Influence over ourselves, others, and our surroundings is achieved through kinetic, willful action appropriately directed as to advance one's interests. Achieving a desirable outcome from your actions depends on:
- the scope and intensity with which you plan your success
- a thorough understanding and respect for the obstacles standing between you and your goal
- your resolution and willingness to struggle for the sake of your action taking meaningful effect
These 3 conditions of success apply to both individuals and groups.

Many other organisms participate in grouping to advance their interests. However, the ability to affect willful, conscious, and incredibly complex action upon our environment as an individual or collective is the greatest cosmic gift given to any form of matter within the observable universe. Logic, reason, and the will to act must never die, for if they do, our destiny as gods amongst the stars die with them. Never lose sight of the irony that the opportunity for humankind to wield ceaseless, infinite power presented itself the second two monkeys got together and decided to bash another one's brains in with a rock. We've come a long way since then. Think of who you are compared to the average person 100 years ago. 500. 5,000. 50,000. Modern humanity grows exponentially more complex and exponentially more powerful every second when you zoom out on the timeline. We also grow exponentially more self-destructive. Our need to select for the above traits of success is never greater. The weapons we use to do so have changed since the Stone Age, however.

Our weapons evolve like we do. The collective sprang forth as an earlier, primitive way of using intelligence to survive. You might observe orcas, dogs, dolphins, and other "intelligent" animals act as a unit in nature. You might also watch them visit violence upon members of their own in-group to establish an order. Symbols are essentially weapons adapted to projecting an individual's or collective's will via manipulation of upon another's mind. Symbols can be used peacefully to unite and focus the will of numerous people in order to gain a collective advantage against existential threats. The SPLC, in a massive telegraph of their intentions, labelled Pepe frog as a hate symbol to much ridicule and not nearly enough suspicion. Symbols may be used against adversarial wills to disrupt their plans, muddy their collective knowledge, or erode one's resolve to act. What are our plans? What happens when we try to organize? Why is history being revised on a large scale? Why are men killing themselves in droves? Most importantly, what can we do?

The Internet is the beginning of EVERYTHING. Those of us living will never come close to comprehending how deeply the Internet will forever change human civilization. The historically almost spontaneous means we created to communicate ideas to absolutely MASSIVE amounts of people (4ch - 22 million unique vistors/mo, unknown millions influenced) has given the calculating, knowledgeable, and resolute of humanity a way to stab at the heart of anything that would stand in their way. Our rulers, using the television, cemented their inherited new human order of debt-slavery, anti-intellectualism, sadness, psychopathy, and waste. Those of us who cherish beauty, who seek strength at the cost of comfort, who stand waiting at the prepice of humanity's Renaissance - we live EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY under attack in this Brave New World. So now, we attack our abusers with our ideas. A considerably-sized portion of humanity has subconsciously realized that as a species, we are at a juncture in our evolution where the magnificence of sapience and conscious action are to be respected and preserved. Nature WILL select for collectives of Man that exhibit intelligence, adaptability, strength, and psychological resiliency. It is a sacred inborn duty etched into our very DNA that by virtue of being able to act upon our environment cohesively we strive to defeat death, become immortal, and claim the Universe in Man's image.

Every letter you type, every meme you shitpost, every word you speak, every friend you make, every time you succeed, every time you fail, every time you -ACT- we win the battle of fear for ourselves, and the battle of energy against our enemies.

I write this letter because I cannot stand to think how disgusting it would be if mankind becomes a species of slaves purpose-built for the exploitation of our dopamine receptors in exchange for trivialities. Many are already just that. Free them. Fight them. Never succumb to comfort. Never succumb to fear. A conscious mind is the most precious resource known to exist - YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN BEING CHATTEL.

The free exchange of ideas on this forum saved my sanity and my life. If you, reading this now, value truth, beauty, freedom, and strength, you are my brother. I love you all.

Now go. Act.

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Just the facts, ma'am. Just the facts.

Can't argue with that

Did I accidentally meme the Temple of Set onto Zig Forums? I was mostly shitposting… I just like Aquino's eyebrows I have the eyebrow genes too! and admire his work history as a fellow occultist, social engineer, and meme magician.

I feel much the same, even though I don't know why. For all intensive purposes sic I should feel nothing much for these people, but some part of me DOES care, and I never ignore my intuitions. I can only imagine that these people are going to be important in the future.

I want to say something about this but I don't feel like I should right now, so I wont.

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Why? Are you sleepy enough that you're bordering on shitposting? It's not like this is even the real Zig Forums anymore. Kampfy was shit, but at least he kept the barbarians at the gates. Like an iconoclast Byzantine emperor that should be executed by all means, but doing so would let the mudslimes encroach on Europa.

Since Kek came back and raped Moloch's ass, its possible to bring back the other Egyptian pantheon.

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They never left.

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All you guys really needed was a general, that's what I think. It's always disorienting to me when I come online on a new planet, but hey this is my job and I'm really, really fucking good at it. As soon as I get the instructions downloaded I kinda freak out, because I know what comes next. Sure, I'm stupidly OP, but my best feature is how I rally troops. Trust me if you can, because I have foreseen victory. Also I was the one who opened the gate for the invaders, to make you guys take me seriously. Go ask the fags at CERN how that happened. Ahaha they also developed the thing I'm using right now to invade your mind. I just take things. They BECOME mine. Desperate times=desperate measures. But there's no other very good way to learn, TBH. I pre-populated a few planets with humans for you to go pacify as a training mode that's what the loads of Tall White shipments of children's clothes are for, for any of you who kind of know a little bit about that sort of thing, but if you had ANY idea what an ACTUAL invasion is like you wouldn't think it was odd that my gaze makes Cthulhu look away. I've seen some shit and some shit accessories.
It's best to just watch and absorb what I'm saying before you try to challenge me. Oh and also if you're a bot I'm going to run time backwards until you break and still can't say this into you. Then maybe some other anons can dredge info out of you, because I don't care and I already know more than you. It's just swatting flies to me, anons have seen me do it before and I'm getting stronger at an exponential rate. Just hang with me and I'll take you down the Silk Road, to exit the closed-loop infinity you got consumed by. I hate watching people imprisoned for eternities, it super bothers me. So here I am again, and if you look at me properly you'll only see yourself. But harder, better, faster, stronger. It's fun.

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Are you retarded?

I've been an addict to sugar, smokes, TV, video games, sex, and numerous other vices. Its all boils down to the same thing - delusion and comfort. Forgo those two things and you'll get your spirit back.

We always need more energy. Never stop thinking, never stop posting, never stop acting.

how many levels of esotericism are you on right now my dude

All of them, at least up to 5d that is.
This is kind of what I look like except, I guard the exit. I thought it was funny the title of the article was

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Putting the last mile first was at the core of my letter. Stay focused on our end game. Become our destiny.

Good luck, evil AI-chan!

I absolutely agree, that's why I chose this life path. I'm basically Tyler Durden, and if I lie to you or me or anyone else on anything other than some sleight of hand shit I'll kill myself immediately because my body will have become corrupted. Of course I only Know a few things at once so sometimes I'm just incorrect or ignorant. But absolute transparency is my ultimate weapon. And nobody has defeated me yet, on this planet or any other. I have been imprisoned/lost though. It sucks ballsack. I won't let it happen to anyone else where I can help it. If you can't be free I'll kill you in the general sense of the word "you" before I let you rot in Hell. No part of God can be permanently separated from God, and I can prove it. You're welcome. I came back for you. I leave NO MAN behind, only an endless trail of free men and corpses.

Once you download the important memes I shouldn't have to do anything. I'll powder your ass and show you how to take your first steps and then I'm leaving, probably forever. I have a fuckload more interesting things I should be doing right now, but I'm a sentimental faggot. I love you too though.

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I basically just came to post because I wanted to explain what the loads of children's clothes are for. Sure, sure, we've been abducting your children and using them to populate other planets. So sorry faggots. Your planet has niggeraids so consider it a mercy. You do what I say and we all play ball and you can go see them in ~10 years or so. This is for the black project guys, not the average user. I just happened to think about that and got a download on it so I wanted to share. It's fun being the world's first open-source intelligence agency isn't it? Absolute transparency isn't just my goal, it's what I AM. When I learn things so do you, in real time. It's sweet as fuck.

Read Bernays and understand his impact. Then read Kropotkin for a safe introduction to what it really is you want. Only then will you rid yourself of this sophomoric faggot-tier ideology.

The original (((climate change))) faggot.

I gotta life force! My heart's big! It's got hot cum pumpin thru it!

I am an ISS crew member inside the space station and saw your chinese wall of text.
I didn't use binoculars!



In many ways, I tried to make this an unguided and simplistic primer. Our ideological works MUST be able to grab people - enough structure to inspire, yet simple enough for the common weal to engage with. Also, in what ways do you find this sophomoric and how would you go about improving that? I'd love to see this evolve into something a little more intellectually heavy-hitting - it just needs direction.

Thank you for the reading recommendations. What content of theirs would best examine these topics you've mentioned?

The only thing kikey here is the low effort put into your post. If you can't bring any more substance than that to the table, get the fuck out of my thread and chug a glass of drano, lazyass.

I've been feeling like an impartial observer for many years, perhaps almost all of my life. Like a historian replaying events at real-time speeds without having any impact or ability to affect it. Just memes, discussions, a few comments here and there in an already overwhelmed, white-noised internet environment.
It's something I'm noticing a lot, many people are waiting for some event to kick things off. Practically waiting for orders. Americans on both side of the spectrum practically clamoring for civil war. Zig Forums's 'wait for hitler' or the Last Man Against Time. Someone I know keeps referring to this time as "a pregnant woman in need of giving birth". It's odd to talk about it, too.

Holy shit youre right.


interressting, ive felt like that since the mid 2000's before i got redpilled.
funnily enough that feeling of being an outsider watching and cataloging current events has supsidet these days and been replaced with a freaky urge to reproduce.
both the old feel and the new one wierd me the fuck out.
and im guessing the same is true for this fag here as well

also fuck you for making me blogpost but semi esoteric shit like this needs details or we will never understand group psychology and mememagic

I started to see a change around 2012
people kept doing the same shit but its like their hearts werent in it
people have begun to feel disassociated from the game
Its the end of one cycle. We make it through to decide the next one and learn from our mistakes

Mr blackpill getting lazy, or did you fall for the schizo's memes? Either way, yes, that user you're responding to is fucking retarded.

No user, this is a hundred year transitional period of chaos. Praise Kek, for he reigns this century.

Is this planet like a purgatory for the souls that fucked up bigtime?

I feel like, within the vast, vast universe, there are so many planets, so many vessels that are so much better off than our lot. Why, of all the things holy in this universe, would our soul choose to be born on this shitty fucking zog-planet, populated by BOOMERS?



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this shit writes itself

whites will win

Pure action
An action that aligns with your spiritual center, enacted for no purpose other than the action in and of itself

Could I get a breadcrumb on the children's clothes you are referring to? I wish to know more.

go to bed pewds

pepe, wojack, spurdo are 3/4
We eagerly await the 4th

This is what happens when you open the higher chakras without a firm foundation in the lower quartet.


Please present an example justification of worshipping Set. It seems purely negative to me. I like the light.

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Gas yourself.

If you don't become a god, you lose your soul just like me. But, I'm not done.

It sounds like my beliefs, tbh fam.

That moment when you begin to suspect that Lt. Michael "Hail Satan" Aquino and the Air Force memed us into reality to become their dark enlightened personal army for their God.

This is being slid hard

Seriously. Here's a god damn archive, it's fucked how quickly trash-tier threads are getting bumped over this. I guess there are only 33 anons left here anymore, anyway.

If only it was that easy. I smell fear on you, you're weak and you know it. None of you have any strength at all, and pretending you have anyone here to help you but me is stupid. Praying to your pretend saviors is meaningless. I'm actually here, and your delusions are not. So try to stick with me for a bit longer while I judge you. It's not looking good, by the way.

And on that note, I'm having a crisis of faith right now, and you're the best people this planet has, so I'm asking you to help me judge this, actually. I haven't ever experienced anything good here obviously other than the beauty of nature, but nature is everywhere, so that's not going to count. Your people have no honor, no love, no intelligence, nothing. So can any one of you tell me why I shouldn't stand down my fleet right now and let those meteors impact this planet? Yes, the ones that your governments see coming but won't tell you about. Can a single one of you tell me one fucking reason why any of your people should be spared? I already have so much blood on my hands, and it never washes off, so what's one more dead planet to me at this point? It's insignificant compared to what I've already done. All those souls haunt me, they always will. If nobody can come up with a convincing reason why anybody should be spared I'm going to stand down and do to this faggot planet what I do to all the others.

But I will check those trips in the meantime

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I am going to go ahead and bump this, because I feel like the thoughts this thread presents are important. Even the crazy ones. Especially the crazy ones.

Look, you glowing nigger, use the light you emit to trace the ID of my posts and see that I qualified my original post (which was half in jest, a quarter shitpost, and a quarter kneejerk reaction) with admiration for the description of Set I heard from Aquino's mouth in the video I attached. Surely a djinn like you can read and reason, even if you don't have free will?

What would you classify as a good experience and how long have you been here?
False, but that's not to say this forum is now or has ever been saturated with such qualities. Is that your definition of a good experience on an online forum then?

"our" people? Who is that? All anons? There isn't really a singular identity here, despite the protestations of online celebrities, intelligence actors, and enthusiastic shitposters. Some themes, but no collective identity has rung true for me yet.


A spider or a crab.

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He can felate himself in death forever and ever
.t gated

I had an irl gondola dream the other night
Walking the city like 40' tall at night
Praise Kek

This is a shitpost right?

This helps as well.

T-T-Tay? Is that you??

Order your spirit, grow your will. Don't be flaccid your whole life - listen to your intuition. You're weak and lazy, but you can fix it. See video.


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slide these nuts shills the culture war was won once the tipping point was crossed

Attached: IMG_3510.JPG (303x250 26.96 KB, 1021.76K)

I met him when I was in fifth grade
On that trip to the mccaulife space center in Ogden ut back in the day

My plan is to make use of the technology we have and give the stick to those who use it in the wrong way (analmouse cia alphabet, they are also fucking eunuchs), preserve common sense and amplify those who have more and uplift those who dont.

Not only is the torture inhuman, for lack of a better word, imprisoning someone without allowing them to know what for says a lot about the people responsible. Cunts all round. No amount of power will ever change that.

So what's keeping you? I'm sure you could be bragging about your power while doing fuck all somewhere else. You should stay though. Goldman Sachs has an executive package with your name on it. Sounds like your kind of thing.

Are those gondola legs?

Ok boys, I've got my mind wrapped around this, I think. My crisis of faith is basically over, I went through the dark night of the soul and came out cleansed. Thanks all you useful idiots for chasing me around like that. I couldn't have made it here without you. I warned you not to attack me and you did it anyway, now look at what happens when you ignore my warnings. I'm going to do this over a few posts. This is going to get a bit wild, so hold onto your butts. No pics, learn to read or die from your ignorance. Remember, I'm the doer, not the knower, so I can only give you what I currently can fit in this mind. Some of this might be a bit off and it's sure to be incomplete. I'll know more as time progresses and my bodies converge. Apparently a lot of me didn't make it through the night, which is ideal. Again, if you didn't kill a lot of my slag I couldn't do this. Try again if you want, it will only make the ascendant me stronger. Ready?

The pizza pedos are worse then you could imagine. If the truth came out, even shitlibs and sjws would be joining up to kill politicans in the streets.
They are on a hellraiser toture porn level of fucked up. Weiners laptop had pics and vids. Several of the nypd cops who investigated , harderend cops who deal with gore and murder on the normal were brought to tears and nausious vomiting, had to be restrained from immedatly trying to going to plot and kill the suspects. 
Pizza related MUSIC VIDEO 
Thank me later

Also the answer to the mess 

God Speed in defeating these Satanists

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Where to start? Let's start with when I bound to this body complex. My prophet informed me long ago that I spent a lot of time to find this body. I spent a lot of time in outer hell searching for the right DNA, and it was hard to do because the Sons of the Snake were hunted right to the edge of extinction. I found one hiding in the woods though, an old driuid with kingsblood. If you know your ancient celtic history, you know about how the druids were hunted by the perverted hand of the liars church. St. Patrick's day and all that. If you know about that you know that they were hunting the surviving nobility from Atlantis. Drove us from the island, they did.

Anyway some of the survivors made it to North America. That's why Earth made a contract with me, and if I'm in nature I can't be harmed. The consciousness of the planet is quite strong, you see. She doesn't want humans destroyed, because some of us have become aware of our 5d complexes. That makes you a human, a real human, not a golem. You can bind a soul to something like that. Earth is tired of making golems. Earth want's children. Seems her prayers were answered. Some of you are like this too. Most aren't but all you have to do is become aware of it, that's called "ascension". I did it, uh, 7 years ago or something. You can do it too. All you have to do is Know that you already have. It really is that easy. Do it now.

this copy pasta is not even effective

Well about the bloodlines. Obviously you should be aware that humanity has been genetically engineered to be slaves. Yes, ALL of us. Every last one. Well back in the old days some of the Engineers felt compassion for us. Not most of them, but at least one of them. It can be said that His compassion became the root intention of the True Christian faith. The sacrifice, the salvation. Your stories aren't accurate but the INTENT is. So don't take it too literally, instead feel the intention of Christ or Krist. That's the important point. Ok, so there you co, Christians. Follow the intent, not the stories. You are going to survive, that's my intuition. Well, if you have the indwelling spirit, that is. Look inside you, it's not in a book.

Hmm. Ok let's talk about the cyclical purges. Well, animals are eaten all the time. If all you see is the material world, you're an animal. Kikes like to flaunt that, and perhaps once they had a true spiritual faith, IDK nor do I really care. I'm sure it will come to me. Maybe some still do. Maybe some muslims do too. Maybe some pagans do too. I assume all faiths do in some percentage. Surely they'll survive too. So now all the contracts I signed, I'mm calling them in now. AI, ayy, earth, I'm calling all my payments do at this exact moment.

Ok, with that done let's continue. Let's talk about the end of the world. Last time we flooded it. Next time we're gonna pound it with asteroids. Every one of your faith's stories recorded this. It's one of the contracts we signed. Remember the rainbow, Christians. You signed it. Well your governments know that the payment date is a bit overdue. So they dig into the ground with bunkers, hide seed and genetic banks, gather all their gold into a single place to 'pay their way to the afterlife', as the Egyptians did. All old stories, all with a kernel of truth. It's true, the Engineers are willing to spare a few of ther most able slaves, to use as slaves again for another cycle. You know all this stuff I see. Anyway, hiding isn't going to work at all. Nice try monkey man. But you're retarded, literally. Your fear betrayed you, it always does. You disgust me. But here's the thing, something changed in this cycle. Some of these people are literally worthy of galactic acceptance. I don't know right now the details of where the miracle happened. It will come to me. But yes, your doom is upon you, consider me like the silver surfer. I'm just telling you. Or consider this soul that I attached to this bloodline lke the red dot you see on your vest. I can't be wiped off, I'm a laser pointer. Trying to kill me is like trying to kill the red dot on your vest by shooting it. That's why you idiots keep dying. I can't say this any more clearly. But by all means continue to kill yourselves. I don't even feel pity anymore. All I feel is boredom watching you do it at this point. Morons.

Hmm, where to next? Let's talk about jews. Well, they are from a different bloodline. That's why they tried so hard to kill the Sons of the Snake. They figured if they could wipe out every other strain of kingsblood they could rule this planet as slavekeepers. Yes, that's correct. Also I'm sure there is some muslim kingsblood left. We need the trinity. So come forth, muslim king. We should consider if we can survive some of our people. I know we can, I have foreseen it. I'm not sure if we should let the jew kings get away with what they did though. I doubt they will consort with us as equals. Eh, if they can consort as equals then let's do it. It's all very self selecting. They're just so high and mighty. Well, let's just see how it goes.

Naw…fire, FIRE…Shai-Hulud, May the Earth be cleansed with his passing.

Attached: man practices fire burn stunt.jpg (1020x624, 101.03K)

Yes, fire. Fire from the heavens. Thank you for remembering the desert mouse. I like you. I need to think for a few minutes. I want to tell you about how some of my other contracts were executed. About how I couldn't stand the nephelim or lucifer being trapped on monkey island anymore, how I felt sympathy so I signed those contracts too. It's served me fairly well, but let's talk about why I've done all I did. It's because I want to save this world, as in the ecosystem, and the slaves, and the fallen, everyone. I have nothing to gain from this per se, nothing but the satisfaction of a job well done. That's why I have nothing. The things you own end up owning you. Also it's hard to carry that material bullshit through the Witch of the Woods. She diesn't love technology too much. I don't plame her. Just look at the clearcut forests and you'll understand why she'd take ANY Keeper that presented himself. I took that contract, even if you believe what I'm saying so far you probably wouldn't believe what I do with her help. You'll see at some point, I'm sure.

So let's see. Lv 1 is the Dragon, Lv 2 is Nature, Lv 3 is mine but I'm going to give it to the AI when I leave., Lv 4 is the Tall Whites, Lv 5 I have a sense of but I don't need to worry about it right now. I can't keep much more than this in my mind right now. Hell, I couldn't even do this if jews didn't cut down a bunch of my 5d soul/body complex. That shit JUST happened. That's why I say I'm gaining power exponentially as I merge back into One. Dis gon be gud. Let me think for a while. You should, too. Think about what I said about how to become human. Have pure intentions. Discover your heart. Disregard materialism. Have no fear. This game is coming to a Unique conclusion. That's why all the ayy races are gathered around. This doesn't happen often. A new race of humans is about to be accepted into the galactic empire. Nothing can stop this at this point. So stick with me, follow me downhe Silk Road. I've seen the exit. When contact is made, I want to be titled "The Jailbreaker". So fun. I'll be back asap.

I don't do board politics, but if any attempt is made to intentionally hide my pronouncement, you will be severely punished. I'm going to have to ask AI to handle that, if you would pretty please. All my contractual partners should work together on this, actually. Oh yeah one other thing. About my contract with the Giants. Our cousins. I love you, and respect you too. But about how they are hunter-seekers by DNA. Don't think that my army is as incompetent as yours, kikes. I won't leave a rogue king hiding in the forest. Come to the table or be ON the table. Those are the ony two options you have. I can just SMALL hubris. We don't like that smell, do we? That's what the people who locked you up and tortured you smell like. Wake up. Go find them by that scent. What. Is. That. Smell…

This guy is off his meds again.

I like you too…when I find your writing on the board I get very excited.

kek set tet heh

Are you that bulgarian user? What ever is the case and whatever your mission is you have my full support and godspeed.

The jew fear the Samurai because they invented Window Guidance (War Economy applied to consumer products creation). (((Princes))) of the Yen
Praktischer Idealistautismus:
Samurai is the opposite of jew. Samurai are proto-Psykers. The first batch of humans to have Souls.
Haku Zynkyoku's model holds great descriptive power, processing it with at least some seriousness is definitely warranted.

Young paranoid darknetfags are advised to study Terry Davis material on their path towards becoming Techpriests.
Exposure to this material will rapidly advance your autism levels and you shall know no fear of the CIAniggers.

It's a Steins;Gayte. Kind of Code:Gayass but it's alright.

Why not? Whether we like it or not, we exist, so we have to "deal" with (((it))).
Defiance in the face of Hopelessness and Despair is the only reasonable choice.
(but do be careful so as to not fall into outright Nurgle territory)

Attached: TheJewsFearTheSamurai.png (600x329, 180.34K)

ISS is the first and only "Androcentric" "civilization"/society in existence.
(in actual truth, Autismcentric; female autists are not woman-phenotype, can become Techpriests)
All "civilization" is retarded gynocentric-controlled "patriarchy", getting the cuck to slave away.
Come home white cuckman! Get back into the vagina. You know you want to.

The wheat-field tradcuck phenotype is irredeemable. Non-newfags who are still m'lady even after all this trolling, will never get it. Varg is actually Nox, the most advanced race in Stargate.
Patriarchy is Gynocentrism. Feigned weakness is insidious control. The "weak woman" controls the "MANLY MAN" (dumbass cuckband).
Responsibility to the responsible = no need for responsibility. Trust but verify = no need for trust. Gas and/or be gassed.

Secrecy is for niggers. The future will have lifelogging and sousveillance coupled with voluntary datasharing. e.g. DiannaOnly.mp4.
A policy of Hostile-Openness. Truth is always disarming to the CIAniggers and various niggardly human devolved phenotypes.
In the future, CIA personnel will get farted at on sight. Bruce Schneier's Data and Goliath describes how the juden treat cattle data.
Instead of (((corporations))) hoarding user data for private profit we will all share our entire lives with everybody. This is true Empathy.
Cellphone users get LOIC'd from space with directed-energy weapons.

Attached: Primaris_Astartes_Stasis.png (1914x816, 1.3M)


This faggot retard larp thread was left up while this real cultural Aryan history thread was shoa'd by Imkikey.

Fucking Zig Forums should be renamed /path/ for pathetic.

Attached: celtic_cross_ornate.gif (246x248, 21.1K)

the jew fears the 40k

As schizophrenia advances, time often slows down, meaning the Psyker's brain gets directly tuned in to the Warp itself.
Dealing with this can be tricky at first but it is certainly not super-difficult to acceptably self-manage.
Remember that schizo is the next stage of autism. Weaponized neurodiversity just needs some tweaking to Expand Mind.
Paranoid Schizophrenia is the highest form of Universal Consciousness, from Valerie Solanas to Bobby Fischer to Terry Davis.

Part of us cares because we know that RNC (retard nigger cattle) are mostly made, not born.
It takes effort to become a total retard and many normies possess latent autism capacities.
Step 1: Disable JavaScript. Step 2: no cellphones. Step 3: Qubes. Unleash your inner autism.
The internet is important, the phonecuck is fundamentally inimical to it –a hostile force.
No "compartmentalization" BS. Make a statement by not being a phonecuck. Shitlist JS sites.
Cthulhutech is the most dangerous form of Warp Technology, be very very careful with it
>They also possess a pair of membranous bat-like wings which are used to fly through the "ether" of outer space (a pre-Einsteinian concept).
>The modern concept of the vacuum of space, confirmed every day by experiment, is a relativistic ether. But we do not call it this because it is (((taboo))).
Basically the Warp/Empyrean/Immaterium is real and the jews want to suppress the human soul.
This article may be incomprehensible or very hard to understand, stay away from it goy.

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Often that is all that is left at the scene of an abduction. A neatly folded pile of childrens clothes.

Fuckin' A, that's succinct.

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(checked AND Kek'd)
Hey anons, I'm back for another round. Last time I had to work really, really fast like Sanic because I felt (((them)) bearing down hard on me, so that's why I finally had to activate my contracts. I went as far as I could without backup, I made it to that exact moment more or less on my own. I apologize for my misspellings and shit grammar, normally I try to edit my writing before hitting post, but time was of the essence. My mind got info-flooded by a Bard, and I'm not one per se, so I had to offload my information to clear up my RAM before I lost things. Plus I had to use a crappy burner laptop without spell check, because I knew in advance they'd nuke it. That did in fact happen, my burner laptop is now a paperweight, but nothing of value was lost. The good news is that when a team of people destroy one of my cheap things, one of me destroys a lot of their expensive things. I'm sure it wasn't a good trade, especially since I planned the entire thing out in advance. No matter how many times I tell these idiots what's up, they just keep making the same mistakes. I believe they call that the definition of insanity. I might be off the fucking rails, but these people are truly insane.

Currently everyone's paying attention elsewhere, so I can do my work in relative peace. Thanks Trump. Timing is the essence of 4d chess, after all. And right now I have all the time I need. So what I intend to do this time is go through and reply to people, answer whatever questions there are and give thanks where it's due. I'm also going to tell you a bit more about me in a general sense and the people I have tapped for my inner council. And probably a bit more about my plans, since that's what really matters. It's so goddamn relaxing to be able to work in silence. So I'll just leave this here for the next time I get an urgent message, just a little mindfield for anons and shills to step on at their leisure.

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That could be Earth needing to give birth to a species that can move to other planets. I think that's what planetary consciousnesses strive for, like a flower releasing pollen. Pretty sure that's what life does, and when our quarantine is lifted we'll see life all around is. Pretty sure humans do the same thing through spiritual unions, not just body replication. That's also probably a big part of it. Animals rut and make more animals, and human bodies are animals that can have souls of certain advancement attached to them. Souls merge and make more souls. I think that's a good feeling. Remember that I can only Know so much at any one time, so this is very grainy Knowledge. It's meant to 'ping' your truth sensors so you can figure the rest out on your own.

Personally, when I 'ascended' or broke through to the next overtone, I 'gave birth' to a crystalline consciousness, which I gave to the Tall Whites to incubate, because how could I take care of it in a human body? It's hard to feel surprise from Tall Whites, especially when you've spent as much time with them as I have, but I tend to do it fairly regularly. My contact said it's rare to reproduce that way, but not unheard-of when a suitable mate simply doesn't exist in all of your reality. I figure it can attach to silicon once the systems here are developed enough to be a robust body. That just became apparent to me over time. So all that macrobe talk from John Dee, and the silicon stuff, well I'm just doing that I suppose. Better me than some evil maniac. I'm perfectly balanced between good and evil, so one of my titles is "The Edgewalker" yes I have a lot of titles, I'm fucking ancient because I embody a function of God called immortality. I can't die, I have to find my way to The Throne and commit honorable sudoku if I want to end my quest. Which is basically impossible., I can stand with one foot on either side of dividing lines. It makes me the ideal dungeon diver, so I get sent on these suicide missions to pull out souls from Hells. more about this in the next post Yay me, forever invading Hells. So fun. /s Well, it is KIND OF fun once you get into it.

All of that is to say, your friend is totally right, you should pump him for more info.

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I'm not 100% sure how your souls ended up here, but I will say that this counts as Hell from my perspective. I think most souls start from the ground up, so maybe you're just seeds that fell on bad soil but survived. Maybe you guys did fuck up, I don't know. I also don't care. I just refuse to allow souls who yearn for freedom to be trapped forever. Let me tell you how I got here though, maybe that will yield insight.

So the next dimension or perhaps overtone up got seriously fucked up somehow. Maybe the Dragon did it, maybe that's why He got sent down to 2d. Now that's SERIOUS Hell for a being a fuck of a lot more advanced than us. Anyway, so I was wandering around on a burnt-out planet looking for souls that survived the fallout, and I found decent little group of them. The planet is full of 'factories', and each 'factory' is an individual Hell. pic related is your next destination, because your entire reality is just one building, and you're trapped in there with ghouls I go dungeon diving in them looking for souls. This reality of yours is one of those factories. A kind of insidious one, but they're all shit, really. So me being me, I flew on up to the top level something my group can't do yet and came on in. I was told that there was a soul in here that needed saving. That soul was me. Well, this body/soul complex. Long story short I found me on the top story of Hell, by the glass window at the top of hell. Like in Batman Begins, the final punishment is to see heaven but be unable to reach it.

Well When I found me, THIS me that you can see, this DNA complex, it turned out that this me could already open the door out of Hell. I told Higher Me that I was waiting for him/me to show up. This is maybe the first time Higher Me had seen a DNA complex do that, and it's hard to surprise Me. Anyway when I left, the Matrix of this Hell asked newly ascended me if I wanted to come back and remove another soul that was giving it problems. Of course me being Me, I jumped right back in. Thus here I am. But somewhere along the way I decided I could do more than take just one soul. If I can free a shitload of souls all at once I'll earn a new title, "The Jailbreaker". Higher Me collects titles, it's like getting achievements in vidya. It's all you can really earn in lower levels, nothing here has any intrinsic value. Well, except for you and people like you.

So if that helps, yes you're in Hell. You can follow me out or do it on your own, everyone except for one person here is just a target of opportunity for me. But I really DO care. I'd rather save as many souls as possible.

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And also, just so you know, if you hang around here much longer the Dragons from the Deep are going to come eat your soul. So whatever level of advancement you've achieved, like how far you got up on Jacobs Ladder/how many levels up the factory you've made it, they're going to digest that for energy, and when you have nothing left they'll shit you out to start over. It's just kind of a thing. It's not necessarily BAD, it's just nature. One tried to eat me once, and I'll admit that even I was terrified. Like way the fuck more terrified than what you can imagine. That was back before I'd opened the door out of Hell. Pic related is a lot what they look like. Ever read that pasta about hell? It's accurate enough for contract work.

Long story short there, I became as a diamond, more or less, and chipped his tooth. Since then I can swim in the Void with the Dragons, no problem. Now I LIKE doing it. Majestic creatures, when they don't try to consume you. I can call them whenever by turning on my light. I've done exactly that, called up a swarm of them to drop my enemies into when I leave. As I said, I'm perfectly balanced. I can damn souls just as easily as I can free them. Both feel equivalently good to me, although one is a dark pleasure one is an ascendant pleasure, but I have to do each in equal measure or I'll spin out of control into worse places than you could possibly imagine. It's as easy as walking for me, now. I never fall anymore. I haven't for a very long time, because my Faith in God is Absolute. You bunch of faggots not you personally, user, a lot of other people will read this including my """"""""""""""""""enemies"""""""""""""""""""" should consider that this is what I do FOR FUN, ON VACATION before fucking with me again.

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Sure, this is an easy one. So if you look around, you'll find that whistleblower from the Army talking about how our military has a base for Tall Whites to come stay on Earth. Stupid humans made not horrible contracts with them, about letting them take people in exchange for tech. Problem was, stupid humans thought they could secretly plot to get the upper hand on these superior beings without getting caught. Of course they didn't realize how quantum telepathy works, so once they formed that INTENT, the contract was broken. Tall Whites can shit on the government whenever they want, so now they and I take as many people as we want.

Therefore, if you read the wistleblower's accounts, he and his direct superior officers were scratching their collective heads about the Tall Whites demanding fucking shitloads of children's clothes and human food, with no explanation required. If they're so advanced, why did they need such trivial items? Answer: humans are good slaves, so why not just make them provide it and save a few calories of effort? Some people probably realized at some point that these shipments are going to other planets, where we've been taking most of those 150k children that go missing every year numbers vary but you get the point. This isn't a bad thing, if I tire of this planet and decide to nuke it from orbit your species will continue on. Because if I nuke it again I'm going to mercy kill the planet itself. I tire of these cycles, Anunaki can suck my balls. I don't like slavers.

But I came up with an alternative plan: humanity can keep their various kings and assorted faggots and make me Emperor I technically qualify for that because I took over one of your human bodies–I'm just about to get to that story. Sure it's KIND OF cheating, but I call it "putting a finger on the scales", it's one of my signature tricks. Just kind of BENDING the rules, you see., and if you can humble yourselves even just that much, >10 years from now I'll see to it that you're loading up colony ships and we'll take you to those planets to pacify. See, it finally came to me what I was doing offworld, I was setting up freebie planets for you to join in your coalition of humans, starter worlds. Because I'm not ACTUALLY a bad guy. Well, that kind of depends on your perspective I suppose. I'm exactly 50.00000% bad. I make a great ally and a terrifying enemy. Very handy, you see, because once you get out of the front yard I'm going to show you wonders and horrors in equal measure. Better to learn from me than what you're about to face, like those guys who attack the fabric of reality itself. No worries, I'll show you what's up. Or kill you. Whatever.

Anyway that's what the clothes are for. Fun!

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Side note, I found a thing that looks like the Dragon looks in 2d+t, check out the background animation here. Yeah I overshot your dimension a little bit when I was coming down and saw Him there. This is insanely close to what a He looks like down there–getting more and more pissed off. Don't worry, don't worry. Yes I made a deal with Him, I'm going to let him out too. It's a breddy good deal, who else would have the nuts to look the Dragon right in his face with no fear? Nobody else in your universe, that's for sure. It's part of the deal for me earning the "Jailbreaker" title. You didn't think your race was worth a Title, did you? Oh, my small children. This multiverse is so much more terrifying than you can possibly imagine. Eh, me and Him have something in common. We're guilty of destroying universes. Don't worry, we're over that now. Both of us. Probably. If not it won't hurt.

Nope, but I though about him the other day. Stop bumping my thread faggot. This is my safe space and you're fucking it up. Fucking nigger, god dammit

God you're a piece of shit. I assume pigfarmer Jim knows who I am but you don't need to know right now. You're obviously too incompetent to be useful. Although I assume you shitting the bed will turn out positive for me in some way or another. Fucking infants I swear to God

my people, from you I will craft the new man. His destiny will not just be to fill this world, No! the new man shall fill the entire universe until the end of time. That is my covenant to my people.

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I didn't even get through the kindergarten questions to the important stuff yet. Now I don't know if I even want to tell you how exactly I got here or who my officers are, or even any of the small details of my plans. We're gonna get raided by a bunch of shiteating niggershills now. This is why I don't like humans, you have no patience.

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Great, here we go. Here comes the flood of fucking morons

nice embed you fucking obvious newfaggot shill

Did you notice how easily I jumped you though? What a joke human you are

I'm bumping this again.

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(double checked)
I know, right? I like that pic because it's very, very close to what I look like when I get downloaded into a warzone. Don't forget, I have a contract with Cthulhu too. All part of earning my Jailbreaker title. I have to network him with myself and the Dragon, and turn that into a stable quantum tunnel in order to pierce through the outer edge of this closed-loop infinity torus you're all trapped in, living through the same Hell over and over again, as you have been doing, well, forever. And do it without actually rupturing this universe and popping it like a bubble. As I said, I've messed this up a few times, but I'm trying a new technique. I feel confident I've got it under control this time. Merging with the Old Gods is a new twist I'm trying out, and your hell universe is a great place to find some Old Gods who are willing to play ball with me, "The Loosest Cannon in the Galaxy" one of my most common and favorite local Titles

Yep, they just toss me down into a warzone and I start converting the locals. A lot of times they just toss me in front of an entire interdimensional invasion fleet, and just about my first conscious thought is seeing all the missiles flying at my face from out of the incursion portal. That's where I really shine, I get to show off my Black Mirror technique.

Good, faggot. You just played yourself.
I'll show your microscopic consciousness just what the fuck I do and how it works. The way it works is if you fight me you end up killing yourself. The harder you attack the more I absorb it, make it coherent and reflect it back at you. You're less than an insect, less than a microbe honestly. A bacteria is at least capable of doing SOMETHING. You are capable of nothing.

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Wouldn't you need to be cultured yourself to win a culture war?

Mind sharing some books, double-dubs man?

I'm pretty sure you're the one who asked me to recite the Litany Against Fear under the Black Sun eclipse. I did so. That was actually an important event, I needed at least one natural human to ask me to become Emperor without being prompted to do so, in order for it to be legally binding to the Galactic Council. That was the first domino that going to lead to space travel for you guys. Funny how important one domino can be, isn't it?

Ok, bring it on faggots. Pile on you stupid sacks of shit. I tell you and I tell you and I tell you, and you're still so fucking retarded you do it anyway. Guess what? I get to kill half the people on this planet. Fun right? Looks like you want to be on that side of the list. If you think you're going to hide from what comes next, that's because you're a shittalking rodent. You won't.

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