Do (((they))) want to con Zig Forumsacks into low paying, low power, low mobility trade jobs?

Do (((they))) want to con Zig Forumsacks into low paying, low power, low mobility trade jobs?

Trades don't pay shit in Germany. Welders make 30k EUR / 35k USD on average. Also 4 year apprenticeships are mostly required to get a job that pay peanuts (less than 1k a month). Might as well do a 4 year college degree in something STEM related instead.

Trades are the catching basin for low IQ plebs and chances are you'll work together with turkroaches and rapefugees as well.

I'm fairly comfortable working in IT sales. There is some pressure in the job but with some bullshit MBA you can realistically get into management as well after you have put your time in. I mostly work with guys and everybody is pretty focused on generating revenue for their targets so there is no time for SJW bullshit.

Recruitment and sales are low entry barrier jobs that you can get into without a degree and they'll always be needed, so even if you don't have the motivation to study STEM this is something you can do without a degree and with a good work ethic and realistically progress into management.

People that can generate revenue are always needed.

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That's not too bad, is it?

It's different in different countries, dipshit. You need to do what is best for the situation you are in. In the US, trade jobs are in high demand currently and provide a great path to self-sufficiency if you play your cards right. So is this just another shit tier Jackson Pollack D&C attempt where you just shoot diarrhea on the canvas in hopes it gets a good reaction or are you just that stupid to not understand that different countries have different economic opportunities?

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what? welders can make almost a million a year if they own their own business and contract with oil companies nigger.

Welfare is a free apartment + 400 bucks a month which totals to about 800 bucks.

30k for actual work 8h a day is about 1600 bucks a month net. If you're working you don't qualify for cheap welfare apartments so chances are you pay at least 600 bucks a month and you'll need a car cause you aren't chilling at home all day which adds about 300 bucks a month or even more. (gas, car payments and insurance)

This means you technically earn very little above welfare. Maybe 300 bucks at most.

In Germany the number of trades business way outstrip the demand.

I know because I worked in sales for a website focused on trades and a lot of people seemed desperate for work.

Trade skills are a good place for those that have been disenfranchised by the pozed up college degrees with affirmative action bs.Not only do they learn how to actually do shit that matter irl if their smart they can start their own businesses then with good income invest in things that have a return,

Also what will be the worth of some pussy ass office job faggot when shtf? absolutely nothing.


Welfare underminds min/lower paid jobs. Nothing like working 40+ hours week knowing some flithy nigger is earning more than you but doing nothing for it. Example;

Soul destorying shit

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x 12 = 3600 x say 2 years =7200

you could open a decent trade account with that and if you learn what your doing like any other trade do some damage.

You can forget about having any fun for a while yet you have chance to cut a rug.

Oh, wow, that actually sucks.
So, basically, you're working to pay the taxes to support another Merke's shitskin?

yeah goys, learn to invest pennies and it's all gonan be fine goys

those days are long over, studio apartments cost up to 500k these days ffs

no saving in the world is going to amount to anything meaningful of a large percentage of us

that's pretty much how things go these days

I think you mean some sort of specialised welder.
Basic salary for radiologists is 98k eur in Denmark and Sweden. Many leave my Eastern Euro shithole to work as nurses or IT nerds in that region.

if you want to continue being blackpilled as fuck go right ahead and it will reflect in your quality of life or you can man up quit bitching and do what you have to and remember your ancestors had it a hell of a lot harder at times and the ones with resolve and testicular fortitude made it work out for themselves.

the maximum is 36k in Germany for this as per:

unsurprisingly there is a turkroach in the picture

I love how people are surprised by the idea that high taxes are used to facilitate immigrants and screw the native working population. Mutti Merkel hates her people.

No sweetie, your job is worthless and I can't wait to automate it.

welders is the US make 60k+ and more if they work in a shipyard or on airfield, or like said (tho 1mil is probably too high of an estimate). idk what is on about, and you retards need to stop venerating so-called "STEM" like its some career panacea bc it most definitely is not.

Its ok OP, you can mention THE JEWS here.

Yeah, go ahead and rush to get into a field that consists of shitty contract work and pay that is eroded by the import of streetshitters on worker visas.

you seem to have a strange idea about what people in sales and recruitment do

the work requires a large level of human interaction and therefore can't be automated

some recruitment for english language markets is outsourced but nobody serious wants to deal with scummy pajeets anyway so this is not a major threat

Judging by your inability to use a shift key I wouldn't be surprised if you're one of those scummy pajeets.

700k after taxes owning own biz fracking/oil industry,In decent times even roustabouts are making more than op is talking about and the OT.

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700k for what type of work exactly?

welding fracking pipes, new drilling rigs,rig maintenance.If you are the contractor if you work for someone else then you will still get paid well but working for yourself is better which means knowing what your doing and having all the equipment,Their are guys that just exray welds and make as much as asshat op lol

The days of sandnigger bazaar huckstering are basically over, now if we want to buy stuff we go on amazon and order it and don't bother dealing with kikes like you.

Only boomers want to see someone sell them something. Everyone younger retard just orders shit off Amazon that they see celebs toting on Netflix or social media.

The women all wear the same yoga pants and tank tops and iPhones, the men all have dumb tattoos and listen to nigger music, and they both just want to get drunk, do drugs, fuck fuck fuck, then shit talk each other on social media when they've stopped fucking.

Get into health services marketing for gonorrhea medication.

Its more to do with wanting to do a job that makes you a man, (because your daddy didn't get it right) and most office work doesn't help.
You're right, but whatever sector you work in is open to SJW capture, once HR brings in a pajeet or achmed who has a list of cousins he's promised favors to.
Also: I bet you're not openly NatSoc or your mgmt would get rid for reputation reasons.

Sales != shop assistant

Huge Jewish Lobby ADL is going after hate in Video games. They want to ruin all the fun and make us slaves to the system.

What are you, a kike? Who the fuck wants to live in one of those dumps? Give me a nice semi-secluded house in rural America, nice, big open plot of land surrounded by evergreens on the edge of the grassy acre, and a nice big garden right in the center with full sun all day. That can be had and completely owned for $200,000 or less. Good people, easy access to hunting, no niggers or beaners etc. You're just urban trash. You're no different from a nigger.

tldr move to America before the walls go up.

We can escape them. Tor, Bitcoin, and sideloading 8^)

What a fucking retard. He works in sales and thinks the amount of unqualified turkish welders plaguing his country actually represent most welders working qualified positions making twice that value, from France to Norway, around 60k€ a year minimum.

The amount of money you mention is how much welders make in my destitute shithole, were tradesmen leave to make 4k€ a month in Germany, because your workers (unqualified turks and service-job germans) can't handle actual production work.

A lot of people here fundamentally misunderstand the situation for germans. They have trades taught in high school for almost everyone so of course the jobs pay less. The US is different because trade jobs have become very hard to find employees for so they are in demand. One thing to consider though is yes you can earn a lot if you earn your business but considering the average pay (which for most trades is 40k-80k) is important because there is no guarantee youll end up in those high tier positions especially as trade jobs become more and more memed.

except that they don't actually give you enough on top of all the free stuff to buy food, clothes, and pay for electric, gas, water, sewerage, public transport. So most dole/welfare recipients also work for cash in hand, or do crime such as dealing, prostitution, fraud, burglary, muggings, and aggravated vehicle theft.

If you're a real German, and not a LARPing nigger, then move to America and make some money. We don't mind European immigrants at all.
Hell, where I live I'm surrounded by Swedish and German farmers.

The other option is to put infrastructure and the fundamentals into the hands of subhumans.


It's definitely annoying to see Zig Forums shit on anons who want to join the military or some other field that's heavily ZOG. If you're the type of person who hides their powerlevel then you should really consider putting your 'imperfections' to use by infiltrating key positions. Goldman-Sachs might be jewish as fuck, and you might be a bit of a kike if you're super into finance; but there isn't a proper "movement" as of yet, there is no one who can meaningfully judge you. If you're good at outdoors stuff then start a farm and raise a healthy family. If you're a "manchild" and you want to make video games or animate cartoons then feel free to. If you want to be a diplomat or a general join the state department or the army. Unironically the best advice for Zig Forums, career wise, is 2 just b urself. Put your talents to use. Lets start doing institutional warfare, just like the leftists did.

Trades are great for the guys who can't into academics or other high skill professions. We need welders and plumbers and garbage collectors, but, yes, there is a push to get white men who are capable of leading these institutions to self-select out of academia and other powerful positions that are involved in shaping society.
Not when every white guy is competing with each other trying to work for the system that hates us until it finds a replacement that will work for cheaper. Remember: The current system doesn't care about quality. White standards mean shit to it. That's why stuff like this is allowed to happen.

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All they want is for you to be dumb and irrelevant, which you are and always will be.

Trades are great for low-average IQ fags that just wants to raise a family.

But I think every smart Zig Forumsack needs to take up humanities, STEM, banking and government jobs of authority. Boomers are dropping like flies, we can't just let pinko jews have them and we should all plan on running for public office even for the most minor positions.
There's a few future governors posting on Zig Forums, maybe even a POTUS.

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Fake. Germans are ded.

Try comparing apples to apples. Welders working for the company with the contract make considerably less. While you can make a bag of loot, it is not all that much until you get into exotic materials and locations. Even a saturation job doing 30 days will only make you about 100k.
t. underwater welder

If you're doing nondestructive testing, mag-particle or ultrasonic, you're making as much if not a bit more than the welder whose job you're inspecting.

STEM is for fags too. Go into law, finance, politics, etc.

>Do (((they))) want to con Zig Forumsacks
No. It's just people trying to convince themselves they made the right move not getting a degree apped up threw a echo chamber.

Would simply make something usefull out of it.

How does one go about getting into that particular job?

It's funny when someone who has no idea about jobs which don't require a degree, labels them all "trades" and assumes that joinery and plumbing is their sum total.
You're quoting figures for people who don't advance, who don't take lucrative contracts (which are open to them due to specialist training/knowledge/skills), who don't have special certification/coding for aviation, oil and gas, offshore etc.
Basically you're fucking clueless.
I've explained this before but I'll do it once again.
If you have the intelligence to earn a non-shit-tier degree, then you also have the intelligence to rapidly advance in your "trade". You think multinationals just let talent go to waste? Yes, of course you do, because you're fucking clueless about blue collar work.
High intelligence/aptitude people who go into "trades" instead of university, have every chance to out-earn a university graduate for life. Not all degrees are equal, not all graduates are equal, not all "trades" are equal, not all "tradesmen" are equal.
While the college boy is memorizing facts that he might not even use in the job his degree allows him to apply for, the "tradesman" is learning actual work skills. When they both leave the starting gate (4 year degree/4 year apprenticeship) the "lowly tradesman" already has the upper hand.
Average earnings mean fuck all, because most people who go into hands-on work aren't of high intelligence/high caliber/science or engineering degree material, and most of the companies the "lowly tradesmen" work for aren't multinationals offering multiple career progression paths to bright candidates.
At that time the fucking company will pay for them to do a college degree, if they fancy it.
You clearly have no fucking idea what you're talking about and should never have made this thread.
Cream rises to the top wherever it is. Choose the right field, choose the right specialty, choose the right company and apply yourself, and 6 figure income is quite possible by 25, almost certain by 30.
Go to skool, get trained, then apply.

Oh and one other thing.
via the Open University in the UK

Get your certs, get some xp, get yourself on the chopper and offshore, kerching.

the more money you earn, the more taxes you pay to ZOG
Stop being a pathetic little faggot and learn a physical job that will keep you healthy instead of flabby and useless with severely crippled joints from sitting in office chairs all day.

This was something that was recommended to me by a friend when I lived in Jacksonville.
Said I was a good candidate for BAE Systems, and welding — especially underwater — was a good lead-in to the company for someone like myself who was looking to pick up a trade or two on-the-job while also advancing in the company.
Didn't get a chance to follow up on it, as a family emergency had me moving out of state shortly after, however, now that that's all over, I've been considering it again.

We see through your bullshit. Trades can make a lot of money and if you can rub two braincells together you will be able to run a crew and never be out of work.
You are so fucking transparent.
You'll get the legally mandated rope after a swift and just trial.

I'd rather stay at the railway, I make more money here and can actually be proud of my work, which most of the jobs you're advocating can't really say.

When shit really gets going, kikes would rather face an army of pissed off IT salesmen than welders. Take your class-based D&C and fuck off.

as mentioned before the exact details depend on your precise location
but in regards to the trades in you are looking at average salaries you are looking in the wrong place, if you are capable you go into specialized fields as contract work and you don't earn a salary but are self employed and don't show up in the statistics
from my personal experience i can tell you that welders that service chemplants make more bank than the managers that contract them, this is possible because almost every salaried position pays shit and specialized welding isn't needed enough per plant to allow for a full time position, second advantage trades have the the rather assine accounting difference between payroll and contracts
in short payroll is bad and should be as low as possible while forking out twice as much to a contractor is recommanded, it is all about which accounting collumn is shown to investors and they hate employees

this is the lie they use to extract labor from you: put in your time
it is a trend blown in from the jewnited states, work your people like dogs at low pay, promising advancement in the undisclosed future untill the crash and burn and then hire a new batch of idiots who will do the same
in the end HR will hire the strong independent woman or the young nephew of one of the big bosses as managment
you think i am joking about this but look around at people from our generation internal advancement: lets say from the bullpen to management doens't happen, they will almost always pick outside people

Don't fucking do it, unless you can run your own business, working for someone else pays shit for tough work.

This is a good post.
I'd be far more pleased to know that just 10 White nationalists occupied critical jobs within the power structure than 1000 White nationalist plumbers and carpenters.
Carpentry is an honourable trade. But we don't need more carpenters. We need more honourable men who are ready and capable of hindering White Genocide.

Politics how? Some liberal arts degree? Law is almost as bad, both heavily rely upon swaying hearts and minds and feels, I cannot dissect that. Finance just seems like gambling and about chad-like golfing and fucking secretaries.

I hate when people talk like this.

Datamine thread. Disregard.

Trades means long hours and always away from the family. Why else would they be worth doing? Think about what you’re saying.

The only decent paying jobs are those that keep the nuclear family unit broken apart so the wife is vulnerable, and the kids are deprived of their father figure.

This is Communist social engineering 101 here. Plain as day what they are doing.

It has always been 3 or 3.5 years for trade school/apprenticeships, don't you read your fact sheet before you rattle off your nonsense?

Not really, unless you live in an East German shithole even warehouse work or unlearned factory labor starts around 11 to 12€/hr.

And now I know you're completly full of shit.
If you actually had a fucking clue about the trades you'd bitch about a bunch of other ethnicites before "turks and rapefugees".

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Do you have any fucking idea how much a skilled electrician actually makes?

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Do jobs that are needed. They are needed because no one wants to do them. No one wants to do them because they are difficult. This makes them pay more.

Who the fuck wouldn't want to be a teacher in an air-condition class reading out of a government assigned gibberish bullshit? Hence, why its hard to become a teacher in the US and pay is shit.

Who wants to dig shit out of someones toilet? No one? Here is 60k USD starting pay.

Jesus was a carpenter, not a merchant flipping bitcoin.

neither of them are wearing safety glasses

Got into a carpenter apprenticeship almost 4 years ago. Not even a journeyman yet, and I'm making $41/hr.
And carpentry isn't even that great of a trade to get into.
Don't let op shy you away from skilled labor.
Some of us are cut out for it, and it's a good living.

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Join the Air National guard for IT role such as computer network technician. Get fit while you serve within your borders, and leave with something nice to pad your work history with.

Get certified for computer repair, do that work while you're in HS and get your CCNA or juniper equivalent. while you work that HS Job.

Once you graduate HS join the Air National Guard as a Network Tech. Work for a few years in the military, then get out to get a good paying job while you're peers rack up the debt and become a lowly intern slave.

That was a wtf but then you went full retard with;

I think you're talking out your pozzed arse Fritz. I know roofers, electricians, plumbers all sorts of 'trades' that make closer to 200k then 100 and they like what they do. Not stupid people. These are White men.

Fuck are you stupid. The position doesn't exist if it doesn't generate PROFITS.

People that can make a business more efficient are what's always in demand. That means a White man who can think. Which you, clearly aren't.

So, basically, you're working to pay the taxes to support another Merke's shitskin?
If you extrapolate it, in your lifetime they move tens of thousands of shekels from you to invaders, not counting child support and such.

In Germany, atm construction jobs are the best way for neets to make quick money plus collecting welfare. If you have some construction skills and work hard, and get to know some people, it should be no problem to make 3000 or more net per month after a while. You dont do it forever obviously, because you need degrees here that take years for anything except IT maybe to make actual money.

trade jobs offer the greatest chance at mobility which is owning your own business and being your own boss. get the fuck out of here

dammit user

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Nice spacing dipshit. Could you be any more obvious?

That woludn't have happened if Germany didn't buy all the industry from the rest of Europe, you cooked that piece of shit, now eat it.

Shlomo detected.


You still don't get it do you… Europeans aren't allowed in since the 60s. Getting US workvisa is near impossible, let alone residency itself as a white man. It's all niggers and subhumans that are mass imported into the US. Impartially because these socialst shitholes are educating the people and fleeing at mass to the US. Still the US is braindraining Europe by taking the very best for things like sillicon valley and so forth, even on that issue the EU countries are bitching and moaning that the US needs to stop stealing their sheep they can parasite off.

this happens when you let a (((cunt))) run your country

you make more than double that I make in my office job

TFW europoor forever…

Trades are a meme. Yes, there are advantages - like after 10-15 years being competent and stocked up enough to become a sub-contractor and thus having no boss.

I went into carpentry - but the pay was garbage, the time and conditions were shit. I was earning as much as I would have been managing a supermarket department. There is also NO power in those positions. The unions are corrupt, and ultra leftist. It's shit (unless you're dumb).

I'm going back to Uni now to get a degree in business.

Consider the political climate.. Yes, this user right here.
Why do you think Zig Forums had declined so much? All the intellectuals left, they went places, did either or what we're talking about here. Police, military, education, federal government.

Yes, the trade meme is fucking retarded, they make shit for money. Maybe 60k at the best, that's not enough to support a family unless the wife works too.

fuck off

if anything, Americans should be moving to Europe to make a last stand there

Come back when you change your gun laws, the sheer amount of guns Sandniggers have secretly stockpiled is ridiculous.

>Do (((they))) want to con Zig Forumsacks into low paying, low power, low mobility trade jobs?

It's a definite campaign. Working in the trades you're going to be a fucking 14hr a day slave and make a decent living… after like 10yrs of doing it. But the posts are INSANE. They posts tell you that Plumbers make 100hr sometimes.

They fight with you at a level of scripted intensity that you only see with groups like the alt-right, "Jews don't want us in the trades because it's dangerous to them!".

If people came on and said, "I like this job. I make good money. It took me a long time to make this money and I had very little social time. I'm posting at 10AM on a tuesday because I was fired". Then it might make some sense. But there is an intensity to this. It's shilled on FOX news. It's geared toward white males like MGTOW was. It's obvious and people need to start recognizing the way shills talk even when they're agreeing with your points of view.

If you're 21 years old and bad at math and hate being social then get into the trades and work with mexicans and dumb ass white people the rest of your life. Make smart moves, buy what produces a return (not a new car or house) and retire at 45.

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They can only push so far before we kill them all. Do you really want to lean in against kids who spent their whole childhoods studying weapon targeting, hand-eye coordination, and hive swarm tactics from an electronic trainer? REALLY?

Most people play video games that are over 5 years old. (((They))) could ban whatever the fuck they wanted and we'd still be gaming.

Plus anyone can create quality games now. The heavier budgets are just money laundering like expensive art. The big (((studios))) spend like Democrats and have about as much to show for it lately.

Lying again.

Trade jobs are in demand for certain trades. Electricians for example are not. This means your pay fluctuates. If you're in the union, then you're set up well. But the unions will pay you less the minimum (after union dues) until you've worked for a few years (5yrs) and gone to their schooling part time after work (exhausting).
There is no self-sufficiency unless you have worked for 10yrs and now own your own local business (hustle all day, all week, 50hrs). All other jobs you are AN EMPLOYEE, highly regulated, and your resume is dependent on your employers good words. You get fucked by the job you worked at for 5yrs as an apprentice, they say you're dangerous, lazy, bad attitude, say hello to starting from scratch and working as a journeyman electrician for 14hr.

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Shit will never hit the fan. It's a slow burn, Alex Jones. Keep waiting.

And people who have more energy and time after work can go study shooting, martial arts, or learn. Working in the trades you might be good at terrorist shit if the military became 100% foriegn legion but it's not worth shit in the big picture. Make money, get fit, breed, own a mobile home and property to bug out with.

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What kind of jobs do you recommend then, user?


They make $12hr and do 20hrs of over time. Experienced long term welders make 60K+ and do 20hrs of over time because they're being paid $20hr.
= no life outside of work = paralized for Jew credit bucks.

Ive known young welders who made good money. They partied like degenerates on the few days they had off then went back to work. They would have to move from their home towns so all that was left is drinking yourself to death in some loser industrial town you're not apart of. That's the average results of being a welder.
Union welders have it better but you also can lose your job easier and have to support Communism, plus work for years just to get to that point. They take $1 for every $10 you make.

Dude, if I knew I would be really agressivly posting them on Zig Forumss to counter this shit. It depends on who you are your especially on your age.

People who are good at math and spend their lives doing loser shit like "making good money" are a waist of human being. You should be in STEM building nano-tech on the side to save us from the Rothschild bio-army apocalypse. If you're only so good at math you should be making money and buying into EARLY retirement. Then using that retirement time to help others as you build a union of people around you that will support your family name in one area. Your kids will marry rich and breed a lot if you keep them from Leftist step-mother families.

If you're bad at math and young the military right now is a good option for the first time since the mid-1990s and pre-2001. It's minimum wage but it builds you real world credentials. You take that after 4yrs (always do the minimum) and use it to build a future of personal investment (property, used cars, forever in demand job skills that rich people use no matter the economy).

If you're bad at math, young, and fear ZOG then you're going to have to look into trades. This is the lowest-tier lifestyle because you're a labor slave. You have NO TIME but to work. This includes truck driving (some people say it's a great job with lots of free time. It's not).

If you're young and good at something else that pays will then invest in that and ONE other skill to support that.

I'm personally looking into culinary. You want to be around a dating pool of women if you're going to work a lot and have no life (unless you have a good social structure in your personal life like a Mexican always does). You want that job to be the kind you can get fired from and say "fuck off nigger" to your boss and still not have to start over or be regulated by some fucking union that can black list you. FREEDOM = POWER. You want it to be valued by the rich. You want it to be the kind of job that even if there is NO market for higher pay at that time you can still move to a lot of places and find higher pay, or work locally and pay your rent (cooks make minimum wage but you will always work). You want it to be corporate and independent (fast food managers make $50K a year sitting on their asses).

I don't know the answer. But Zig Forums needs to stop letting campaign influence conversations and stop getting excited when Imkikey or others posts weeb porn screaming "sage report filter!" so we can hear other opinions.

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See this guy. He's a liar and a shill and he does it full time. It's Friday and he's at home or in the (((office of online affairs))) shitposting. There is ZERO apprenticiships that pay $41hr, and ZERO carpentry jobs at master level that pay that much working for someone else. If you're in the union they take "few years ago" wages and cut them way the fuck down for union fees and benifits.

Total fucking shill. Use your brains. This is a campaign to demoralize you. Work 60hrs a week go full MGTOW and vote (((Republican))). That's your future.
Meanwhile Leftists are dominating every important field of social control.

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What a cancerous thread. All of you sound like jews.

Just suck start a shotgun already, no one cares.

I know guys who make $30/hour and all they're qualified to do is use a shovel (not even apprentices), it really depends what sector you're in.

dude check the other thread … germany is dead.

What the fuck did you guys do to make your women hate you so much?

Pol is filtered. As in the valid posting is mostly muted and filtered so the general plebes can’t see it.