Who is Alex Jones really?

Who is Alex Jones really?

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I am AMA

Without watching your video, he's a steam valve and limited hangout. Saging because this is an incredibly low value and low effort OP.

an absolute unit

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Be direct, pussy. Alex Jones is the canary in the coal mine. He's out of his mind completely. His show is pure entertainment.

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Tinfoil sales representative?

Correction: Aluminum foil.

He's the combined amalgamation of all boomer "conspiracy" thinking packaged into one "independent" show.
It would not surprise me if infowars had jewish backers tbh.

Alex Jones called out the jews last year.

inb4 anti-jew is funded by jews

What, explicitly and directly, or some hackneyed "muh internationalist bankers" stuff?

He raged out for a minute on Ben Shapiro. I think he declared and called it "total war". He wants to debate him. He also cried when we bombed the air base in Syria.

However, I've seen AJ with a crowd of Hasids dancing and jumping whilst wearing MAGA hats as well.

AJ the zionost no go zone


tep jej. I would be astonished if anyone could find even so much as a random post from some random user somewhere saying "we must slay alex jones to achieve a Fourth Reich."
Yeah, pure entertainer.

Yeah, except plenty people have written that AJ is control op so he needs to be killed even on Zig Forums.

Heh, no kiddin? You're probably right, I've been out since the turkroach was in charge, only recently returned after I learned that the powers that be came to their senses and ousted him. Yeah, I wouldn't bother about old alex jones, he's small time.

He's bill hicks

Despite all the D&C, I have always admired AJ.

He's the definition of high energy.

hes bill hicks in his final form:

High Energy Super Saiyan Hicks or
HESSH (hess - shh)

That's not the video. He made one more recently from his new studio where he calls out the globalists as jews.

He's controlled opposition for Mossad.

Also why is nobody calling her a kike wife?
Kike wife has much better ring to it than Jew wife.

alex jones is a very successful water filter salesman. he found a market niche, building on the art bell audience that was fed up with federal malfeasance and obvious conspiratorial behavior. He dropped all the alien and paranormal shit and stuck to the govt conspiracy angles, making millions and entertaining thousands.

jewish shill.

once the jews pressured him with lawsuits he turned into a good goy!

the guy is nuts.

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you don't know the history. alex has always been a bloviating, controlled-oppo entertainer. There was never any shift

They've scrubbed this site from the internet and from archive.org

Now that I posted this link here, they will scrub it from archive.is too.
It's legit though.

Bullshit. Alex Jones doesn't have anything to do with Jews.

Ever since he did the episode with the soygoblin throwing coffee on him in Seattle I stopped following him, it was clearly fake.

Reality is strange, when you film yourself and put it on TV it can look very artificial and fake. We expect highly-telegraphed, acrobat and fluid motions from highly experienced actors but what we get are humans twitching, responding much faster than expected, much slower than expected, momentum and gravity affecting much more than in the movies and vidya. It takes time to get used to at the very least.

Webm, or it didn't happen.

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