German Teen Given Courage Award for Turning in Classmates Who Made Nazi Jokes

The 15-year-old girl tried to stop her classmates from making anti-Semitic jokes and displaying Nazi symbols. The Dresden student was awarded for her courage in reporting her classmates to the police.

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What's with the black fish eyes?

Our hero tours the Holocaust Memorial

Has she been doxxed yet?

She is just a child, and a woman at that. She'll learn better. The teachers are flamingo pussys who will get beaten by the children soon enough.

Nice. She's now going to be killed by a nigger to make it look like vindictive "nazis" couldn't stand a snitch.

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Reminder that being rewarded for snitching was one of the cornerstones of Stalin's communism.

Gommie LARPing online, probably she's a paranoid and weak, hence her reporting to authority like an absolute conformist nonce

*she's paranoid

Hope she gets raped and killed

For her to prove to be anti-racist she has to date Jamal and Tyrone.


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now now don't mistreat women, they have an identity just most are too low IQ to realize where it originates from. We must spend years educating women that being an intellectual is fine. More years yet until the genetic damage of the Kalergi plan is unraveled. CRISPR eugenics virus when?



The only women who have a personality are the ones that used to be men.

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The Stasi are getting medals again?

Sigh. Also isn't it by definition more 'courageous' to say things that will get you in trouble than to say things that will get you rewarded by the government? Words don't mean anything to these honorless kikes.

Speaking of jewish tricks, don't entertain the jewish trolls in this thread wishing ill upon a brainwashed little girl. Of course a young teenage girl is an emotionally driven conformist. It's our responsibility to be there to give her and all the children of Dresden something just and true to conform to in the future.

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Pick one. We do not cater to the mentally ill here.

Boys can be girls too.
Gender is a choice.

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I knew a jew that used to do such things at my old school, it was amusing light humour even for him.

Christ, is satire not even allowed now?
These people are worst than protestants in the '50s-'90s

I want to decapitate trannies.
And no they can't, gender is a bullshit false meme.

Sex is all that matters.
Male to tranny sex is just fucking sodomy.


Well, you see, when you set up the CIA to control all media in germany and fill all top positions with jews, for 50 years and brainwash school children taking them at a young age to holohoax museums to tell them about the evil germans, you end up with 2 generations of women who "abort my white baby because it might be the next hitler".

Is that warmfreshpaint?

She is going to be stunned. Bye bye! She's a traitor now.

No it's something that needs to be gassed.

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Got news for you, the news from then about protestants was likely fake news as well. You pretty much can't trust anything for the last few hundred years about the enemies of the jew and left. They are the ones writing and recording the history of their enemy.

Bullshit, given protestants committed atrocities to pagans in the past, I have no doubt, after the 2 great wars, that they were uptight as fuck.

Yes dear distinguished respectable sir.

looks like (((it))) steals children

Even the best of females should be killed.

Females do not "learn."

Trotsky and Lenin would be proud.

Remember that living in a vicinity of a enemy of socialism can make you a suspect, and even your immediate family might breaking article 58

But Germany already paid 60 billion dollars cash and a nuclear ransom to Israel so they became "first victims of nazism" and now are the watchdog looking for new perpetrators of holocauster?
Did schools in germany not get the memo?

fake news
german news for American minds

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Yeah? Eating feces is a choice too. Go, try some, don't let people convince you it's not for you and that you need to be as everyone else around you.

oy vey germany must pay forever!!
Remember what Schultz said, germany exists today only to prop up Israel.

let's hope this stupid little traitor cunt gets that ugly face burned off with acid by one of the sandnigger savages she loves so much


artificial wombs, sexbots, and robot maids NOW

I’m sure she’ll be remembered fondly for her (((heroic deed))) as mohammed and his 6 cousins are raping her and sharpening the machete for a good ol’ diversity enriching beheading while her family is forced to watch.

Where did you find that? It was at least a year ago.

send her a few refugees as a reward

Even if it looks like a jew, it is not a jew but someone larping as one. She is the German Rachel Dolezal. She made a career from being mistaken as a jew, btw. her name is fake.

After researching her DNA, for jewish ancestry, the doctor prescribes some corrective rape and 10 times impregnation with Aryan seed.

The doctor warns that if measures are not take immediately, her condition may deteriorate so bad, she may need to put out of her misery.

Speaking of which.


this "muh d&c" meme is fucking retarded and overused as hell

and you didn't even save so I'll sage for you

probably inhaled too many jews. i'm fucking dead those kids are going to be ultimate shitposters one day

So is homosexuality, drug use, and being a kike.

White women caused the destruction of whites

well the jews caused it but white women helped them and continue to do so

Sorry hitler, mentally ill fags chopping their cocks off doesnt change their chromosomes. Still a male, just mentally ill.

I am guilty of all of those and even more.

Of course you are, that's why he posted it. Don't be redundant, we can clearly see what you are by your previous posts.

Filthy slut-traitor, I'll bet she's a fucking Jew.

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I second

Daily reminder: traitors before enemies

Daily reminder" Dr. John Money, inventor of the concept of gender as separate from sex, was a pedophile who castrated children and forced them into incestuous relationships.

Daily Reminder: Stock up on rope

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This, without the chopping of heads

I always hate hearing/reading about John Money… Sickening fuckin kike he is.

Try not to think about how many potential fathers he warped into tranny abomination with his propaganda.

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No. You get the rope.

I mean they basically learn in the same way a dog learns a trick.
They have no grasp that it's the right thing to do, they just want the treat and will readily do the opposite if someone else offers them a treat for it.

If the two saddled beside her are family then she's a jewess.

Nah my due, that's cranking it up to cuhrazy DANTE MUST DIE difficulty. Why do you think so many an hero. They basically give up and throw their controller against the wall.


Lol, communism and multiculturalism is white genocide. Get out of here kike

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Imagine my shock.

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Oh, and Heil Hitler!

So you’re ban evading again, I see.

You don't belong here


She may be redeemable. A few carefully crafted red pills given gently while the prize for civic courage still hangs on her wall may yet save her from a life of misery.

This is actually really encouraging, that German schoolkids are anti-semitic as fuck, to the point that teachers can't control it anymore.

(((They))) can't control it lmao

niggers don't deserve to savor her flesh, but she should be beaten black and blue, then force-impregnated by an Aryan

I think this Israeli girl is very brave.
After all, Israel has been a multicultural society for centuries. To the extent that racial homogeneity has ever existed anywhere, it has certainly never characterized this heap of sand in the middle East that has been home to Africans, for example, far longer than it has been home to the jews. Continuing archaeological finds give evidence that black people lived in Ancient Israel before the Babylonians and Assyrians brought pillage and destruction in their wake. The dark hair and eyes that are still romanticised in Israel as jewish features more likely come from Ethiopia, Somalia and the Sudan . The thousands of African, Caribbean, and Asian people who inhabited Israel between the 5th century BC and the 4th century AD had disappeared by the Victorian era, their genes dispersed far and wide throughout the Middle Eastern gene pool, their physical and cultural presence no longer visible at all.

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The jewess needs enrichment.

Literally spitting on the ashes and melted flesh of German dead, good little indoctrinated golem.

REMINDER THIS IS THE (((Esoteric))) (((Druid/pol/))) mod (((Bob))) who posts the esoteric hitler and black sun Crowley shit.

And if you make a philosophy thread and its not anchored or deleted the mods will suggest you move it to his threads.

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1984. Literally got rewarded by Big Brother for turning in her peers. Would probably do the same to her parents.

Gender IS separate from sex. The sexual differentiation of your brain, which is what drives gendered behaviour and identity, happens independently from the development of your sex organs and doesn't necessarily match either those or your chromosomes. (USUALLY it does, it's just not a guarantee. The few accidents are gonna be trannies.)

Money didn't "invent" a goddamn thing. This is like liberals claiming race is "socially constructed" because some socially recognized ethnic categories turned out not to match up perfectly with DNA. Bullshit tabula rasa theories of gender identity from several decades ago isn't relevant to neuroimaging studies investigating gender identity now. Let it go, ffs.

She looks dead inside, probably from over indoctrination.

"gender" is newspaeak, it doesn't exist.
there is only sex.

I'm predicting this future generation will be a 1:9 hyper-left to moderate-right split tbh

There was clearly an unfinished job here.

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I can not but notice how many 'anonymous guys" smear all sort of dirt on a girl for giving a bunch of fascists to the cops, this girl has more balls then most of the "anonymous" guys talking crap about her.
I'm glad to be able to stay anonymous too thou, because with guys like these walking around loose i certainly fear for my life.
I myself don't like the police, but if those fascists are running loose soon enough you will find police following suit revealing how dirt fascists they themselves really where. You don't want that to happen, because if it does your fat slobbery joke of a rear will end up in a gas chamber for "not being fit for force labor" This comment is not meant to stir up any hot debates but look at what one guys said here: "NUKE ISRAEL" I guess that is WAY more inflammatory then anything I said in my comment, and I totally disagree with that antisemitic war-cry.

Another high-quality post from Tor.

The tor id is only zeroes and is black in color.

Thank you, Mr. Helper.

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My father is a lawyer.
I live in the balkans.
I smashed in people's faces more than once.
Did far worse too but why would I post it.
Been to the courtroom, emergency room, psychiatry ward.
I just want to sniff her teen butt.
My time is now.

Pls have patience I have autism.


call ice :^)

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Shameful display. Germans are finally starting to wake up and the (((puppets))) are in major damage control mode.

kill yourself

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