Political Vampire

The protocols are currently set to only pull on your people when they attack. At 2233 EST the protocols will shift and our equipment will go on the offensive. It will suck you dry by morning, all of you unless I intervene.

At 2233 hours EST I will turn my handheld off, take my white lover to bed and forget all about you.

13 Teutonic warriors in a thread pledging allegiance to Wakanda.

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whatcha slidin' shlomo?

lurk moar faggot

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Thank you admin. I was tired of resetting this post. Keep it open. It is a literal life-line for a few of your posters.

Less than one hour. Tick Tock.

This better not be World Jewish Congress bot again.

Less than one hour. Tick Tock.

Look at the IP and a fucking map. 13 Teutonics, 1 post, fealty to Wakanda. Less the one hour before automatic protocols hit and those form whom we have strong sympathetic links, todays attackers…well you get the idea. It's all just a LARP right?

less then one hour. tick tock

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Psychic vampires…government vampires stronger than LARPING Nazi faggots. But what's about to happen is just a LARP right?

13, Teutonics, 13 IP addresses, posting fealty under one post entitled "Wakanda Cucks"

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What’s so great about this site is we can actually communicate. There is so much conspiracy and noise here whatever I tell you is soon dismissed or whispered as rumor. It’s 2225 EST, you have seven minutes to crest your post or auto lock vectors your “auras” (such a fagety new age term) and your are fucking drained by morning. I will go to bed and there will be no one monitoring. Less than five minutes

For the rest of you meme magick fags keep moving. It’s just a vampire LARP.

It's time. Remember you had no mercy in Germany and Poland.

Please contain your faggotry to where it belongs Melvin.

Kill yourself jew.

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Good luck, faggot.

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gas yourself

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>oy vey, pot is kiked, take these (((pills))) instead