John Money

Early transgender theorist, winner of many academic awards, pedophilia supporter, committer of human experimentation and forced child incest. Horrifically experimented on David Reimer and drove him to suicide. The left does NOT WANT this man to be (correctly) associated with the foundation of transgender ideology. It would be a shame if he was…

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Almost no normalfag I've spoken to about the difference and subversiveness of using 'gender' as a synonym for 'sex', and all of the bullshit ideas and self-destruction following that decision, has known who the fuck John Money was. David Reimer's life story is one hell of a series of tragedies easily avoidable by kikes never having existed.

How can we most effectively turn John Money into a household name that is synonymous with "monster" or "demon" and closely linked with transgender ideology?

A very redpilled individual. When I grow up I want to be like him.

Yeah no, go fuck yourself you degenerate.

Money is the root of all evil.


Here it is in an easy to digest form

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i guess other people have worked on this before, thats a well done video

Sounds like E;R, but I haven't seen this before. Do you have a stash of these?

Nope. This is a red herring.
The left would love for people to be misinformed into believing that transgenderism began with Money.
But it didn't. He simply brought it into the public gaze. Satanic transgenderism has existed for thousands of years, and transgenderism in the "entertainment business" for hundreds. From the Castrati of the Vatican to the early Hollywood icons like Greta Garbo. The kikes have been shoving trannies down our throats since before Money was even born.
You thought he was a woman? Haha.
If you can't tell by using your eyes and a little bit of anatomical knowledge, then listen to what her cohorts say in her biographical documentary.
All of the black and white female stars were men. But who am I kidding, it is by virtue of the sheer effectiveness of the social engineering and from-the-cradle conditioning of your internal models of "male" and "female" that you're unable to spot it in a second. It's far more comfortable to simply give in to the cognitive dissonance generated by coming up against information which challenges such an early formed and long held misconception, and therefore simply to screech "SCHIZO TIN FOIL WAAHH, NOT MY WAIFU".

Hey TOR faggot. There is no left. It's Jews and the media pretending like the left exists.

I smell fear

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dumping OC that is already out there, apparently there have already been some efforts to expose Money as a depraved monster and ideological forefather of transgenderism.. might as well keep it up especially as people are trying to normalize trans insanity more and more

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Tell it to OP.

contribute some OC linking John Money and his pedophilia and abuse to transgender ideology

do it now, get to work

Interesting that this phrase is being used every time the trans agenda is exposed.
If you smell fear then it's probably your soiled underwear.
Unsurprising, kikes like you must be absolutely terrified at the spread of trans awareness which swept Internet platforms in the past year. You even tried to shoot it down using your legacy media outlets.
Correction is not "undermining" and if it is then what is being undermined is false information.
It's funny to see the massive reaction which posting the true situation provoked - proof that kike shills are monitoring this thread.
Now post some more ad hom bullshit in the hope of pushing information about the satanic (jew) trans agenda off the screen. I'll post it again later so you're wasting your time.

Despite what the kike shills are saying, I still support this thread - It's a good idea to push this, despite it only being an incomplete part of the story. Every incremental exposure of the trans agenda primes the unaware to more readily accept the full story when it's presented to them.
And it IS going to explode in the public consciousness.

get your fucking head checked lol I am saying we should expose John Money and his depravity and link it to transgenderism in order to discredit it

note that "gender" is actually a term coined by John Money himself, it's not a real word - he created it to try to (falsely) create a distinction between gender and sex to promote transgenderism, when in reality there is no distinction at all and only the word "sex" is necessary to describe someone as either male or female

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if there is something pedokikes are good at is destroying lives.

before 1955 the word "gender" was only used as a grammatical term when describing words in other languages such as French where the "gender" of the word affects other words, such as "la chaise" (chair, always female) or "le jour" (day, always male)

we should abandon using the word gender altogether and stick with "sex" and point out why it's nonsensical when other people use the word "gender", let them know about how the pedophile John Money coined it to promote his insanity

good ear, it is and the clip starts at 14:46 in the embed

The primary reason is to use the word 'sex' already causes trouble (and it causes teens to giggle and laugh when you say "my sex is male" with typical "uyeah, you sex with males!" and all that. Gender worked to try to seem more adult, but it 'newspeaks' away the issue as you mentioned.

This tired bullshit AGAIN. Money is fucking irrelevant, even leftists who know who he was know he was a pedo piece of shit. His theories have nothing to do with the current medical stance on transgenderism, and making him a "household name" isn't going to do shit to change shit. Nobody in the medical profession is citing Money to justify sex reassignment. Not when there are literally dozens of psychiatric and neuroimaging studies within the past decade they can use instead.

Holy shit, when you niggers get something up your assholes, you never let it go.

Is there more than one of you, or do you just sit on your computer posting this kind of stuff all day? I saw a thread the other day claiming pic related is biologically female. FEMALE. With a skeleton like that. This is the same kind of poster that's going to claim a slim female star in Hollywood is "really" male because her shoulders are an inch wider than her damn hips. That level of delusional paranoia is something else.

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fear detected
all pseudoscientific bullshit based on the shaky ideological foundation created by John Money - dispel the smoke screen, destroy the foundation and it all collapses

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psychiatry is not science to begin with (the DSM is decided by consensus not the scientific method), you can make up anything and it can be considered "science" if enough people vote it into the DSM so that part is easily dismissed

as for the neuroimaging studies, if you assume the existence of a phenomenon (transgenderism) and then look for evidence to support it, this is the exact opposite of the scientific method and if you find something that appears to fit your cooked up theory then you can easily use that to fool people into thinking it's real; nobody arrived at the idea of transgenderism by carefully considering available scientific evidence, it's a backwards cooked up theory that comes from John Money, propped up afterwards by deceptive unrelated info that "seems" scientific to the layman because it includes things like (irrelevant) neuroimaging and other physical measurements that rely on the "correlation = causation" fallacy

in short, pseudoscientific bullshit all based on John Money's depraved ideas - so let's demolish the foundation

take a shower

why don't you make some OC to help discredit transgenderism by correctly linking it with pedophile John Money?

You are some kind of elite tier retard if you believe that merely discrediting some faggot from 60 years ago will change anything in the here and now with the left. Your sheer idiocy and naivete are unimaginable if you believe that.

try again

Yeah, yeah, replication crisis, not a real science, yeah. So what? There are still dozens of studies showing that transition improves self-image/self-esteem, relationships, employment, etc. for transgender people. If you want to throw those out as junk science, you can. Go ahead. But then you also can't use the same "junk science" to argue that transition is harmful. Should we count down to the point that someone in this thread posts the usual misinterpretation of the 2011 Swedish study and claims that transition increases suicide rates? You can't argue this both ways. Either "mental health" as a field is horseshit, or it's not. If it's not horseshit, the data literally supports transition. If it IS horseshit, you can't use data from the same field to argue against allowing it.

Same thing. Are you going to argue this for all evidence that men and women differ neurologically? It's "real" or it's not. It means something, or it doesn't. However you ultimately interpret the data, you can't selectively apply it.

you just admitted that transgenderism is scientifically false and bullshit and then asked "so what", makes zero sense

everything else you wrote is based on this fallacy and means nothing

I think it's enough to aware libshits about him first then you work with what they say. Most of them are too low IQ for the stuff you want to explain to them.

No, I fucking didn't, because the existence of the disorder has literally nothing to do with whether or not the fields of psychology and psychiatry are bullshit or not.

By your argument, schizophrenia literally doesn't exist either.

the point of this thread is to help discredit transgender ideology by exposing its origins as rooted in insanity, depravity and child abuse, not to debate with a self-admitted denier of reality (why ever do that) who doesn't care that transgenderism is bullshit and still inexplicably supports and pushes it

Tabula rasa theories of gender identity are "ideological." Recognizing the existence of a medical condition isn't "ideological." That's the distinction you're not making. Transitioning existed before Money's evil ever disgraced the planet.

There is no such thing as "transgender people" just as there is no such thing as "gender". Sex is gender, they are entirely synonymous, not a social construct, and there is no need for the word "gender", it's redundant. It was fabricated in its current usage by John Money in 1955. He did this to promote the false idea that there is any distinction between gender and sex in order to form the false basis for "transgenderism". John Money's unscientific and factually incorrect nonsense is expressed through these ideas which form the basis of what is known as "transgender" today.

You are simply describing people who think they are something that they are not, this is not specific to so-called "transgender" people but includes other lunatics who think they are a disabled person trapped in an abled person's body, people who believe they are a different species trapped in a human body, people who believe they are actually aliens or space ships etc. This is pure nonsense and should be treated as such. These delusions should not be facilitated or humored nor should society be expected or compelled to do so.

Now start making some OC linking the foundation of transgenderism to John Money's nonsensical depravity.

"transitioning" is a malicious euphemism for the self-mutilation through which this false delusion expresses itself, just as someone who feels that they are disabled could "transition" to their "true form" by chopping off their leg, or like the South Park episode where the guy gets a fin sewn onto his back because he thinks he's a dolphin

The "sexual revolution" was the product of perverts. Look into Alfred Kinsey

is there a list of each of the important "thinkers" behind the sexual revolution and LGBTHIV theory and all the skeletons in their mental closets?

I'd suggest you do some research on Herbert Marcuse and others like C. Wright Mills.

Seems like the opposite is true tbh

note how he didn't cite any of them

also note how they have one of the highest suicide rates per capita of any demographic, nearly half (which means even more attempt it)

to put that in perspective, the rate was about 20% for faggots and less than 5% for normal people

nothing. Psychology was created with political intent- to remove the will and create a human whose being was created by others. (((They))) want to believe they have the power to change women into men and so any psychologist that claims they can will be rewarded with peer esteem, publishing contracts, and tenure. Psychology isn't and has never been science. 60% of accepted psychology studies could not be repeated. Psychology is a fraud on a grand scale.

If psychology were valid, the tranny suicide rate would be indication enough that gender dysphoria is a lethal disease that needs to be cured rather than encouraged.

My sociology teacher did that. I think she may have been a TERF though. She also said that gays aren't born that way and that it's learned behavior. And she wore fishnets and dominatrix boots to class.

Oh look, it's tranny conspiracy user here to poison the well.

There are a lot of youtube videos about everyone being a tranny. Not sure where this is coming from, but it seems like a reverse psyop (literally everyone in media is a tranny goyim! Therefore sex is a social construct!)

did you ravage her user?

Sounds like an aggressive lesbo to me.

Damn, I remember mrjim81aristocrat doing a video on this years and years ago

No, she was married to a man (or presumably to a cuck). She was just an ultrafeminist.

Oh wow, so kikes gave a confused depressed individual lots of attention as an oppressed class and some postponed killing themselves a few more years then they would have otherwise. This is how kikes do (((science))) to normalize perversion.


So gender IS a social construct, because it was invented out of thin air by a pedophile in the 50s
Good to know

needs to be spread around

The counter argument is that they kill themselves because our culture isn't accepting of their mental illness. Which is the response to literally any scientific fact that doesn't fit degenerate kike worldview (such as gender differences, racial differences, etc)

Usually you have that "i can do anything mentality" which means that genders will do what they like best. Now that is a good in a way but once things go belly up it would naturally shift certain groups people to have political influence they also weave in major political parties because of brain wireing. Which means leftists are most susceptiple to that because they are alturistic (which means their brain configuration prefers a rather homogenous society). Once you reach a certain point it will split due to circumstance.

You should look into (((Magnus Hirschfeld)))

#1 priority should be to make sure everyone knows the name and the time frame.
#2 everything else.

Making him a household name will be harder than making him look bad.

user, you’re both schizophrenic and homosexual
Cease this faggotry at once

suggestions on how to spread?

You need to go further.
Dig deeper.

Who is Magnus Hirschfeld?

Please provide some.

Document everything you dig up

Document everything you dig up–suicide-attempts/31626633/
>The numbers come from a study by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Williams Institute, which analyzed results from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey.
>More than a dozen other surveys of transgender people worldwide since 2001 have found similarly high rates

An update from 2017:
See also:

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It doesn't.
'Schizophrenia' is a term given to a wide range of different aberrant behavioral patterns, but its a nebulous definition by medical standards.
Its just a place-holder title for strange behaviors that cannot be explained by the present scientific paradigm, due to limitations in terms of understanding and examination in the realm of neurological function and interpretation of such function on behalf of the being subject to said conditions.

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i don't think the left actually gives a fuck to be honest. i mean they have no problem with bill ayers or that earth day founder guy who murdered his gf and turned her into compost lel

of course! the tranny-troll strikes ITT!
reminder, tranny-troll exists in order to malign the reputation of the board's intelligence to any newfags who stumble onto the thread where tranny-troll posts. this hasbara specialist is of the same ilk as the "flat earther" in that regard.

he wasn't that "early." (((magnus hirschfeld))) was doing dick-removal surgeries in germany before money was a teenager.
also, focusing on the later, and in all likelihood, fully goyish john money, takes the focus off of the fact that the pioneers of this shit were all JEWISH.

Does anybody have the archive of that tread where an user talked about him. it was called "What Books Did the Nazis burn?".


a lot of Voat accounts that are connected with SBBH/SDBH (SRS/goon voat colony) are involved with this shit

Sex is where it's at.

I actually started a lot of the flat earth shit as a way of getting people to reject jewish physics - shitpost about earth being flat to get people to question relativity(mostly using relativity arguments to justify why earth is flat)

Unfortunately it didn’t pan out and christcucks and boomers took it literally and not only doubled down on their belief in relativity(thinly veiled nihilistic determinism) but took us literally that earth is flat. Then justified it with the Bible
Never try psyops unless you contemplate all outcomes, some backfire spectacularly.

For the record, the earth is a fucking globe
My argument is that we should reject Jewish physics and reductionism, because these things both discount a spiritual existence and encourage slave mentality

The entire reason I am the way I am is because I believe we have a right to self determination - Hitler shared this belief in the form of struggle so don’t go telling me I’m a fucking anarchist or any bullshit like that.
Polite sage


Hitler-dubs confirm, Earth is fuckin' round.

(((Magnus Hirschfeld))) coined the word 'transgender' and was snipping dicks in Weimar Germany with his kike friend (((Harry Benjamin))). Muh John Money is a kosher distraction tactic.

David Reimer: See embedded vid.

So sad to see a life destroyed like that.

Sounds like a bunch of jew doctors set him up for experimentation. Probably because he had a twin brother.

I had phimosis too, got partially circumcised aged 12 or so in a proper medical procedure.

I doubt anyone has phimosis severe enough that he can't piss at the age of a few months.

The kaballah runs deep my friends…

Good thread OP.

JIDF flat-earther pretending to be us. Report, filter, don't reply or use a short reply.


t. john money

You're wrong, what he did to the reimer twins is very relevant to the gender ideology and jewish treatment of gentiles. Don't be such a good goy.