What happens to the millions of white girls who like black men in the event that white larpers gain power and create a...

What happens to the millions of white girls who like black men in the event that white larpers gain power and create a white ethnostate?

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Aren't you glad we became global?

They die like you, jew

Good question Juden.

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Yep, seeing all the Whyte BOYS CANT EVEN COMPETE spam in Himmler's Daughters thread made me love having free speech!

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Are you not?

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Dead colaburners. Simple

What happens to them? They can GTFO and go be with their beloved niggers. This should be obvious.

You really think majority of the public who is ok with interracial relationships will be ok with a bunch of edgelords going on a genocidal spree killing millions of white girls just because they don't like you?

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Natural selection at work. Shit tier whites exposing themselves to violent niggers and removing themselves from the gene pool.
Alternatively more alimony for Tyrone which bleeds the jewish system of money and destabilizes it.

Thanks, based niggers. You can keep the whores. just remember to beat them :^)

Shaved heads, stripped, and forced to march to gallows while food is thrown at them by a rabid, hostile crowd of course.

Why is it that you’re intentionally posting the most slutty whites with the most spook ass looking niggers? If you really want to trigger the retards post buh-aced cuckservative niggers with white girls


No one says Jews here, we say kikes

Millions of beautiful white fertile young girls being executed? Sounds like white genocide.

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Gallows a pretty fucking cheap user. Plus they can be used and unlimited number of times. Plus it's fun to watch traitors hang.

It'll balance out once we shoot the nigger apes they defiled themselves with

Come on faggot, just post Lauren southern already. We all know you want to.

The Furher taught us not to hate our fellow Aryans living in sin. But to bring them up. That said, if babies have been made i feel the whole family should go.

Millions jew?

How many of us truly love all Whites? When you see a feelow Aryan living in sin you should pity them not hate them. National Socialism is about love not hate. Actions do bring consequences, so if racemixers have babies the whole family should be sent to the non-whites country of origin. But anyone suggesting killing Whites for ANY reason, is a kike.

Are you a teenager by any chance?

Are you lost? This is a National Socialist imageboard. And the term Nazi is a slur.