Feels good to be a fullchanner

Feels good to be a fullchanner
I fucking love Zig Forums.


I really do hate that n year-old boomer meme

It’s a meme that was invented to keep people from making fun of baby boomers

I get bullied by the captcha for attempting to post this.

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half pol is a leftist shithole. this place will always have less attention, making it more interesting for unacceptable viewpoints. half pol has more of a grassroots leftist shill-force. this place gets more advanced shilling techniques from dedicated shillers from Zig Forums and various intel agencies simply because it is a better outlet for unacceptable viewpoints.

shit taste, it's fucking hilarious

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sure feels good to be a whinybitchchanner to hear other whiny bitches report back stories of 4cuck

it's being spread by the dsa / chapo / weird twitter dorks to drive a wedge between older channers (lots of hard rightist anons who were formerly the maskfags 10 years ago are now in their late 20s and early 30s) and younger channers (usually commie newfags brainwashed by the prog education system). It's actually pretty effective. Mao used a similar tactic.

please leave and never make another post again

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Ay yo, sonny, why ya gawta bring thoze piece of shit boomaz up aginz?

Future proves past, goy.

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Do boomers really drink Monster?

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Anyone notice that Cuckchan has almost solely been cranking out Wojak edits these past few months?

And here I thought that the whole Boomer-hate thing was a psy-op to cause intergenerational strife.
Never mind the fact that all points made were legitimate.
No, I think it's just Qtard Boomers who don't quite get how to meme.

I think it's supposed to signify them trying to be "cool" with the young people, but it coming off as cringey

Kill yourself moshe

Some of these make sense.

The others make no sense.


I retract that, this is a forced meme and doesn’t even name the jewish reasons behind why boomers are shit.
You can miss me with that gay shit tbh lad

I don't understand this meme but I also don't go to cuckchan.

Kikes owned the west long before the boomers.

isn't this that "30 year-old boomer" shit from /fit/? I think it's just unimaginative trolling

No. This meme is being used to drive off the retarded boomers that came from r/The_Donald and facebook during the election. See Qfags for examples. These are the same people that PR cuck and prevent any action from being taken.

Boomers are in their 60s/70s (maybe 50s)

No this is an attempt to drive away us older anons (gen-x 30/40 year olds)

We remember old /b/, we remember how Zig Forums used to be.

By younger you mean millennial and tweens that started drinking it after they saw their Vet relatives basically living off the shit?

We made this shitty forced meme to laugh at Gen X who think for a second they are any less cucked than boomers and millennials because virtually all the major faces of the cucked world today are not boomer faces but Gen X ones and Gen X was the one that started really getting into subhuman nigger "culture".

You aren't going to get driven away by these memes if you're an user.
That's nice, but nobody with thick skin will be driven away by these memes. What these memes do is make fun of the retards who keep parroting advice from 20+ years ago and thinking that the applies to the hellscape that is America in 2018, and then go on living like nothing is happening.

Millennials and tweens are not in the same generational bracket. Millennials are all 20-21+ now. Gen Z are between 10-19, gen alpha are >10yo.

Boomers and even silents were already getting infested with nigger shit. Think jazz and niggers like Hendrix. One could argue even "muh greatest gen" were the ones that introduced it.

mfw I was unironically into hip hop as a kid in 1991.
kikes went hard with that forced meme back then.
the 90's were a disaster.

Right after the moderation purge that was being thrown around, just extremely out of place forced bullshit you'd probably find on /tv/ or cuckchan pol.

The Splatoon one is the one that makes the least sense. Is the boomer just inwardly making a dad joke by drinking Monster followed by playing a monster girl game?

You need a 4chan Pass to do that, Sir.

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I think its just dumb nonsensical humor. The juxtaposition of some dad rock loving guy being called a boomer whos also 30 years old (but not really) drinking monster and playing splatoon and loving his john deere is funny. None of the elements fit together logically and the retarded wojak brings it all home as just some weird guy whos out of touch.

I don't get why nu-males was dropped for soyboys.

When was the last time 8gag Pol made a relevant meme anyway?

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Its because of the Pepe crash. Now that Pepe has gone the way of trollface Wojak has moved in to fill the vacuum

Cuckchan's numbers are going to waste because their mods are controlled. We could use their numbers. We should encourage them to go to >>>/4pol/

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The boomer meme is gay and d&c tier so yeah, jews are most likely behind it. But! it could be some neet tard as it really appeals to them. Life failures have latched onto it like Peterson's bullshit. You're a fucking NIGGER if you blame someone else for your lack of accomplishments. It's limp wrist, soy drinking faggotry. To think your enemy is you in a couple of decades and not the jew is beyond pathetic. This and tide pods show that a good number of millennials will fall for any type of shit, no matter how stupid.

Boomer detected. Did you let your son die for Israel?

your nose is showing

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if you were really one of "us" then you'd know that referencing cuckchan is verboten, as is making retarded blogposts like this


Go back to /qlarp/ ya fucking boomer.

I didn't expect this thread to be flooded with boomer asspain.

What the fuck is this meme? Is this a cuckchan tier meme? New amerimutt shill shit? Jewy or not? Shit thread anyway.

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