Complaining about 4chan mods at all = cause for being banned

Complaining about 4chan mods at all = cause for being banned

they should just rename 4chan to jewchan at this point because that's all it is
what a shameful end to the 4chan legacy … that the website had to devolve this way …

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4chan died back in 2014, as did much other fancy stuff.
Was worthwhile to lurk there for a long time though.

Tbh I've been banned on 4chan more than on reddit. But they have more traffic so fullchan might need that.

Who give a shit?


What happened was I made a thread about the gaming industry wanting to go streaming only being a bad idea and how it ties into communism (various industries wanting to only give people the option of goods as a service and do away with ownership), after about 30 or so posts the thread disappeared out of the blue so I made another thread putting the mods into question then that was deleted after a couple minutes and I was banned.
I wonder what they have to hide …
Are they under some kind of contract with the gaming industry to prevent certain topics from people discussed?
Sooooo much for free speech huh.

Go back

Kid I have been going to imageboards longer than you and 98% of the userbase on this forum have.
How about YOU go back to wherever the fuck you came from?

This didn't deserve a thread.

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There are keywords and topics that they like based on search engines. They ban threads and users based on that. Also if you overload the board with your shit that doesn't fit it. Their ads aren't just simple ads, they load a low grade crypto miner that gets unnoticed by malware scans and since the bulk of current posters are normies on phones they won't notice this. Chinkmoot bought that cesspit for millions he wants it back.

This thread is trash

I've been going to imageboards since 2005 that doesn't mean though that I'm going to make an effort to remember all the stupid bullshit people come up with on a constant basis

No one cares. You need to be banned here.

We need to take down 4chan any way possible, it's what's best for not only imageboards but the internet as a whole.

And why do we give a flying fuck?

So it took you this long to realize that 4chan is shit and (((corrupted)))?
They don't call it cuckhan without a reason.

I pretty sure the mods over there are paid by kikes to censor "problematic" content (aka whoever refuses their propaganda)

Fuck off dude.

Spot the crypto.

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Where do you think you are, shlomo?

Fuck off, no one cares.

Too many people bitching about cuckchan, we don't want to hear it, we're over cuckchan. He's a /v/irgin too, why should we give a shit? /his/tards are the only ones welcome.

First I want to see teen Emma Watson getting weinsteined and wtf she bought through her Mossac Fonsecka account. Then it can go.

user, please.

Cuckchan is shit.

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Go back to /v/eddit and sucking off Mark's dick.

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It's no secret that Kikes use bribes $$$ to get into positions of authority and decision making.

Corrupt mods & admins
The bad news is that there is nothing we can do to stop the Jewing of 4chan and its mods… Keep in mind that Jew money-men dish out enough shekels that any jew with a pulse can make $2000 a week simply posting tedious Zionist propaganda on social media.

On a more positive note though, any user with good IT skills can cash-in on the Kike money $$$ stream.

Get Rich, user
If you have the tech chops then set up a forum type website and encourage White Nationalist posting there. In no time counter-Semitic anti-kike sentiments will abound on the site. If you can defend it or somehow thwart DDOS and other basic attacks, Jews will undoubtedly offer you a bribe. Wait until it is a substantial financial amount and then simply take the money.

Pay off your student loans. Buy a nice car and/or house. Screw random thots to your heart's content.

Then set up another Neon Nazi website that you don't sell out.

You're really bad at D&C.

Tbh I'm not sure if it's making more than a few grands per month you get better income just by working a soft dev or similar income with less effort being fullretard on youtube like pewdiepie.

Pffft you can always blur him out.

It's been that way for years and years mate. Halfchan mods are major cancer. But that doesn't mean we want every 4kid who got banned for being cripplingly retarded to start shitting up Zig Forums, and it's an annoying fact that a kid who gets banned from 4chan goes to Zig Forums to push his retardation next. As a result every so often we get an influx of 4kid rejects, and we don't even like regular 4kids, let alone their rejects.