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That fucking shapeshifting demon is going to lay eggs in Loomerstein or steal her skin or something.

Truly this is the Tekken match of the century.


Okay I legitimately spilled my potato salad over this


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I'm ready to believe Loomer is a kike, but her name is a worker's name - a loomer is someone who makes fabric. That used to be a really hard-working profession, and definitely not the sort of thing you'd find kikes doing.

Odd. That thing definitely has a penis…

ie wtf did the Loomer name come from?

This jewess is getting promoted like crazy. Is Ezra still her financier? (((Rebel))) is going all out to run interference on whitey waking up like Jones did with alternative media and FoxNews prior to that.

I know so little about the media that I don't even know who Loomer is.

I don't think that works on niggers.

Loomer is a hook nose

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Kill yourself kike.

This is just kike damage control. Make it seem like (((someone))) is handling her ape call for violence in a (((legal))) manner to placate the people that were ready to gladly return the favor should it escalate. Their bonobo stepped a little too far out of line and (((they))) can't allow their useful idiots to get too agitated or they might run out of them might quick. The kikes pickled themselves quite badly. They are very much aware that their commie pets are as weak and fragile as rice paper dipped in estrogen and that they can't allow things to turn too violent because that is the end. The only thing (((they))) have is (((democracy))) now.

Lurk for 2 years before posting.

Loomer posts on here regularly

She's a degenerate kikess who who stalks White men and kikes alike and flirts about wanting aryan jew babies.


Is she the roastie that always makes "No Fap" threads?

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She's one of the numerous kikeposters

Post the original footage Loomer, you stupid fat jewess.

Typical Ezra Levant scam.

lol yea because kikes dont change names to better infiltrate their host nation better.
Half the amerijew media on record has fake names.

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Zig Forums is dead.
pallbearers requested for Zig Forums's funeral

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Th last time she pulled a scam like this, it got her a new nose and breast implants. What will this iteration of the Levant con get her?

Why are they black?


Here's an embed of faggot OP's link. It's just Loomer standing and talking for a minute. This is a shit thread.

Names like that are easier to take on because they tend to not have some kind of recorded legacy or heraldry.

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this isnt fucking midevil times mate … and many a good men have been duped by the snakes

maybe has a honest worker in the family in the past but now its not honest work , its jewish trickery

yep there was a fucking thread the other day about "how good loomer was looking" … trying to fucking push this witch on us.

tomorrow her hair will be blue and shell be standing with some lgbt idiots

that bitch is fat and ugly fuck her

If Loomer was attacking a decent person, I'd back the decent person, but Mad Maxine is, in the best case scenario, a minion of evil. I hope Loomer kikes her good.

Whoever loses, we win.