The strong Pagan animosity towards Christians among National Socialists has truly been activating my almonds lately and...

The strong Pagan animosity towards Christians among National Socialists has truly been activating my almonds lately and it wasn't years ago because from my experience, there were certainly not as many Pagans in the movement 7 or 8 years ago as there are today. From the irreligious? Sure, but even then it was just the average fedora tipping that was common around that time anyway. And it's not just Zig Forums that I've noticed this, it's all over the movement and other groups that mine are in contact with. The sentiment against Christians that I'm gathering is so short sighted and ridiculous that for the number of die hard Christian NatSocs I encounter, it would be at best disadvantageous, and at worst, utterly divisive in the end.

>inb4 >>>Zig Forums

What this anti-Christian sentiment appears to essentially boil down to first and foremost, is that Christianity and fascism (I use the term facsism to describe the broader movement) are fundamentally incompatible with each other. Primarily for the entirely subjective reasoning that Christianity is culturally incompatible with the greater vision that the movement has in store for our race and because of the inane reasoning that Christianity is inherently Jewish at its core and for that reason alone cannot be allowed to even exist inside the movement. This reasoning, if I have it correct, is born purely out of ignorance and is no different than me self assuredly explaining to a pagan the metaphysical nature of his own gods and beliefs when he knows well already what he believes in the first place.

Christianity and fascism are only incompatible if you either don't know what fascism is, or if you're being intentionally obtuse. Truth is universal. Fascism is applied truth. National Socialism is applied fascism. (To greatly simplify before someone goes and adds to the idea of fascism thinking they're actually correcting me instead.) Christianity (from the perspective of the Christian) is truth hoped for and sought, the salvation of souls.
Fascism is truth self-apparent and objective, the liberation of souls. Fascism is truth. It isn't subjective truth. It isn't truth apart from Christianity which is truth. Christianity and fascism compliment each other. The universe and its truth operates according to God's grand design. If fascism is truth apparent– acknowledgement of the natural order of the universe which God created, then it's not Christianity apart from fascism, but simply ones Christianity which acknowledges truth which is not Jewish, for in the Jew there is no truth, only lies. This is not an argument for God, but a defense for the Christian perspective inside the movement.

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Christ was born of the Virgin Mary (according to the lore, if you would prefer), but his blood comes from the Father. Even if you don't believe this, the nature of Christ was limited only in that he was man, but infinite in that he is God. This is why his sacrifice in particular is so important in that the price of sin is infinite and required an infinite sacrifice. The nature of Christ is not Jewish, the nature of Christ is eternal, Christ existed before the universe existed. "Before Abraham was, I am." He is the archetype of the ideal human specimen, the epitome of High Man, who was born on this Earth as a man to do what mortal man could not– to break the cycle of Empire and establish his eternal throne on Earth, siezing power from the Jew through effortless will alone, though killed, never defeated, conquering the snare of death over this world and reigning sovereign over our plane.

The Jew expected a docile conqueror who would bend to their will and serve their selfish, legalistic means. They expected a conquering king who would expel the Romans from Palestine and reestablish the Kingdom of Israel. Then they found out that what they were dealing with was someone with a soverign will who could not be contained or used to their ends. They killed God, because he usurped their throne of death which was the law that they worshipped, so that humankind could be free from death. They forfeited their promise which was inherited by the gentile. The Jew however would not stand to see a people other than they to be called chosen. Thus began their age old war against the Christian world to cajole and subvert their way back to spiritual dominance. It is not the nature inherent in the European or the Germanic that the Jew hates, it was, and is the Christ in him that the Jew sets his sights on him, because it is the Christ in him which calls him "chosen", coupled with the blood of domination born of his superior ancestors that causes the hatred by the Jew to brood for the sake of their destruction. Marxism was and is the tool in which Christianity and Western values would be destroyed. Without the absence of a Christ, the Luciferian throne of Zion cannot be restored.

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Ai de plm.

This of course isn't an argument against Pagans or Paganism, but a defense of Christianity inside the movement which only serves to ultimately divide it. Christianity is not the degenerate variable that people inside the movement are beginning to annoyingly accuse of being inherent in its nature. Christianity today is not your grandfathers Christianity. In the Western world, it looks nothing like the way it was practiced even 60 years ago. Christianity has succumbed to the same meta cult that has taken root in the culture of the entire Western world and is subject to the same reinvigoration of spirit that we as a movement strive towards for all of our people, and more and more brothers inside the church of all denominations are beginning to see the truth just like we all are. They value their churches as a vector for community, and are fervent in their mission to save that sinking ship.

The hostile sentiment towards Christians inside the movement utterly blackpills me, since I see the truth and fight for it just as fervently as every other one in this fight. Many already have their staunch disagreements ready I'm sure, but I cannot deny my faith, and I cannot deny the truth of the natural order inherent in fascism and National Socialism, therefore in the future, I and other Christians will either be wrongly isolated and ostricized from the movement, or continue to fight the common enemy.





I agree, what's your point?


(quoting as if to assume you're a different poster

You're not off to a good to start. I'm going to reply to this as if you're legit and sage as if you aren't.

The part you're missing is that incidentally christianity as jewish subversion has been a redpill overlooked. Not everything uncovered about jewish activity was going to be obligatory. Second is that the role christianity has played and how it has served the jews has made it a tough redpill to endure for some who have experienced christianity as a major part of their lives.

Basically this. As someone mentioned in the last christianity spam thread, the D&C shills true goal is to obfuscate discussion of religion and prevent proper exploration into christianity as a topic because of its nature as jewish subversion.

When I see pagans like vargtards rip Christianity I think of another (((group))) that does the exact same thing so they have to ask themselves what is worse Christianity or the (((rat))) Regardless of the origins Christianity being old testament kikery it still is what the majority of whites practice who are religiously incline so their is nothing wrong with being pagan however you where white first and slamming christcucks is counter productive and is only helping jews push their anti white degeneracy.I would love to see all Christendom turn against the ashkenazi usurpers and declare their religion defunct because they are not the bloodline of the biblical sandniggers which can be proven.

The jew has to go and if you are white it does not matter if you worship the spaghetti monster as long as you know the (((rat))) is your true enemy not fellow whites.

Then why not discuss it? Not even Christianity as a topic, but the unnecessary animosity between the two groups portrayed. It's stupid, and the only thing divisive about it is the infighting.

Agrees with me but acts as if he doesn't. It's two groups of people united against a common enemy. If one or the other is trying to ostracize each other, then they aren't united, they're divided. It's counterproductive.

Christianity cares not for borders and race but for the propagation of itself and itself alone. Like a virus it spreads through agents infecting nignogs and spics to create more paypigs to build their megachurches and to get the pope a shinier dress (and nubile altar boys for their priests). Christianity is not compatible with nationalism because it wants to unite all people under the banner of christianity, it is a globalist religion. We will all be brown if the kike zombie is at the helm.

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The absolutely anti-White genociding(ongoing) by christcucks activated ours.

Gold medal mental gymnastics. Christianity offers the re-connection to the Creator universally, that doesn't divide it from things like common sense, truth, borders, and national kinship and the defense of ones race.

Implying Christianity has a banner. The Kingdom of God is theologically already united a far reaching universally, with or without borders. Just because anyone can become a Christian doesn't exclude the reality of God's design which is already apparent to you. You believe that the races should be divided because the intermingling of such causes conflict and the destruction of the uniqueness of peoples. This is a self apparent truth to you, one that God has made so.

Explain, or can you?

You replied to yourself twice now. You can stop pretending to have a point.

I think most people nowadays just want to have religion of their own. They don't want to share it with niggers, gooks and spics and that's exactly what Christianity is today. Whites already have to accommodate third world invaders into their countries, and every major Christian denomination from Catholics, through Protestants and Orthodox to Mormons supports open borders, miscegenation and is first and foremost geared towards helping the non-Whites. When I walk into a church in my little corner of Eastern Europe all I see are posters urging people to donate money to elevate the struggles of Africa, to feed and clothe niggers living there. Then during the mass the priest talks how Christian it is to adopt a nog or to marry one. I leave the church feeling angry, and like many other right-wing young people never come back ever again. My country is not very wealthy and a lot of people live in poverty, but the church authorities don't care about it. They already got founding from the government and donations from the faithful. There's much to be done, but all the money either goes to Africa or to buy the archbishop a new sports car. That's the another caveat. The church authorities here are extremely corrupt, especially Catholic and Orthodox. Year after year we have some new scandal resurfacing inside the church; tax-evasion, mismanagement, fraud, embezzlement and the list goes on. People are getting sick and tired of that. The return to the Ancestors Beliefs is pretty self-explanatory. A lot of young people, especially nationalists feels a spiritual void, which Christianity is no longer able to fill. The teachings of Jesus Christ are too universal, and nationalism is all but universal in nature. The church is already morally bankrupt and the Native Faith allows for a fresh start free from the old corruption and nepotism. Growing up in a region which was heavily divided among the religious lines between Catholics, Orthodox and to a lesser extend Protestants, the return to Paganism allows the people to be united once again on the basis of nationality. I don't think Christianity will disappear, but it bleeds White adherents pretty heavily and only gains supporters in the Third World due to their massive birthrates.

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Why adopt a universalist position if the one constant that we have observed is that the human condition is by far not universal due to the existence of racial character and spirit? Aren't these grand ideological projects the reason we are in this clown world to begin with? Is universalism the likes of this not reminiscent of Communism and other semitic distractions? I think people would find Christianity a lot more palatable if it were simply advocated for in a less Catholic manner. Surely we (on this forum) all come from a common root of truth, but I think there is an underlying question that people are failing to ask more often than not: will we ever know the truth in its entirety? Given memetics and the abject failure of the information age, it is more likely that we will not. Though I suppose that raises another question: was 'The Information Age' as a concept doomed from its inception due to an assumption of universality, or would it become a success given the correct people engaged in it?

I'm don't read much on specific subjects like these so it's more than likely that I speak out of ignorance, but that still doesn't change the fact that these are questions I come across a lot that nobody really seems to talk about here. It always seems to be people looking for some sort of winning group to be a part of and they never really consider why that group is winning or for what reasons they might win. I get that there's a great sense of urgency so people feel as though they must move lightning fast when it comes to questions like this, but we're talking about the basis for a civilization here, it isn't just whether you like the way the cross/mjolnir looks hanging around your neck.

TL;DR I think people say they're incompatible because Fascism/Integralism has a much broader scope than the Blood and Soil approach that National Socialism takes, and for that reason universalist religions such as Christianity are less applicable than the much narrower scope of Asatru

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I'm not a Christian yet I can clearly see that the pagan larp is the worst kind of larp on the goddamn planet

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Just going to drop this here


As opposed to Christian LARP?

Find me a Pagan who takes that shit 100% no fucking joke. Who seriously believes the precepts of whatever paganism they ascribe to. At least with any Christian worth their weight in fertilizer they accept the divinity of christ




You'd be surprised m8, of course you have a number of posers, but yes, there are plenty of us who believe in the existence of the gods and the worldview that comes with their worship

Thanks agent





You have no basis for that. None. The only D&C shill in here is you. You would prefer people who have the exact same enemy as you to simply go away, instead of allowing them to stay and fight said enemy.

Fucking wordfilters, I won't post the proper link in case I get banned but I'll link to the website instead

this 100%




That's exactly the discussion I'm trying to facilitate. There's no reason any of the religions inside the movement should be fighting and competing with each other. None. Not with the urgency of our situation, but the fact that people inside the movement are so intent on shitting on and ostracizing Christians at every corner is fucking stupid. I agree with you.


You made ANOTHER fucking diatribe attacking Pagans and defending Christians. How about instead…





Why the fuck would god's son be born in the levant? Amongst a bunch of jews? Wouldn't he be born in the heart of white Europe? In a holy place like Detmold or a great city like Rome?

I have never seen an explanation from christcucks for this. Why would god send his son to fuck around with a bunch of kikes, why not just speak to a Roman emperor directly and instruct him to annihilate the heebs? You assign undue value to the kikes, they are vermin but you make them special in your religion.

Sage for shit thread.

There prime motivation seems to be to shit on Christianity.

If they would be serious, they would research the aspects of their religion, talk about that, like any other religious people.

If they would be serious, they would accept the contributions of Christians. Instead they can’t stop to trash talk, provide a counter factual narrative. Their claims are such a drivel any child with a minimum of historic education can refute them.

Who else does trash talk Christianity that much?
Jews – obvious
Muslim apologist – mostly jews, few muslims
Atheists – another word for jew and their retarded shabbos goys

Hindu and Buddhist do, but they aren’t obsessed with Christianity neither.

Pagan larping here is that transparent anti-European, it is dificult not to see it as the usual jewish rants.

I could argue that Christians believing in what's written in their Holy Book is one of the problems we have to face today. All the major Christian denominations; Catholic and Protestant, Orthodox and Mormon, liberal and traditionalist, have openly aligned themselves with the enemies of the White race, the international Jewry. Christian priests are vigorously supporting miscegenation, while the fundamentalist usually are one of the most virulent supporters of Zionism and the state of Israel. These problems has to be discussed as the churches both in Europe and in the US are heavily involved on the sociopolitical landscape. The Jews have already announced their intention to mobilize the faithful Christians in their effort to maintain control of many White countries. The great body of Christian ethical doctrines, which are accepted by nearly all the churches in the world are in stark contrast to what we are trying to accomplish. I don't really know what is real Christianity and what is not. The Christians themselves have been fighting against one another over that very question for the better part of the last 2,000 years without arriving at an answer acceptable to all parties concerned.

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And here comes TORfag with the reliable anecdotes to redpill his anons.

There are none. If you stand for the existence of white nations free of shitskins and purport to be Christian… you're a LARPer. No official church agrees with you. No, orthodox churches do not support the expulsion of the turks and mongols from Russia and the establishment of a whites-only Russian state. You are not practicing official Christianity but trying to LARP as a pro-white Christian.

See that is what I’m talking about
Only a nigger would made such ludicrous claims WE WUZ KANGZ

Okay, I know this never happens here on this tightass board, but you're right. Setting aside religion and focusing on the goal entirely would solve this problem completely, the animosity still fucks with me provided that this movement is the only thing that gives me any actual purpose or drive.

Easy, because God made that promise to David that the Messiah would come from his line. God picked the shittiest group of people on the planet to prove that if his goodness could be shown through even them just occasionally, then his same goodness could be shown through the better people of the world.
Jews have been portrayed as God-killing demons in Christianity only until recently when the kikes infected the church with its own virus just like they infect everything else.

Many of us do you retarded faggot, I've linked to a website of people doing exactly that. A number of shitstirrers you've described are exactly that, shitstirrers and shills

You realize you posted with a complete non-sequiter, right? of course you did.

This is literally your headcanon and is completely unsupported by the jew book. Where does the old testament simultaneously condemn jews as the shittiest group while you must keep in mind it references them as his chosen people deserving of his choosing of them? Your headcanon is so invalid that it comes off as jewish doublethink.

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Do you understand that by creating this thread you've already created more potential damage than if you had just been a fucking man about it and kept your goddamn mouth shut on the subject? I appreciate that you're arguing in good faith and are man enough to acknowledge my points are correct but fuck man just don't fucking make these threads. They do nothing but sow division for no good reason and they are havens for our enemies to exacerbate the problem. I am so fucking tired of this shit user.

well. it seems no religion is safe from the kikes.
fun fact: before Christianity was poured into sweden the all followed a spin-of from the pagans. which is(maybe)why sweden is now a shithole.

The dishonest faggot replied to himself twice before most of the posts in this thread got posted. Did you just get done huffing paint?

The entire old testament is the kikes constantly disobeying God until he finally comes to Earth in the flesh and proceed to nail him to a cross.
Their treachery and disdain for God is self evident, they only ever glorify themselves for being so special until God has to remind them that they aren't. The entire book of Exodus includes them being freed from slavery, boasting about how faithful they can serve him until they're given 10 commandments showing how much they fall short of them. Just before receiving these commandments, they had already melted down the Egyptian gold and turned it into an idol. It's full of Jewish backstabbing all the way til the end. All you have to do is read it.

I realize that now

I replied to myself once, and it was an accident. I replied to my OP to connect all my thoughts which I'd already typed up before hand

And this, my dear user, is why there is no 'movement'.
What there ACTUALLY is, is a bunch of movements, all indirect conflict with one another on about 7 billion fucking issues, and standing together on only one.
Thus far, experience has shown that this tactic - many ways, one nation - has failed miserably, because inherent within it, conceptually, are fracture points which hostile opposition - see: Jews - will and do use to their advantage to great effect.
You will have a genuine 'movement' when, and only when, those who espouse that movement's ideals share that ideal amongst each other, and are not in such immediate and expansive ideological conflict.

I don't say this to blackpill or argue, I say it because I believe it to be true. I want us to succeed, but I genuinely believe that unless we all get on the same page in a much more meaningful way, this just isn't going to work.
We need a shared ideal. We need a shared vision. We have to find or create something that we can all come together around, that conceptually espouses a condensation of concepts and ideas from the areas of existence and culture that we find appealing as groups and as individuals, that resolves the various conflicts in a manner that will allow those espousing such previously-conflicting positions to meaningfully stand as allies.

I believe this is necessary, and I believe it can be done.
The how… That's a bit more complicated… The point being: I am not a Christian, I do not like Christianity (even if I can acknowledge a position it holds within European history and culture, and, at least in parts, a positive position at that), and I probably never will. As such, I will never be supportive of a Christianity-based scenario, and will find Christians quite grating. Thus, my intent is to find something that isn't Christianity that both myself and my Christian brethren can get behind, to eliminate our conflicts and stand together. I believe this is possible, and necessary. Take of that what you will.

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Was there a point to that commentary, other than that Catholics didn't find the National Socialists appealing?
I assume if you're implying 'hurr durr both christians doh!' that you're going to ignore the schism betwixt the two and the origin/cause thereof.

Well why not use zoroastrainism it is the religion the Persians worshipped and is basically what the Abrahamic religions ripped off.

Stop trying to distract from your original claim. Where does god explicitly call them out for being the shittiest group yet reward them anyway?

same. user. but i a rather a non-religious person. cus, "cultered protestant/catholic" sounds really bad in my ears.

I agree, and think about this a lot.
And I don't necessarily even want a Christian based scenario. I believe that the church will endure til the end in one form or another, whenever that end is supposed to be. A seperation of church and state. My advocation is indeed the unification of ideas, and those ideas that interfere with the unified goal should ultimately stay out of the way in the end, while a mans freedom to practice his religion remains. In the worlds current state, the church cannot survive. Total Aryan victory will be achieved, and I want to be apart of it.

I'm not doing anything to distract you, I'm answering your points directly.
He doesn't, except when Christ called them the Synagogue of Satan who serves their father who is a father of lies. But unless you have poor reading comprehension or are just being intentionally obtuse, it's clear that the kikes of the old testament were just as shit then as they are today.

He comes off more as a young moron than an actual kike, but you may be right and he's duped me too. Either way I've expended the amount of energy on this as I'm willing to particular go around. I need sleep.

I don't like this. I'll explain.
I don't believe in this. I'll get to it.
As usual for a modern Christian, and I say this without any malice or venom, I find you undesirably tolerant.
While I cannot say I appreciate what transpired in ancient Europe as regards the Christian emersion, I will say this, as Hitler did - the strength of Christianity in the time of the early European Christian kings was NOT in its tolerance, but in its aggressive and certain knowledge that it was the righteous path - and there was no other.
As much as I despise Christianity - and I do, user - there is little I find more wretched than a tolerant Christian unwilling to impose what they perceive to be the correct path.
Its funny, really, in that, I find the modern Christian tolerance disdainful, find their apparent lack of passion totally uninspiring and frankly, well… It doesn't matter. Meanwhile, I find the aggressive Christianity of the past undesirable due to the perception of it bringing foreign influence of unpleasant nature amongst my folk, but at least I could respect it for its vigor.
The modern Christian comes off as an overly-tolerant pushover with no real committment to their faith's righteous truth and the appropriateness (if one believes in such a faith) of its implementation at all levels of society… While the ancient Christian comes off as a sword, acting unknowingly, in the hands of (((foreign foes)))… I just thought that was funny, is all.
Oh, dear user, it can. Just not as anything you would want to be associated with. And that, even as someone who finds Christianity distasteful, is not something I find appealing.
An opposing faithful army of my brethren gone down (what I perceive to be) a path of folly is one thing, but the same coupled with an army of 'faithful' composed of the wretches and freaks of this world, congealed into some brown mass to suffocate my people?
That is more horrifying still than anything wrongs committed a thousand years past.
Then we must find another way.

No you didn't. You already tried and didn't.
You should have stopped there. Actually you should have stopped when you were caught samefagging.
That's not even remotely the same thing. You are offering this explanation while ignoring centuries of where god supposedly called them out as being the shittiest group but still rewarding them. Aside from just that, there were other jewish religious sects around there like the sadducees. Jesus explicitly only called out the pharisees. Take your own advice and actually read the stupid jew book instead of listening to Zig Forums shills. Also, consider the merits of a noose and you neck in one. Your headcanon is a complete lie.

And yet they apparently documented their failures of following an apparently all too generous god who wanted foreskins.

You're way too kind and forgiving.

it really does not matter because the ashkenazi didn't write the sandnigger book they are not chosen even by the bullshit desert religion they claim and at this point most if not all of them know it and only use the religion like they always have since they first invaded it as just a means to solidify their in group tribalism regardless if it is a lie it has so far proven beneficial to the rats.Its worth mentioning that a lot of jews are atheist and have fractures of belief just like christianity however when it comes to race they stick together instinctively and this is exactly how whites should approach paganism vs christianity vs what the fuck ever as if you are removed from your own existence as a race none of your religions will mean jack shit.

Blood & Soil



Until you get Christians to stop supporting kikes against the wishes of Jesus himself you Christkikes will never be welcome on this board.

Why isn't this shit anchored already?

and i thought christcucks was already good.

You leave, kike. The rest of us will be working together for our common goal.

they probarly cucked cuckchan too much and noticed the migrantion.

Not necessarily. Many anti-Christians are well-informed (or at least relatively so) and merely disagree with pro-Christians on certain issues - the whole "Jesus was/wasn't Jewish" debate is a good example, as you have Christians on one side who believe their line of reasoning and most anti-Christians on the other who think that the arguments presented are little more than mental gymnastics and that people who employ them are arguing in bad faith. It's a rejection of the reasoning involved, not blind ignorance. That said, it is extremely easy for people to just post their ebin anti-Christian/anti-pagan folder and avoid productive discussion. These threads have been a shitshow for years now because every one already has their arguments and counter-arguments warmed up and neither side is afraid to shit things up when the opportunity arises. I appreciate your posts as it seems you spent some time on it and are presenting thoughts that aren't usually expressed in these threads. I have obligations for tomorrow but if this thread is still up I'll be back.

I would argue that this is not quite an apples-to-apples comparison as the balance of orthopraxy and orthodoxy is wildly different for each system of belief. I feel that this disparity is responsible for much misunderstanding. here's a more complete version of embedded (if you haven't much time, watch the short one)

Stop falling for the d&c. We can debate theology when ever kike is dead and no semitic blood taints our earth.

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sounds good.

Catholics had their own party

There is no pagan, only LARP. Pathetic.

"Should the subduing talisman, the Cross, break, then will come the roaring forth of wild madness of the old champions… The talisman is brittle, and the day will come when it will pitifully break. The old stone gods will rise… and rub the dust of a thousand years from their eyes. And Thor, leaping forth with his giant hammer, will crush the Gothic Cathedrals!”
- Heinrich Heine, Germany, 1834.

Keep telling yourself that

Finally. Christians and Pagans can find some commonality as well. As seen through Christian continuation of Pagan rituals like Yuletide and Allhollowtide. I am actually fine with this. But damn are so many Pagans here cringey as fuck autists

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Christianity is nice as a legacy, as a past, as a tradition that has been. As something we'll remember, and people that will cherish.

But we deserve much better going forward.

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I wouldn't be surprised if they were shills tbh

This is James Mason author of Siege. Now you know why siegetards are antichristian. They are satanic niggers, trying to coopt nazism for their blood letting rituals

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You all can Deus Vult, the Varangian Guard is coming too.
That's because the kikes have done everything in their power to co-opt the movements since the 60s in response to young Aryans finding their roots again.

Attached: ApocolypseShield2.png (2220x2955, 5.14M)

It's called: learning.
You know, the thing everybody gets told to do when confronting communists or "christians" about their misguided beliefs.

Also, I have gotten less and and less patient with Americans badmouthing native European faith matters while not even doing Christianity right.
Christians do not circumcise their infants, they don't jedi force push old ladies around.
They do not ululate and howl and thrash on the floor. They do not ask for "a little lunchmoney" televangelism. They don't have godly niggers over here. They do not have McChurches here. They don't have magic underwear here (outside of the Mormon branches here, but again, it's not European).

America is Judea II and one of the greatest tragic cases of soul exorcism.
Not even in Europe you would find as many empty headed bible thumping golems and Europe has a lot of "Christians" and I put that in quotes because it's just like people putting up with fractional reserve banking and jews.
We don't fear jews but we fear our own kin who serves jews, and those are usually (((Monarchs))) (((Popes))) and (((Politicians))).

Otherwise it's chock full of heathenry here, so much that it's probably invisible now, but there's a quick and easy litmus test.
If someone is doing something that is not in the bible then it is not quintessentially Christian and very likely either appropriated (your folk heroes? Totally saints of Yahweh, dude) or "missed" in missionary (makebelieve work, make the person believe in something) work.

And Christianity is certainly a missionary faith.
Et cetera.

Also, America was founded by mostly Anglos, who didn't have to deal with as much death and carnage coming from interfaith and conversion shenanigans.
America is literally like a gated community liberal looking at niggers and spics.
Meanwhile everyone else knows a lot lot better.

Also, copypasting passages from a copypasta faith book, while being a "faith" that only requires a magic phrase of "I accept Jesus Christ as my savior" and not actual belief, actual soul, is not a belief.
This is a theme found in all Abrahamic beliefs. Islam has a magic phrase as well, so do the kikes.

Attached are:
A picture of Thor smiting giants (including one that looks like Yahweh from the creation of Adam) done in 1872 with a swastika on the belt buckle.
A picture of a belt buckle with a swastika on it and some oak leaves (Donar (thor) is pretty Oaky) and "God with us".
And three pieces on Barbarossa, a totally Christian Christian Crusader King.
But you need a microscope to see the crosses and have to avert your eyes if you don't want to be exposed to ravens.
(He also opposed the Pope and didn't want to be buried in the 'holy land' he was tasked to conquer but instead in his actual home land, his corpse prepared the heathen Germanic way of boiling the flesh off the bones to preserve them etc)

But I'm pretty sure you knew all of this, OP and aren't just a soulless copypasta golem that has literally nothing else because he's in some totally kiked-via-Christianity-country that was stripped of almost verything good.

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Larpagans are just jew satanists delighting in getting anons to worship:
tv Emperors
anime girls
dead dictators

actually getting people to perform rituals and say prayers to them. It must be very satisfying for them when they succeed in doing this.

Christianity is a missionary faith and a Christian cannot call himself Christian if he doesn't try to proselytize others.

Missionary faiths are always false because they require eternal upkeep lest the old ways which they cannot cover all because the old ways are from the soul and nature themselves come back again.

This works even for different heathen faiths.

Mexico is "Christian" catholic, yet they have days of the dead and things like Santa Muerte.
It's basically Xipe Totec et al in disguise.

This would have happened even if the vikangs had come over to "convert the savages to norse heathenry".
These vikangs would have been condemned to remind them of vikangity forever because the nature of the Aztec is to flay and stuff.
Something they still do.

Missionary faiths are garbage and Christianity fell apart even in the first few hundred years of Europe falling for it.
2000 years is nothing, bro.
But Christians would totally cling to that, even if the Entirety of Europe switched to the old, true gods and built opulent and glorious shrines and cathedrals for them.
Because Europe was wrong for 2000 years Christianity now is totally legit forever, everything else following is totally false and satanic, etc.

It literally doesnt matter because its just a bunch of overweight autists in their chairs disagreeing 20 countries away. I kinda lost all interest in even reading pol anymore and ive been doing it since stormfront and 'vote for ron paul!' days.
What has anyone done about anything? Do 'we' have a territory in these 20 years of shitposting? Do we even have a business of some sort, even if its tire manufacturing one? Is there a pro white advocacy/lobbying group that passed a SINGLE FUCKING LAW in these 20 years?
What are our assets? How many cars, cities, bodies, workers, soldiers, howitzers, machine tools, electricity generators this movement has?
What is politics? Is it military, diplomacy, law and economy? What have 'we' done militarily, diplomatically, legally and economically?
Mc Veigh killed a few feds. That was literally it. In the last 20 years, they have destroyed our family life, our economies, cultures,
through rapefugee crisis, we have no military, they wiped out entire countries (south africa, rhodesia, serbs got bombed for wanting to be muslim free, ukraine got destabilized because they wanted more nato bases), our muslim/nigger % increased, western manufacturing went to shit, western colonial holding went to shit, china is taking over southern resource areas (that place above australia full of natural resources), taking over africa, taking over world manufacturing..

This movement. It has nothing. And it cant defend nothing. It has no land. It has no economy. No military. It cant offer a job. It cant sustain a family which is ironic because sustaining a family is quite literally what it is supposed to be doing.

Americans are an uprooted people unfortunately. The very worst of the worst plus the majority of Christian zealots came to the States from Europe in search of a batter life. For many Americans, especially for those unfortunate souls that are of mixed race, Christianity is their last and only link connecting them to Europe. They are the biggest defenders of Christianity here. Without it, they have nothing. Also, I have a feeling that Levi Jensen, a particularly virulent Norwegian Christian Zionist can be coming here as well. He's incredibly autistic and hates Pagans with a passion and will do anything to keep Christianity alive.

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Just don't let the goyim know about Positive Christianity, a NSDAP psyop to dissolve christianity and simultaneously promote pagan faith - specifically created to address the strong christian resistance in germany against the NSDAP. Even that evil goy hitler knew to deal with traitors before dealing enemies - and that bad goy was fighting against da whole woyorld!

Even the most devoted goy on Zig Forums will admit that that was done to adapt & convert a new populace, not as a sign of "commonality." That's a nice buzzword you got there, mind if we trade for it? Well your offer would be too expensive anyway so I'll just take it.
Can't be more cringey than them christian goy!

That's right goy, it's better to worship jews than anything else! I mean, ya gotta worship something!

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Then I guess Christianity actually isn't a missionary faith then and calling it that is a no true Scotsman fallacy because a small minority of Christians actually do this and they're mostly dedicated missionaries themselves or other clerics
But I'm sure your D&C ass new that with the rest of your trite

I honestly blame imkampfy for allowing these retards on here to fester. Its not like he gave a fuck, considering he was a brown turkroach muslim

Christianity is a missionary faith.
And I guess the people going "Believe in Christ" in this thread are all clergy, then.

I understand, though.
Yahweh devoured your soul but you are promised it back in "heaven" so you need to cling to that no matter what.
Heaven is so strong and important that it is idolized the most in Christianity and many Christians would not be Christian if they didn't get to go to heaven and only had a "Christian life" (which, according to Christ-chan, is the best life).

If all they got was "superior morals and teachings"but no afterlife in heaven then most don't see the point and want to argue that heaven is the sole reason of Jesus and co.
They don't give a shit about anything else.

The "superior teachings" (which really are horoscope insert your own meaning into these parables tier) don't matter and are ends to a mean.

Here, have an actual speech and not written word of Hitler calling Yehova (yawheh, God, The Lord) a god of jewish revenge that will devour you.

But again, 2000 years is nothing, and maybe in 2000 more or maybe even less, people will get to keep their souls again and connect to the true spirit of their people.
One can only hope.

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Retards like you set out to gaslight people with empty trite and nothing actually constructive should be banned

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Yeah I don't have your skills of "NO THATS NOT HOW IT IS" of argumentation.

You're doing what you're accusing others of doing to be ironic, right? Otherwise no one is falling for your act and you're a pathetic hyprocrite. You might even be some type of tone deaf because your use of reaction images doesn't compliment your lazy effort in posts.

It wasn't, that's true. Zig Forums's traditionally a christian board because only christians respect freedom of speech enough. But I don't actually think our fagan user brethren are to blame for the uptick in animosity towards christians, I think it's kikes trying to exploit a potential fracture point to d&c. I call them vargstein, the kike shills larping as fagans.

SO you have no fucking right to complain that the users who are free thinking and not your fucking slaves or cattle rebel against your mind control.



these sorts of threads are what convinces me pol is about 10 percent genuine users and 90 percent FBI shills

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Obama is the greatest president who ever lived.

Is that because they most likely only serve a purpose of wasting anons' time, causing infighting, etc? That's what I think anyway.

Obama was an amazing president

Damn Luz, you and me both know this white boy magick gonna set them back another 70 years.

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Hey, what's your denomination?

Nancy Pelosi is my hero.

And this is so obvious when anybody looks seriously into the myth of the devil. In the Book of Genesis, the snake that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden was only described to be the most crafty beast of the field. Most of the other passages that supposedly support myth are taken out of context in no regards to whom the passages are actually referring to and then applied to the devil.

When the Jews came out of Persia, their religion had gone under major revision. Their tribal god eventually developed qualities similar to Ahura Mazda but they went even further and declared YHWH to be the creator of light and darkness, good and evil. This is why the devil myth has so little importance in Judaism, they simply did not have much room left for a character similar to Angra Mainyu. It's only when Christianity became relevant that the devil myth continued more strongly as Christians where even more dualistic and influenced by Zoroastrianism. They even invented a nativity story for Jesus where three Magis (Zoroastrian priest) came for him because they believed him to be the Saoshyant.

Yes, thats exactly it. The amount of time and energy spent bickering between christians and pagans could probably have liberated Europe by now.

like what the hell is this shit?