The Scythians - The Pre-Egyptian Aryans Of The East

The best history break down I've ever heard.

Topics covered

It's pretty much the full linear account of history without the mythology aspects or "root race" /x/ theories. Just modern man. But it will be anchored by Imkamphy like all he other politically incorrect history/culture/ threads because this is (((Zig Forums))) and not Zig Forums. Maybe share on cuckchan or your website/youtube where it's still legal to have some free speech.

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Kikey's been gone for ages. Also what's the word on Temujin being potentially half scythian given his complexion and hair colour?

You'll see. He'll anchor it.

Yeah, Kengus is in there too.

Not off to a good start.

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Id link it to you but you're already showing your nose.

And you're showing your idiocy. Don't worry, I'll lag behind and point out inaccuracies in your little video. To think the Mongols who mutt'd literally Aryan Central Asian Europids are Aryan themselves is more than just retarded.

Anons, if you are reading this, it is a good video. Jews are retarded hurr durr

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No one said that kike


That's surprisingly disturbing

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Go be a retard somewhere else, retard. Its grouped with all other "Aryan" white empires, there's no other way you can interpret that other than dismissing it as a mistake, meaning in either case you're still wrong, and retarded.

haha I hate dumb people. Kikes have low reading comprehension and I dont even try with them anymore

They didn't mysteriously disappear like many others they suffered from famine and the the hun horde steppe niggers during the collapse of classic civilization. after that they were absorbed by slavs or the Goths they fled with west.

Cool to know, boomer.

They got usurped by the Sarmatians, who then went on to mix with proto-Slavic immigrants to birth the Slavs. There were still Sarmatian exclaves in Eastern Europe well up into the 11th century AD, with Ukraine and Samogitia both being referred to as "Sarmatica".

History is a fuckfest at this point where nobody truly knows anything other than what was recorded. Even then we only have decent recordings of the past 2,000 years. The scientific coverup, the Darwinian cultists, and the religious zealots have been working hand-in-hand to cover up everything in the New World since the mid-1800's that doesn't fit the model. Giants, pyramids likely older than Egypt, artificial mounds by the thousands, etc. They fought so damn hard against just the Vikings being in the Americas for so long until it became undeniable thanks to the internet and easy sharing of information bypassing the power structure. They finally accepted that to coverup Romans also having been to America before the Vikings.

World history is a disaster at this point. It's no wonder people are more likely to just say, ALIENS, because those with an agenda have been covering it all up to the point everyone is doing nothing more than shitting out their own theory and none of them really disprove each other because the scientific confusion left in its wake.

the mouse was probably starving and the snake was not hungry. woman are retarded and so is that story

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This video does you nihilist youtubing millenial. Just listen to it. The research matches what Zig Forums has been doing for 5yrs pre-election

nu/pol/ cant history

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pill me on history coverups please

Nothing is allowed to predate the end of the iceage except hunter gatherers. No models dare suggest the sudden explosion in technology could be cultures fleeing the continental shelves' flooding.

There are approximately 1500 people determining what constitutes archaeological "history" these days so it only makes sense that they'd be protecting their vested interest. Look at the field of Egyptology for the most concise example of historical preventionism.

There have been anatomically modern homo sapiens for 300,000 years, don't tell me this last 3000 years was the only time we ever achieved anything.

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read books. not school text books
these will help, some are directly propaganda but even the original propaganda is more truthful than the most recent.

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All wrong.

the prophet Zoaraster stated that the Aryans had a mix up in history, because what really happened was that the nomadic raiders (like the scythians, xiongnu, and (((them)))) started calling themselves "aryans" after they had conquered the native agrarian peoples (aryans) living in those places.

Zoroaster a shit, that faith only ever produced one good man and he turned out to be a fag. A living fossil of a religion that has less adherents than god damn Jainism.

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Jainism is also an aryan religion too.

Reminder that it was the curse of a female Scythian Mummy that lost Hillary the election.

Best kings of worst country

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More of that the owner should have used pinkie mice for food rather than an adult. Pet keeping 101 says the owner is an idiot.

Video seems interesting. I'll watch it later when I have time. Reminds me of The Dragon Legacy by Nicholas de Vere. He claimed Scythians were Aryans too, and that he was part of that royal fairy dragon vampire bloodline. He was a bit of a weird sperg, so don't know if any of the stuff he said was true though.

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Serious question, are you ironic?
100.000 years ago.

Do you want a serious redpill on history? they ban a lot of things, ie, giants (check gigantophitecus in China) but the thing most banned are Bible facts, no, i am not trolling, i am a christian, but if you are a fedora you have to notice that, they waste a lot of resources every month saying that x thing in the Bible is false untill (((archaeologists))) are proved wrong.

Mods, this thread is filled with trolls, can you clean it a little please?

I am Hungarian and the extreme right wing fantasist here say we originated from the Schytians (szittya) and not from the semi-turkish roaches of Mongolia.





Ahura = Aseir

Even the 15,000 year old cave drawings and carvings in La Marche in Southern France
are deemed too controversial to get much publicity.

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Yeah, I've found an article that claims not only Hungarians but the Scots are descended from the Scythians. A Scottish king claimed they were in the Declaration of Arbroath.


The dragon part fits

It's pretty interesting that female Scythians were what the "real" Amazons were and that Greeks made up an entire part of their mythos around them over that misinterpretation. Reminds me of Blemmyae being mistaken as a race of headless men.