Hungarian foreign minister chastises angry Leftist BBC anchor ranting about "tolerance, diversity, and human rights".

Péter Szijjártó defends Hungary's "Stop Soros" legislation, criticizes multiculturalism, defends Victor Orban, and accuses the so called journalist of offending his country.

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The interview

Different interview on Russia, Trump and Brexit




The Hungarians still have a country. Lucky bastards.

Sziijarto can barely speak english but is still able to put this feckless cunt in her place. Godspeed Hungary.

What a dishonest cunt. Morally outraged over Hungary saying "we aren't just going to let anyone that shows up at our border into our country."

Every. Single. Time.

BBC and TheGuardian, why does the UK have so many kikes?

You'd think that the largest colonial force in the world wouldnt have jews enslaving, ripping off and usurying their way to power? Rothschilds are enslaving the UK since they changed the london city laws to be a center of their power. They already owned France since they beheaded Louis XVI. They owned Germany after Hitler jailed one of their own. They owned Poland since they broke the Commonwealth. They owned Ukraine since Nicholas sent them to farm (yeah right, jews plowing fields). They owned the US the moment they called liberty and equality men in the constitution (subverting the men stock after that was only a matter of time).

Hungary is lost because they got too lenient by leaving Soros handle it. Obviously, you need the trillions of the red-shields to keep subverting a nation.

Checked truth dubs

This faggot.

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Your guy handled that with much dignity and conviction, kudos Hungary anons.

Checked. How is it he's so goddamn reasonable? His actual job is being a shill, yet they make it so easy for him, because all he has to do is tell the truth in the face of lies. What a bizarre job that is! A deponet of a job.

Without Romanian gas Hungarians will freeze to death in the winter.

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Kek, is that white survival anxiety I sense?

I can see you're trying to make an argument, but I have no idea what it is.

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Their women are hot too. Lucky indeed.

Yes all the populist nationalist bs the FIDESZ does is a diversion from the fact that at current year Hungary's economy is in worse shape than Romania was 8 years ago.
All that possible due to them since they've been in power with an absolute majority since 2010.
The EU cut a large portion of their funds because of corruption, in the next period they will get 24% less of their founds while paying more. Any growth that they boasted about was created by the EU money they've given to the cronies. The average Joe's got jackshit of it.
The Chinese aren't supporting them economically despite the fact they've bought a bunch of these settlement cards.
The Russians only want to get them into debt.
All the German companies are taking their money out of their as soon as they make it.
It's literally like an empty clean apartment without furniture, heating, food.

t. actual hungarian with dual citizenship

More like slutty and very easy to fuck, most hungarian women are 5'8 with horseface and some flab around their wasteline.
Women in Budapest are as lefty as in any urban core in the USA.

Go back to Zig Forums, faggot. Filtered.

Cry me a river lol.

Also, the economy is growing at 5%. Are you feeling alright?

Wages in Hungary have been steadily rising - a friend of mine recently move back to Budapest from Berlin because she can earn much more than when she left 5 years ago.

The current inflation in Hungary is 7%
GDP per capitas is not 30k either. It's 12k I mean was in 2016 you just shitposted some unverified numbers yet you never lived in any of those countries.
Hungary's debt is around 70% of GDP.
Romania's debt is around 35% of GDP.
The average IT specialist in Debrecen doesn't get 1k eur per month it's around 800 eur. All before tax which is 40%.
The average IT specialist in Cluj Napoca gets at least 1.5k eur per month. Currently they can operate tax free for 10 years.
Now you expect me to post pictures of both of my passports.


I found Langley.

She earns more in Budapest than in Berlin?
t. adult virging neetsperd Orban shill living in a basement
Rakjad anyadba a faszodat!

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Yes, and it's declined as a percentage since the 90's, and it's declined as a total amount since 2008.
You realize IT workers don't dictate the average wage of a country, right? Have you ever considered that Romania is short of skilled workers, while Hungary isn't?

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Orban is Bibi's 2nd best friend after Trump

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< they're friends
with you, mossad creep.

The interviewer is such a psycho.

that cunt is hellbent on hungary getting enriched

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well that explains it. Its in the eyes

That bitch got PATROLLED

of course she had to be a kike

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Fucking Cromwell.

I didn't say more than Berlin, I said much more than before she left Budapest. Accounting for differences in the cost of living, she can now live just as well in Budapest and not get molested by rapefugees.

what a selfabsorbed cunt.

Nonsense. She sees him as an ebil manfolk who oppresses the weak.


These are the ultimate morality for her.

But in the process she stated as fact…

"The problem with the EU is that it promotes […] diversity[.]"



So she's clearly, by her ham-fisted behavior, promoting white genocide.

And there it is, people. A (((whore))) of the state promoting white genocide.

Kikebart News Sunday (Sirius XM Patriot 125) is carrying an interview with Orban right now. Should be here later.

are they even trying? insert a insufferable bitch who doesn't actually answer anything, gets absolutely rekt, and just continues spewing buzzwords interrupting him when her accusations are utterly rejected

do they honestly believe that this shows them in a favourable light?

Correction, it's Hungary's foreign minister.


I'm bumping this, because if you haven't seen this it's pretty funny.

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2.5 minutes in and I had to pause it. I can't stand that cunt. "You only have 3600 asylum seekers in a country of 10 million" They're lucky they took any in at all. Fuck these post national conspirators.

It's the language of the thief. You see, they justify it by saying that the rich man won't feel the loss. "You have a million dollars - you won't miss a few thousand!"

(((They))) took the video of this down from Youtube.

Albert Wass: The Conquest of the Rats

A Tale for the Youths

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Hung-aryans have biggest dicks on record. Check em for truth.

Stupid kike shit.

Can we put the boomers in the gas chamber too?

And note how this goes against their own narative that their pet "refugees" are fleeing from war.
So which one it is, are they escaping war, or are sending them in Europe for your (((diversity)))?

What a fucking cunt. He didn’t lecture her. He just was polite to a person who deserved being told she was a kike stooge.

Exactly, i`m sick of retarded jealous Romanian pricks. they stole a lot of our lands and still don`t shut the fuck up. we need to get our land back after we got rid of the Muslim infestation, and free the remaining Hungarians from the Romanian tyranny, and deport the fucking gypsy scum into the black sea.

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What an appropriate story for the """refugee""" situation.

Yes, I understood WHY she was saying it, it was just frying my neurons hearing her actually say the words.

Remember the last time that happened and they rescued you guys from Communism?

And, they way they are, they would as soon deny it as say it. That's just how they are. "Oh, I was just using a literary phrasing".

wtf are you talking about hahahaha. i have family in both countries , and you have no fucking idea how those fuckers treat hungarians. so please don`t tell me to thank those white niggers for anything. half of romania was hungarian territory, and it was just handed over to them, just to break up the austro hungarian empire. all done by the kikes in the west. so don`t lecture me you cock sucker.


Stfu you retard. Your opinion is not welcome

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He's a Muslim.

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