah, follow the mining and open borders origins. NZ is a black box. Many bunkers, a few normal people, ultimately still the favorite hidey hole.

Australia is stable but Africa is not so naturally they moneybombed the redland.

The Australian, newzealand and Canadian housing markets bubble will not "pop" so long as each market is propped up by Chinese billionaires and millionaires buying up all the property.

Thanks zog, now white people can't buy new property or houses will still paying taxes for niggers to get brand new section 8 housing if not checks for rent in houses white people cannot even think to afford


Import white people? And women? Are you high? Can’t have that. Need coloureds. And men, to destroy the gender ratio in every area, but especially urban centres. Also most every women gets poisoned by the modern world when they come to live in it.


Are you senile? Oh yes, why is that? Because we are dying and we need coloured to fix our already dying white race. What a wonderful idea you have not!

Lol wut? I’m clearly be sarcastic. But the second part avout ratios and the innate poison of modern life is true.

I got denied by the bank because I am too poor to afford a loan. Why? The house price is the biggest frickin' reason. Oh it's not just the house price, the power price is out of control as well so as a result of that. Many strayans had no power because they are too poor to afford.

Yea I know and I shitposted back.

Recommended reading (i.e. download)

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Nice. We're going to be living in shantytowns while the people who own the houses don't even live in this country.

Never, everyone in Aus is always checking it, government always keeps the price artificially up.
We had a scare with the no interest loans though. Mate works in Westpac and he says ASIC was in their branch checking EVERYTHING they were doing.

It seems that what will happen is that all other prices will instead inflate to compensate for the high prices.

China bought a lot of flats, but most of the larger properties are still being bought by Boomers and even some gen x /y. But the debt for these properties is enormous.

I didn't know that they were breathing down on their bank necks. Are they in all of the banks?

no user, they think the whole ship's sinking.
No one is going to supplant the US if the whole planet is doomed.

Chink own the metal companies so they are going be rich because poorfags buy the metal roof to make the huts.

Oh boy, we just had a near lehman brother's situation in Aus recently.
But unlike Lehman, we knew what it was beginning to look like.
Oh and then there was the AMP "diversity" fiasco (hired incompetent women, even the ABC was asking questions about forcing quotas, that's how bad their decisions were and how bad the selection of exectives were for the sake of diversity).

We looked like we were in the poop. Still in the poop tbh.
But, many people are moving to Karratha in my city (Perth) which suggests another boom (probably shale) is about to happen.

Aus is a weird fucking economy.

Was this their plan all along?

Probably not.

Your prophecy already came true two decades ago, Nostradamus.

They do but it's not just metal but other things. They are interested in healthcare now.

And we're interested in Macau.
Globalism is not benefiting either country user. It's creating huge social/economic issues in both countries. It's made the distribution of workers in both countries out of whack.

Yes I know. It's Rudd man's fault for letting that happen to us. That is why I want the death punishment back.

I fricking hate this situation.

No it's the machine user.
It's ruining every country on earth.

This isn't just the collapse of the west, it's the fall of mankind if this shitty globalist machine continues to ignore to necessities of countries and those living with it, such as the necessities overcoming racial differences - such as the necessity for a degree of segregation.

Well thank for the information. We need to throw a hammer in the machine so we can live in the white ethnocentric nation and be left alone. No political correctness craps and women should not be allowed to work in politics field ever again.

You can be for or against ethnocentricity, the fact is that pragmatically it is necessary for human survival.

That's the biggest red pill of them all.

Every country need to be conquered by the white people but leave the people except the jews.

*leave the people alone

Actually the next issue is IQ.
Naturalised people will be at risk existence wise soon.

That is a easy problem to solve. We can control the population with brutal iron rods.

Or pointed sticks.

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Useless idiots will be executed to reduce the burdens on the society and impose child allocation and birth permissions on the people.

This is retarded fucking logic.

Why the hell would they kill off the chinks? They make magnificent slaves. Just saw the head off their queen, and you are the master of the entire colony. Imagine having your own Borg collective a billion strong. It's everything the Jews have ever wanted. It's actually a good thing they diasporaed west, into Europe, rather than east. If things had gone the other way in 66 AD, by the year 1000 the high-IQ chinks would have been mining the moon for shekel silver.

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The chinks and greedy kike politicians made this happen.

If the Aussie gobment cared about its people it wouldn't allow foreign countries to manipulate its real estate economy like that.

They've been saying the bubble's gonna burst for years, hasn't happened yet. The Australian government is a currently a playground for war between kikes and chinks vying for control, and has been since Rudd in particular. 5 PM's in 5 years doesn't happen by accident.

Reminder: 六四天安门事件

Exactly this. Watching and reading the news reports of the royal commission into the banking sector and how fucking bad everything is. It was very telling at how many female execs were up there having to explain why all this shit happened on their watch. One after the other. It was eye opening. I've met many competent working women in my time who are great at their job. But holy hell they should never be in charge of anything or be in politics. They fuck everything up.

We keep hearing about this imminent bubble bursting but it's a 50/50 problem though. Sure houses are way too overvalued and the prices need to come down significantly. People can't afford shit anymore.
But the primary product we make here is real estate. So if the property market crashes, it will take the entire economy with it. Things have been bad for quite a while now. Wages have stagnated for years, yet costs of living like electricity and rents keep climbing. Not to forget half of all jobs these days are no longer permanent. People tend not to spend much when they might be looking for work in 2 months due to being casual/contractor etc.

Look at Western Australia. The mining market crashed and the energy market crashed at the same time and it annihilated the Perth economy. Sure house prices have fallen a lot, but no-one can afford one because no-one has a job. There are so many empty shops everywhere it's frightening. And 5 years after the crash its still just as bad. That's what the whole country will look like if the housing market implodes. It's unsustainable as is and will have to eventually correct. But when it happens, it will not be pretty.

It would be great if the housing bubble popped before China sold their stranglehold over the housing market.

That's it, I'm releasing the tiger.

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Never meant to imply it won't burst, only that they've been saying it's going to burst 'any day now' for years.

Mate are you retarded they own massive swathes of our major cities housing and other infrastructure, they have obvious spies in our industry and government shamelessly selling secrets back to their Chinese government, and are otherwise well on their way to neutralising Australia as part of their plan to undermine/puppet every nation around them to create a huge buffer zone.