Himmler's 'Nazi princess' daughter dead at 88: Holocaust denier who helped war criminals escape justice is revealed to...

Himmler's 'Nazi princess' daughter dead at 88: Holocaust denier who helped war criminals escape justice is revealed to have been a spy for West German government
Heinrich Himmler's daughter has died at the age of 88, as Germany's top intelligence service admitted it had employed the Nazi sympathiser during the Cold War.
The BND confirmed today that Gudrun Burwitz had worked for the then-West German spy agency in the 1960s, although she never renounced her father or the Nazi regime.
She remained active in far-right extremism in later life, helping war criminals who worked for her evil father escape justice, and speaking at neo-Nazi rallies, before she died last month in Munich.
Heinrich Himmler, who as commander of the SS was one of the most powerful Nazis and a principal architect of the murder of six gizillion Jews in the Holocaust, killed himself in British custody in 1945.
One German official said Burwitz had a 'genuine love for these men and women who served the worst parts of the Nazi regime from 1933 until 1945.'
Burwitz was the leading figure in sinister support group Stille Hilfe, which offered backing and financial help for former SS officers still at large. The group was said to have 25 to 40 members who referred to her as the 'Nazi Princess'.
In one case the organisation helped fight for Klaas Carel Faber, 89, in the former SS killer's attempt to avoid being extradited back to the Netherlands.

It also helped Anton Malloth, a brutal guard in a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia, who was sentenced to death in his absence before finding refuge in Germany.
Malloth was put up in an OAP home with Stille Hilfe funds, where Burwitz visited him with fruit and ­chocolates, in a residence built on land once owned by Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess.
Burwitz lived her later life in a suburb of Munich, just 15 miles from the concentration camp at Dachau where more than 30,000 people died during Hitler's 12-year rule.
As a child she worshipped her father, who called her Püppi.
She wrote in her diary after she visited the camp: 'Today, we went to Dachau. We saw everything we could. We saw the gardening work. We saw the pear trees.
'We saw all the pictures painted by the prisoners. Marvellous. And afterwards we had a lot to eat. It was very nice.'


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Pictured with uncle Adolf

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Rest in Peace.


RIP, we failed her

RIP in peace

>killed himself was savagely beaten and then forced to swallow cyanide in British custody in 1945.

Fixed that for you.


shes so beautiful wow

Yet the war goes on

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Why would they do that? Wouldn't it be a far bigger propaganda win for them to give him the noose?


We must not let her death be in vain or her name be destroyed for all eternity by these rotten scheming rats

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Rest in peace.

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Only one of these can be true.

Think long and hard about why, then lurk 2 years before posting again.

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They already had the fake human-skin lampshades and 6 gorillion survivors' testimony lined up and ready to go. Can't have Himmler correcting the record when you need to de-nazify a whole country.

88 too, God blessed her with a wonderful life.

wew lad
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I was just watching a documentary about his letters and diary.
She was aware, even as a child, the atrocious being committed by the Soviets on the eastern front(her diary in the documentary) towards the end of the war.
She was a loving daughter.

Loyalty from craddle to grave.

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Will success for your sake Princess, and the men who fell, trying to preserve our existence.
No more brothers wars.
RIP, and F

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It's even more touching than that. The West German government paid Nazi-era government pensions to next of kin. . . on the condition they sign a formal renunciation of National Socialism. Those who refused were denied benefits in a shattered country.

As far as I know, only Edda Goring refused on principle, though I wouldn't be surprised if Gudrun also refused.

Why wouldn't they kill him publicly though? There was already a public consensus by the victors that he was evil. He could have had a million pieces of evidence proving innocence and no one would've believed it.

Gardening and picture painting, oy vey! It was horrible!

That was Goebbels.

F RIP in peace you were too good for this world

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Nazi Princess - awwwwwwww

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He couldn't be allowed to speak, numbnuts. Everybody else would have responded to the holohoax accusations with evasion and "only following orders/not my area of responsibility" talk, which the Jews know from experience sounds guilty as hell. Himmler, however, would have flat-out laughed at the gas chamber horseshit and exposed the lies about human soap and buttons made from bones. He might also have made a hell of a case for killing yids, as well as talked up some of the more colorful Soviet atrocities.

Then there are the lingering questions about his knowledge of the July 20 plot, and how embarrassing it would have been for him to let it slip that the operation was blown by the OSS' own station chief broadcasting details in the clear.

All in all, the Allies were better off with him dead like a coward, rather than alive and saying God-only-knows-what on the stand.

Here is the documentary(made by Israeli Jews) with timestamp:

This is what I'm saying, you insufferable faggot. Nothing, nothing anyone could say would've made a difference so why not just rope him if you're them? Him killing himself looks bad, sure, but having him alive, denying things, showing him as someone so "evil" he'd never repent and then roping him is far more powerful as a propaganda too.

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He's dead in both outcomes, but one would make him look like a coward and the other would make him look bold. They use the former outcome to demoralize people.

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Beautiful. RIP.

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That's beautiful, thank you.

Wikipedia is your greatest ally

She had an anglo husband named Wulf Dieter Burwitz, WITH TWO children. He was the head of the NPD party. You're just a lame D&C kike.

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Must be fun going down on the sinking ship with nothing but memes to soothe you.

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F, RIP, she was also rather cute

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Jews adopted the name of old surnames of Germans. Additionally, you said that she had an only child when she had two.

Nice job getting a lot of verifiable info wrong.

It's just a shill trying to D&C. Just filter 9dda70

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Hmmm, martyr or coward, what would serve the jews better. Gee, that is a fucking question for the ages. Doesn't matter, he escaped despite kike propaganda.

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RIP princess.

Wait, which is cowardly?

I'd rather be speaking German than Spanish, I'll tell you that

look at what these fucking kikes have done to America

Princess Marie Adelheid of Lippe, of the Duchy of Lippe-Detmold, was also commonly called a Nazi Princess.


She was ugly

Anons, isn't it wonderful to see these deranged shills shit up every thread being so obtuse and constantly spamming inconsequential contrarian drivel? Akin to the way Maxine Waters was frothing at the mouth, they attack woman and children. They are the lowest form of sentient creation and if you follow me through this timeline they too shall pass. Goodnight sweet Gudrun, the sunwheel turns once again.


She rests with the ancestors now.

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god I wish that was me with Hitler.

We failed her in life, but not in death. A new Reich is coming. As we usher in a new era of human progress, expansion, and evolution in our strive towards perfection, may we never forget the iron will and resolve of this woman, who never gave up hope even in the darkest of hours.

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Not bad. Heil'd

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Imagine being her, having to see Germany fall and get flooded with shitskins…

Still, at least she got to live in relative peace.

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The thought makes my heart joyful.

It's too bad we couldn't get her to pop out a few New Germans, really.


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Found the "everyone is Muslim" posters.
I'm just going to assume that porn star is Jewish.
Thanks Himmler, another jew bites the dust.



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I'm surprised jews don't charge, they're so generous.

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I don't think OPs photo is her. She was younger at the time. see

Rest in peace, Aryan Granny. And thank you for your continued service against communism after the main hostilities of WWII had ceased.


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You mean a bunch of brits and drunk soviets?

So obvious and you couldn't see it, faggot? The kikes will always demonize their enemies.


Also, it is not "denial.
It is

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The kikes are so mad they can't even put minimal effort into shilling anymore.


She worked under false identity as a secretary in the West-German branch of CIA.

She was a Werwolf guerilla.


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google.com/search?tbs=sbi:AMhZZiuUP8vi_1MfgAn2M1e6woSLjD2Zcyp1rnGVmNHH0QyURP9pAvvahiNFq2F06KyJ5AsFmM5NsZy_1DRWUNV6rJBUmf70Vq6qFmiHZZz0ETjDaGP7VbIDuDnoZs1vZM8ftiFsLaHqDwP1nmkJXer_1448C_1Hz-UdL_1mRjruUvJI8Kdo-uNhxnaPUFZnCamqgu616rlHnC9ew-C2kd6FUSzrGBvPBtZEVzPY_1qnWIuLzzA-Yxnk42zPOUQgziOd2gag_1KAQlDx-wCPNOQPtXPzGeO0S9DNzq2QpdEx2pDpg6T9OyWa2fzqucPTvqrUTzK3JzrsK7_1oQaZr7lfnvFhL-3cWbjsWv-QvA&btnG=Search by image&hl=en

Here she is, my favorite Germanic cam girl. They look similar.

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Hopefully Irving will start selling his Himmler book now. Apperently he was waiting for Gudrun to die.


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Is babyzelda still active?

You're part of the problem.

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