Beware America

Canada makes retaliatory tariffs official: 'We will not back down'

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How long does the war last between US and Canada?



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Trump started it, what has he done with china?

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Will that be enough to ignite a global war?

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I’m thinking France or Germany will attack us, basically the world against us and china

At this point I think Cuckstro is trying to be the first to completely destroy his country the quickest. Like someone bet him that he couldn't be first and the prize is an AIDs infected migrant dick in his ass and his addiction demands it.

Mexico would invade first.

They started that years ago.

We told them it was coming for awhile now. Time to reincorporate the maple state back into the homo empire.

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I mean an all out offensive on Mexico’s part

Mexico from the south Canada from this north, it would be interesting to see how long it took us to neutralize each

Why broadcast that? Dumb.
You will if we force you to.

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So what exactly are we losing again if we shut down all trade with Canuckistan?

I mean really, what are you going to do, charge us more for shitty chineseium? We got our own Maple and we can do without your fucking tar sands running through our country.

Frankly I think you need to come up with a better name for the homophobic pro-white authoritarian empire.

Canadistan yaaaassss.
The only good thing that ever came from there was Jessu. Pic related.

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Diversity, user. Diversity.

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What an odd list of products.

I'm confident that a new world record would be set, on the most territory conquered in a single war in a single day.

Unfunny comedians and inferior maple syrup?

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I called it 3 months. Prove me wrong. Go faster.

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I can't speak for California as I've never been there, however, I can confirm that women here (in my experience) are fucking shit - and no, I don't live in the city. And before some women (lol) or whiteknight shows up to proclaim "lol u must b sum virgin lol", I'm not. The way things are here, younger women specifically have this true belief that they don't need to listen to anything and that they are infallible. Perhaps it's just because I'm an Ontariofag, and maybe things are better in places like Alberta or Sask; I doubt they're much worse.

Trade wars lead to real war


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but srsly guise u know this is all for show, rite? Canada couldn't possibly win a trade war with the US. its an absurd idea
>protip: US biggest industry is capital management PROFITS! and its biggest export is consumer demand
Canada can go suck a lemon

No loss. We have far more than our share of that as it is, thanks.

If you want a non-meme answer, lumber.

Implying there can ever be enough until the last white infant is hunted down and smashed on the sidewalk SMHTBH

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He isn't even going to get re-elected. He's going to get thrown out and replaced with a Conservative party that will entirely just back down. This is such bullshit.

I've been saying this for years, Canada has more than us sure, but compare syrup from say, New Hampshire or Maine, its just better than that shit Canada pumps out.

Wtf is wrong with these niggers? The old status quo was that these nations got to financially fuck America over with one-sided trade agreements. The second America tells these faggots that it wants fair trade, they act like petty little bitches over not being able to rip us off anymore.


Probably because they really enjoyed ripping off America.

Let's start a run on tp in Canada 8^)


Does the USA even need anything from the mapleniggers? I think even USA produces better maple with their state like Vermont right? So they have nothing except a kek

Victoria is pretty.

The politicians have a need to dickwave to prove that they are better.

to be honest. i hope china comes around and fucks Canuckistan multiple times.

US gets a lot of lumber from Canada. There would be a price spike until US production ramps up again. Most of our maple syrup is produced domestically, not to mention most retards just use the fake shit anyway.

Australia have a big desert in the middle Australia so maybe they can start the fertilisation and agroforestry farms.

House construction is already insanely overpriced, so it wouldn't have much impact on the average person that can't afford a house anyway. Aside from a bump in lumber costs the worst thing that would happen from a Canadian trade war is fans of Molson and Labatt won't get their shitty beer.

USA can export the woods to the world to reap the profits. The house economy will crash soon.

Delete this

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Did Cuckdeau actually say this?

You must be a euro larping as an american to make them look stupid.


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Use the fertilisers to enrich the soils.

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Good, time for this madness to end. No way they can win.

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I guess you don't know a thing about the massive aquifer across the red land. Just frickin* shut up and do not act like you know about the tiniest thing about the strayan ants.

Your price for maple syrup and hockey sticks could go up 5% goyim.

Jesus christ you fucking retard, shut the hell up. You have no idea what you are babbling about and just keep spouting idiocy. First you pretend that fertilizing a desert will make it fertile, then you pretend there's enough water under the desert to do it, as if fertilizer would be in any way involved then. Protip: it doesn't and there isn't.

Forest bring the rains to them. I guess you never heard of the rainforest. Tree lose the water and the water get evaporated into atmosphere to create the cloud or whatever.

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No, forests do not bring rain to them. And there is no forest, because there is no water. You can't put fertilizer on a desert and have a forest magically appear and then have the forest magically make it rain you fucking brain damaged subhuman.

This is a truly riveting and intellectual conversation.

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Overpriced maple syrup is more accurate.

Canadian syrup is watered down garbage you cock gobbling faggot.

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You’d think that ecological succession would go straight from desert to forest.

No, the soil needs to be in a good condition first. Trees that already exist help keep it that way (branches provide shade to keep the soil from drying out, their roots hold the soil in place which prevents it from shifting about), but otherwise you need basic weeds to set the groundwork.

this is the funniest post ive read today

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Why don't you come down and make me

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That's the opposite of reality you knob. In Canada, syrups must be made exclusively from maple sap to qualify as maple syrup and must also be at least 66 percent sugar. In the US a combination of maple syrup, high fructose corn syrup and water can be sold as maple syrup. What you are really saying is you prefer the taste of corn syrup.

Oh jeez how will we ever pay for our maple syrup and 2×4s? Lol.

Put the homosexual textbook away you spoonfed moron.
If it was that economically viable and simple it would be done already.

I make pure maple syrup in Iowa. Of course the fake shit isnt good, but its not like Canadians have a patent on the real stufd

the US also makes better wine than France

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There isnt a product in the world that we cant produce right here. Bring on the trade war. Im sick of buying imported garbage. I do my best to buy American or European. Europe is the only place we should be trading with anyways. Cuz i aint giving up my Mercedes Benz. Front wheel drive is shit.

Nobody suggested that. Pay attention you halfwit.

Sorry i overlooked the post you were replying to. I thought u were insinuating Americans cant or dont make any reall stuff. You just mean Canadians ONLY make the real stuff right? If its fake its labeled "pancake syrup" or something i suppose?

I buy local. Plenty of things are "required" to be pure, but are in fact about as pure as a 50 year old kike

We even grow our own tea

Look at that little faggot. What weight class is he, fairy?

Yeah, "table syrup" or just "syrup" or something like that. They can't use the word maple or use a maple leaf or anything like that on the packaging.

What does that have to do with anything you autist?



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So the plan is to do nothing? To make the 300% tariffs they already had "official"? LMAO what a joke, can't wait for canacucks to go broke over this.

Subjectively true, but the US objectively makes some of the best wine in the world.

you can turn a desert into a forest through weeds? you serious m8?

I see all the homo pigs are out running their mouths again.

Also no.
0 for 3.

I’m not saying it’ll magically happen, but deserts CAN and DO progress into forests (albeit over the course of decades), and weedy plants that process loose sediment into something that can be called topsoil are key to the process.

Otherwise, you’d never see islands with trees, just gravel-laden hunks of rock.

Those islands get rain you retard. Deserts do not.


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I guessed right that you’re autistic, then?

Did I say deserts get rain?

Heck, I brought up ecological succession in the first place because over-simplified how it happens.

If the base conditions don’t form on their own, then it becomes a waiting game.

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Hi Grandpa.

You said deserts turn into forests because of weeds, and that islands are proof of this. The fact that deserts do not get rain is a statement that disproves your idiocy. But hey, being able to count to 3 is autism and posting hideous chink cartoons totally isn't.

Do you honestly expect me to read, better yet take you seriously?


What's that Canada? You want more cultural enrichment? Sounds like they want more refugees over there.

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We should deport the spics to Canada. That way they won't try and come back here.

tree jizz is pollen
maple syrup is tree sap that's been boiled to reduce water content

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Major Canadian exports are lumber, fresh water, coal and oil. Basically any natural resource you can name is WAY more abundant up there than the USA. Thanks to the trades of those things, USA actually has a noticeable debt to them.

If the tariffs of both sides stick, Canada will only become stronger as they finally build their own industry. The US meanwhile, supporting ten times the population on a smaller landmass, will become the new Mexico.

You can't build a house out of abbos user.