Jews fear Grandma Torah

Grandma Torah drops redpills on the Talmud Jewish history and babylonian black magic. Jews control Zig Forums and delete her threads because there is a history they don't want you to know and a weapon you can use against (((them))). She warns that Israel is on an earthquake falt..

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Allergic rash on her lips to the haloperidol she's taking.
10/10 source.

At least she is taking something for her psychosis, unlike other jews whose lunatic and psychotic behavior is unfettered. Maybe the haloperidol is the only thing that makes her 'sane' enough to attack other jews for their disgusting behavior and murderous beliefs. What would happen if we forced the entire nation to take haloperidol…they might even mass suicide out when they recognize their own psychosis.

You would sterilize them lol. It raises prolactin so high that besides the obesity you are getting infertility too.

Wow, this got slid hard. Bump.

Very good find, OP. Have a kike-free bump.

Whoa. Did you just come up with the minimum force iteration of the final solution?


Fuck all these eastern hemisphere trash. If you aren't American, then you get the oven too.

She's still no Brother Nathaniel.

You’re talking about a people that fear their own women.

wtf did i just watch

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more info on those 3 jew guys she mentioned?

I thought the same fucking thing.

Oh joy

spoken like a true crazy person with nothing to live for. Theres nothing good about you.

You want death, you have nothing to offer but failure

She is nuts, but this babilonian thing makes sense.

Is she actually secretly hinting at flat earth? It really seems like it with the talk about the planets

Black magic is brainwashing fear magic

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She knows what she's talking about. The talmud is babylonion mysticism and the ashkenazi aren't jews.

Have a bump for interest on the people she speaks about.

First time I have heard a Jew mention the (((Sassoon))) family and the opium trade.

A cross-dressing kike.

There is an interesting connection between Enrico Sassoon and the Italian Five Stars party. That Sassoon is among the founders with the now deceased Gianroberto Casaleggio.

Bumping for useful information and salty shills

Is the video worth the watching? Idk, maybe I should. It looks like a tranny, but kike women look like dudes.

>First time I have heard a Jew mention the (((Sassoon))) family and the opium trade.

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I'm ambivalent on Grandma Torah. On the one hand, she does provide good info on the history of the Jews and the displacement of judaism by talmudism. On the other hand, she's very anti-Christian, which means she's opposed to her own Messiah. In one video, she tries to shame Christians for the idea that anyone that doesn't accept Jesus goes to hell. She believes that's a very mean and hurtful thing to do.

The thing is, if you don't accept Jesus then you are judged by the laws that were written down by Jews. If there is any sort of judgment after life, and people were judged by obeying the laws of the Torah, everyone would go to hell. Everyone would be judged guilty. Christianity didn't come up with all those laws, the jews did. All Christians do is tell people openly what the Jews hide from them. Sorry lady, you're going to hell. At least she can take comfort in knowing she'll be judged by the laws her people wrote.

You morons are so dumb. First post on a thread damaging to Jews that highlights Jews' hatred of this woman is a post calling her psychotic
She's a crazy kike and so the "sane" kikes will defame her.

Judged by whatever you believe in is just hippy talk.

There is no such thing as a "sane" kike.

How could you be ambivalent? She lies through the entire linked video. She claims that the 'babylonians' were the child sacrificers…not her own people (I mean this is CRYSTAL FUCKING CLEAR in Torah that they have engaged in child sacrifice since they were admitted, through the original sin, into our world from their dimension).

The only way that they can stay is by disguising themselves with the blood of the innocent, holy and pure (sp as to 'not be recognized for who/what they are). If you knew more about the Babylonian mythos you would know that she is LYING just like all jews lie and lie non-stop because she is a demon. Yes, there were two historic human sacrifices in the Babylonian histories.

One Annunaki priestess who fucked a 'man' (subhuman) so she and her sister priestesses were punished for race mixing by being burned alive. He was tortured to death and killed for defiling one of the Annunaki women (honestly he gave her an STD that killed the entire Annunaki city, since the drinking of menstrual blood was a sacred ritual to the Annunaki). Neither of them were 'children' both of them were at the age of majority…it was the jews own Torah that specified the murder of the 'firstlings of the flock' a euphemism (and a direct reference to child sacrifice from their African 'black nobility' roots where infanticide was perfected and widely practiced) for the killing of your own children.

This is good stuff my dudes.

Yes. Many of her other videos are worth watching too. She's speaking in English about things you'd usually need to be able to read kike runes to hear about.

And you can tell by how slippery this thread is that there's something important about that. Know your enemy.

She sounds like she's not part of the Synagogue of Satan, though. The Synagogue of Satan is quite specific: they refuse to acknowledge that Christians are loved by God.

In this post-modern world it's not exactly asking much - yet it is such a divine litmus test: use it on all the TV kikes 8^) They would refuse to say it, just try it out. The Fox ones. They wouldn't say it. They'd dodge, hem and haw.

You fucking know they would.

That's because they're in the Synagogue of Satan.

But if a kike says that Christians are loved by God, then they are not a part of the Synagogue of Satan.

Reason enough.

It's a kike, so…

I think I will pass

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- Zig Forums /pol 2018


Quit sliding.

All government, religion, history, finance, education and entertainment are all based in the same system of destroying PERSONAL beliefs and replacing them with systematized 'government sponsored' beliefs. You might think that you are seperate like this guy but you are all part of their ==system== of belief.

Sliding was a real thing when the global mod (((Imkikey))) didn't control Zig Forums. Zig Forums has had shit threads since he threw everyone away. Sliding doesn't exist now. He even deleted the ancient aryans thread

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Fuck off boomer, Imkikey was paid by (((Brad Parscale))) and (((Jared))).

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< vote for Hillary, goyim - vote for hillary, because (((we))) are pro-Trump, yes, yes, believe this ~rubbing hands~ yes, yes, goyim, yes.

you have zero clue what the fuck youre even talking about arent you? Babylonians didnt practice black magic you daft retard, they were Aryans closely related to the Indo-Aryans that invaded India many thousands of years ago. any retard that tells you Babylonians were le ebul devil worshipers is literally a kike; those are the only people who have ever hated the Babylonians. Romans and Greeks just didnt like them.

I strongly suspect "indo-aryan" is a myth, right along with the "indo-european" language "family". 8^)

Reading comprehension…where in the living fuck did I say that Babylonians practiced black magic? You are confusing me with the kike demon in the video.

Checked. Don't worry about it. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

>Fuck off boomer, Imkikey was paid by (((Brad Parscale))) and (((Jared))).



He bans you for critisizing Steve Bannon and allows Alt-Kike threads which is pure Communism. You're covering for them

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Bannon the Goldman Sachs EMPLOYEE? Like Weidel the head of the AfD in Germany? Also a Goldman Sachs EMPLOYEE? All of the 'Alt-Right' is led by jews and jew spawn…and I am not looking for a jew savior…the jews need to be slaughtered so that peace can come to the earth.

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The way this was written seems computer generated. Automated D&C/derailing.

"Indo-European" is the post WW2 PC term for "Aryan."


Does anyone have that video of the one Jew losing his fucking mind in front of a protest crowd? I need it to redpill people on these neurotic cultists.