Burger King you had one job

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Music to listen to as the matriarchy is all but gone in every corner of the world and the majority (women) decide what's best.

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lmfao mollywop aka punch her



saudikikes are going to jihad the fuck out of us for this.

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No TNT stick suicide bomber vest meme yet?

fucking keeping the petrodollar afloat lets saudis murder yemenis by the million with US assistance, chop appendages off, and haha it's just a funny joke to the US…oh yeah and we even let the house of saudniggers do 9/11…none of that is a problem–just a funny joke…

but like Syria's not…we totally have to intervene there because muh oppression and terror amirite. and iran, we need to invade because terror and oppression, and same thing back in the day with iraq

But never petrodollar propper-upper and kike ally Saudi Arabia. No sir

I will never eat at this fagshack ever again.
Good job BK.

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lolbergs and pro-capitalist free marketers are like literally crying right now.

I was hangry once and drove through. Wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. Was too hangry. Almost lost my shit in the gym, was pure rage.

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Tell me infinite no, I don’t care.

Dude, they are rodents, they get in everything if you don’t have cats around.

Good, Women are now out and about and able to enjoy the fruits of a free market and a open society.

Now they just need to be secular.

There better be bacon on that burger!

Remember that feminism was started as a cigarette smoking promotion. It's always been cancer.

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This is a great day, now I don't even have to beat my Saudi wife to death for showing her hands -or some shit- BK will give her a slow, painful, cancerous death. Corporate Allah ackbar!