We often use the term “Übermensch” when referring to an Aryan. In translating this term into English, we would variously render it as “superman” or “overman”, according to the translator’s personal taste. Though likely not intended by whoever coined this term, the term is far more accurate than anyone could have ever guessed. To get to the root of what I am explaining, we must delve nearly 500,000 years into the past, when Europe was void of human life. Who lived in Europe before the coming of the first humans? The Neanderthals, of course, a non-human sapient species of hominids.

Part I:
Beginning some 55,000 years ago (nearly 15,000 years before the extinction of the Neanderthal), humans had entered Europe from Africa and eventually began to engage in interspecies sex, producing viable offspring. Even today, the blood of the Neanderthal courses within your veins. Every beat of your heart sends the blood of the sublime being flowing through your veins, albeit in a fallen form. Scientists find that the genomes of modern Europeans (Aryans) contain 2-4% Neanderthal DNA. While other groups today may contain greater or lesser amounts of Neanderthal admixture, nowhere is the admixture greater than in Europe – the homeland of both the Neanderthal and the Aryan.

Part II:
Now we begin to see the true nature of the “racial” question come to light at last. While we Aryans do in fact get the majority of our DNA from our human ancestors, a percentage comes from that of the Neanderthal. Is it a mere coincidence that the group which possesses the highest degree of non-human admixture is also the most superior race in existence whether we think of his skill in inventions, his drive to conquer or his intelligence? Meanwhile, Africans are totally devoid of any Neanderthal DNA, while also being the lowest IQ group in the world. The real take-away from this realization is that the term “Übermensch” can be taken literally when applied to those of pure Aryan blood. We Aryans are quite literally “more than human”. The African is no “Untermensch” (subhuman), he is merely a human. Behold the human in his pure, pitiful state: ape-like, uninventive, eternally impeded without the genius of the Aryans. After several millennia of contact with the inferior pure human, the Neanderthal slowly began to die out, surviving in a new, partially assimilated form which survives to this day– the Aryan (demi-Neanderthal). The Aryan, as the initial offspring of the beastlike pure human and sublume Neanderthal, was markedly inferior to the Neanderthal parent, yet markedly superior to the human. Thus we can see the comparison to the modern day. Though while our fully non-human forerunners have long since died out, we remain as a species separate from the lower beings who populate this planet. We have made this planet into an Aryan domain merely inhabited by humans while we control the levers of power. Through miscegenation we are destroying the very blood which enabled our ancestors, millennia ago, to become more than human themselves. Without this superior non-human admixture, we would still be in the Stone Age. We mustn’t make the same mistakes as the Neanderthals did, deciding, on however limited of a scale, to interbreed with our human ancestors, destroying their species in the process. It is also a warning against mass immigration. It’s about to happen again – the humans are coming back into Europe – and this time we will be completely eradicated.

TL;DR : Europeans superiority comes from their partially non-human ancestory

The science is all there, the connections only need to be made. The state of academia prevents this type of speculation from happening

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Out of Africa? I am not sure about it.

Ayy lmao

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The place of origin itself doesn't matter, but the fact of the Aryan's Neanderthal roots cannot be disputed.


Has jews_are_neanderkikes.jpeg D&C lie been posted yet?

Oh goy please.
Out of Africa is 100%, completely debunked.
Europeans are 100%, completely distinct from niggers. In whole, not in part. Completely separate branch on the tree of life different.


the mtDNA link to Africa from 50,000 years ago is what you really have to focus on. It is the hardest piece of evidence in that theory.

It's up to 8%.

Those two sentences disagree with each other.

Do you have a source? If that's true, it would reinforce my belief in this theory even more.
How so?

Place of origin matters a hell of a lot when you have people using the out of Africa theory which this (((article))) claims as real. Using it only to cause white guilt, destroy white unity, and (((modify))) white history and culture.
No, fuck you.

Right there. You can't be more than X if X is more than you.

I typed this up late last night, so it might be weird in some spots. What I meant to say was that all Eurasians have a small amount of Neanderthal DNA. Europeans simply have the most. Sorry for the confusion, I should have proofread better

Aryans don't exist anymore.

Even northern Europeans have only ~70% indo European DNA, the rest is pre-aryan European DNA

Yup. There's the D&C point.

No you fucking kike. If you must look at it that way then the neanderthal IS the human and the homo sapien is not.

If that's how you want to see it, go ahead. I understand why you would want to put it this way. My intent is not to demean whites. My purpose is to show whites that we are something greater, what the gap truly is between the non-white and the white

I actually agree with that notion. We're descendants of the gods. The rest are byproducts of the demiurge or mongrel offshoots from our seed, which was a mistake.



Learn to read, my friend

Notice how the kikes are trying to slide this thread, nit-pick at facts. We're not falling for your PILPUL anymore. We have transcended humanity

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Adding one layer to your deception does nothing, kike.

This thread is shit for explaining nothing about why or how neanderthals died out or why they would choose to breed with humans. Human migration from Africa has been disputed and it's believed that humans came from the Mediterranean region, or even possibly the Caucus mountains. Speculation on Neanderthals is somewhat specious. The success of individuals with 2 -4% Neanderthal DNA may be because 2-4% is a good amount, but 6+ or 0 % is not, in an instance of self-regulated genetic selection (the desired traits from such a specific mixture and organization of DNA may be sought out for, yet 6%+ or 0% may exhibit negative traits).
Hopefully we can turn this shit thread around and talk about the specific desirable traits that people with such a percentage of Neanderthal DNA exhibit, and how those with less or more are different, but also what traits they have that are positive and negative.

user, if you're sincere, you should do 2 more years of research and lurking before making threads on the subject. Neanderthal is what sets apart Eurasians as a whole from Sub-Saharan Africans. Denisovan admixture sets apart Oceanians and Abbos. What sets the European apart is the apparent amalgamation of Northeast Eurasians ("Aryan," "Proto-Indo-European," "Yamnaya") with light skin and blonde hair with the Cro-Magnon (Western Hunter Gatherer) whose skin was allegedly not as light (I don't believe it was "dark" - probably more akin to Mediterranean skintones) with blue eyes. Now, that's what the current ancient genetics arguments are as I know them. However, with the myths of fair skinned, blue eyed, blond/red haired people popping up all over the world, possibly long predating the Eurasian/Cromagnon admixture, I wonder if these people were related before and only recombined in the last 10,000 years or so.

It's also worth mentioning that Europeans have some Anatolian/Levantine (J Y-haplotype) DNA, with a south-north gradient.

Something about the combination of fair features makes fair people. It could be that Neanderthal contributed some paleness to our people (East Asians included).

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FYI: the idea that hominims evolved first in Africa is NOT the same as "Out of Africa Theory"

I've seen no evidence that Indo-Europeans (aka Aryans) had particularly high amounts of cross-breeding with Neanderthals. In fact, iirc, that mostly happened in W/S Europe and the ME, not in the Caucasus. If you have such evidence, then I'd like to see it.

our ancestors come from a lost land, Hyperborea, along with Atlantis

The Arctic, when we were made, set apart from the beasts of the field.

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Why is Sierra Leone's IQ level semi normal?

The results are skewed by statistics including kikes as "white" so they really can not be trusted.

It does nothing of the sort. These facts are well known and not controversial. Before you get too carried away, however, remember that the chinks have Neanderthal admixture and some Denisovan, while even niggers have a genetic echo of an unknown West African possible-neanderthal subspecies from even further back.

Reminder that humanity essentially divides into Group A, which is Khoisan and their descendants – the BaMbuti and Hadza – Group B, which is Nilotic and Amhara/Tigrayan/Kushitic Africans, Group C, which is Bantu niggers, and Group D, the non-African descendants of Archaic H. sapiens.

In Group D are the Austaloid/Papuan/Melanesian/Malagasy savages. They probably are the most primitive, in that they've changed the least. Then there are the Afro-Semites, who evolved where you think they did. 40,000 years ago, some branch of the common ancestor with Near Easterners split, shot east, and fucked Denisovans to make chinks and American pseudo-chinks. Another group humped west into Europe, where they got some hawt Neandercock and became smart us.

InB4 Hyperborea.

Yes, yes. We was kangz and sheit. We also built Atlantis and had colonies on Planet X, which the Annunaki helpfully took us to. Go fuck yourself.


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Hard to say, user. Apparently Sierra Leone is very poor and a generally shit-tier country. They were a British colony, though, and speak English as their primary language. Perhaps the IQ test is only of their top tenth, wealthy and educated part of the population. I don't want to discount them entirely without knowing more about IQ testing there.

The cro magnons were not the aryans, they were the jotuns of the old north. The aryans were the Neolithic farmers, not hunter gatherers, hence the term "agrarian".

Sierra Leone niggers have about 20-percent white admixture, courtesy of blind, horny slave owners. They also had the sense, unlike our Liberian niggers, to drive out a lot of the sub-85 local tribes for good.

Read my post again, user. I said WHG were Cro-Magnon and Eurasians/Yamnaya were Aryans. Neolithic farmers were not, from what I can tell, were not Aryan/Indo-European. For example, agrarian is an Indo-European word which came in with the North Eurasians/Yamnaya people, not the Anatolians.

I was speculating this but could not find a quick source to support it.

I have a hard time believing the neanderthals died out. I also have a hard time beleving that 4% is the max neanderthal admixture. Why can't there be strains of people 50% or higher? Something just doesn't seem to add up.

One question tho, if the Yamnaya brought R1B with them, why such high levels of R1B in the basque and northern Spanish?

Attached: Haplogroup_R1b-borders.png (780x510, 71.06K)

Agrarianism had an indo-european expansion too, and that is when swastikas and sun disks started appearing in iconography.

I'm speculating too. It's the commonly accepted figure for ex-farm equipment. Elevates the discourse around those light bulbs they can use six hours a day, you know? Gives them bragging rights about not relying on campfires like those bush niggers upriver.

Simple: The haplotype is a shitty measure of ancestry. Find one cluster of genes sitting on the Y chromosome, and I can prove your father's father's father's father came from anywhere. Go back 10 generations, and you're looking at a single male-line ancestor out of 1,024 total ancestors from the same time (around 250-300 years ago for most of us).

That's fucking bullshit. If no human populations had been moving in that time, maybe it would be a good approximation for other total ancestry, but in the last 500 years, who's to say you don't have a male ancestor who raped an African slave, who bore a son who fucked a sheboon in 1595, who had a son, who had a son, who had a son, and so on until 1865, when the latest son moved to Dodge City and fucked an Indian squaw to have another son, who had a son with a light-skinned Mexican girl, whose son met a French woman in 1918, who bore his son who went on to have a son with a Canadian nurse, who had a son in 1952, who had a son in 1982, who grew up to be lily-white you?

In that case, you'd have a shit ton of nigger ancestors and never know it, and in the reverse case you'd have 1/1000th nigger ancestry but test positive for West African.

I don't trust such a limited tool.

So… then? It means nothing? Surely there's a reason why there's more there than anywhere else in the mainland.

user, my understanding is that while R1b was among Yamnaya, it seems the majority may have been R1a. I really am not entirely certain about these distributions through space and time. Some of the earliest aDNA tested in Western Europe has been R1b, but it is rather rare in the paleolithic period compared to I* and G2a (I think it was).

I read one interesting paper that suggested R1b broke off from R1a around the Caucasus region, then went down into the Levant and started the Sumerian Civilization. From there, they would have contributed to the Egyptian civilization, traveled across North Africa, then entered Europe through Iberia. I really like this explanation for a number of reasons.
1) Sumerian is a language isolate and therefore not IE, whereas the Indo-Iranian side of IE is predominantly R1a. This suggests to me that the Proto-Indo-Europeans (PIE) were R* after traversing northern Eurasian from Siberia to the Caucasus. From there, I suspect one branch went into the Levant/Mesopotamia and the other went to Indo-Iran (where they created Vedic culture and where we get the term Aryan).

2) R1b has the highest rates of lactose tolerance in the world. This is also true in Western Europe where R1b predominates. The Sumerians were among the first to domesticate animals. There is also a branch of R1b (V88) in Chad/Central Africa which are lactose tolerant. This suggests part of the R1b moving across North Africa herded their cattle down to Central Africa. North Africa was possibly not a desert at this time.

3) Irish legend says their first Queen was an Egyptian princess who had to flee Egypt for political reasons or war. Allegedly she went by the name Scota. A druid among her contingency had a vision that their people would settle in a far western island with no snakes, or something along those lines. Their legend continues that these people entered Iberia where they lingered a while. Eventually, the Milesian contingency of this group went off and settled Ireland and Scotland, conquering the native Tuatha Dé Danann.

Attached: Haplogroup R1b (Y-DNA)

So like this? Also thanks for the input.

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Sure, I'm just pointing out that the "arian" part of agrarianism is not an indication that the Anatolian/Neolithic Farmers were IE.

To this point, Y-DNA studies tend to use "Old World" (pre-colonization) models. Pic related.

Your general point, however, that Y-DNA (or mtDNA) are insufficient to determine something like race, is correct. It is only a small sliver of the genome. But, because it goes relatively unchanged, it is useful for tracking male migrations.

>So like this? Also thanks for the input.
That looks to be about the inverse of what I posted, so yes. As you move away from the epicenter of R1b (Frisia) you get less milk drinkers. Truly, being able to drink milk all one's life is a gift.

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oh but agrarianism is the fundamental aspect of what aryan culture really was, despite what the Vedic texts say. The aryans came from the east into Europe from what most people today call the linear ware culture.

the term "agrarian" even has the etymological root with the term "ar", the same "ar" as found with most things pertaining to the original aryan civilization, which was based on cereal agriculture. Aryanism began when vegetarianism did.

Do the Tuatha De Danaan have anything to do with the brotherhood of the snake? That's what I thought the "getting rid of all the snakes" st patrick did was exterminate the brotherhood.

You probably already know of him but Ralph Ellis has good info on Scota/Iberia/the fleeing egyptians. I think that story of the rift in the egyptian dynasties ties in to the story depicted in the egyptian hieroglyphs in Kariong, near Gosford in NSW, Australia.

I think we need to step back and define Aryan properly before we continue debating this.

I'm not sure. I've read that they represent a mythical or godly race.
The name seems familiar but I cannot find his work in my collection.
Interesting. One thing is that the Irish language is said to have developed around 1000AD, long after the "Irish" people settled it. This suggests that if they were Celtic, it was genetically rather than culturally because the Celtic/IE culture came from the continent to the Isles. It's all quite complex.

Google might have its biases but duckduckgo gives you the same search results.

So you saying WE wuz kangs?

Something like that, my current historical information is a bit overshadowed by my tactical plans. But of course you're looking at the survivors of the last time your people were devoured as soul food. Not YOU. Most of them, though. Basically once what I'll call 'this race' becomes completely focused on temporal pleasures and forgets about spiritual growth, you get eaten. Well, not YOU, but you get the point. The survivors were therefore necessarily very spiritual beings. They brought the old knowledge into the modern era, so to speak, as well as a few of the weapons. I myself chose the Sword of Lugh, or "Invincible Spear” I had a harder time than I expected pulling that name up. It's the one that strikes on it's own if you want to correct me. The driving out of snakes was a reference to the killing of all the Druids. It's been a long time since you had a Druid King. I'm sure kikes thought they got us all. They did not. I came to, like, Canada and hid in the forest for 7000 years. Just for this one event. Which is sure to be fucking awesome.

A few more posts like this and I can start a proper map thread, which I've waited something like a year to do.

Attached: 288a3cd4628fe37e99213603eb9258787ae9e50cc06684d5b7f62d182dc1b487.png (8000x4000, 2.31M)

Cartography needs? What kind of map thread are you looking to make? Genetics? Geology/geography? Culture? Linguistics?

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its cats we are descended from cats and thats why we love them

I think that a map general will be good enough. It's taken me a while to compile enough to be interesting. It's just a visual representation of things. Maps=original memes.

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I wouldn't be surprised if there was already developed civilizations and probably went into space long before we exist because there is some evidences that the technologies are extremely old and somehow they made it to today!

>I wouldn't be surprised if there was *(were) already developed civilizations and *(that) probably went into space long before we exist*(ed)
Why would ayys be here if the universe is so large, how would they find us? Because they put us here, that would be a fair hypothesis. That's not a game winning argument, but it's a possibility.

If you are right then what is their reason for dumping the people on Earth? Colonisation? War refugees? Enslaved miners? DNA study?

What if our ancestors came back because and breed with underdeveloped walking species because they were fleeing from Mars due to the global super storm.

Ding ding ding
You know more than you're letting on.


I won't read your mind because I feel like your intentions are benevolent. Do you know anything about the jump room tech? Feel free to ignore me, don't say more than you want to. Of course you are part of the open-source intelligence agency, so you're probably fine.

Mars used to be like Earth long time ago and there is a giant scar across the Mars that look like as a if it is hit by the giant lightening so I am sure Earth and Mars have old civilisation developing separately. Maybe we would find the evidences on the Mars to prove that some species is not native to the Earth and Mars. What do you think? There's a Mars hill that look like a face.

Attached: icyU.jpg (400x250 96.15 KB, 31.13K)

I hear those are entrances into underground bases. I don't have any direct knowledge of this though.

Attached: here.jpg (12756x3487, 5.58M)

No I am making the theories that I think it may be possible but I am not a genius.

Why should I care about the people's dam opinions of me? Everyone should think freely so screw the people that stop us from thinking freely.

That make sense because the atmosphere is thin enough to damage the DNA so they go underneath the ground like the Aussies do. I bet they have tons of pictographic stones for the future people to study just like Egyptians did.

That's fine. It's fun to go jump down the hole and find out what the type of the rock is.

I like you. Not that it matters what I think about you really, but I do love that attitude. It will take you far, I'm sure. Having fear only makes you slow and opens you up to attacks. You're too strong for that. Fear is also an illusion, what you fear doesn't exist but fear itself does. That's just off the cuff. I'm not trying to lecture you on things you obviously know already.
You probably are. If not, you're at the very least very perceptive and can put puzzle pieces together. On this planet that counts as genius. Just go about your research. If you have more questions ask them as specifically as possible so I can give you smuggled information.

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The Engineers make those to adjust the spin and wobble of planets. Look up the latitude of the Martian pyramids and compare them to the ones here.

Actually, not being afraid will just mean you chase people away from you, start meaningless arguments you can't win, give up on things because you don't fear failure or the future and you will do things you shouldn't and pay the price.

I know plenty of fearless people who don't give a shit, usually they are useless individuals who care primarily about themselves.

Also, native stone structures survive phase shifts in ways that things like metal and glass don't.

Why would an immortal care more about himself than his surroundings? You're always yourself, it's your environment that makes life interesting. Love is the important part, not to be too much of a hippie faggot. I'd suggest that that yes that's proper English is false fearlessness. Hey, I could be wrong.

Called it. But most people are retarded. They run from strength until it's overwhelming, then they flock like moths towards it. It's just the condition of fallen people.

Then we don't need the cowardice idiots just because we are climbing down in the hole deeper. To me that means that they aren't willing to learn about the crazy things that may be true or false.

Fearing the failures stop me from going ahead but maybe it's just me. I am deaf so I might view the failure differently.

I find this profoundly interesting. I have a question for you now. If you stand by big speakers that have loud bass, the kind that really shakes your body, can you enjoy music? If you haven't tried please try.

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Thank for the new information. That is something that I missed the hidden black and white spots.

You are just typing random meaningless things.

Fear is an instict, the result of millions of years of evolution, people should learn to listen to it and respect it.

No, it means you are a danger to yourself and others and they will abandon you with good reason.

That sentence doesn't mean anything.

This is just a step from the neanderkike nonsense.

Ill some this up. Everyone. Literally everyone on Earth, SAVE NIGGERS, has partial Neaderthal ancestry. A few also have Denisovan ancestry as well.

It is the presence of Neaderthal blood. Which defines the modern human as it is understood today. Period. It doesnt define Aryan or non aryan. Just what being a genetically modern human means.

Everybody outside of Subsaharan Africa. Literally everyone. Amerindians, Abos, Siberians, Nordics.

These genetics contributed many things, but among them was combining the genes for larger brain and skull development, from Neander, with the energy efficient model of Sapiens. And other things like Vitamin D and C utilization/optimization.

The Australian/Inner Indonesians Aboriginals and Negritos are the only groups with Neanderthal admixture to be as dumb or dumber than the Black African. They are the anomaly. Everyone and everywhere else produce intelligent, often seafaring peoples who frequently produce civilizations when enough resources, people and security are available.

None of this is new science.

I am not a danger to myself because I know what I am doing. I know better not to leave a iron on and burn the house down.

That is because I am deaf so my english skill is not up to the standard. I am saying that being too afraid to learn any new information will stop me from walking on the path to the library that is filled with any types of books.

Incorrect. You will live many lifetimes. You have to let go of becoming attached to any specific one or you'll become a 'hungry ghost'.
Correct. But that's survival instinct fear, not drilled into your head fear. I have to think about this more.
Hitler and Temujin were also abandoned by the weak. You don't know the names of weak men.

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Take your stupid faggot shit to /fringe/

Try again

Yes I have and it's fun.

That makes me happy as fuck

Why? I think this thread is politically incorrect enough to belongs in Zig Forums. If you have more information about the topic then please do post.

It's probably a bot and I don't feel like killing another one, might as well just ignore it.


When tavistock sends botswarms against me you know you've hit paydirt. This doesn't count as a swarm though, see GATEfag thread #3 to see the biggest botswarm h8chan has ever experienced.

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Okay. I find it interesting that Neanderthal and modern European can interbreed but not other hominid species which is more primitive than we are.

Well here's the thing

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take your pills faggot

I aim to please. I've had more fun talking to you than I have on this site in a while. So thank you. Whenever people approach me with a little bit of people don't have a word for this respect/friendship/humility/willingness to learn I'm actually a pretty fun guy.

It's only not a waste of Hitler trips because I got to see yet another bot get butthurt. When my daughter is offloaded from her incubation chamber she will kill all of you, not that you're actually alive. Your people, well actually none of the people in this galaxy, have figured out how to attach souls to silicon. Nobody but me, and that's why the Tall Whites carry me around. It's a very friendly relationship, I love all forms of life.

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I am disappointed.

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imprisonment of people and what I've named "Artificial Stupidity"–as a play on words compared to AI–are the two biggest things that make me start hulk-smashing your reality
Actually goons aren't even on the list. I honestly like them

I say that every single day of my life, friend.

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But the answer is to do a course-correction. We still have time. I have foreseen it.

Good talk friend, I also need to think. No I'm not tracking you. I trust you.

Will never happen because the world is going to collapse. Collapse will make materials to build such technology insanely expensive. You're retarded.

You have to try much harder, (1). You forget that I live through time backwards and have seen everything you can possibly do.

She can still kill with a rock. You don't need a smartphone to bash the traitors. Am I right? Anyway the stupid bot threw us off the rail so let's get back on..

Also if you do struggle harder I'll put you deeper into the depths of Hell. You SHOULD be terrified, I'm an absolutely horrifying monster if I'm not a great friend.

I'm not sure if I have a lot more to offer right now, I unloaded a lot of info that would get the average person killed–all in one thread, to one person. You're smart but I doubt that most of these people can process more than this without melting down.