The Saxon begins to hate

The Saxon begins to hate.

Locals chase out grooming gang in Leeds

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Mossad jack? Really?

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Manchester lads have had enough of "grooming gangs" operating from takeaways in the city!

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This is relatively serious civil unrest.
Is there any corroboration for this story or was it just an overcharged kebab and the drunken soccer hooligans were raging becasue they ran out of white cider?
A major US publication wants to know….

Do they have any proof to back up this lynch mob?

Yeah, in Blackpool a little girl was groomed, when she wanted out, they killed her and stuffed her into a kebab machine.

They got to walk free because there's a 3 second fuzzy section of a recording where the muds are talking about killing her. They were already under surveillance for potential terror support.

This is the kikes fault for letting them free range your country. They are just as much of an animal anywhere as they are at home. Turn them on the kikes.

Then they will call the police and all those people will be prosecuted.

It's a good start. Still, a true white revolt would be less hooligan, more "suddenly your entire enclave is surrounded and burning". Then again, that might be a little more Germanic than Anglo-Saxon.

I think I'm going to puke.

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I can't feel shit and since I'm on the phone I'll keep the rest of my opinion to myself.

Yeah but goy. Crime is down BECAUSE of migrants!

A few comments are trying to claim this is a money dispute and that happened in Halton Moor, not leads, but based on the other vid is looks like they're going after kabab shops so its specifically trageting arabs. The money dispute is being claimed on faceberg but I dont have a faceberg account so I cant confirm how legitimate the story is.

And the vid in this link is a different from the Mossad Jack vid.

And yet someone thought it would be a good idea to make a film about white racists harassing a muslim kebab shop owner, and the son kills one puts him in a kebab and feeds him to the other racists.
Sort of a Sheite Todd.
But in reality they just kill little girls they've drugged and fucked and don't want to be a witness against them.

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Do your own research Jew York Times.

Amazing how something like that 50 years ago likely would have caused people to throw a riot with hundreds of pilling being killed. Now it hardly does more than a small protest of people holding up stupid signs begging their government oppressors to lock up a fucking criminal.

Hopefully more of this shit happens that's exactly how you solve the current predicament we're in. When neighborhoods then cities rise up and start putting the boots to peoples heads. It's good to enforce the code of silence. Never give the cops anything. It'll always come back to fuck you over since the entire system is opposed to our goals.

I hope you all die in a pile of flaming cinder

and fed her to her parents that come looking for her

Charlene Downes was murdered in the UK in 2003 by Iyad Albattikhi, a 29-year-old man from Jordan, the owner of “Funny Boyz” fast-food outlet in Blackpool. His business partner Mohammed Reveshi disposed of the body.
They both were found not guilty and got around £250,000 each in compensation for wrongful arrest.

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Isn't the UK great?

What the hell are you memeing? Show some responsibility. For the last few years we've seen the UK slowly but steadily pull its head out of its arse. First Brexit, then those FLA marches, more recently the Tommy Robinson protests. It might be a long time over due but the average Bong seems to have finally had enough and is beginning to come out on the streets. Now you might say that the FLA and Tommy Robinson protests were organised by kikes/mi5 or maybe even the yanks have sent in the cia; but at the end of the day these protests ended up numbering in the thousands and tens of thousands. They were not all jews, they were not all paid; anger is rising and has been rising for some time now.

Let the Saxon's hatred pour forth and show the rest of the world what is to be done with the traitors, parasites and saracens. Purge!

It's the UK, so I have a hard time believing it's anyone other than Antifa, or some far-left group. I've never seen anyone else in Europe do anything except for far-left groups. If it is, guaranteed a native owns that shop.

Any webms? Twatter and Kikebook don't like torfags.

Faggot, just get off tor and watch the video. What the fuck is going to happen?


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This is the closest I can find to back up your claim. Shits old, but I can imagine that if they ever broke they'd go out and run these fucks out on a rail first chance they got.


shut the fuck up already, stupid kike

Checked based trips
Bout fucking time eurofaggots ie too little too late

There are boomer saxons with their shirts off attacking the arabs you retard. Antifa wouldnt be caught dead without a jacket or hood.

Oh man, all those football fans, suburban mothers etc. are going to have a tough time explaining this one when they get dragged of to the gulags! Fucking retard…

oh shid, just watched twatter vid
geting v& now

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The second video posted has hooded faggots; hence the assumption. Anyone LARPing around in their little sooperz coolz combat masks should be shot on sight, honestly. Especially Antifa. It's like they're playing a little action hero role in a movie in their own minds. Fucking rejects.

So its's antifa cause you thinks it antifa. Got it.

>all these (((1))) post ids mysteriously responding suddenly

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I never made the assertion, I made an assumption. Not only do they dress like Antifa, the only people in recent memory to do anything violent in Western Europe is far-left groups. Why? They're protected and operate with impunity. It's an educated guess. There's zero precedent for right-wing groups, or anyone not far-left (protected), doing what these people are doing. At best you have protests. Far-left groups, in Western Europe, are the only ones who act on political incentive. Again, why? They're the street-level enforcement arm of those at the top. Inorganic. Show me all these right-wing groups destroying things and attacking people in Western Europe if you want me to think otherwise. I've never seen it.

All you need to know is you're next in line for a fresh crucifixion.

best post on fullchan in quite some time

Those cunts at Twatter must have tweaked their code again, as I can't even get the mobile trick to download videos, now.
Luckily, this YouTuber seems to have them… and more.

:^) you get the rope too little rat

Very true.

I'm happy to see this and hope for it to happen more and even more viciously.

It's a group, namely GCHQ. They have the full chan buzzword dictionary to throw at us while telling us that opsec is complete bullshit.

You'll want to update youtube-dl, mine worked
I re-encoded it a bit since the filesize was over the limit

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Take Dramamine before you fap.

Big guy hit a middle-aged pedo with a solid plank. It barely made an impact.

The absolute state of the British.

Still, I'll be very interested to see when they're willing to do this to non-pedo pakis. That's when change is in the air.

Don't be too sure.

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subtlety and covert punishment should be employed for maximum efficiency. No one needs to make a statement here…in the words of on of the bolshevik writer, Zaxubrin who really did say it best:

The Saxon does not begin to hate yet…soon though…then the disappearances will begin and no one will know, no traces found, nothing will be said…surely the migrants just MIGRATED (I mean who REALLY knows with these migrants, since they are occupying a foreign soil and have no ties to it or the people or places they occupy)…amirite? I am right.

*Zazubrin, not Zaxubrin

One of the better files to come out of the Snowden affair, right there.

You can't be right. Look, you're off by one!

I'm really more a fan of the terroristic approach, myself. You get more mileage out of the rope that way.

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You expose yourself to criticism and international backlash against your family and loved ones…but I am not the boss of anyone…you do what you like. If you strike them with terror, hit where it hurts the worst…their children (treat their children as they have treated ours). If they come to take OUR FUTURE they will learn that they will also have no future as long as they occupy our lands. Not one single offspring should be left alive. They will be erased from the earth via targeting of their future.


The power of a good lynching is that nobody ever gets punished, despite all their identities being known. The fact that the niggers' uncle gub'mint doesn't have the power to help them out is the point of the message: Washington won't save you. Play by the local whites' rules or else.

Do not underestimate your enemy…he is international…he is more powerful than you believe and he is always watching. To think your loved ones will not be punished is to believe falsely that you are currently a 'free man' living in a 'free nation'. I highly recommend that you employ covert means. But again, I am not the boss of anyone.

No you won’t. You’re too much of a coward to reveal yourself to take it.

There are maybe 12 million of them, tops. Half of them have disabling congenital diseases. Stop being scared of the Jews. We aren't South Africans – a miserable few million whites clinging to the bitter edge of a continent filled with their feral chattels. All it takes for us is to stop watching Schindler's List and weeping over the wretched kikes. When that happens, the Jews are done a week or two later.

My enemy works for me, so I will be fine.

My god
Those digits

To employ covert means is not the same as being afraid of someone. It is a strategy that allows for the maximum deniability while eliminating a problem. Do you think I am casually suggesting you aim for their future and that I am afraid of them? No…I am suggesting you not leave a martyr…I am suggesting that you leave NOTHING…I am suggesting an injury that can't 'be healed'. I am so much more cruel and ruthless than you are that we are worlds apart in terms. Should there be pity or mercy for something that has no pity or mercy?

Nits grow up and become lice.

What the fuck is this power point trying to tell me?


Took fucking long enough.

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4 is a good number. It's the number of being square. Your number is "4 square". It symbolizes uprightness, straightness, and, by analogy, philosophical wisdom.

paki looks like a spitting image of the horsey jew

four slim ladies bitchin
something, something
something, kitchen

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interesting, what else do you know about numerology?

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8^) Enough to get me into trouble.

Nothing then, got it.

you tease
share with me your wisdom butterfly. Or are you scared of Jewish sorcery?

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< being an atheist

Are you familiar with Tarot?

My only experience with it was from a friend giving me a reading, don't even remember what I got come to think of it.
So no, I'm just a nosy goym who passed by while shit posting and noticed the repeating numerals.
Forgive the pun, it's habitual :^)

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Don't disrespect my atheist/irreligious brothers, fag.

Pure atheists will never be brothers. Agnostics may be tolerated.

Yeah, get a Thoth deck. You want to memorize the meanings, so you can even go through them with your eyes closed. Some people trim off the words, so as to force themselves to remember. You need to be able to visualize the cards.

the constabulary must be very well paid indeed for them to turn a blind eye to the obvious destruction of their own society

Rather they dispatch them in bogs.

feel good moment for sure :)

No yank better call a brit a coward or cuck. When was the last time any yank with all your fancy guns lynched a criminal nigger? Fifty years ago?

< breaking windows is a lynching


you"re gonna get it media slave.

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Pedophilia is enabled by whites who don't/won't ever have kids. This is evident in a society where the WHITE population has a terrible fertility rate. This allows (((others))) to carry out their pedophilia without pissed fathers/mothers hunting their asses in droves.

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close but take a stepback

why are there whites that dont/wont ever have kids?

if you get the answer then you really understand

protip: niggers

go back to plebbit you faggotcuck.

I cannot trust anyone named mossadjack. Fuck that controlled opposition jew.

A jew names their self (((Adolf Hitler))) and looks like pic related. Do you trust him as your fuhrer?

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Exactly. Suits always need a reason to change how they structure their data.


Seriously, and he's pro-tommy robinson… He's going balls deep with his pre-blown cover. It really makes me wonder who he is and what his team has planned.

You next kike

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