Is gender and sexual orientation a choice?

A truly open ended question.

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There are only two genders and they are static.
In thought, perhaps not, but in action, most assuredly a choice.

This thread is a fucking shitpost though.

There’s no such thing as gender, only biological Sex. Gender is described as a social construct. As if Sex doesn’t determine social behaviors, but is rather entirely artificial.

The pedophile who popularized the term:

Sexual Orientation is also biological. Men can be either homosexual or heterosexual, but there is no such thing as a bisexual male. Anyone claiming such is simply a crazed degenerate who drank the sexual revolution KOOLAID and/or a victim of revelry. Women are omnisexual, and will engage in sexual activity that benefits their survival (or immediate pleasure, if in prosperous conditions).

Also, shit (and probably slide) thread.


10/10 post. Upvoted!



Pelvic Bone, Discussion over.
Now affectation is a different topic.
n. A show, pretense, or display.
n. Behavior that is assumed rather than natural; artificiality.
n. A particular habit, as of speech or dress, adopted to give a false impression.

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I'm with her.

Stop falling for the gender meme. Its fucking retarded.

Yes they are.
NO, it's not a choice everyone's to make and to live peacefully with its results.

Sexual Orientation might not be a choice, but it is created mostly environmental. Albeit there probably are genetical predispositions. If it was purely genetic, gays would have simply died out.

Yes. A person's spirit chooses the challenges of the coming lifetime very deliberately. There are lessons to be learned, cognitions to gain. The spirit cares not a whit for 'fairness' or 'pain', only for what the soul can learn and how it can grow.

From lifetime to lifetime, we traverse boundaries, sexual, racial, cultural, class, with the spirit's only concern being "What have I learned from this?" Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Zig Forums.

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Everything is a choices. I choose to hate fags.

And you think 'you' exists for just this one lifetime?
You would be right about that… but the spirit, the animating force of the self, persists.

And the uniqueness of the individual is due to the uniqueness of the spirit.

Believe whatever you want, grasshopper. It's no skin off my nose how long you flounder as an upstart. The only notable impact is that Earth is transitioning from a time when less advanced souls ruled the day to a time when less advanced souls can no longer rule the day. The tools at our disposal are too impactful to allow adamant self-delusionists to take part in the incarnation process. In other words, if Earth survives the next millennium, only more advanced souls will take part in the game we call life. If you don't improve, souls such as your own will transition to incarnations on other planets, at other times far removed from this one.

"Oh yea, right, sure…"

why are tor boomers all drug addicts?

Drugs, including mary jane, cause a long-term form of subtle dain bramage. If that were well known and understood, their legal status would be moot - no one would bother with them.

no, Shlomo it's just a degenerate fetish


I use Tor because the Lefties are coming, the Lefties are coming,
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I use Tor because the DOTR is now directly ahead.

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Not a thread/10

Can confirm, board is dead.

Unironically believing the real Zig Forumsacks are still on this board.
I only visit occasionally as a reminder why I no longer spend so much time here. t. oldfag
Enjoy interacting with the cuckchan retards that don't know any better.

Your 'you' does exist for just lifetime. Afterwards, the self ceases and is processed back to the level of the individual spirit.
The individual spirit carries with it no personality characteristics. It's uniqueness is marked only by the flavor and depth of its understanding of the way the universe works. The spirit holds neither bias nor animus, only a desire to understand that ever-loving little bit more.
And for as long as the individual spirit persists, it finds a way and a place to insert itself into incarnations, somewhere, somehow, making itself relevant, and learning thereby.

The storyline of Earth and its plight is up to the incarnate. Earth is a playground of spirits which learn - regardless of whether this planet is a Heaven or a Hell.

too late for that, I'm too olde

And while I'm at it. No newfag, gender is not a social construct.
The word "gender" was in use and meant "born male or female" for centuries before kikes subverted the word.

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For the incarnate, Universal Natural Laws dictate that one's (singular) gender is determined by the spirit in the womb. We adopt the attitude of one sex or the other for a lifetime. If, while incarnate, we chafe against our circumstance, that's our own choice.

The Universal Natural Law does dictate that what gender we choose at our life's beginning is the gender we choose for our entire lifetime. While the Universal Natural Law gives the individual space to not closely adhere to it, we are happiest, and we learn the most, when we do follow it lockstep. Thus, altering one's gender during the course of one's life is only a prescription for pain, remorse, regret.

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"And I know it, because I read plenty of stuff online and choose to believe it, even when I have no hard fact backing up this belief".


and no
yes, you can chose to be degenerate or not

Being a faggot is literally a choice, what are you, a fucking Marxist retard? Sage for 4chan tier sliding

Can I hug you?

While you are very pretty and definitely reproducible, you are also younger than my daughter.

I've had a variety of experiences which extend consciousness beyond the norm, including 2 NDE's, much thanatopsis, meetings with saints and miracleworkers, and real interactions with circumstances that aren't supposed to exist, that go beyond even anonymous conversation. However… you are right. What I've blathered on about is only anybody's best guess. Still, it is a well-educated guess.

We are not all the same, but we all deserve the same respect that we give out.

Zig Forums isn't a hugbox. It's a boxing ring. And if you carry on like this, you're gonna get hit pretty damn hard. There's a time and a place for everything. For your own good, stop it now. This is your only warning. ; )

Translation: a few times I was so stoned I couldn't tell my head from my arse, and since I'm not especially rational man in the first place, I decided to take it for MAGICK! (tm), rather than call it for what it was: a momentary mental instability.




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Easiest way to spot a brainlet: "but x is a social construct". It is possibly one of the easiest to refute academic buzzwords of the last 50 years.

Grow up, Carlos.