The Last White Man

Unfinished manuscript by Robert Howard, of Conan the Barbarian fame.

I've seen Camp of the Saints mentioned pretty often, but not this one which clearly influenced it. Check it out for future reference.

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Sounds interesting. Got a PDF or download link?

No, I got a physical edition. It's quite suspicious that almost nothing about it comes up with search engines, I smell kikery afoot.

Well you better scan every page and make a PDF and post that shit.


Bummer, I think I will have a look on libgen, they usually don't turn up in search engines.

Damn, you are right, pretty much the only places that have info about this book is stomfront and Robert Howards official website (and they didn't post the text on there).

I'm afraid it's the italian edition, user

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Do it anyway, we may have pastanons who can help.

That sucks. You know, a lot of books like this have been memory hole'd. Two off the top of my head are
Revilo P. Oliver- The John Franklin Letters
Ward Kendall- Hold Back This Day
I can't find downloads of these anywhere.

What was the fucking point of this thread?
Reference my foot up your ass.

Meant for OP

Its better than the black cock threads.

We can't get around d that, upload it nigger

*Can get around that

First published in The Howard Collector #5, Summer 1964.

OP should redeem himself and just post pics.

This anthology contains the short story.

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More collections that may be found scanned online.

Here is the italian PDF.!XER32JqS!pXPHOcCSbMX5RJr01pWB5tDicxoWmuYdV5VqEU1sBXs

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Robert Howard committed suicide in the driveway of his mothers wake.

Conan stories are awesome tbh. He is a good writer. Very entertaining.

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Upload the script or you’re lying and attempting to peddle alt light script idea as something real you found.

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Probably should be in the book thread, but I appreciate OP bringing this up anyway.

no, its definitely real, you can find references to it all over, on forums and his wiki page, it is, however, proving hard to find a copy

He uploaded it in italian, but I've onle been able to find references to it and no copies of it in english print or otherwise
here's the pdf from his mega link

Didn’t the Arabs and Asians got whipped out by niggers?

Robert E. Fucking Howard

Pick up one of his Conan books if you have never read his stuff. It really is fun to read. It's gritty and primal. His writing was a sort of /pol before /pol existed. Also -

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polacks should really be aware of howard, he is the author of conan

for me, conan was always personification or embodiment of the right wing/fascist philosophy
conan is the most stereotypical right wing philosophy/niechean character out there

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This now a /polpulp/ thread. Post your Frank Frazettas.

I'm actually working a short story about Ablebodied tolerance training, only a small minority eat brains and you just have to stop agitating them. Making zombies a right wing meme again, because we all know pinko liberals wouldn't allow us to fight the undead.

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Tolkien is the superior Aryan author of the last century.

Tolkien was a mystic, the man was in a league of his own.

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One of the writers of the Conan film also wrote apocolypse now and a few others. He was who John Goodman's character in big Lebowski was based on. Can't remember his name but for a while he was the token conservative in hollywood


*John Milius, also wrote first two dirty Harry's and red dawn

Tolkien loved kikes and celebrated the arabization and niggerization of Britain.

Suuuure dude I guess that's why his longest book was about the remnant of a genetically superior race of men regaining lordship over lesser men.

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Fire and Ice is in a similar vein and you can watch the whole thing here

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Robert Howard was awesome.
Good friends with Lovecraft as well, who was a staunch nigger hater.

Why the fuck is that? Wasn't Howard from Texas?
You appropriating our literature you greaseball?

It was uhhh, whats it called, sterioscoped? Or something?
I don't remember what that animation is called, but I do love that F.F did all the Conan art, and Fire and Ice. Easily the best fantasy artist in recent history, even my lefty art professor was a big fan.


Right, that's why he based the stupid greedy dwarves on jews, the orcs on jungle niggers, and the evil army of sauron on turkroaches

If you guys love both Lovecraft and Howard, the RPG setting Primeval Thule is damn good. The best RPG campaign I ever ran, comes in a lot of systems too.

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Italians sure love Conan, I wonder what Mussolini would of thought of him.

It always upsets me thinking what that jew did to Howard's work after his death.

Oh yeah, Conan is the Aryan of roguish conquest, he did as he pleased. I wish more Anons would write stories and world build about mystical prehistory, mythmaking is real neato.

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better pdf that shit before kikes get you

I'll give you $50 in bitcoin if you post a well made PDF of it. Once you post the PDF post your bitcoin address, and others have looked at it and confirmed its worthy I'll send the BTC.

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Read the thread morons, he already posted it here

checking your trips. i don't speak italian nor can I read it.

TBH $50 is a pretty pathetic amount for a copy of a manuscript that has been memory holed.

so open up your wallet? at least i offered something. what do u offer?

Well, why don't you learn some italian then?

That was it thanks

I'm doing Tomb on Annihilation with some friends every sunday. I'll take a look, and if maybe suggest it when we are done

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Thank you, user.

Here, have a conan anthology!

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Robert E. Howard is pretty damn based. I'll have to check this out.

This. I just tried to type it out in Google and the automatic fill in feature of the search cut off. There is most definitely kikery afoot.

Fuck off jew.

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They are ruining his legacy by having Conan played by an isle nigger in the latest Pedowood adaptation of his works.

Heart of steel? I've got your back, user.

I found a few sources to buy the edition of the Howard Collector that had the story it in

Dubs sadly confirm. Got any details?

Why invest time, energy and money (optional) into a setting that tries to emulate certain specific universe, while there exist a few editions of Conan already?
The latest 2d20 edition is pretty awesome.

Don't see why (((they))) never attack Howard like they do Lovecraft. I've seen "Howard is problematic chauvinist sexist" but not the full on anti-racism assault we saw on Lovecraft. I think we should meme Howard's fiction into popular conscious again and see how they react. Like Lovecraft, his works are going to become ever thematically more relevant as civilisation decays and degenerates, the demographics are changed and only the barbarians thrive

He names the jew user, in an extensive variety of "does this remind you of (((anything)))" ways. (((They)))'d rather not bring attention to him.

Primeval Thule is more like Norse Conan verse Cthulhu, they have stuff about Atlantis and some ancient Hyperborea too. Most greenpilled setting around, although they tossed in the mandatory nigger city so they weren't accused of going full black sun, my players burnt it down of course.

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How'd you find redpilled players user? I'm lonely and looking for friends, but /meadhall/ is all but dead.

Everyone hates niggers, /tg/ players tend to be racially aware, however RPGs can be soyboy tier but wargamers are always more right wing. Gyms, rallies, gun clubs and STEM classes are good sources of redpilled players. You often have to introduce them to the game, you'd be surprised how down people are for some dice rolling.
Only a couple were really WNs, met one at a Trump rally and another at the gym. The other three were just friends from college.

It was a 8 month long 1-20 campaign that ended in a final 5 hour fight with Cthulhu, everyone died but the barbarian who slayed him one round before Cthulhu teleported out with a near max critical, he was the gymbro that was too angry to die. Most glorious campaign I ever ran.

Title: The Last White Man Title Record # 1421654
Author: Robert E. Howard
Date: 1964-00-00
Length: short story
Language: English
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Title Date Author/Editor Publisher/Pub. Series ISBN/Catalog# Price Pages Format Type Cover Artist Verif
The Howard Collector, #5 Summer 1964 1964-00-00 ed. Glenn Lord Glenn Lord $0.60 [2]+
37 digest? fanzine Checkmark
The "New" Howard Reader, #7 Spring 2000 2000-00-00 ed. Joe Marek Joe & Mona Marek 52 ph? fanzine Joseph W. Marek Checkmark
Anniversary: A Tribute to Glenn Lord and The Howard Collector 2011-06-00 ed. Dennis McHaney Dennis McHaney xiv+
178 tp? anth
Anniversary: A Tribute to Glenn Lord and The Howard Collector 2011-11-17 ed. Dennis McHaney Dennis McHaney $34.95 xiv+
178 hc? anth Checkmark
Anniversary: A Tribute to Glenn Lord and The Howard Collector 2011-11-17 ed. Dennis McHaney Dennis McHaney $19.95 xiv+
178 tp? anth Checkmark
Adventures in Science Fantasy 2012-05-00 Robert E. Howard The Robert E. Howard Foundation Press $35.00 xiv+
283 hc? coll Mark Schultz Checkmark

John Goodmans character was a damn Jew. The Coen Brothers were having a laugh making him Rambo style. In reality Jews dont fight in the Army. And they dont fight for anything but money.

Not only was Walter a Jew, he was born a Polish Catholic and converted because he loved his Jew wife so much that he even did chores for her after the divorce. I bet the Coens coughed up their matzos from chuckling so hard writing this best goy character.


Conan features Norse adventures too (Ymir) and whole world is pretty much Lovecraftian.

Say fucking what?

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Conan comics were under multiple publishers before. Some of which were really good.

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Thank you!

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/tg/ mostly seems like a lot of infighting over which system is best, and the game finder threads are only about playing online.
Sadly no Trump rallies or rallies of any sort in Canada T. Last white male in Vancouver
Hell, I'm not even a tabletop player. I just think it's pretty cool and I want hiking buddies I don't have to self censor around. Fuck this hellscape of a city.


I think i have it, give me a moment to upload it.

Is this it?

Warning you, it was in epub format and i changed it to pdf through an online converter.

Camp of the Saints, near hit, user. Try again.

I'm pretty sure it's the same. Are you trying to JIDF us?

Reuploading version i myself converted through Calibre.

From the intro:

"I HAD WANTED TO WRITE a lengthy preface to explain my position and
show that this is no wild-eyed dream; that even if the specific action, symbolic
as it is, may seem farfetched, the fact remains that we are inevitably heading for
something of the sort. We need only glance at the awesome population figures
predicted for the year 2000, i.e., twenty-eight years from now: seven billion
people, only nine hundred million of whom will be white.
But what good would it do?
I should at least point out, though, that many of the texts I have put into my
characters’ mouths or pens—editorials, speeches, pastoral letters, laws, news
stories, statements of every description—are, in fact, authentic. Perhaps the
reader will spot them as they go by. In terms of the fictional situation I have
presented, they become all the more revealing.

This is a Conan/Robert E. Howard thread, friendAnon.

Thought you were looking for Camp of the Saints.
Eh, i'll take a look for the manuscript tomorrow.

Posting some Howard quotes.

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can we get a plaintext paste >>11791980

you see elie, to us white men, there are things more valuable than mere monetary gain

God damn, I fucking love Conan.

I grew up watching the Arnold movies with my old man, and discovered the pulp stories as a teenager. Howard was seriously Zig Forums-tier, given his interest in ancient Aryans and friendship with Lovecraft.'s_Daughter

user, it is now your moral obligation to provide us with a scanned PDF of this work, it does not matter if you spend hours in front of a scanning machine, go ahead and do it, double time !

i have loved frazetta art since i was a kid

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one moar

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very much related.

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Theres a reason he's probably the most imitated artist to ever live


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