Nat Soc Wedding Gifts

I know this is a bizarre thread, but my brother is getting married very soon and I need a good wedding gift for him. He is natsoc, like I, and I would like to get him something in that vein. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Nice quads
Good tools are always nice. Chainsaw or hand tools or a good chop saw.
A nice watch , my wife just got one for me for Father's Day that has a whiskey barrel oak inlay and it fits nice. Original Grain is the brand. A set of good silverware. My grandparents got my wife and I a nice boxed set when we got married and it's lasted 11 years.
A 3 month food storage kit. That's a good idea for a newly married couple , gets them thinking about future plans too
Hey good luck to your bro and future wife user


A drone of course. Everyone here should pick up the hobby, it'll be very useful.

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Excellent idea
If he has some land or a house get him a couple of fruit trees to plant

Sadly he owns no land currently.

I know he will in the future but at this point no.

I thought about getting him a sword engraved in Viking script and our family name. Although I am not sure if this is fedora level or not. It could be a good wall hanger but would serve no real purpose.

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This is hands down the worst thread I've even seen on Imkikey/pol/

And dont lie. He and the JIDF still run the board.

A drone, in the shape of a swastika, covered in runes– that can hold a sword.


A gun for him to shoot you and himself for being so retarded. :^)

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Baby stuff ;)

Are we being raided by kikes currently?

Yeah, I am sure that will be in the future.

lol, dipshit


You do realize this whole thread is bait, right?90% of neetsocs are underaged edgelords and can't even be legally married in most countries, and that's not even mentioning the inherit unfuckablility that accompanies become a fascist.

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It is absolutely not bait.

Just because you antifa shitskins can't find a woman to like your soy ass doesn't mean that NATSOC alphas cannot as well.

whatever you say neetboi, i'm sure talking about BBC fucking European women all day and crying about the jews is really a turn on for women lol.

Typical subhumans angry at happy White people. I bet you call yourself a communist and can't even name a single conglomerate off the top of your head. Haha

The butthurt tranny getting mad about white people getting married is really the best part of this thread. Everyone take time to observe the anger. Nothing scares them more than white people making white babies.

I am just disgusted at the mods who anchored this thread.

Medals are always a good choice.

tits or gtfo

Does he like tea? Get him a Michael graves bells and whistles tea kettle.

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get him power tools

His & hers engraved dueling pistols, organic honey mead for their honeymoon, baby stuff, lawn equipment, border collie to keep all their kids in the yard.

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Fuck off.