133 politicians murdered in run-up to Mexico's elections

133 politicians murdered in run-up to Mexico's elections

A total of 133 politicians have been murdered in the run-up to Mexico's elections on Sunday, the consulting firm Etellekt said, as the violence gripping the country exploded into politics on a record scale.

The murders – mostly of local-level politicians, the most frequent targets for Mexico's powerful drug cartels – were recorded between September, when candidate registration opened, and the close of campaigning on Wednesday, when an interim mayor was killed in the western state of Michoacan.

The victims included 48 candidates running for office – 28 who were killed during the primary campaigns and 20 during the general election campaign, Etellekt, which carried out a study of election-related violence, told AFP Thursday.


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The US must declare Mexico a national security threat. The corruption is at the establishment level, and it has been for years.

If the civil war breaks out again, they will be one of three points of hostility overwhelming the US.

I really wish we can just roll tanks into spicsexco and just ream the cartels.

But the CIA needs it's black funds and ((( they ))) need their replacement bodies. But even then, I think that would blow up in our faces.

We'd be getting "Mexican Refugees" from the war.

This is why you guys need to get the fucking wall up. Mexico is a nation on the verge of collapse and has been for sometime - guess which way the refugees are running?

What do you think Jade Helm was about, newfag? MI knows Mexico and Central America is the next theater of war.

Collapsed after the Civil Nacro war, they're run by the cartels which are technically warlords now.

Gud threab

You say this as though we have enough tanks or that Mexico is a small place. The US military has ~1500 active Abrams. Placing them 50 yards apart in a line, that covers 75000 yards. That's 42 miles.

The border with Mexico is ~1950 miles.

I was being hyperbolic; though the reality is, the CIA most likely has all the intel they need to castrate the cartels.

But choose not to.

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Mexico does not have a crime rate.

All they have to do to castrate the cartels in the US is to legalize drugs. We spend billions every year just to get high and the cartels profit from it. Sure, yeah, nobody likes a junkie; but no amount of prohibition in the world is going to stop people from getting high. We should have learned that from the Volstead Act, but Americans aren't very good at learning from past mistakes.

Reclaiming New Spain would be a bigger task than we think, pretty much every single enemy of the US would try to support them in a proxy war and it would start an insurgency in the US. Also the (((commitment))) to the zionist wars.

Just utterly destroying Mexico…That'd be much cheaper.

That's what bullets are for user.

All they have to do to castrate the cartels in the US is to secure the borders.

Proof that Mexicans have bigger balls than Americans.

"Effective range for all models M1A2 SEP v2 and older is 5000 meters due to ballistic computer and laser rangefinder restrictions. M1A2 SEP v3 and newer are classified but they can see and identify enemy tanks over 15,000 meters away…hint, hint.

Absolute Maximum range is well over 16000 meters for sabot round indexed and maximum gun elevation according to my Master Gunner Firing tables book.

Park that tank on a hill nose up and you can get more though. M-60 Pattons were used like this sometimes in Vietnam. Older tanks were used like this in Korea and WWII."

No nigga, the CIA is the cartels.

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I would say Trump should stop this, but you know, it's probably better Mexico is ruled by murderous cartels and ostentatious anti-white politicians. It'll make it much easier to build The Wall etc

You do realize that "the internet" is as addictive as any drug, right? Be sure that first bullet is for you.

Sounds great, but all of our Abrams are busy fighting for Israel's oil interests in the ME. We don't have any on US soil. So it's a non-issue.

AKA CIAniggerfags.
AKA Globalists
AKA Satanists. LOL

Been following the Mexican political vendettas for awhile. Thanks for posting a thread about it, OP. Interested to hear what everyone thinks about it.

Yeah I hear you and that is a very valid point and I agree with it also at the same time we have warehouses full of "decommissioned" tanks that all's they do is take the engine out and put a tarp over it to "decommission" it

Yes there is, it's called killing them all. The government, when not involved themselves in traffic, always knows who are the players behind the drug cartels, they just are impeded by things like "human rights" and "due process", there's literally no criminal outfit that couldn't be completely eliminated by deploying your armed forces and juts wiping them out, no bullshit involved.

Nice non-sequitur, maybe we should all kill ourselves. I mean, posting on internet forum and injecting heroine surely and no doubt are just as bad.
I'm sure the second would be for you, right?

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More like proof that Mexicans (read: mongrels; nonwhites) can't into civilization.

Should reinstate the concept of "outlaw"

but y tho
you only need the tanks to win ground battles, which wont happen because the airforce will have blown everything up by the time the tanks get there so they just waste gas idling their turbines
really ought to consider electric drive for tanks

This. The only reason these cartelfags are still alive is the legal system. Shit, just drone their houses and kill their families. Why is this so difficult? Mexico needs a Saddam or Duerte figure.

They're protected by the CIA

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Who can train guerillas by the dozens?
Send them out to kill their untrained cousins?
Fucking-a man!
CIA Man!

And the cartels will become corporations, and their leaders will become CEOs. And all the while the spics will enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of us while you grease your palms for white genocide.

Eazy, Mexico doesn’t have niggers.

Kim Jong ain't on my mother fucking doorstep

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un actually keeps his nation safe and patriotic, unlike those Mexican cartel subhumans.

This is the work of an enemy stand. All about making bean's seem more pitiful because muh immigration. They want them to be wearing the hat of rapefugees because muh votes.

Mexicans are pathetic. If they weren't such genetic filth, they could take back their country with ease. Here in the US we don't have cartels, we have intelligence agencies, propaganda networks, police officers patrolling every county in the country etc. Our corruptions is hard to get rid of, even though on the street level things are nicer. Down there there's no reason to not go in blazing and take down everyone. Absolutely no reason. There's no infrastructure to suppress you. The "law" doesn't mean anything down there.

Reminder that a conflict in Mexico would lead to millions more beaners flooding into the country claiming "refugee" status fleeing another war that the CIA most likely caused.

This is the lawlessness that the left want to import.

That seems to be there new way of responding to things. So in that situation, I imagine that's a possible response.

underrated post

The CIA IS the cartel, they've infiltrated and controlled the gangs for years

cianiggers are too incompetent to run a cartel

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Here, have a third option to dealing with Mexico's corruption: connect water grids internationally all the way into Central America so fewer people get uprooted by droughts. Fewer people travelling means fewer bribes paid to officials and fewer desperately exploitable people for criminals to make use of. It drops a subtle supply factor to a problem that gets people killed if they take it on too directly.

This part shouldn't be counted on, but extended water infrastructure might also discourage farmers from growing drugs on their fields, should that somehow happen to be going on anywhere in these poor miserable lawless nations. All that piping would be an excuse to watch blamelessly in places where there wouldn't be any excuse to watch without the international effort. That's another supply factor to the problem that can be improved.

This can all be achieved with an intervention that the cartels aren't likely to directly interfere with, because the influence it has on their operations is very indirect, and criminals drink water just like everyone else. For that matter, if there are any smart but corrupt officials who might interfere, the fact that they too drink water just like everyone else might dissuade them from it.

The construction efforts would distribute dollars where they're a foreign currency, which is its own kind of stabilization boost to neighboring nations, and that would very likely improve trade balances as well. Building something for your neighbors has much subtler pick-a-winner implications than are offered by the methodology of tariffs. It wouldn't bring with it any kind of subsidy degradation to the regional market incentives, either. Water infrastructure when done well can be very clean foreign aid.

The need for drinking water is the same for all people. The gains from improving distribution of water rely on no particular advantage of national character and suffer from no particular defect of it. It's a way even people who don't like equality at all should be able to admit that people benefit from something more like equal treatment. Humanity has no basic deficit of water, and if it did there are technologies to fix that near on the horizon. Water stresses are distribution issues. Distribution issues can be improved permanently with infrastructural investments.

1,750 miles of piping

There's a good excuse here to go beat that record into the dust like what happened to Libya itself

What we have to look forward to

I would find this more acceptable if the 133 politicians were thrown out of helicopters for their leftist viewpoints.

wtf, I want to join the cia now

Mexico also has skyscrapers. If you want to use steroids and hookers legally while not paying a fortune for it this might be the place to live for most Americans who fail to become vip. Just have money and streetsmarts. Also age of consent is 14 there with legal marriage at that age too. The GDP per capita is the same as in my shithole slavic country. I also speak latin languages fluently so where do I sign up cabron?

Start by beheading the guy you're replacing.

You are right, this is a footage of a girl that cant shitpost on /b/, being serious, maybe cellphone tards need a bullet too, but tell me about the last time a neckbeard stabbed a guy for his wife password.

BTW, almost all videos showing abstinence syndrome are deleted, this is s fucking crime, you can find a kid yelling at his mom because she cut the internet, but all videos of drug users killing people are deleted, fucking monsters, they are trying to show zombies as better persons than the average "alt right".


where does the surprise come in?

Off-topic: The left are so "passionate" about the illegal immigrant family separation issue that they are amassing nation wide protests… and I understand this is merely another anti-Trump thing masquerading as "We care!" shit. In order to counter this I think we should meme 'What about America's children?' Showing them in poverty and in need. Or something. 'Why do liberals care more about illegal children (already a protected class) then America's children?'

The reason "the war on drugs" hasn't worked is that isn't an actual war, it's just a metaphorical one.
Do you see the government killing hundreds of thousands of people, destroying their property with ordnance, rounding people up and putting them in concentration camps?
No, because it's not an actual war.
If it was an actual war you'd see that, but of course you don't.
There is no war on people who take and sell drugs, there is only a war on people who don't.
The government wants you to take drugs, because a society full of people who can't think straight and are stressed and in fear of crime is a society easier to control.
Along with the fact that the politicians at the top are degenerate, and evil.

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Cowardice is genetic.

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No idea if this is true, but I read that King Mexico owns the only wire transfer service between the states and Mexico. Why not tax the hell out of it? If you're gonna let your citizens flee the cartels as long as they pay extra taxes on the money they send back, why shouldn't we make even more? Start it at 30%. Or just break it up with an antitrust suit (not sure if it would work with it being based in Mexico.)

who the fuck is going to pay for that? not to mention the logistics involved? do you want to give the kikes talking points?

Americans, you should wory about this.
imagine having Venezuela at your doorstep and not being able to secure your border due to democrats blocking it.

Maybe that'll wake more people up. We need to secure the border as fast as possible regardless.

Decriminalize everything that can make a buck and see how the drug trade evaporates overnight.


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US already have big pharma.