Trump appointee guts UN document on racism, says leaders don't have duty to condemn hate speech

Trump appointee guts UN document on racism, says leaders don't have duty to condemn hate speech

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Further proof that drumpf is a fascist! ;^)

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the UN can suck a dick, i hope we totally pull out from that lucierian organization, label the UN a national security threat and deal with them

The UN are hypocrites and have never said anything about the global white genocide taking place.

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I agree somewhat, however; I think it's more valuable to take that stance but keep the security council vote.

The UN are the main perpetrators of it. Why would they say anything?

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I don't think they are. You could say the same thing about marxists and liberals, but they're not really hypocrites. They're just all playing stupid and like they're children reducing the political conversation by dumbing down the language. The problem is you can't argue with a child nor can you win. Until you slap the shit out of them. Once you start slapping the shit out of these people they'll drop this whole blind, deaf, and dumb act reeeeeeeeeeal fucking quick.

They count on us sticking by our principles whereas their principles exist solely to trick us into attacking their own strawmen. This is wht Conservacucks have been consistently shit on for the last 40 years. You can't optics cuck - no one respects cucking.

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That's exactly the point. To get you to argue your principles and determine whether they made a good enough argument for your internal debate mechanism to somehow compute their points being a valid expression. It's not a trick so much as it is a tactic. Conservatives and "classical" liberals do not have actual principles based in reality. Their entire principled stance is based on abstract concepts that other parties have to accept to understand. If the other party doesn't accept your principles you're left in a circle jerk debate with yourself ultimately destroying your own sanity for someone elses gain.

It's an excellent strategy that was exposed long ago when Hitler wrote Mein Kampf and predicted liberalism being in its death throes running into reality. The same reason we hate conservatives and liberals is actually for the exact same reason as marxist do. They're a waste of everyones fucking time when we know they're going to ultimately be forced into fascism or marxism in the end.

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Shortly after the edits were suggested, the US announced it was leaving the Geneva based Human Rights Council.
[supposedly because of yidsnotreal, or so they directed nimrata randhawa to say]
Veprek appears to have struck out an entire section that links fighting racism with building a diverse democracy, crossing out the language, "acknowledging the linkage and complementarity of the combat against racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia with the long-term construction of a democratic, non-discriminatory and multicultural society, based on the recognition, respect and promotion of cultural, ethnic and religious diversity."

The resolution breaks from its usual formula this year to introduce language expressing concern that "we have witnessed a discouraging trend of populism and nationalism." It goes on to note longer-standing concerns about "rising signs of xenophobia and incitement to violence based on identity."
>Berschinski, now senior vice president for policy with (((Human Rights First))), said that by eliminating references to terms like "populism and nationalism," "xenophobia" and "the rise in racism," the edits seem to suggest an administration that feels targeted by what are otherwise fairly anodyne diplomatic documents.
Veprek takes issue with a section that blasts public officials who engage in hate speech, which reads: "acts of racial violence, hate speech and incitement to hatred do not constitute legitimate expressions of opinion, but rather unlawful acts or offenses which incite violence, and that when government officials and public authorities (who) have a duty to condemn and where applicable prosecute such offenses engage in hate speech, they undermine the right to non-discrimination and endanger democracy."

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No it doesn't. The problem lay in your display resolution and window size. Here is an example.

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All we do by being in the (((security council))) is lend legitimacy to it

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This is literally like in Civilization when a country tries to make their religion the world religion using the UN or council of nations or whatever it's called.

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look, newfag, no one wants you to post the whole article let alone read your line-by-line commentary

there's nothing any of this that justifies this conclusion. this whole UN Resolution on racism was a not at all veiled criticism of the Trump Administration. They literally use the same language in the document that the (((MSM))) uses to try to slander Trump and anyone who agrees with him ie. Populism, Nationalism, xenophobia etc etc. Trump should be credited for his 'WOMP WOMP' attitude, don't get me wrong, but considering the situation its honestly hard to see what else he could do, other than perhaps simply try to ignore it like a cuckservative

tl;dr: interesting story. worth a thread. your (extreme) excitement isn't really justified


Communists/leftists are still fighting the second world war. "nationalism" and "populism" became dirty words after that conflict. They were the post war memes du-jour, encouraging the nation-states of the world to subsume their ambitions to a global hegemonic vision called "the new world order".

These people are in their late 80s, 90s. They are dying. The world doesn't care about their vision. They see it for the dystopia it truly is.


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No, it at best violates the norm for correct posting, but the content nevertheless is useful for discussion.
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He's only doing it to spite the UN for not supporting Israel.

Do not be fooled by Zionist acts.

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i see posts but who is behind them?


TBH that’s about as close to “literally based” as we’re gonna get for just the time being I think. I’m old enough now to tell you that it’s not too bad of a bad start.

*not too bad of a start

Yes, Jews regularly warn you of Zionist subversion.

What Jews don't ever do is claim someone warning against Zionist subversion is a Jew.

And Jews NEVER use Jewish media to deceive others into thinking a controlled-op agent is legit.

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