MK Ultra

Can any one recommend a good book on MK Ultra? I want to know more about it but there is an endless shit show of bullshit whenever you dig into the topic. The usual claim is that it started out as a Nazi project that the US government took over after winning the war. The same way they jacked rocket scientists but for mind fuckary. I don't believe this for a second as it's obvious the Jewish elites have been trying to mind control people from way before this point.

I would welcome other similar books on the subject of government experimentation on the goyim. It's a topic we rarely discuss here and I think there is definitely some digging worth having a go at.

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No one uses that tech anymore.

Ted gunderson

Learn about the Uni bomber, good starting off point for learning about mk

Mind Control World Control By Jim Keith. The writer was MURDERED not too long after.
I find it interesting just how nobody ever talked about Jim Keith ever again, not even here on Zig Forums

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Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart. ZOG apparently bought up copies when it was first published, making it super rare. There's an audiobook of the "Researcher's Edition" on audible, maybe somebody can post it?

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Mind Kontrol Ultra

Have you tried /pdf/?

What if I told you that you could see MK Ultra everywhere? Mk Ultra mind control is thousands of years old. It's based on inflicting trauma that causes a person to dissociate. It' training to create multiple personality disorder. Like John Podesta and Skippy. Once they get a person to dissociate, they just train them to do it on command. It's a technique of old mysticism that the CIA has adopted, since the CIA is a bunch of satan worshipping child smugglers.

Zig Forums is controlled by MK ultra

You are thinking about Above Top Secret.

Or was it God Like Productions?

don't be a stupid nigger user. ignore all the false flag psyop books written by nutters and ex-Spooks running disinfo ops
and self-diagnoses "Targetted Individuals" who believe their garbage man is a CIA spy who is remote controlling the drone insects crawling under their skin.

if you listen to those clowns, you just go in circles and never learn the truth about MKULTRA.

instead, hammer the one lesson which Wikileaks has taughts us into your noggin until you are immune to the lies.


no matter how you have to acquire such dox, whether legally from the glacially slow FOIA declassification trickle, or illegally by teaching yourself how to code and then socially engineering the families of the top CIA Executives and then pivoting to hack them and breach SIPR to "liberate" the real juicy shit.

in 1972, out going CIA Dir Richard Helms personally burned all of the MKULTRA files hidden in his office safe, because Watergate was igniting and FBI's COINTELPRO had just been burgled and Congressmen like (((Bella Abzug))) and Frank Church and Otis Pike were nosing around asking the Intel Community questions and requesting top secret dox to see for themselves what the fuck is going on and just how bad things really are and does the Deep State really exist?

Helms saw the writing on the wall, and knew if MKUKTRA ever leaked that "it would be the death of the CIA."

but Helms fucked up.

thanks to the wonders of bureaucratic CYA, and to the CIA's own confusionin trying to hide its worst crimes by obscuring which records existed, Helms missed one filing cabinet.

that filing cabinet was found in 1978 after John Marks filed a FOIA request and was given these tens of thousands of top secret pages about MKULTRA.

Marks then published them in his book "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: CIA and Mind Control."

Marks' book is probably the best starter intro to MKUKTRA:

Pandora's Box was opened on MKULTRA and there was no goingback. The Intel Community hated Marks for what he did, and they never forgave him, and if you search CREST for him, you can find dozens of secret memos about how much CIA hated him. CIA probably targetted Marks like they do any enemies of the state by the way.

which brings me to the next big batch of MKUKTRA dox which were found.

The Black Vault, which i would rank as second only to Wikileaks in importance for systematically exposing the Deep State, filed another FOIA request for the "lost" 1973 MKUKTRA dox.

it took waiting a decade, but CIA eventually did release them.

if you give a shit about the horrible crimes against humanity committed by CIA, if you want those motherfuckers punished and if you simply want to know The Truth, well here are the MKULTRA files.

on 3 CDROMS, which you can unzip to over 50,000 pdf files and over 100,000 pages.

this MKULTRA archive is the most important collection of original sources because even today, NOBODY HAS SAT DOWN AND STARTED READING.

they are intentionally unstructured and incomplete to frustrate any readers.

which is why nobody has bothered, much like we see again with the tumble weeds blowing from the JFKFiles.


start digging!

at worst, you'll find shit about MKULTRA that nobody knows, and at best you'll find new leads which might unearth further "lost" dox.

gee, isn't it funny how CIA says it lost the MKULTRA files, in complete defiance of FOIA and NARA and dozens of mandatory records keeping laws, then decades later it somehow finds even more MKULTRA files?

i don't believe CIA ever "lost" any dox. they just decided as Judge, Jury and Executioner whether you little people can know what evil acts they committed in your names.

i believe the rest of the MKULTRA dox exist and are still being withheld to protect CIA from being destroyed by the American people's wrath.

i believe there is even worse shit than LSD experiments on involuntary American citizens, and worse than corny hypnosis and prolonged sleep labs with repeated audio playback.

i believe there is CIA sanctioned pedophlia, ritual murder of children and sexual entrapment and blackmail of Elites, such as was hinted by Drumpf's best buddy Roy Cohn.

in 1978, new CIA Dir George Bush told Gerald Ford that if Americans ever found out what CIA had done, that they'd all be hung.

The Day of the Rope is Coming.

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Just go outside. You want to defeat the Jew, just deprive him of shekels.

Try this book:

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I remember that Kampfy used to ban me for talking about this because it was allegedly "muh books"

You mean you don't remember a scientist letting his cia handlers rape retarded children under prolonged sensory deprivation so that he could blackmail them for more funding?

Also the wikipedia article on "unethical human experimentation in the united states" is a fantastic read

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This. His other books are worthy reads, too. McGowan is another guy who mysteriously and rapidly died in an unexpected fashion that suggests he had some help.

Funny, one of the worst mk ultra torturers listed on wikipedia, Donald Cameron or something, actually "medically examined" rudolph hess before his "confessions" at the nuremburg trials. Cameron went on to perform mind erasing, sensory deprivation and extreme electroshock experiments on patients suffering of mild anxiety who sought his help as a therpist/phsychologist.

Every fucking week. Kill yourself.

I don't recommend books about "some truth" as they offer you to become biased and programmed in the same effect as MK Ultra unless you plan and have the dedication on reading all books and experiences about it while having no absolute faith in it.
I do recommend you to lurk on people who know about it usually a conversation would do.

So far, my knowledge is that MK Ultra can be just psyops by now which means they can program you without the use of expensive technology.
This way it is cheaper too.
Predictive programming is used widely on mainstream media to stop you from thinking "what if"
The fact is the first time you hear about something builds a stronger brain connection which means even advertisments and brands with real words became the stronger info.
This way they can put subliminal programming in shows like "Geostorm" movie which makes people think contrails/chemtrails are "movie bullshit" while the original 'anonymous people' who knew about this years ahead have stronger brain connections that it is true.
This creates a "mockingbird effect" which means two people knew the same info but have different perception. By the way I only made that up.
Another example Quintessence(tm) is a brand name for foot powder though the word is physics related the person would remember the foot powder more which is bad (there's no such brand).
People are programmable. People are usually programmed to believe in drama and get emotional thinking it is true while in fact it isn't.
If you still see drama shows and ads as bullshit then you have a strong mind not biased like everyone else.
Emotions are important and play a great role to your decisions - they try to stir it up with media because logic can't be programmed.
The underlying bias can be transformed macrocosmically which means subliminals can turn you into what they designed you to finally be. The point is to be aware or have someone who is aware of such programming.
There are other bizarre MK Ultras like "sex-kitten" which is the animal print clothing or bags.
You must avoid and ask them to throw such items on people around you especially women.
Other notable MK Ultras:
Other worse MK Ultras:

He wrote an interesting article on L Ron Hubbard too. Worth reading.

The Kinsey report

I sometimes wonder about Hubbard. Remember, he did take down Jack Parsons and Marjorie Coleman who was the predecessor to that abravomit cunt. Then he created a cult to give himself legal protection against their retaliation, and fought hard against the psychiatry kike and pharmakike… though in the end it seems he gave in to pure greed and left behind an organization that might as well be called the alt-kike. A real strange figure that one.

check out operation snow white

also, look into the origins of remote viewing with the government. lots of high level ex-scientologists were pretty much responsible for laying the ground work for that stuff.

lot more going on there than most people think

Bump. This shit fascinates me

I'm well aware. See the (((Monroe Institute))), these kikes are still active.

sad thing is just about all the above info is true, there is always moar and new avenues of control are always being developed

mk ultra was only a small part of project monarch

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the book is in it's full form in that link…….. who's spending anything if it's free to read?

Essential reading.

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